Josh Richards Tiktok Hairstyle #Haircuts #Shorts

  • Posted on 13 November, 2022
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Bodywork, let's say on the side bro. What does this say? Your damn? Who cut you last bro, you bro dude. This is tough bro, I'm gon na get oh. This is how the in my Tick Tock Collins, be like my hair is so flat, and I imagine them with this. You got a whole ass flake over here boy, stop laughing like that. You got ta develop a new line. I mean I have multiple personalities. It depends who I'm hanging out with like I'm pretty comfortable with you, so you get the let the get the stop that now. Yeah

Fernando Yuno: Oh i thought u want a cut I want u to Braid brooo

BeingAwesomeIsAwesome: Dude is the most likeable person I've ever seen lol

I_love_sausage: I wanted braids

Carloscsbrera06: Keep the grind my man

shambles: I'm crying this is so underrated

Nela: If you don't know how to braid hit that follow button lessgooooooooo

jannie: he is fine fine

Geovanni Mata: what did he ask for ?

Eleanor Snedeker:

Dizmye: Ik he yo favorite client

Last white rabbit: Aaaaaaa yuhhh bro knows that cringy YouTube vide

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