Hairdresser Reacts To The 'Butterfly Cuts' That Didn'T Go As Planned

  • Posted on 01 January, 2023
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Today we watch some people attempting to do a butterfly cut. As easy as it gets, there are lots of ways to mess that up. Let's see if these girls will fail or win!

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Oh hi beautiful, you look wow, you come here, come close, come close, come come here. You look beautiful. You mean that, yes, you don't do that. Thank you for for joining me today. I really appreciate it. We'Re watching some butterfly cuts and we're gon na fly away. Like a butterfly together, I'm sure a lot of people are gon na. Do I'm completely wrong, because that is always what happens and you know the tea. But first I want to thank care of for collaborating with me on this video. You know I love Kara, but they've been in so many videos and we've had such great partnership over the years, and you guys also really enjoy their products. And if you don't already know what care of is well, I'm here to explain to you: karaov is a subscription service that ships high quality, personalized vitamins, supplements and powders to your door every month and if you're like well, I don't know what supplements and vitamins I Need carob's quiz takes all the guesswork out of building your routine. 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They deliver the vitamins right to my house and I don't have to buy a bunch of different packs of vitamins and then make my own concoction with it. It'S all like already in this compostable pack, which makes everything really easy for me and they have a new product. It'S called gut musk. This is their latest line of versatile formulas that level up your existing routine to manage bloating gas and digestion and weight. Take care of this quiz and see what vitamins and supplements they recommend for you, click on the link below and use my code Brad Mondo for 50 off your first order with care of. Thank you up. First, we visited by Alicia monac here's my laptop with the brat Mondo butterfly cut tutorial. We are following my tutorial, we're going in there and it's gon na be great she's gon na. Do it I'm trying to give myself a face, framing layers. I don't like how flat my hair is because it's already long, oh, I think she would look so good with a butterfly cut. Her hair is full she's, a good amount of hair. You know it's not like it's not like whoa, It's not like pounds and pounds and Japan it's like pounds of hair. It'S like a good one. Pounder of hair, I'm trying to entertain myself today, um wow. What is this a magnet? No, it's battery, hmm! Maybe a little more of this and then maybe that sentence will come out. Ah, yes, and if she adds some layering in there, it's gon na like pop and lock, and what else drop and it's gon na look great. How much I cut it! I'M really scared. She got the Ariana Grande component in the back, which is always what we want and she pulled all the hair to the front without a bunch of bumps and lumps and her hair is very pin straight, I would have recommended I'm pretty sure. I always recommend my videos, I hope so Brad do you. You recommend everybody wets their hair before they do these Cuts right. I thought so so she didn't follow that direction. I have no idea what I'm doing, how much I'm supposed to cut. The thing is that people often don't cut a lot and then they don't see any results and that's not what I want for you like. I honestly I would love for you to cut a lot and get good results. I don't even know what kind of haircut I want, but I'm doing. Oh, my God, I'm doing that's actually so much not enough! It looks like you got air cutting scissors but you're supposed to get hair cutting scissors. That was a little funny come on foreign. Okay. I dig it it's not gon na look bad right. Am I supposed to do this this little thing right here? Nori, I don't know who told her, but did a point cut, but it wasn't me or my tutorial God. I don't know if I'm doing this right, I'm gon na cook just this, because I'm scared girl, it's gon na, be like one of those really boring ones with this, don't cut anything off because I'm just not interested. I don't want to watch it if it's not a lot of hair being cut. How much I could. Oh, it was a half an inch, I'm regretting my decisions. We also got to cut the same amount off the back as we do on the front. Okay. Oh, my gosh she's still cutting. I need to see something happen today come on. I think I was supposed to cut a little bit more yes, so what are we gon na do about it? Are we gon na cut more? Are we gon na, like chicken out? Are we gon na do actually do the haircut, because this this isn't gon na make any difference. Okay, there's a lot of hair. I need to brush my hair. First, I'm not seeing much difference here. Two more, you should always cut off at least four inches, or else there's gon na be nothing to look at. I want to cut a little bit more. I think this time I'm gon na cut a little bit shorter, like this amount of hair. Yes, see now we're doing something. Now you have my interest. Oh those scissors hurt my ears. It'S like, like, oh ouch, it's a lot of hair. Remember you guys. You are cutting layers. Maybe you're cutting a little bit of your length, but you can really take a lot off of your layers like that much and still not affect your length sometimes so. Yes, it looks like you're cutting