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  • Posted on 28 June, 2021
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Here is an updated TikTok hairstyle tutorial using my new styling iron.

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Here we are with a new, updated tick-tock hair tutorial, because so many of you still want to look like a famous tic-tocker. Unfortunately, i can't, but anyway you all want to have that messy kind of look and guys like josh richards, are paving the way for having that longer grown out messy type of look, and i get so many people asking me questions on how to achieve that. Look now i do have the tick tocker hairstyle kit, which literally you guys are bought, so many people are buying them that i almost feel like telling you to stop buying them because they're selling too too fast. So i do have that kit, which includes everything you need, except for something brand new, which i'm really excited to share with you an iron. I now officially have a new hair tool, which is a styling iron, and i'm going to be going over this today. I'M really excited about these, and i'm going to show you how you can use this to create that tick. Tocker hairstyle, you can also obviously use the brush. You can do a few things. You can use the entire tic tacker hairstyle kit, and you can take it a step further if you want a bit more of that kind of movement and texture and locked in style with the iron. So let's get started with the preparation first, so i know some of you. You know, think it's just as easy as using a brush or using an iron, but to me because you are using heat. I do suggest a few things so when you're, washing your hair - and i do have great shampoos and conditioners - which i suggest checking out - i always say 25 spray - is the ultimate foundational spray for doing any sort of style because it has heat protection. It'S got great vitamins and benefits in it. 25 benefits in this okay, so you spray it in a few spritzes when the hair is wet and then you can blow dry it now when it comes to the blow drying, i suggest make using a brush like this. I do sell these also, it's got the rubber handle, so you have a lot of control brush the product through brush the 25 spray through right, if you're using tidal wave, which is the ultimate spray for getting this type of look spray this in and then brush It through, i don't suggest combing it through with a traditional hair, cutting comb like this, because the hair is a little bit longer. You will notice some pulling of the hair. Sometimes, if you're, not careful, if you don't know how to really properly comb your hair or brush your hair, that's why this vent brush. It'S a lot safer for the hair, because it also gets through the knots too, and that's what you're trying to do here. Is you want your hair anytime, using a hot tool or anything you want to make sure that the hair is completely free of any tangles and knots. Now the blow drying process? What you can do is use the blow. Dryer use the nozzle and you can create those flips with the round brush. It'S the tick tocker brush, which is on the website shop.thesalonga.com. So this is the tick tocker hairbrush that i'm referring to. You can get this on its own right. We have loads of them in stock now or you can buy. You know, together with the tick tocker hair kit, which i highly suggest you can create those flips. You can create that movement if your hair is very, very dry all right if it's dry, if it's frizzy - and you still want that, look - you can achieve it, but what you need to do with the round brush is you need to smooth out the hair first By using a technique which is locking in the hair onto the brush using the nozzle, the blow dryer and working it through, i have videos and loads of tutorials on how to smooth out your hair. So definitely do that because you want your hair to look healthy and if your hair is wavy, if it's frizzy and you want to look very, very smooth, then you have to blow dry it the right way. Now wavy hair, there's nothing wrong with wavy hair right. Actually, wavy, hair or curly hair works great for these types of styles that you may not even need to do much of it, but for someone who's got very straight hair. That'S where this is going to come into play. So now, let's talk about the the next step by using this iron and i'm going to explain to you about what it is so basically after the hair is fully blow dried, it's nice and smooth. If you have pretty much straight hair, frizz, free hair. This is going to be ideal anyway, so what you want to do is use this right here and the reason i had this made okay. This took a long time - and this was a big investment for me to have these done. First of all, the brand colors, the black and red, which is part of my logo, and i want to create something, that's more user-friendly, which i always do with my products. It'S it's mini. It'S it's a mini iron, okay and as my in my experience as a professional, sometimes the full size, irons, they're great to work with for certain types of things, but for especially if you're a guy you've got shorter hair. It'S going to be a lot more difficult to work with a tool. That'S like twice the size of what you need for right. So i wanted a mini styling tool right, which is this a mini iron and that this isn't hot right by the way um. What you can do you can do so many things you can, you know, create little bends like that you can create the waves or the flips, which i'll show you guys how you can do that you can smooth out the hair. You can do a lot with this right, it's great for traveling, so the iron itself, it's a usb power source, so you can charge this here. It comes with the usb cable right here. You just need something to plug it into and the power source, and it you can charge it that way and on the lcd screen right here. It'S got the meter to show it's fully charged. You'Ve got three different temperatures and it also has a lot of great benefits that i like as well. I haven't turned this on yet, but it comes with the usb. It has a travel pouch, which is really really great, so it fits right into the pouch like so, and you can carry it along put it in your your bag, you're good to go there. It is comes with instructions, and it is shipped in this plain, simple box right and i've got the uh the barcode on the back here and that's it. I want to keep it simple. So there's a few other things about this iron too. It'S got a little lock button right here so to lock it you push this in to unlock it. You push the button and now it's unlocked. So another great thing is that it doesn't open up super wide this way, so you have just enough room uh