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  • Posted on 22 March, 2022
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Alex came to the Regal Gentleman Studio for a short haircut for spring/summer. After a while of having "longer hair", he decided that he now wanted to go shorter. Dan gave Alex a short grown out buzz cut look haircut that had just enough length to play around with on top, and a low 1 on the back and sides.












0:00 - Consultation - I want a Short Haircut for Spring/Summer

2:34 - Working with the crown on a short haircut

3:38 - Cutting the top to finger length - "Grown out buzz cut look"

6:52 - How to deal with difficult hair & products to use

10:20 - Adding texture to the top

11:58 - Cutting the crown in on a short haircut

13:11 - Back and sides - low number 1

20:45 - Taper on the neckline

21:12 - Blending the top and back and sides with clippers

23:14 - Working down on hair that kicks out

23:31 - Blending the other side

24:26 - Sharpening the edges of the haircut

26:25 - Scissor over comb to finish

27:28 - Finishing the texture on the haircut for the grown out buzz cut look

28:11 - Styling the haircut with hairdryer and clay

29:30 - What to ask for to get this haircut

30:43 - Before and after - Short haircut for spring/summer

All right guys welcome back to the legal gentleman youtube channel at the regal gentlemen studio today, we've got alex from the chair. How are you mates, yeah, i'm doing well. Thank you good good um. What are we doing today? What'S the plan um i'd like to go a lot shorter, okay, um i've had this haircut, probably in it, was forced on me because i'm coded when the barbers were shut. Okay, um, before that, i was rocking a one on the side and three on the top. So i'm really sure wow yeah um you've got the hairline for it, though yeah i'd like to go a bit short like i'd like to go shorter again, but not quite as severe as that. I'M happy to take it quite short on the sides. Yeah sort of leave a bit more length on top than i had before, because i work in an office. So i don't really want that kind of severe yeah yeah look yeah, something that follows the hairline a bit more naturally, rather than sort of boxed off. But yeah yeah essentially yeah just something for the spring summer to mess around and have a little bit. It smells good. You just enjoy your hair again, yeah yeah, totally yeah cool, i mean yeah. Definitely i mean right up my shell of these kind of stars like um. Would you like something that looks like it is um grown out from a shaved head, yeah yeah that kind of look okay, cool yeah, something that i can put a bit of clay in? Just have a bit of chocolate but yeah i'm happy to have it quite short on the sides, but then just yeah yeah yeah definitely mess around on top all right cool. Well i i mean i know. I know what we're doing it's easy. It'S a very good! It'S not when you can really explain really just see it as it goes along, but basically it's just about finger length, maybe a bit longer uh, it's more about the texture, it's more more about it's more! In fact, the most important thing is not going too high with the clippers on the sides. So if you go down to a one for example, or one half or two whatever you prefer to do, um, it's just keeping it it's about keeping it low. Okay, because if you go too high, that's where it looks like the severe high in tight, but if you're doing something that just blends out, naturally, then it doesn't look, it's not. I don't want something to be like wow. You'Ve had a very high back inside. I want to be more, like oh you've gone short yeah, not one particular thing about going short. Oh that's a bit tight on the back. It'S not something! You know that people tend to not save or think um. So if we can do that, that would just complement the whole haircut really yeah, i'd like to keep it yeah, just just quite natural, nothing like a skincare or anything yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Definitely we'll we'll do it more of a kind of a descend and blend. Okay, so we just go from, like i don't know, probably do like four and a half something do something really quite high and then get right down to the one down the bottom and that way, you'll find it just everything just balances nicely all right and it's Nothing too severe um, but then obviously we can over really texturize at the top. So you can put a little bit of clay in it pop your uncle sounds good yeah all right. Well, let's get your gowns off. I'Ve enjoyed having longer hair but yeah. It'S just you know, so this is long to you. Isn'T it yeah? It'S probably the longest. I'Ve had it in um as long as yeah. Very it's crazy right guys. So what i've done is um i've wet down alex's hand, i'm just combing it out from the crown it's very important that we work with the growth pattern, because we're going quite short, so we don't want the crown to stick up. We don't want the sides to stick out; we want to work with exactly how it grows. More importantly, is how it grows out for alex when he, when he gets to three weeks time, because you've got to think of that as well. He'S going to look in three or four weeks time, so i'm going to start on the top just before the crown now alex's crown is on. The left-hand side here looks like he's, got a slight, almost a double all right, very close to having a double crown. There mate, if you left it, left in the oven a few weeks longer. Maybe