Hairstyles That Should Be Left In 2022 !!

  • Posted on 05 January, 2023
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Hairstyles that should be left in 2022 part one, let's get into it PSA. This is all jokes, so don't take me seriously. First up, we got the shot cut like ain't, no way in hell boy. What the is is this like bro, it looks like your scalp. Is taking a you got waves on one half and they got that purple ass on the other like? Why is this even a thing? I blame Cali for this y'all always build some stupid, whether it comes to the culture or just simple like this, I guess no way no way that your mama, let you leave his shop. Looking like this, I threw that for every penny, awesome real, but if you're still rocking this in 23 you're shut out bad on some real, oh, my god. What the hell is this bro like a rat tail this like this, that makes me feel ashamed to be part of this generation. Why the you have no hair on the top of your head? Hey! They got this on the back of your neck. Like do your parents know, I love you enough to tell you that this is absolutely trife me personally. I'D want somebody to tell me that this is ass. I feel embarrassed to be honest again.

Cooper Lyons: The rat tail might be a starwars reference as luke as a young padawan had that "tail" as it was tradition in the starwars universe.

Aubrey Johnson:


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