for you to be able to use it and work with it in a very simple way. So let's turn this on, so you hold it down and there it is so it's showing that it's a hundred percent, so you've got 165 degrees celsius, 185 and 205.. So let's go right in the middle at 185 and what it's going to do? It'S going to heat up to that specific temperature. While it's doing that and it's what's great, is you can hold it, you can put it down, obviously with any hot tool. You want to be careful, don't lay this on paper or anything that could catch fire. I mean you just you want to be very careful with this, because, yes, it's a hot tool, all right, so what it's doing now is it's heating up, i'm just going to place it down on my tray and then we're good to go. So the great thing about this is: it's got the 3d floating ceramic coated plates, okay, which means that it's going to allow for consistent heat throughout the entire plate, which is great, some smoothing irons. What it does is they're not consistently heated throughout the entire plate. So this the hair strand itself is not evenly being straightened, so the ceramic coating plate helps lock the moisture in. So it's actually conditioning the hair, it's not damaging the hair and it gives you even heat distribution. So i'm reading the notes from my website um. It also helps reduce split ends. It heats in about 30 seconds to your desired temperature, and the charging time is about three hours to fully charge it, and you get about 50 minutes. 45 50 minutes of working time, okay, like if you're using it non-stop and then it automatically shuts off after 40 minutes of not using it. So now what i like to do to test to make sure it's warm is. I have this weird thing where i just smell it. I can just feel the heat. I go. Yup, it's ready! Okay, so it's ready to be used. What i like to do, anytime, i'm using any sort of hot tool, is i'm going to use a little bit of locked, which has some uv protection, some heat protection in it also the 25 spray does too. So i like to just spray a little bit of that onto the hair and then i'll take the brush the vent brush and i'll brush the hair through. So we are good to go. If you do have clips, i would suggest using some clips, but let's take a section right in the very very front here and you want to take the section about no more than half an inch thick and let's get this hair out of the way. Alright. So now the iron is ready to go. It stopped linking it's fully heated at that temperature. You can use a brush or you can use a comb right when you're trying to style this. I like to use a comb. So what you want to do is you want to actually flip the hair up, so you want to come from underneath and flip the hair up, i'm going to do the opposite, because i'm going to be on top of it right. So i'm going to take the iron i'm going to do i like to do one pass first to help smooth the hair out and then what i'll do is. I will do one pass here. I'Ll hold it for a second like that, and then i'm going to. Let go and flip it out all right, so i'm i'm basically just flipping the hair up comb it to make sure the knot's out all right, then you're going to comb underneath. Do one pass like that and then what you're going to do is you are going to start to turn to point the iron upwards like this, you can even go around this way, hold it for a few seconds and then let go and what you're doing is You'Re creating flips in the hair, which helps you get that tick-tocker type of hairstyle all right and then, after a while, you get used to doing this you'll be able to do it relatively quickly. You can even come under and do it one more time hold it and let it go all right. So what i've done is i've basically gone throughout the head, and i just created some flips down in through here right. The hair is very, very, very, very long. Okay, so you're only going to be able to get so much with this and there's really like no layers. So now the key to this is this part, so you bring the hair back and then you work it forward and then that's how you're going to get that. Look all right. Let'S spin this around this way, that's how you're going to get that flip is when you bring everything back, push it forward and then the hair is going to have its flips right. That'S how you're going to get that kind of more wild, uh tick! Tocker type of look, as you can see through here now also you can use the hairspray. If you want all right, you can work the hair back like this. You can spray it when the hair is back and then you're going to get those flips right throughout the front here. So the iron is a great alternative to uh to creating these types of looks and if you are in the need for something like this right. This type of hairstyle - i know it's wild and crazy, but this is a great alternative. All right, this mannequin hair itself is very, very dry. Very porous doesn't have a lot of layers to it. So it's not the easiest to achieve this type of look. It doesn't have the right haircut for it and to me personally, it's a little too long. I think for this style. But if you want to wear it, then here it is so these retail for seventy dollars, and here are the perks one. You get free shipping in the united states because it's over fifty dollars, that's the one perk and also, if you use code youtube20, please stop using that code. You guys are killing me. Youtube. 20 gets you 20 off, so this 70 dollars drops down quite a bit because you're saving uh yourself, but you know these were costly to make. I have to pay for the shipping doesn't come free in general, i have to pay for the shipping. So you know it's a good deal and i think you guys would be happy with this, because they're so easy to work with right. It doesn't dry out damage the hair, that's what i like about. It doesn't get so hot, where you're singing the hair all right. It'S kind of like the locked hairspray, it's like a light. Medium-Ish hold really really pliable great to work with same thing like this. It'S like when you're cutting hair and you have scissors that are too sharp, you're actually afraid afraid to work with them. The great thing about this iron - yes, it does get hot, be careful, but it's not one of those irons where it's like you touch it and your skin burns off. Okay, it's it's very easy to work with again, keep in mind. It is a hot tool. You can hurt yourself, but just be smart and let this thing after it's done turn it off, make sure you always turn it off. You turn off by holding the power button shuts off, and then you can lock it in place by pushing the button in and you're good to go. So thanks for watching and i'll see you soon,

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