Spiky Pixie Cut | Over 60 Hairstyles 2023

  • Posted on 03 January, 2023
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Spiky Pixie Cut | Over 60 Hairstyles 2023

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? Check out our list of 60 hairstyles for women over 60! We've got trendy short pixie haircuts as well as long styles that will look great on you!

Plus, we've got some rad new hairstyles for women over 60 in the year 2023! From spiky pixie cuts to high-maintenance bob styles, we've got everything you need to update your look! So check out our list of fashionable hairstyles for women over 60 and get ready to have a blast with your new look!


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Hi, I'm Madonna from boys and girls hairstyles. Today I have Connie with me um. She is one of my oh just, oh, whatever whatever happened she has been with me since the day I started doing hair anyway. I just I love her so much and she's such a good support. Um. We are like almost kind of sisters. The way we give each other grief, sometimes anyway, yeah we give it back and forth, but it's it's great and she's been so good to my kids and anyway, it's fun fun to have her on here, and I'm really grateful that she is because she doesn't love This so I appreciate it very very much, but I've had requests for um short hairstyles with curly hair, so Connie's hair is really curly. You can see this and it's so funny. She goes through stages, it'll, go really really curly and then it'll it'll ease off and then it'll go curly and then it will ease off um right now. It'S really curly through here, but it's eased off a little bit through the top um but yeah. I wanted to show you her haircut um, especially those out there that wanted a cute short cut with curly hip, so this bottom, you can see I'm kind of coming across, but I almost go up on an angle. Okay, so you can kind of see that it kind of goes like this. Okay, now I am going to clean this up. Trimmer yeah, it's been fun through all the years and all my babies, she's she's watched, grow up and it's super fun. When I think it's been 25 years, it kind of wanted a long time. Kinda freaks me out a little bit, um yeah. So that's about good! For there now, you want to remember also when you are cutting curly hair um. It has a tendency to shrink obviously, and so when you dry it, it's going to shrink so you're going to want to think about that too. Now, through this area, I'm going a little shorter just because it's so curly there that when we dry it it'll just kind of dry in place and it won't wig out and and go different places, it'll just kind of dry in a spot. So I do keep this a little tighter through this area and up here you know just point cut into this and that also and then of course um. When I get to this middle spot, I come in a little bit closer to the Head. So it's a little shorter, okay same thing through there, okay and the bottom. You can see that that I'm keeping that a little tighter, which means my my fingers, are touching her head into here. Yeah we've done all sorts of things with Connie's hair, also um. It would be hilarious she's, like yeah, I'm gon na grow it out which, which one of us like all of us, women, I'm sure, have done this. I'M gon na grow it out and try that for a little bit and should do it for just a little bit and come back and be like nope can't do it you're going shorter, but I think it's just because she has so much hair too, and once You have it short right, con yeah and it's it's just easy. Yes, absolutely to go back straight yeah. I know it's the craziest thing, so she used to have straight. Then she'd have a little wave and then I mean, but for a long time it was straight and then it just went to Curly it's crazy, crazy and sometimes it would go so curly that hi Connie, like I mean extra extra curly okay. So you can see. I'M just taking a little bit of this length off behind the ear, so she doesn't have to deal with that. She does like it over her ear now. Sometimes we've done it like, you know, grown over her ear, a little bit um we're really liking it. Right. Now, to where we cut it up over the ear, it's just less hassle, and especially when it's curly that's another thing, that's nice is is to just have it away from your from your ears um, then you don't have it like poking and poofing out and all The stuff, okay, so same thing here, I'm gon na cut into this and then of course, a little bit shorter through this extra curly area and same thing going down the nape area: oh okay, so that's tight there and then sides here. I'M going to pull this out. Take that down this side and I can fill like I said the back of her head with my fingers and through this area. Also, then, I'm going to just kind of hold her ear down just comb this hair over and that way can take some of that hair away from the ear. So it's not bugging okay sweet now with her curl. She likes it just enough to just kind of grab at it and have it stick up through this area. So this is pretty long for her, so we're going to take from this top where I had just cut and we're going to come straight across and point cut into that see all this to try to hold that up is a little bit too much so when It'S a little shorter, it's easier to, you know, grab at it and stick it up, sometimes with curly hair. Also, like you know the longer it is it's going to tend to curl right. So if you have this short and you can dry it and then we take the flat iron to it, then it it helps it stand up, so it doesn't have the wave which, if you want the wave and you light the curl, then then that's perfect. You know, but if you want it easy and short and to have it, you know like more of a straight look. Then this would be the cut you would want. It actually has a good style to it. Also, even if you want to style it curly. This is still a really cute style for that. Okay, so that's the sides um. I am gon na, come and cut this right up by her ear. This is definitely one thing I suggest was short. If you want a short curly haircut is to come up over the ears like I said I feel like it. It just cleans it up nice. It doesn't feel like you have this curly bushy stuff. It just makes it look more classy. I feel if, if it's up over the ear and if you don't like it up over the ear, that's great too I just that's one of my things. I recommend, because I love that look. Okay, so I've cleaned that up now this side same thing: I'm going to hold this hair out, so we can take the length away same thing here across the front. Well, sides to this front a little bit of that at okay, same thing: I'm going to comb! This down take that length away from her ear. You know hold this down and remember I mean curl is going to bounce it's going to dry shorter, so just keep that in mind: okay, sweet you're, doing great Khan you're doing great! Yes, exactly! Okay, perfect! Now, through her bang area, I just come in and kind of pick and choose where I want to go. I just look at the bangs with the curl. It depends um. These are a little straighter which is nice for her because they're, not you, know, curling up like this, but I do just like to leave the length on some of them and take and cut shorter up into them, also and then um. Of course, after we dry and stuff, if we feel like we need them shorter, then we go shorter now with Connie. What I like to do is take the teeth that are close together and I like to come through this back, where it's really curly, and I like to you know just just take some of this bulk out of her curl. Okay same thing: just up through the top, I'm just about a half an inch up from the scalp okay and then I'm going to comb that out and then the other thing. So Connie has a lot of hair and it's obviously curly. So the look we want when we are done is she doesn't want it to look like a big Q-tip here on the top. So after I take bulk out with the texturizing shears that are with the the teeth that are close. Sorry, I'm just going to take a little bit hearing see. I need a little bit of length off right here. Um, then, what I'm going to do through the ends is I'm going to take the texturizing shears that are farther apart? Okay and I'm going to come up more in the ends of her hair. The reason I'm doing that is it's going to add extra texture through the ends. So when we go to dry it and we flat iron it that when we go to piece it out, it'll be more PC looking because sometimes curly hair tends to just be a ball because it all together. So if you texturize through the ends, that will definitely make it look um more textured and not all in one round piece. So that's why I do that now: um, I'm going to put a blowout cream in her hair. This will soften the hair. But it's going to make it so it's not fussy. Wait there you go see, perfect fuzzy won't, make it fuzzy so and it protects from putting the flat iron in it protects from the Heat. I love it fuzzy. That'S the perfect word see you can tell she deals with her hair. She doesn't want to fuzzy. That'S so great. I love it. Okay. So now I'm just gon na dry, this down now and and with curly hair. If you like dry it crazy, it will poof out. So if you want, you can just bring your fingers down kind of in the same direction and the blow dryer in the same direction. Maybe you can see I'm just coming down with my fingers on the side and just kind of back here, foreign ERS, like I'm combing it down and then for this area. When I dry, I just kind of lift lift with your fingers, foreign and making sure that all of this is dried through this area, and I just bring my fingers back through this way down in the front okay now now, this is where you bring in the Flat iron - and we just pull straight up okay in just a minute, I'm gon na turn her to the front, so I can see where I'm putting the paste. Okay, I'm gon na take paste, rub it with my fingers here, of course, I'm just going to grab my fingertips and grab at the hair and then piece it out here in the front. So you can just see I'm like grabbing with my fingers and my hands and just pulling out out up down all the ways: hmm that kindness just a little bit and just the top a little bit. Okay, I'm going to spray it and then I'll just put it back into the spot with my comb and then I I'm going to turn her to the front. So I can see like I do so. I can see what we're going with here. Does that feel better yeah good good? Oh sorry, just grabbing my with the wrong comb here, yeah just getting you back for something you did to me, I'm sure we like to give each other I've been mild lately there yeah. That is true. That is true. I don't know how quite how to act. Okay, so I can tell she needs a little bit hair in her bangs, because they're just too long over here, so we're going to come in and sorry Tommy I'll get it off with the blow dryer. That'S so hard when we're when you're all done and sticks to your face but see you can always take some off if you need to after so okay and then I'm just gon na take that piece this out. Okay, so cute all right now! Let me just double check in the front Q. Thank you. Thank you, okay. So now I am going to turn her around, so you guys can see what I'm talking about so see it's full here, but it just dries so nice down into here where this is so curly. So it doesn't look like whoa she's, so curly, but it gives it fullness, but yet she gets a straight look. So, if you're wanting that great - if not, this is still a good haircut and you can scrunch it and then just kind of fluff it out like this when you're done so anyway. Thank you. We made it you're awesome thanks! So much you guys. I appreciate. I appreciate it um please like share and subscribe and we'll chat next time see ya.