a lot off, but it is not what really matters, which is your length. This is the part where we all want to always have is the lengthy poo. Should I cut a little bit more? Oh yeah keep going. I think this amount of hair - it's enough. As I say I don't want to lose the length of my hair. I just want to have a little different cut. Okay, now she's good she's cutting the same amount at the back, we're making our way around the way. She'S cutting down like this, it's like makes me very nervous. Just go across and not slant down. You know, oh, look the amount that I just cut it, oh my God, so much hair. I think it's enough. Let'S see the results, let's check it. It'S always good to check what you've done and then go back and do more. Oh, it looks bad. I need to style first to see what I just did, but it looks very it looks great. You need to resell your hair, though, when you straighten your hair and you cut it, it's always going to look weird and crazy. You have to like, then wash it. This is why I recommend cutting in a wet hair, because it's just like makes more sense. That way, it's not gon na look appropriate right. Now, I'm gon na be trying to cut to make a little bit softer use some thinning shears. This will really speed up the process instead of like trying to point cut it with, like dull air scissors. Take out more hair at a time and it'll make it so much softer okay to sue bagger. The results, I'm gon na style, my hair with a flat iron that was a huge glow up. That was the best decision of my life. Look at my hair. What blares? Oh my God, it looks so pretty we win again and she got a beautiful hair God. It looks so good, thank God. This haircut is like foolproof. Mostly this feels good. Oh, oh, oh I needed a stretch. You slayed the day away. Congratulations! You win great job and next time oh wait, just you know, go in for the from the jump with a lot of hair cut it off up. Next, we have a video by recreated we're about to do something very interesting. I want to try this wolf cut. I'M already I have, I got the wolf look going right now in my roots, I've grown out. Yes, you do got the look going right now. I love it though it's a Vibe, but it is like it's like a firework on your head. So that's why it looks extra boxy up here. She could definitely definitely benefit from some layering. It is heavy. You know you see how it's like boxy. It goes like this like this and like this. That'S because there's nothing in between to round out that hair and she needs that. But I want to try this a little cutout look. Oh my God. I can't wait to see those dead ends, just drop to the ground, to the floor and just lay there like a little dead end. It'S gon na be so good for her. Like look at all those ends that are just like. I wish I was there to cut this. I don't know why it just like. I can see that like puff ball of hair - and I just want to like how satisfying would that be? Okay, she went from ear to ear all the way around the back and she pulled that hair, nice and taut forward with no bumps perfect, but she failed to wet her hair before she does this cut. Ah, I suppose it would be better for her to put it on straight hair if she wears her hair, mostly straight rather than curly yeah, I'm about to really chop my hair off, that's half of the ponytail. Oh, did you see those ends? They were like. Ah, that's what I imagined they would be saying if they could speak and she's about to go, which, let's do it, let's freaking, do it girl, yeah, except not enough hair, add more hair and cut more it's like on one hand. I want you guys to start off small. You know work your way up. On the other hand, I just want to see a fun result really quickly. I'M gon na like point cut like um. It'S not bad, don't point cut it just cut it straight across you're gon na get like lines going like this. If you don't point cut correctly and that's what it looks like it's going on and also I couldn't even see the cut, the best part was blocked by the view of the camera. Okay, so I didn't touch it like straight across, but I like it like this. All right at that point just cut straight across it's like um, so that is a no-go. Oh, my God, don't tell me, you're gon na leave that one little hair out like that. What is that hair Point cutting so vertically into the hair that it's not even taking any hair out? You know like if you're gon na point cut and you want it to make a difference. You got ta have a little bit of angle to your scissors. To take out a little bit of that hair in between, if you like this you're gon na take out one strand at a time and only like hair cutting Pros know how to do that, quick enough to actually make a difference. It seems a little blunt still. Let'S do the ponytail in half, we actually did the hair a little bit too far in the back towards the front like we should section the hair from the Apex to the head. It'S the tallest point of the head. Her hair was taken from like all the way back here forward and um. We don't want that because we want a lot of layering in the back, so you get all that volume. If you take the crown hair forward, it's going to give you the least amount of volume and texture at that Crown area. So make sure you don't take it that far back foreign and also your fingers are again like this straight. We got ta go straight. A little bit well, I cut more than half anyway. Why are we cutting this wall? Point point point point I was gon na say: is she not