2022 Wash & Go With A Twist On Short Fine Thin Natural Grey Hair & Giveaway Winner!

2022 Wash & Go With a Twist on Short Fine Thin Natural Grey Hair & Giveaway Winner!

Decided to do the first Wash & Go for 2022! My short, fine, thin hair has really benefited from me leaving my hair alone with the Wigs I've been reviewing. Plus this past week has been really warm up to 75 degrees definitely warm enough for a Wash & go.


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What'S up, it's your girl, peter javon, and i'm back for another video. This is the first video of 20, 22, 20, 22, 8, 20, 22.. All right and i'm just excited um. I wanted to kind of do a first wash and go for the new year. The first 2022 wash and go um. I haven't really did a wash ago in about a year um. Unfortunately, i haven't did one on camera and i just wanted to kind of do a style with it. Um everyone who's started watching my channel because of my watch and go a couple a year ago. Thank you guys, um honestly, i have to say this. 2021 year was a blessed year. Um my husband could have been dead and gone. He was in a bad accident and he survived um. He had to learn how to walk he's, starting to walk now with the cane and so um. It was a lot that my family dealt with in the midst of this, and i am just so honored and blessed that we made it through um, and so one thing i can say like, as i think about the year um the comments that you guys left Have always been so nice and motivational, it really made me feel grateful like okay, you're, providing content and information and videos things that people want to see peop things that people are um interested in, and especially when i did the video about my hair, like i still Get comments to this day and i think i still get like you know several views per month on that video with people. Just saying, like you really speak to me, i have the same type of hair, i'm so glad to see you out there and i feel like i do bring a different element whatever that may mean to you, if it's you identify with my hair color with my Natural hair, my hair length, if you identify with my my body size and how are my clothes with the shoes that i wear with the bags that i carry um or just any type of video. I am not going to say this is a one type of channel um. I i encompass a lot of things, it's a lot that god has put within me, and so i can't just have a channel. That'S just focused in one little lane it just won't fit. Um with that being said, the past couple of months have been a blessing to me. I'Ve had a few vendors from amazon reach out to me and ask me to try their hair for free and do an amazon review, and i don't even know what i could have did they caught their attention but amen so um the past couple of months. I'Ve worn wigs i've gotten some crochet hair, mostly wigs, and this is what i figured out. You guys um side note um mary kay bella with those um amazon, wig try-ons. Oh my god. She is what i call a sanctified crackhead or a crackhead for jesus. I don't know, but she's killing me have y'all seen her videos like she's just too funny she's just so silly like definitely a good time watching her videos anyway. What i was trying to say is uh the wigs that i've been trying. It'S caused me to do something very monumental: leave my hair alone, meaning i'm not really styling it doing that much. I wash it every like, maybe once a week or every other week. I have left my hair alone with these wigs on, and i just feel like my hair is just so much fuller and healthier uh. If you see it at the big in a moment, i'ma show you how i did my hair. I just feel like it really improved the quality of my hair, so i would definitely advise any of you, ladies out there, especially if you have similar hair to mind where it's fine or thin gray, kind of short, try, a style or a wig, where you really Are not manipulating your hair much at all, um? What i normally do. I got four flat twists going back um after i wash my hair um. I take my sulfurate because i do need some grease in my scalp. My scalp needs oil. It gets itchy, it gets irritated, it gets dry mainly and so sulfurate works for me. So i will grease my scalp real good, rub it in real good to stimulate my scalp. Do my fourth flat twist going back and um one day i might wear my wig and do my edges because my edges don't get i'm gon na work on my edges every time i can okay and then, like maybe the next day, i don't feel like wearing My wig, or maybe i have to work that day i work from home and all i got to do is take my daughter to practice. I don't really have to pick her up because i got ta work all day. I'M not gon na. Do all that. So i might put a head wrap on or one day i got ta run to the store, but i don't feel like putting a wig on. I will put my cap on, but all of those different manipulations is not really touching. My hair, my hair, is still staying flat, twisted and anywhere from three to four days if it's agitated in any way shape or form i'll. Take like a bottle like i showed you guys. I normally have with some water and maybe added oils or moisturizer spritch. My hair rub it real good, maybe even put a little bit more sulfurate and flat twist it right back right back down and honestly, i think that's been really great for me, so i would definitely advise you guys to try something like that. If you're looking into hair growth, i decided to do a wash and go for 2022, but i did a twist to it. So i did like this little rubber band scenario. Hopefully, you guys can see it real good, but if you guys can kind of see, this is how my hair has been looking after a couple of months of just leaving it alone. Okay - and i honestly feel like it's healthier, it's fuller, it's less thin um! I'M honestly like whose hair is this so anyway, let's get started um. I did put a little moisturizer. I wash my hair um earlier