you might have had a you might have had a double one there um, but no it's it's just one. So we can get away with that, but we still want to be careful of it. So i always just do maybe i don't know half about a centimeter away from the crown. That'S all that really matters. You can see it's a very. It'S got that kind of slight kale through the hair. It does sit nice and soft, so i don't have to worry about it too much, but i still don't want to take it off. That'S the main thing. I don't want to cut it off by accident. So always separate the crown like so and then i'm going to get down to probably about finger length all right. So we've got a nice almost grown out, um shaved, head kind of clipper cut. Should we say i'm gon na take off pop that all out there. Okay, you happy with that yeah there we go nice, small sections fit about finger width, i'm working all the way down to the front like so you see pretty much through them. Now. What i'm doing is i'm just your angle of my fingers forward. So keeping up straight and as you get to the front, i'm bringing it forward because i want to keep this length all the same. I don't want the fringe to be any longer. I'M not looking to try and create a sort of a sh like what i've got, i'm looking to create a short overgrown, texture and crop hairstyle, so very, very short, like we've just grown out from a three a few, maybe a month or two ago. So, by doing that, you remove the length at the front as well. So where is mine now i've got the length of the front everywhere else is quite short. This will have that i'm just going to come back through it just to texturize like so there's a facebook. Now it might look a bit crazy because it's sticking out, but that's because it's been going back all day and probably for a while. So that will go by the end of the haircut that'll, be good again bring my fingers to match the head shape. So again, we need this to sort of wake around the head. That'S what gives that kind of short effect and the kind of almost um kind of clippered effect? Should we say two so products yeah yeah. Do you know what you yeah you do kind of to get that finish, but i don't know you know. I think i reckon if we were to pour, i mean even down to texturizing salt spray or or some sort of salt spray in general, i reckon we could probably texturize your hair enough, that it does look a bit ruffled and a bit textured. You know i do think that when it gets longer yeah it does have, it doesn't have much weight to it. That'S why it kind of goes back easy and things of that. So i think it does depend on sort of the the haircut you have, but i reckon i reckon you'll see the texture today. Without a doubt, you know um, emphasizing that texture is another thing: okay, a bit of powder salt spray again this should be. This should be so low maintenance and so easy. You know yeah yeah, that's the main thing, that's what kind of i'm looking for in the spring and summer at least yeah exactly yeah. I'Ve never used the powders. Actually myself. I know when i've been to a barbers they've kind of they have actually said. Would you like something so i go yeah chuck it on, but yeah i've never actually bought this on myself, yeah yeah, i've always kind of used the clays and pomegranates and things that's cool whatever. Whatever you, whatever you like, is, is cool, and i think that the only the only sort of thing i think, with obviously using different products of that it just gives you a different look. You know you're not sort of limited to one particular. Look you if you've got one or two or three styling products. It just gives you a little bit more air choice. I suppose in how the finished look becomes yeah. But i to be honest, i use um. I use clay in mine. I'Ve got um. What i did today was. I got up because i came down today. I was up really early like half four um. So what i do is i put pomade on my hair when it's wet yeah and i brush it up and over and then i let dry and then when i go here, i get a brush and i brush it out and that's what creates the dryness and Then i add a little bit of clay, if need be just to hold it up yeah, so that is partic that the style on my at the moment is brushed out, pomade, believe it or not, because it doesn't go flaky or anything. You can kind of get away with it. That was a little trick that i found when i was on a show, once we did a look where we gelled everyone's hair and then just brushed it out and stayed in the same place just dry this time around. It was incredible, so i just do that. Now, with pomade and it's one of those things i'm up early and i need to have product in me here - go on the garage or maybe you know you never break down or something you guys just want to look like. You'Ve made an effort right yeah. It'S a good little way to use pomade it's a bit of a cheat way in a it's a bit of a kind of a tip. I would say if you fancy strong hold, but a dry finish is just literally put put pomade in your wet hair. Let it dry let it set and then brush it out, it's as simple as that yeah. That'S quite interesting! Actually, because when when my hair was obviously kind of the length it was coming in here, what i'd always do is put useful made straight kind of out of the shower after having towel dried, it yeah brush it brush it back into kind of a set style. Yeah and then after about half an hour, use my fingers to kind of break up the more brushed look. I guess yeah yeah, exactly yeah