Side Ponytail Hairstyle! #Shortsfeed #Shortsviral

  • Posted on 13 February, 2023
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How cute is this side ponytail? This ponytail hairstyle is great for special occasions, prom, work, school, etc.! Let me know if you try! #shorts #hairshorts #shortsviral

Let'S do an easy side pony grab a section of hair twist it around your finger pinch and Pull and then bring it around and bobby. Pin take a section beneath that twist and do the exact same thing: pull your hair into a ponytail. Do a Topsy Tail and then pinch and pull your twist for fullness split. Your ponytail into two tie. The top section create an opening pull the bottom through tie the top section, create an opening pull the bottom through. Do this all the way down pinch and pull for fullness, and you should have yourself a really beautiful ponytail. Let me know what you think of this one:

Martina Svobodová: This looks so cute! ❤️ I will try it tomorrow

Anna Tiernan: This is gorgeous! Love it!

Nellie Alexander: That is so nice and pretty.

Luella Ruhter: Love it❤

Eliza: beautiful so simple and easy ❤️

Marie Jankowski: Beautiful!!!

Arras10: How did I miss this post? Love it

Janae Trojan: I love this!! DO YOU FLIP THE TOPSY-TAIL IN OR OUT?

The Pup show: Have you ever tried the inversion hair growth method?

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