this morning, so i'm just dampening my hair. Just a little bit and um, you guys, i just put on my hair water mixed with okay, because let me just say this: this is a good option for just putting mist on your hair, putting water on your hair um. It has really good oil and water mix, but when you run out, you can just put more water and oil in here and then i also put some of my pink kids easy comb, detangler y'all. When i tell you this makes your hair glide. I call it liquid gold, like it's really soothing to the curl, really relaxing to the curl. So if you need something like a detangler give this a try, okay, so got my hair kind of damp. I just got ta. Do my edges like it's a requirement. Let'S say of the lord okay, so i made this into a triangle, but i'm going now, i'm going to cross this one, that's on the left side over to the right and i'm going to put the rubber band on. I still want it to be kind of loose and y'all. I'M sorry from splitting um the last couple of years atlanta has been really warm um around christmas, like it's been in the 70s. I think it's a high of 75 today and when you combine that, with this hot bright light, it's kind of horrible for someone who's hot nature, but i'm pushing through it for you guys, you know it's called love. I honestly think i'm just gon na leave it like that. I don't want to do too much and i almost feel like you can't see it as good, but it's it's gon na be what it is. I'M gon na try to loosen these just a tad because, like i said and be a little tender headed okay, let's see do i still want to do both sides or just one side. Let'S do both sides, because i can't make up my mind: get a sip of water. This would probably be a little bit more defined if my hair was thick, but we loving what we got. Okay, we're not trying to create what we don't have we're just gon na love, what we have and create something for ourselves, i'm not worried about what i what it would be okay, so i got both sides done now took a little moment, but i'm done okay. So now, let's do this gel, so the uh gel that i'm using on this video is the eco style, professional, styling, gel coconut oil. I just wanted to try it. It seemed like it would be a little bit more moisturizing um. I didn't like the blue gel as much as the pink gel, but i just i don't know i just i'm curious to see if other gels do my hair differently, so i'm gon na clip some of this up and start from the back work. My way up, um, i would say my hair - is kind of like semi-dry, i i wouldn't even say it's damp anymore um. That'S what i'm saying like my hair dries fast, so i don't necessarily have to worry about washing, go um in the winter time that much as long as i have enough time to dry, i should be good um. I'M just gon na do more of kind of keeping everything together and i know it'll eventually separate, but my hair is thin, so i don't need to start separating no time so i want clumps, i just like juicy curls. So, let's get it do do do do i like it, so i decided i wanted to make one side deeper than the other, so i'm going to add some more just watch me real quick. So my hair is dry now and i'm gon na. Let you guys see how it looks. Here'S the finished product, okay, um, remember we're still dealing with short hair in a bag. But did you guys see the length from when i put the gel on my hair, like my hair, like it's amazing how natural hair does where it can really look longer when you're putting water or product on it versus when it dries up, and it draws up As it has right now, so oh i'm happy i'm really happy with the finished product. I think it's a cute look. This took me maybe about 20 minutes um to do as far as maybe 30 minutes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to do the size and to do the wash and go and um, maybe about an hour to two to to let my hair dry and i'm Ready to go, i don't have anywhere to go, but i got me a style and i really like it, so you guys make sure you comment below. If i didn't already tell you guys, i went ahead and signed up to be an amazon affiliate. If you go to my social media page and if you look on my channel, i am letting you know that i'm an amazon, affiliate and any purchases on amazon will um. You know i'll earn a small percentage um, but anyways. Let you guys. Let me know what you think again: it's your girl, keita javon, i'm so excited about this year and please believe what i say. I do pray that you, my social media and my youtube family, that you're safe your family's safe, that we are winning. We are growing. We are accomplishing this year greater and better um. We can do all things and we shall uh again. It'S your girl key to do fun. Make sure you hit that like button comment below subscribe and i'm out of here, alright peace out, so y'all thought i forgot, but i didn't forget: okay call bc. I think that's how you say her name. She won the wig okay, so i am gon na be getting with her and sending her this police wig. This cute thing this sleigh, please let me know when you get it man, let's, let's make sure it's it. You have a good time with it. Everything works out, um, i'm so happy to have this opportunity to do this. I think this is like my real official giveaway on my channel and um more to come. Okay and i'm speaking in existence that, by the end of this year, by the end of 2022, i will have a thousand subscribers. I will be monetized and i can and will women what they say and do no. I don't know how to say that, but anyway, thank you guys again for watching. Alright, we outta here

Phenomenal_Purseonality: I love @Mary K Bella channel too. Her SOTAs are hilarious. Congratulations to you. I pray for your success on YT. Definitely love the idea of not getting caught in the niche trap. It’s the biggest mistake I made when I started. Love the wash and go.


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