sort of how i'd have my hair for the rest of the day but yeah. It would always retain that sort of more wet. Look, i suppose, even using small amounts. But oh really, i think i think that's i. I actually used a brush and brushed it through, though um so yeah, if you, if you obviously don't make brushes, you carry around with your mate, but if you ever did carry a brush out here. Give that a go. You know yeah, wait so yeah. The nice thing i guess about pomade for me, is because working in an office, it's kind of like if i go in in the morning, my style is just set for the day and i don't really have to worry about it. So i'm not getting that hold. Definitely yeah pomade's a fantastic. I do love pomades um, i kind of go through phases of the pomade, because sometimes i'll use them loads or i'll have like a very short style like i've got now, which i kind of throw it in. But, to be honest, my my my eldest son, he really likes pommy too he's got blonde hair. So what we do is we put a little bit in and then we we brush it through as it's still a bit wet and it just gives a really nice kind of um slightly natural shine finish. You know yeah um, but yeah. He likes it because he's the same, he goes daddy. It makes me hair stay the same all day and i'm like yeah exactly they've got that quite nice. I always quite like the sense to them. They'Ve got that sort of gold classic yeah yeah. I like that. It reminds me of being in the barbershop. That'S it mate. Definitely definitely george funny joy gives me the nostalgia. I'Ve done it by accident today i was trimming my beard when i got here and i smoked my comb and it's that barber side smell it's. That kind of like it that just reminds me i used to have to clean everyone's combs, and i was when i was a junior. That'S what reminds me of the barbershop. You know. Maybe my experience of a barbershop when i was younger is different to yours, though, because i was, i was scrubbing, toilets in there at 14. You know so yeah. They didn't have me doing that. Well, you know you paid your bill, then yeah yeah, okay, cool, well, yeah. I know it's um. I do. I do agree, though they've always got a really nice smell of them. They'Ve always got something that kind of gives. You like. You said that nostalgia, but they do it. They work as well. There'S nothing! You can fault, you know they do. They do work, they do exactly what they say. They'Re going to do and that's that's all you can ask for right. Yeah, i'm just working around using the guy from the right hand, side, i'm just dropping it down, i'm just still staying away from the crown, i'm not cutting straight across the crown, yet just dropping it down and then working around to the other side. And this is where we're going to start the transition, so i'm just removing that length before i start on the clifford work there we go so because we are using clippers, i'm going to start by drying the hair off just around here on the back and sides And then we can start so we're on that descend and blend down to the one so you're happy to go down to number one around the very bottom yeah cool me cool right. So we'll start on a four four and a half to be exact and we're going to wake up and off. Okay. So again, we want to still keep some length through the corner, but we've got our guide in here already we'll just cut with ourselves, with our um vertical sections, we're going to wake up to that guide, so guard on up and off, like so dropping it down. At the back, like we normally do you see because we've already got our guide in it's not being harsh. That'S the thing i do. What i want to take away from this haircut is the harshness of a one. So, by doing it like this, we're going to just finish off at the number one we'll still see the number one is in play massively something we're going to just kind of do a do a cheat one and finish on two like don't any barbers watching them. A bit older, don't tell me, you haven't done that before when you're saying you're doing a number one, but you're not you're, doing it too um, i'm actually gon na. Do the number one but the way we're gon na do it is by blending it out, and that will work really really nicely, because that would just kind of finish off the haircut more than take away anything else about the haircut. I want the textures to come through um. I just want the change of the hairstyle to come through massively as well. You know actually working up and off like that, keeping the shape keeping putting around this in there, but we're still keeping some shape in there. As you can see and looks until it's blended in so again saving me time effort the one so the close guard now this is just starting like descend straight down to the one looking a bit lower down, i'm doing some coming off, just where the four started. Okay, so you see the only thing that's moving them. Is this top part of the teeth, the blades nowhere near them, like so into the closed garden? To the number three now same thing again get a little bit lower down there. You go look around to the other side now from the back around to the right hand, side. Okay, that's my two now about four myself. So two leave it down two and a half. We can open off the head like so so and open off with the two like, so you see i'm working up and off like this, that's blending nicely and seamlessly into the four, which is what we want. This is true welcome to that two and a half and pulling out as we get