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  • Posted on 16 March, 2013
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I made this for a friend, only a few people were supposed to ever see it. But yeah I actually sound like this, even though the audio is muffled. Why am I squinting like a "douchebag?" It's because I'm concentrating.

First song is a Chip Tha Ripper Freestyle:

Vocal Transcript: In case you can't understand me speaking:

I answered a lot of specific questions on the last video, so just click on the uploader's responses to see what I've already explained.. So I recorded this right after I got back from rugby practice and therefore my hair is completely dry and unstyled.. That'S what it looks. Like. I use CONAIR brand clippers., The cheapest ones I found at Target.. They clippers, don't matter too much as long as you, oil them every once in a while.. That was a number # 1 guard.. What I'm doing is clicking the blades forward. I'll use this to fade. You'll that I'll gradually click the blades back away from the guard. As I progress. Here, I am cutting my shortest.. Now I am going 2nd shortest. Now, I'm 3 clicks back from where I began with the blades.. I switch to a # 2 guard, but I advance the blades as closest to the guard as possible to fade the sides better.. I come back over the entire sides. With a # 2 guard to cut any stray hair., You can sort of see how it's been cut. Here., Nowhere close to finished though. Now I'll be cutting the back with a # 2 guard. To clean up the hair growing past. My hairline I'll use no guard.. As you can see, the hair falls everywhere.. That'S why I am shirtless.. Now I am going to fade the back by going back over the area with a # 1 guard with partially extended blades.. I am using this 3 # guard to reduce some of the thicker and fluffier hair towards the top back of my head., I'm planning on using scissors for the top. So I'm getting my head wet. Here, you can see just how my hair grows. The divide is where the hair is growing straight upwards, as opposed to my heavy bangs, which lay down when wet., And you can see. I'Ve cut my bangs a lot since the last video.. Now, I'm just using scissors to shorten the top guys with thinner and flatter hair won't need to do this. Scissoring. The back is pretty dangerous. Be careful.. Here I am showing you how the sides of the top have more hair to allow the top to blend with the sides.. Many novices make a mistake by cutting this away and ending up with a high and tight.. Now, I'm evening out the blend with the sides. I've kind of got some hair on my face., This happens., I'm just touching up the back now.. I am thinning out the temple apex at this point.. It gives you a cleaner look.. I dislike when my sides touch my ears and many of you military guys will too. Here. I make sure it's clean. Here is what it looks like with just a fingertip full of matte paste.. Alright, I hope this helps some of you. Guys. Shout out to /fa/

ambergris 95: After watching this video I realized that my main problem is my face not my hair. Okay, I'm done

AdamsThoughts: Just followed this tutorial, really happy with how it turned out. It took me two hours but that's what happens when you're scared shitless of making a mistake. Well worth it. Thanks for putting it up.

zerologic: Thanks for the video man, took the plunge and tried it myself. I was afraid I would fuck something up so I started with the #4 guard for sides and back, then used the #3 guard after gaining a bit more confidence. Didn't bother fading. Still looks dope though! First self-haircut is great success.

Nona Sanchez: I tried this on my nephew... Did exactly what you did and it came out perfect! Thanks, this was very perfect(:

AJonesFitness: sick haircut. pretty much perfectly cut.  im gonna try and cut my own hair again.  i fucked up in the past and looked dumb when i went to school. hopefully that doesnt happen again

King Robertt: Nice video this really helped me out! Especially on the side hairs. Keeping them long to help blend really makes a difference. Thanks.

Raj O: hey man, I've been cutting my hair now for over a year thanks to your video. I'm sure your video was the main inspiration, along with so many long waits and failed haircuts from barbers. I get compliments a lot too, and some of my friends mention that i cut my own hair to talk me up in front of ppl, lol. It's pretty cool. Just sending you my thanks!

rizal ruhizat: I just got a haircut, but this guy got me curious as fuck. how the hell he get to be this goodlooking. not sure if I'm just jealous or turning gay.

Tiffany Nicole: Thank you for posting this. I am actually going to do this very cut today. it helped a ton.