seeing this, but obviously not she's, not seeing the fact that it is completely diagonal the line she's cutting all right? So I know the hair isn't gon na look completely awesome tonight, but I feel like something has happened. I'M just gon na brush it down and then try to feather it back. So you guys can see okay until they look bad, definitely dry. It'S really freaking. All right: okay, it's definitely pretty she's a lot more movement, but like she's, got ta, do more and she's she's going to there's still time left in this video I want to just like do halfway down the ponytail, so I'm gon na cut about that. Much off! That looks so much better this time, this sectioning is so much better yeah we're still cutting the hair completely crooked. This is definitely a first I've. Never seen anybody cut something quite this crooked before. Ah, it's like she's pulling the hair up and then she goes like this next time. Just please cut it straight. I mean it's. Okay, I'm gon na blowing myself up get some type of a shape going on, so y'all can actually see it hey guys. So this is what it's looking like. You know. Every look comes together with the BJ's and it did what it was supposed to dig. It'S not enough. I feel like I got a lot more hair. I feel like I might have cut a little bit more like on this side, but then, when I'm looking at this side, this side looks better when it's like straight, but I love it. Those results. Look so good on her. Her hair looks so much more full of life body movement, it's so much better. Oh, she looks amazing and with the curls, with the with the layering, with the texture and her personality and her makeup, it all came together, really really really good congrats. You look amazing up. Next, we have a video by purple potion. I am so tired of my hair. Okay, it looks cool. I want layers, oh much she's. So right like she needs layers. Layers are the cure to sadness and depression. Yeah, I'm just gon na like become a therapist and just prescribe layers to people, because it really does help with everything I saw this butterfly to a falling bread model. He said to put the comb on top of your head and find a high point, AKA Apex. So I just take it and it's going to go down to behind the ears. Her hair is wet. She followed the tutorial with the Apex or on to something good. Don'T come with me if it's not perfect, because I use glasses normally, oh great, so we're gon na cut blind, basically awesome. The thing is he takes a ponytail here, but I have some experience: cutting hair, I'm a wig maker, professional you're, a wig maker teach me. I'M love wigs, he said holding straight hair, I know better. I will just drag and take one line of a designer cut and then put the other one. The fold line for sure you can totally do it like that. I honestly think just putting in a ponytail gives you pretty much the same exact effect and it's much easier. You can take the hard path too. If you want, I have um bang that is almost grown, that I will cut a little bit now, we'll just drag it straight out like this, we chose the point cut again. I think the point cut is like the safe space for people right. It'S like. I he's cutting straight across feels like a lot more than doing a little pointing so, but let's retire the point cut for for at home tutorials. It never comes out great, like that. You know she's definitely doing a good technique and it's solid what she's doing, but just let's retire the point guys. I want it to not be perfect. I want it to be more uh, rockers butterfly like that, so she made a guide and now she's following the guide for the entire front of her head. Just do it she's getting that layering in the front that rounded look that we all love to see we're getting through it. I wish you just putting a ponytail and just cut it, but it's okay. I can't control everything, even though I'm control freak. Oh that's, cool man, that is cool man, oh we're taking more off yeah. This is hella cute Next Step through everything and go and that's way too much hair man. But, okay, I'm doing it. Look at this dude already look cool man. She just went from like cool to really cool very quickly. Look at that there you go. I cut a lot of hair off and it looks like I have even more here, but if it feels lighter, I have not styled it. Actually, I just put some volumizing powder at the root and my hair is late like this. Naturally, she was talking about how now her hair kind of just lays in the place that it's supposed to, and if you do, a good cut on yourself or you go, get a good cut. Your hair should lay in the perfect spot without you doing too much. Oh feel myself, that's the finished, look and I'm rocking it. I think. Oh, she looks so great. The haircut with the color, the look I love when you guys pull it all together and just make like an entire moment out of your haircut or your hair color. It makes me so excited the important part is that I feel good. I don't care about what else, because, oh I feel hot, that's exactly true. It only matters how you feel about yourself um, but I love it also. That means anything. I love to see all the butterfly Cuts being slated around the world and it's so exciting and great job. You guys. If you want to check out my hair Carolina, my hair color line. You can do so with the links right down below or go to That is all for today. Thank you for watching, don't forget to leave your extra life and I'll see you next time. Bye,