T K: Radona this is a really nice cut and looks great on her!! Nice job!! Thank you for sharing this!! Teri

Marci Dunfee: I love all of the cuts that you do. May I ask that you do a short, pixie-spiky hair cut for ladies who wear glasses? How would you cut the sides by the ears? I have a short haircut and I love it, but my glasses seem to make the sides poke out. Thank you so much.

Diana Lester: You explain and cut beautifully, I enjoy watching you, I learn a lot!

patricia lott: That hair is so cute! I love it and that’s the cut for me! RaDona you are amazing!

Sandy J: Looks great! I have a question about the paste you used that came out of the gray jar. What is that? Been trying to find the Sexy Hair Styling Paste that you always used, but no one has it. Would you let us know what you used in this video? Thanks so much for your ALWAYS informative and fabulous video content.

Turra Gorman: Connie has beautiful hair for that cut. Just darling! Great work RaDona.

Leigh Saldivar: Looks really nice! I remember her from your older videos. She looks great. Good job!

Ric Calendar: Happy New Year Sweet Girl! I have been enjoying all your photos on FB. Your home is going to be absolutely lovely!Roberta

Patty Valinote: Happy New Year! Beautiful cut!

Diana Lester: Love her spikey look!

Robin E: I must have this! I go to my stylist Thursday! I will take the video ❤️

Karen Toynton: Looks very nice RaDona. Happy new year.

Carla Lane: Luv it!

Susana Dakos: Hello there Love your work. I was wondering if I could know how many inches was on top. Thank you

Diana Lester: Nicely Stylish!

Shirley Anderson: Happy New Year Cute Hair Cut

Beth Ann Crowe: Happy New Year

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