Dry Shampoo Hack That Will Save Your Hairstyle #Hairhacks #Haircare #Dryshampoo

  • Posted on 27 June, 2022
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This will change the way you use dry, shampoo, put it on at night and don't rub it in and then put sleepy tire. This is day three hair watch how it looks tomorrow morning the dry shampoo absorb the oil and sleepy thai gave my hair more volume.

Y: According to my dermatologist, dry shampoo is not supposed to sit on your scalp overnight. It’ll damage your scalp and cause hair fall.

Aldarsa G: Facts, i always use dry shampoo for a night and my hair stays quite nice for 3 days :)

Sarah Brack: I have fine hair that grows very slow! It gets oily in 1 day! Since I began using dry shampoo I can go 3 days and it has started growing and so much less breakage! Plus the dry shampoo actually gives me the volume and texture that I desperately need!!

Aliyah: No! No! NO! Never leave dry shampoo in your hair over night. It is only okay if you wash your hair the day you put it in. It harms your scalp!

Call me A: Just wash your hair instead of using dry shampoo. Dermatologist says it's completely fine to wash your hair thrice a week but it's not ok to use dry shampoo over night.

imjustbait™️: Lmaooo she used the dyson air wrap and then tied it again just to promote we’re not fools

Shay311: Does it work on medium length hair or only long hair?

Alex Ram907: anyone else confused on how to use the sleepy tie? I've had it for 3 days and for the love of God I can't figure it out lol

zeynep 34: Ok but why not massage your hair after applying it?

Kage Oashj: it works but I don't like the buildup, rly useful in a pinch tho

sky💋: key word YOUR HAIR, it might not work for ppl with different type of hair the Results are not guaranteed for everyone

blvemoonrising: What brand is that dry shampoo?

Aashrai Ravooru: Only good if you have oily scalp if you have dry scalp this going to flake like there is no tomorrow

Dubs T.T.: I have hair that's 35 inches long, well...last I measured it was. How much hair actually fits in this tie?

Jess's Tresses: I want a sleepy tie so bad!! :) !!

idek: i would love this but i have curly hair

stvrlight: In the comments Y'all are like take a shower blah blah blah. Like we don't take a shower.If we wet our hair all the time. It frizzes as well as becomes too puffy so we use all the products and stuff which suit our hair.Certain types of hair should not be washed all the time it damages it. Now shut up y'all about not showering. We shower as well as care for our hair.

unhingedXxx: im DYING to know what kind of hairstyle is this??

OwO: An hour after her letting her hair sit i guarantee it became oily af. I have always had oily hair and skin. Some people have to wash every other day at least. Training doesn't work. Nor does dry shampoo. It just makes my fine oily hair heavy and greasy with a film that makes my scalp itch and peal like hell. Just wash ya damn hair.

A: hey, whatever it takes to sell your glorified scrunchie right?

Ubytuby: You washed you hair You didn’t put it on your ends and they were magically not greasy Edit: yes you both are correct, ends shouldn’t get greasy, but before she put the dry shampoo on her ends and such were a lot shiner and looked greasy before she put the dry shampoo on. That’s why I think she just washed her hair

Diamond the Barbie doll: Then put on a fake hair health hair tie

YukiDuki: Me with short hair

K: Ok but yk hwi u sia dit gives more volume what if Ur hair is naturally puffy and thick then what

Ardra Jayakumar _22: Your haircut??

End of an Era out NOW: It didn’t.

Tammy D.: Are we lazy not wash hair? not like washing your face oily

HENSTROM: Yo I didnt know girls use that instead of shower. Please take showers

C S: I don’t understand why people don’t just shower? Why not use real shampoo? It only takes the slightest bit more effort

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