Brad Mondo: Click here and use my code BRADMONDO for 50% off your first month! I love Care/of, and I think you will too!


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QuayHollywood: Brad just gotta say these shirts you've been wearing are awesome. I freaking love them. BTW, the last girls cut was my favorite.

danYELL: The vibe of this video, including the editing, is peak Brad content and I'm alwaysssssss here for it.

LoliTaroDoes: Brad: "You look beautiful!" Me: *Struggling with a sinus infection with my hair up in a messy ponytail in a hideous bathrobe/sweatpants/t-shirt combination looking like an oozing wheezing monstrosity* Me: "Thanks Brad"

Jean Proctor: Even if you're having a crappy day, all you need is for Brad to tell you that you're beautiful and look great at the start of one of his videos. It doesn't even matter that you don't know him in real life. Thank you Brad. As to the women on the video. The first one - yay! She looked great in the end and I love her hair colour. The second one - I had no idea how it was going to turn out when she first started to cut, but after her cut and curl, she looked really lovely. The third one - I loved her hair colour too! And didn't she look foxy at the end?

adsaga13: I followed your tutorial, and it turned out great! Thanks!

ElleBelle: I didn't do a video bc pressure lol but loving this. I have wavy/curly hair (like 2c/3a-ish) and looks so good. Also more forgiving bc less precision needed. Probably could "connect" a bit more but going to see how it lays next few days. Also may get thinning shear but works without it.

Robin Siciliano: I don’t know where you came from or who raised you or what…….but let me just say how sweet it is to hear you say “hello beautiful” every freaking time I click on your video!?! It makes me feel so good. It is so nice. I think we ALL are starved of hearing loving comments and you always deliver. Thank you for being such a sweet and loving soul!! And you are so funny and fun to be with!! Love you so much Brad Mondo. I wish you could bottle your loving sunshine… would be a bajillionaire!! Lol

Blue Mermaid: "Layers are the cure to sadness and depression!" That and your beautiful smile, now I'm crying happy tears. Thank you for being YOU!! Happy New Year!

Swaggu: I’m really, really enjoying seeing more of your seemingly more relaxed and silly side Brad!

Štěpánka Plachá: Let me tell you, Brad's intro always puts smile on my face I am in bed with my sleeping baby, have no makeup on, messy hair but his compliments always make mě giggle

Comme Des Asteria: Lol, coincidentally just cut my hair last night for a new do in time for new year. Did the butterfly cut from your tutorial. It came out good. Though I I wasn't patient in blow drying so no volume adding curl for me.

Lilas Chevalot: Funny how you've become my comfort place when I'm not okay. Thanks Brad! Your energy always makes me better. Your humor laughs. Your gorgeousness stunned. Thank you for making me forget negativity for a vid. Ily ❤️ the world don't deserves you ❤️

JessicaMarie Love: Amazing how I've been binge watching your videos and now there's a new one, I'm loving it. Happy New Years

Kaytlynn Miller: Brad…. As a cosmetologist I LOVE your videos and watching all these people attempt to cut their hair on their own. BUT. WILL. YOU. PLEASE. EXPLAIN. TO. OTHERS. WHAT. POINT. CUTTING. IS. Everyone that makes their own hair cutting videos at home always say “okay now we’re gonna point cut” but never know how to point cut nor why you even use the point cut technique

Renee Horne: I did a wolf cut a couple of days ago. Didn’t turn out spectacular though it’s infinitely better than the last time I did it So happy to see Brad video today!

Daniella D.: I basically think that Brad is the funniest guy on youtube. Love these videos , give me so much positive energy

SaraB1983: Bruh, I cut like 8-10 inches off my hair (cos I have no monies and my hair was toooooo long) and Brad's video was the BEST for a butterfly cut! It's always weird when I see people not actually following the tutorial like...I watched it like 3 times to make sure I did it right. Why you do this?

Lexie Danvers: Bard, you never fail to entertain me and make me laugh, but this video in particular was very hilarious. Definitely had some good laughs

Muñeca: Happy New Year Brad! Great way to start my year watching a Brad Mondo reaction video

Jamie Allen: I need to find hairstyles for my wife's hair. It's thin AND fine but she wants to grow it out instead of us always putting in the cute bob. Brad! Give us cute styles for thin and fine hair!

CM GOTT ART TV: I followed your instructions to a T and the layers I have now are so beautiful, I am so happy with it and how easy it was. I started with a little at first then ended up cutting about 4-6 inches off. Love you and your videos ❤

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