Bo Ran S.: that's really good! I cut my own hair too. I messed up so many times. But I finally got it down to where I look my best and feel my best. I cut my hair once a month and it fascinates me so much, the skill and the beauty that I have attained to. My style is classical gentlemen style with a slight edge. I don't do it for the chicks, I do it for me.

iSleepDoc: Thanks Michael, my daughter just used your instructions to clip my hair s. Great results!!!

Deven Bhagwandin: It's so crazy how easy you make this look man! How many times did it take you until you felt like you got it perfect?

InterestingName: You guys have no idea how lucky you are having a full head of hair :/

MrEngranaje: Thanks! Gave myself my first fade and it looks great!

NME 316: I tried cutting my hair for the first time today and it was tough! U make it look so easy, I need more practice lol 

Pat Uszodi: Literally, I just gave myself the best haircut I've ever had in my life.  DO THIS!   Just go slow and steady, the fade is the easiest thing to fuck up.  Still, I did it with a razor with no blade adjustment and just 3 different guard lengths.  Again, I'm blown away on how good this can look!  The top kind of just naturally shapes up and looks awesome as you cut the back portion down and leave your bangs long

xFiReXrAiNx: Your not squinting like a douchebag, and I found your video extremely helpful. Mine and your hair grow very similar so following along was simple. Thanks again!

ChessBoxinLIVE: 4:30 I think that's exactly what I did wrong when I first tried this and ended up shaving my whole head almost because i went "too far" lol. I sort of just want to trim the sides and back like you do the first 2 minutes. So are you just going up a size (or click) when you go higher? I seem to struggle to make it "blend" or "fade" properly. I wanna try this on my brother so i can fuck his hair up first before I try it on myself lol.

Yanni J Ehm: that did help a lot.  I've been cutting my own hair for a year... I got tired of paying at least 30 bucks and not liking the cut.  I picked up some good tips.  thanks.

Rainier Domingo: Thank you i got my haircut done ! It went well so far Just need practice at the back haha

Corey Brockway: Hey thanks man, usually I just buzz my head. But I have been interested in this style for awhile, will probably get it done professionally to see if I like it but once I get a base will definitely try on my own. Much appreciated.

J.Rafael Tito Garcia: Thank you for the tutorial!! It helps! :)

VLNTN3: *hair is dry and unstyled* *hair still looks hella good*

J.Rafael Tito Garcia: Thank you for the tutorial!! It helps! :)

Chris: Used your video 9 years ago to learn how to cut my hair for the first time. I then proceeded to cut my own hair for about 6 years and still do once in a while. I am now back to give you the like you deserve. Thanks

Ninppoo: There is only one difficult part for me, which I still mess up sometimes: making the finishing lines clean on the sides and the back.

Isabella Binion: Ugh! Thank you so much. Been looking for a good video that I could use to trim my sides. (I have a full length mo-hawk)

Bryan C: problem is that I'm ugly....this fella will look good no matter what his hair is

sam maschiah: Great work BTW! Would love to be able to do this myself...

amazing: Bro this is awesome. I am impressed how well you cut your own hair. And also you look like a supermodel. But anyway, that was really cool and I wish I can cut my own hair just like that!

Alex Jackson: Going to be trying this out today. Thanks. Great tips.

Sabrina Truong: PLEASE please please please upload more videos! ;-; although this video was quite simple, i find your hair cutting inspiring since im working on getting confidence to do it myself. maybe do a vid on how you first got the idea and started doing it yourself, or do a style tutorial on how to get a quiff like yours :)

Luis Aguilar: Instead of holding the mirror behind your head, turn around and use the bigger one for the back if you get what im saying. That's how I cut my own, its a lot easier, I've been cutting my own hair going on 9 years now.

k: Hey thanks so much I've been able to pull out your haircut and do it my self too but what do you do when the top ( not the bang part ) is becoming too long ?

tiberio135: The style depends on the type of hair, face shape, etc. This dude has nice thick hair, forgives any mess-ups. It's all trial and error. You learn what is better FOR YOU as you acquire experience.

tough5hit: must feel good to be able to cut your own hair so well nice job man came out good

Ricck.R Travel together: Great tutorial man!, watch it every time i dare to cut my hair myself. :)

NaniTaysha: who is a female with long hair just watched this video just because he's gorgeous? ME.

mo money meezy: Great vid! I did my hair for the forst time last week amd forgot to put the guard back on after cleaning and gave myself a big ass bald spot hahaha. But oh well it grew back. Other than that it went pretty good

Irving Nolasco: you have inspired me to cut my own hair and that is something i though would have never done!

