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Here is a hair tutorial on how to achieve a messy hairstyle for men and women.


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How to achieve a messy hairstyle like this, so from my john, be video that I did a week or so ago. I literally every single day, dm's from people asking me questions about. Can I wear this hairstyle? My hair type? Is this my hair type? Is that can i? How do I do this, so I figured I need to make a video to really help explain to everybody who's watching how to achieve this type of hair style and the type of hair, texture and density. You need now, john, be a chase. I believe what looks like in every photo that i've seen of his it looks like he's, got a lot of hair and it's naturally wavy thick wavy hair and he's a white dude, so he's got like Caucasian hair. I believe he is. That means that his natural texture, because it's so thick because it has that kind of tech that wave to it and probably because of the haircut it really is easy to style. I mean he could wake up out of bed and his hair has a mess and he can just run his fingers to it, and it's gon na look good. Some people have that hair type and have that haircut now keep in mind. It really depends a lot on the haircut and the hair texture. Ok, the haircut if you do not have the proper shape, the proper layering, the proper balance and whatever it is. Your hair will not do what it needs to do to achieve that style, and that's a lot of the questions that I get is you know my hair is fine. My hair is straight. My hair is down to my chin. Can I do this haircut? I don't know you can if you have the right haircut, because let's take this mannequin, for example, if you look, this is pin straight pin straight hair and each strand is very, very fine. The mannequin does have a lot of hair. So if you've got straight hair, if you've got fine hair and the hair is just long, you can achieve a messy type. Look like this, but the only reason I'm able to get this kind of kind of look mostly, is because of the haircut now before we talk about the styling. Let me just explain you a little a little bit about the haircut in itself, so when I brush this back like this and I'm looking into the monitor here, you'll see these pieces in through here. What is this? These are our layers, pretty simple. I'Ve done. Hundreds of videos on how to get layers in your haircut so layers are what removes weight, give it some shape and allows the hair to have some flow right. Your hair needs to have that flow. You know when it's layered properly you'll get that when you hold the hair straight up like this you're gon na see that all this hair throughout here is cut and layered. If it wasn't the case, then this would all be. You know one length and wouldn't have any shape to it whatsoever. Now the hair could look like it's one length and be this long, but the entire thing is still layered alright, so the layering is the technique and the length really is just a length all right, but the technique is layering, so you need to have some layers And it needs to be a little bit shorter into the front, and then it has to flow in through the back now. What I've done all the way in through here is I've added, more layers and more texture. So how do you achieve this in? The back? Is again, this is depending on the person who's cutting it, but I'm holding the hair out vertically from the head a lot of the time when I'm cutting this and you see what happens when you hold the hair out vertically and it's cut you're gon na get Lift right, I'm cutting the hair the way I want it to look so make sure that whoever's cutting your hair or, if you're, trying us at home, which I don't suggest, but you need to make sure they understand how to cut hair properly like and our use Of doing longer, hair styles, most barbers, I've come across, aren't doing haircuts like this and be honest with you. There are ones who ten and that's awesome, but you know I would suggest maybe annex very experienced hairstylist who really understands hair right and the proper layering and cutting techniques. This is all held out horizontally to create that shape. That'S flowing up, that's how you get these flips right! You get these flips by all of this hair being layered in through here. If this hair was all one length down here, it would not have this. That'S very important to know the only reason I can get this is because you steal these pieces. It'S the haircut, there's there's nothing else to it. It'S the haircut! If you have wavy hair and your hair is all the way down to here, one length you may get some, it looks like it's movement, but it's just gon na be dragging down if you've got wavy hair and you had layers like this in it. It'S gon na look more like the jonbi style, where it's got more movement and flow. Okay, the more the hairs layered when it's curly or wavy now, not too short. But it's going to allow that curl and that wave to take much better shape and also give you a better styling option if you've got right - and this is the key, the key thing if you've got, pin straight fine hair, remember the difference between thinning and having Fine thin hair right and I've done videos on this. The difference so thin means you're, actually thinning you're losing your hair. If the hair is fine like this, it just means the actual density of each strand. It'S not super thick and there's nothing wrong with that. You know the best way to achieve that kind of messy look. Is you need to use a product when your hair is wet? I suggest using my my tidal wave sea salt spray. Tidal wave was a great spray and it's like it gives it that Beach texture does that make your hair curly or wavy. But what you can do is when the hair is wet, you spray it in or even if it's dry, you can completely dry your hair like this, and if you are blow-drying your hair, the way to get that kind of wave or that texture is to scrunch. It so you want to take the blow dryer on low heat on a low, but not heat, regular heat, but the speed the speed setting put it on on a lower speed setting and just take the hit your hands and scrunch the hair. When you scrunch the hair, you see what's happening, it's creating separation and texture in the hair, so spray some of this on you can scrunch it blow-dry it and then the best thing to do. If your hair is on the wavier side, set it and forget it, it's okay to dry! This back here use your hands and scrunch it, but once you get into this top area right in through here, let it air dry, alright, letting it air dry is really gon na, be your best friend and then once it's fully dry you'll see it's got that Movement and then you can flip it around. So if you've and another thing I get, I hear a lot is: oh, my hair parked on a side or my hair parts in the middle. Whatever you know, whenever you flip your hair, the opposite way of how it goes, you're gon na get more volume and you're also going to get a little bit more of fullness and texture. If your hair parts on this side - and you bring it over like this, it's gon na look flat like this. Alright and that's totally fine, I mean you want to wear your hair, the way it grows. Naturally, but again it really comes down to try it and brushing your hair all the way back and when you blow-dry it take this piece right here and scrunch it right when you scrunch it, it's gon na help get that texture. So, thank you guys so much for watching I'll. Let me know in the comments below if you found this video helpful, because I get so many people asking me about this - this haircut. Thank you guys so much for watching, don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you next time for more videos with this long

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