to the two and a half you can see we're getting a nice descending blend. Finally, on two r1 leave it down one half into two into the one: we'll do that, while i'm here so i can finish off the one side and flick through the lever just to get a perfect blend, and then you start going. This short go ahead and work the lever a little bit as well, just to make sure it's seamless, just working through the lever goal from one and a half down to one just moving it slowly closer to closed there we go ah and just finish off the Neckline, i'm going to take that in nice and tidy so 0.5 leave it down there. We go nice and tidy into our blend start from the back, like so away from the crown, lift it up and there's my guide that i took before in my vertical section. I'M just gon na work from there down into the blend. You should see the length get a bit longer there. There we go, i'm going to work all the way down. Until i get to my walls. There we go so on this side. You can see i'm working from the crown growth so important that you work with the crown. This is what will make it grow out. Well, look nice not stick or make it up and off, like so just rest in the comb, nice and gently against the head. That'S creating that blend from the four up into the top, so i'm just coming away at the top of the head and just slowly resting your spinal cone gently on the skirt on the actual layer against the scalp. Okay, just look at that little bit there as i taper this in a little kick up there, i get the same thing in my hair kicks out a little tiny bit there we go tidy up the edges again, not like kind of creating anything too like we Said boxed off before it's kind of the same technology, i use just keeping everything as natural as possible, just a little bit more strengthened up looking down just to strengthen the neckline, hmm, okay, um, now just to finish off a little bit scissor of a comb just To make sure that everything's sitting nice and just make sure i cry on it sitting in play as well, so i'll just cross check just there's no little bits lying down. We haven't missed another front, let's just work through it like that. All i'll do is just give a really nice textured front. So that's what gives that kind of effect of a short clip of the haircut or something that's grown out from the clipper? It was about half the weight is when it came in already. How is it yeah, just it just all, sits very natural, that's your short hairline. Naturally, all right everything else is sitting nice. As you can see, it's not it's not as a kind of sticking up anywhere. Now you know um, but the main thing is. We still get the nice bit of head shape in there for you, so we haven't just rounded it off completely just a little hint of a corner in there for you as well. So when you get there, that'll show it off all right. Happy man here going to blast this through a bit of cold air and then what would you like to wear when you're here today, just put a little bit of clay in or draw a bit of powder in? What would you prefer yeah? I think that's probably what i normally use in the morning. It'S best to see what you'd use yourself all right, so a little bit of clay. This is just the claymation by hands the fuco. I don't know if you've ever used it but just used it. I'Ve heard of it it's good stuff, you know really good stuff here, yeah, it's quite um. It'S got a very good hold. It lasts all day, like literally all day matter. How many times you ruin your hands through your hair. It does last here we go scrub. It in like a shampoo okay, do that all the way through and then just go down like that, and that's where you get that texture from out from the crown always out from the crown and then just twist faster you do it the more messy it'll. Look. That'S what i've always said like that she said that fringe and play a little bit, but just a little bit more textured there we go happy. Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah looks nice. Thank you very much. I guess you know. I think my hair does grow. Like kind of quickly, in a way like yeah, i have my haircut then, three weeks later, i can sort of see yeah, especially on the sides. I suppose is it just asking for that? More of that natural fading from something i mean i'd, probably look at like i'd, probably um, i don't know it's hard because i know i know this isn't the way i do. It is quite old-school. It'S not sort of like the way you get a fade done now. It'S all like they probably put the number one in and fade it off, yeah yeah and you could always ask for a descending bullet. I know it makes you sound a little bit if you go in there asking for us to send them blenders, and you know what i mean it. Might you might sound like you know more than you do um. I don't know me to be honest. I i'd probably just obviously i'd go in and just say you know. Look i i'll just take a picture of your own haircut and do that yeah yeah. If you wait at the top and wait down it's a lot less severe because you're not creating you're, not creating any line of blend everything's, just getting blended straight away into itself. So that's! What'S quite nice about it really yeah. But i really like that man. It looks good, looks really good, just a short section haircut. You know thanks man, you

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paresh haldar: I want to be like you one day ☺ love from india sir

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