Haircut Tutorial: Curly Top Mid Drop Fade | Dapper Curl Sponge

  • Posted on 18 March, 2020
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Here we have a haircut that is trending in the barber industry. A mid drop fade, with curls. In this Haircut tutorial I should how to to do a mid drop fade on a curly top finishing with the Dapper Curl sponge

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What'S going on everybody, my name is Andy fate master and in this demonstration I'm gon na show you guys how to perfectly execute a mid skin fade master. We'Re gon na create my first guide line using my wall Detailers, but for my first guideline, I'm gon na make sure that I leave a little bit of the curve here and I'm gon na start the skin right below it. Now I want to make sure that I keep this guide line consistent and even all the way through to the back I'll begin to connect the two sides right under the abscissa bone. So now, I'm gon na take my cordless magic clip when I pull this lever back. I'M gon na create this next guide line to be probably about an inch, but I'm lifting the line rather than creating another line. I'M gon na take my half guard and I'm gon na pull my lever back now, as I create these guidelines, I'm always starting with my lever back and then I'm gon na work under it by closing the lid and just lightly start to flick. So now I'm gon na start using only a corner to flick and normally on the left side, you would use the left side of the blade and on the right side you would use the right side of the blade, and now we should be ready to enter Into our next step now, I'm gon na take my 1 and then I'm gon na start with my lever back and lightly just begin to flick away at this bulk area and we're going to further this transition to using the one and a half guard, which is Normally a transitioning guard for me once again, I'm gon na start in the back just continuously up and down, and my goal is to remove this you're gon na see me flicking through the transitions of the quarter-inch, so one small little circle right back one small circle. Back one small circle right back one small little circle, I'm also going to start by using the longer half of the blade with the lever back I'm going to go in just using maybe one or two teeth. I'M not going to take this opportunity to go in and actually start to taper in the beard. So now I'm gon na take my detachable mentor with the 0-8 plate on it. So what I'm going to do it I'm going to take this comb and my mentor with the 0-8 guard on it or 0-8 blade on it, and I'm gon na go around right here through this transitioning area, remove all that bulk using clipper over comb on the Side, I'm going to use the comb sideways and on the flat the flat part I'm going to use it flat. I'M gon na actually start to create the length that I want for the middle. So I'm going to comb a small section, maybe about an inch and I'm gon na, remove all the long hair. So now that we've done with the fade - and we got the top nice and trimmed up and everything looks good and even but I'm gon na want to do is go around the edges in detail. The line, though, so you want to make sure that your honey you do is comb down motion when you're creating their own. You want to kind of envision where that line will create a perfect 90-degree angle. You want to start there and pull toward the inward part of the forehead. I'M gon na be using walls. 19:19 pomade we're gon na squeeze out some of the pomade and then what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na start to just slowly, but surely like rub the top of there, so there you guys have it nice big feet.

Sandi Bro: I'm using your method bro. And my client so happy, he say your method so very smooth

Savvy twan85: Cut Clean..Nice Vid..Keep up the Good work

Mircho The Barber: Nice one bro

Donny J: You were doing a great job explaining the first two guidelines, then slowly transitioned out of the step by step detail process. Keep it up tho

WaydenRush: Yooo what happen bro start making vids bro your haircuts are fire

tyvkin: You did used the curl sponge

Eddi Tee:

New Clothes: "WAKE UP!"

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