Musique3579: That looks freally fantastic. I'll have to try and do it myself now. Everyone always screws up the job when I get a haircut it seems like.

Porkcchop: I'm too scared to do this but all the barbers in my town are god awful.

meowmix0901: thanks for the tutorial! how do you keep the front long and top short? do you cut it yourself?

Andrew B: Nice video straight to the point, with good commentary. good work my friend.

curious gee: You make it look easy. Good job.

DJ Joel: I showed this to my hairdresser and got this cut. unfortunately  i'm still working on growing out the front but so far so good

Sheena Brady: lmao I'm not here for the tutorial, I'm here for the face

RJC5555: That's amazing. You do an incredible job cutting your hair. But it's great hair--most people would have more trouble, I think.

k: I just want to say thank you ! You are a good contributor for the community. I look forward to see other video from you Mike. Also why did you cut the super bang from the other video ?

João Pereira: great video. I cut my own hair but it's always nice to see some new techniques 

Lesley Stefany: His armpit hair has more volume than my hair :,)

Claudii Seyer: To let u know i use your two videos everytime i cut my own hair! Btw! I'm in Puerto Rico, so yeah, ur video has reached that far!!

Tatiania Huffman: Your voice alone is amazing. You're absolutely gorgeous. You have gained a new subscriber ;) #breathtaking

Joanna Ford: Dud I LOVE your hair. The hair you have is PERFECT for you.. Nice Vid. I have been cutting my stepson and all the little kids and my new husbands' hair now. I take all the instruction I can get. Thanks..

kramp matu: ¿Que productos de fijación utilizas para el cabello? What do you use for your hair?

Memphis Ace: man i wish i had such hair....

Humberto Gutiérrez: @Michael S Great video man, question, do you use something in your hair? or does it molds easy without the need of stuff? Thanks for the video

Maria Tacoronte: OK I had to watch this twice. Once because... WOW! Then to actually learn.  Ok maybe two times to look and third to learn. :)  But seriously great tutorial most detailed easy to follow video I have found.

drmil0: that was pretty bad ass. thanks for the "don't cut the sides" tip

ross199218: I came here to learn how to cut my own hair, now My life has changed for ever. - Bruce Jenner

M D: Hahah I do my hair too, almost the same protocol as you, but it's funny because you are also as of a perfectionist as I am about the upper sides. The barber always messed that part up for me, so since a while now I've been taking things into my own hands. Who knows it better dan yourself, right? ;p

Jose Sequeira: Woaa! Id love to be able to do my own hair like the whole thing

AdamsThoughts: Also my advice for anyone also trying for the first time: If you can't coordinate your hands with the second mirror to see the back of your head, don't bother with it. Instead, start with a large guard and listen for the sound of hair being clipped as you stroke up. If you hear nothing, it's safe to drop the clippers down a level. Better to have steady hands and good ears than half a view of your head and no coordination.

Stacey johnson: Jesus christ your gorgeous. Love the fact you cut and style your own, I'm a hairstylist and makeup artist and it impresses me to see people who figure it out on their own. Keep doing what your doing. Would love your snapchat.. Please and thank you

Blackcat: Sweet jesus, Im so jelly of your amazing hair D:

Duncan Mckenna: Have you ever tried turning your back on the mirror on the wall to use the hand-held mirror in front of your face? This means you only need to have one hand behind your back instead of two. I've found it to be much easier.

Paulo Dybala: Great video man, keep them coming.

Ammon RAhl: Can't do much wrong when you already look that good.. Also that hair!

Ricardo H: oh! me encanto... quiero ese corte!

Dave McKagan: Golden rule of cutting your own hair: if people notice you cut your own hair, it's time to visit a barber.

Mark Brouwers: Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Romano Gitano: Dude, I'm getting the same hairstyle, however, my hair is very long therefore, I'm donating 11 inches of mine to "Locks of Love" you were my inspiration...later thanks.

ZLundyNYC: Thank you for schooling me on how to cut my man's hair, Boo. This was my first time cutting a guys hair with clippers and he looks find AF :D Smoochies <3

Michael G: Any tips on growing hair out from a buzz? after about a month (my hair grows REALLY fast) my hair gets goofy. Almost like an afro. If i shave the sides, it'll just look like a weird afro-hawk and i do NOT want that.

Dan Murphy: I refuse to believe that a guy this handsome uses /fa/

mahmut özka: I realized one thing: you can cut your back of your head by holding a mirror behind your head. Or you can turn your back to big mirror and look at the small mirror in your hand. I think the latter is a lot easier in my humble opinion.

_draken_: Keep up the good work man!

Nic Castellano: That is Super bold to be cutting/fading your own hair with just a mirror. Props!

eXaLt Prodigy: I was wondering if you can show how to cut the sides like how far up the sides should you cut? and how to keep it even or you just guess and go along with it, Your hair is awesome man, if theres a video for what I asked someone send me a link

K G: Does anyone else think his voice is ridiculously deep for how he looks?

VCGTdunker: I definitely always made the mistake of shortening too high on the sides. I can't use scissors for shit though so it will be difficult.

Yolodolo: I really wanna know how high do you go when cutting hair on the back with no.2? Do use any other clippers to fade it with? Thanks for being my this great vid.

Fabulous: this guy has humour.. AND can style his hair.. damnnnn after few minutes i was like maybe its a touch up.. and please continue do more , do the top .. and BAM he did the top... im like shit this guy has to be a hairstylist if he does his top hair.. not many ppl interested in doing their own hair cause of how long it takes and they  f it up.. this guys gold 

Jakob blö: If this guy would cut himself he would not bleed, his testosterone scares his bloodcells so bad that they fear jumping ship because they know he's testosterone would find them and kill them if they did.

Daniel Salazar: @Krševan Ilić, first of all thank you for the great video. I love this hairstyle and I'm trying to learn how to cut it myself. I just have a question about the top. Is there anyway you could make a video or explain how to cut the top like you have it. What I'm talking about is the long bangs with short back section. It seem pretty straight forward but I just want to make sure I do it right. Thanks!

Ihvmnynames tobetrue: thanks man you helped me through your videos.thumbs up! :D

Manuel Cristobal: Nice haircut man, im gonna practice it!

A R: I am not gay but this guy is so handsome

Bow Winter: 1. You are EPIC!. 2. DO MORE VIDEO"S!. 3. Your face is even on both side's and just about match's giving you a great GREAT look. Ty for the tip's to.

golden gloves: cut my own hair last night for the second time ,the first time I looked like someone put a bowl on my head and cut it, second time I faded pretty good, it takes practice my friends..

Jennifer Naude: Awesome, you are doing great and saving yourself a hell off a lot of money. Looking good too.

Tijuana: Been having that hairstyle since I was in 1st grade in Elementary school. Girls always shared their cookies with me and they still do today, thanks 2 may sexy haircut grils like ;D

Samstrat94: Do you dry your hair upwards or just wait until it's dry and push it back?

Rohan S: amazing hair you have dude. you're blessed

Itsthemusic819: I want my hair to look like this. I'm going to the barber next week so what kind of hairstyle is this called? Also, do you have to get a 1 on the sides and keep the fade low or do you go higher with a number 2?

Lokatos12: Oh shit, after watching the whole video I might not be able to look into my own face while I cut my hair without crying xD

Xeno: I didn't come here to question my sexuality dammit

Trung Quang Dinh: even you just shave your hair completely you still look gorgeous

Piotrek: how's that even possible for a human to cut his own hair so perffectly!

cloned81: Oooooh, I'd love to be able to do this!

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