30 Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria With N50,000 In 2022

In this video I share 30 business ideas you can start in Nigeria today with N50,000 or less. The idea is to start small and then scale, all you need is determination and hardwork .


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Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel if you're a returning subscriber thank you for being here. If you're new here, please do not leave without subscribing to my channel. My name is eki. I am a business consultant. What i do is that i help aspiring and existing business owners start run and build profitable businesses in today's video. I'M going to be sharing with you guys taxi business ideas. You can start in nigeria with 50 000 or less. I get asked this question all the time, i'm just giving you guys this information for free i've done my research, and i can assure you that these businesses are businesses that once you start right, you're able to scale and then you grow and then you can make So much money from these businesses. If you want to learn all of these businesses ideas, i'm going to be sharing with you guys today then keep watching this video, i'm going to be looking down on my phone a lot, because i wrote down all the business ideas on my phone, so the first Business i'm going to be recommending to you guys is drink business, so you can start a drink business with 50, 000 or less in nigeria. Right now, when i mean drink business, i mean like smoothie zobo, making smoothies zubo cocktails, and then you package it very well and still so. One thing you need to know is that packaging is very important. The way you package your product to determine the kind of buyers you're going to get basically so get nice packaging bottles get nice stickers. You can get your bottles like this, really slim and transparent bottles for about one thousand era per dozen in lagos, island and lagos. I i learned you can get that bottle. You can get your stickers. I think you can print like 100 stickers for like four thousand here or there about and get your zobo or your fruit get your mixer. And then you you just it's actually very easy right. So you can start this business with 50 000 or less plantain chips, business um in the south, south nigeria. We call it bakery so plantain. Cheese business is one business that if you start it and you you're able to put proper marketing in place, your product is good you're, going to make lots of money from it. Have you guys seen the traffic these days, like practically people call plantain chips, um traffic? Snack? If you go on lagos road, you see the traffic on the road. There are different brands of plantain chips that you're selling on the root and all of them are making money. You can decide to stock your plantain chips and supermarkets malls. You know you can create your own social media page and then you sell on social media. What do you need frying pan, granules oil? You need a ceiling machine, a sealing machine. You can get these on jimmy for less than five thousand naira. You know buy your plantain if you want to get plantain at cheap and good prices. Uh mile 12 market is where you should be going to, or maybe owing the market. What? What do you need? Again? You need your stickers, you need your nylons, you know you can get your nylons from lagos, island market and everything that i've mentioned. You won't even spend up to twenty thousand error. You still have ten thousand error left for you to do your marketing and any other any other thing that you want to buy for your business. The next business is fashion business. When i mean fashion business, i mean like buying ready-made items, so you can buy like a bar made items, you can go to lagos island, you can buy about items, um dresses, cats tops for as low as two thousand. There are three thousand there and then you can sell phone and electronics accessories. Almost everybody in the world has a phone right now, and people are faced with having bad battery screen problem battery. What'S it called charger, you know usb cord phone case. You know people want to buy all of these things and people buy it every time. I know some people that change their phone case, um their phone pouch like every other month. Some people change their focus, their phone pouch to go together with their outfits. That'S how much you could buy this product go on. Aliexpress, go on alibaba, get these items for less than a dollar like really good prices, and then you sell you come and sell fashion designing and tailoring so um. This is actually a skill. So if you can start this business with 50, 000 or less, if you already have the skill, if you already know how to sue, you know, one thing i love about this business is that your customers can basically fund your business. Go to the market, buy fabric, buy trade, buy needle, buy, see you buy. All of those things make nice design. Wear it you're doing your marketing for yourself. Someone will see you and say: oh i love you. I love your outfit. Can you make it for me and then you say yes, how much is it you give them a price? That'S a business tattoo home, cooking and delivery. Mama'S chop i mean i personally have a food business and i can tell you for for sure that i make so much money from this business and starting from my house, i started cooking it in my house. I was cooking in my kitchen by myself alone. Before i like skilled and then i got like it's a kitchen where i presently cook from and then i have and people that work for me, but trust me, you get to make so much money. So like this business, if you're cooking from your house, you already have pots, you have all those ingredients. Okay, maybe what you need to do is to buy like the ingredients that you need to to cook, and then you can get this ingredient for ten thousand hour or less whatever. It is that you're cooking fish rice. If it's soup stew go to a very good market. If you're in lagos mount off market or ingo market, they sell food stuff at really costly, cheap prices, you know buy, and then you cook just make sure your food tastes. Good package, it very well - and then you sell next business i have here - is small shops, business, so small chops, um, um business is one business. You can start in nigeria right now, if it's an hour or less, and we have events every day. People are doing wanting to do that. What do you have in your small child's pack and samosa happy spring roll puff puff the one that is made with plantain, and then you have chicken or you have giza doing it? You can start. What do you need to start this business? Your ingredients, basically, like i said earlier, go to a very good market. Buy your chicken buy a flow, buy your the things that you need to put inside the samosa and all those things you can get all of these things. For less than ten thousand there get your stickers, get your packs and then start selling start selling. What'S more important um about these ideas is that you can actually start small and then you scale, and then you you, the more you still the more you're able to save up and then your skill and then you grow bigger. As far as your customer service is good, you have structure in place in your business. Your business will definitely grow. People will chop like people will always buy small online coaching, the money you can make from actually teaching people. What you know i personally have made so much money from my consulting business, and i know that so many people out there also are making so much money from teaching people what they already know. Search within you, you have a skill that is sellable. You have a skill that i'm sure that sometimes people come and ask me: how do you do this? How do you do this package it into a product and sell it coach people on how to do it? You get to make so much money from it. Just make sure that you give value for if you're again, if you're telling someone you can teach them, this thing make sure you teach them and you teach them well. The next business is cleaning services, so so many people are busy. These days i mean life happens. People are working, you know, so they need people to actually clean their spaces. They need people to clean their homes, their their offices. You can start this business comfortably with no no stress you can start with 50 000 or less. What do you need? Your cleaning? Um equipment, your detergent bucket mop, you know brew and then maybe flyers that you want to post in different places to inform people about your product, and then you just need your first client do a good job for them to refer you next business is true clothing. So i personally have done this business. I know you're going to be saying, ah aki, i'm doing so many business. Yes, i have done this business. What did i do? Drink clothing basically means aprica. Let'S drift is only nicer way to put it, but it basically means. Okay, still let go people don't have the energy to bend down and select these things right. You can go to yaba, go to the market, that's close to your house or you. You can even go to buy that grocer. You get these items. Select nice ones right packages very well, you can sell online, can sell on instagram and sell on facebook. I will make crazy websites and start selling your thrift clothing. Then i'll call it chips, clothing. What is okay, fifty thousand naira cannot get you a bill of awkward, but you can go to the market and then you select you mix you spy from here. Buy from me. Select really nice neat ones. Take the pictures, upload online and start selling trip business is one business that is making wave in nigeria. You know nigerians like cheap teams right. This business is fruit, business, food, business, everybody's eating fruits, now everybody's doing their feet, farm everybody is doing trying to boost their immune. You know so food business. In the last couple of years i mean especially since kovid arrived, as has grown, like people like to eat food these days, so food fruit business is one business. You can start in nigeria with 50 000 or less. What do you need to start this business um? If you're in lagos, the best place to get food at really good prices is owing to markets, go to one market very early in the morning, you get people that sell orange pineapple watermelon packages clean it and then start selling. It'S just that easy. This business is best sheets, production and sale. This is one very good business that so many people are not so aware of, but trust me people. I know i have someone that does. I have a friend that sells best sheets and she makes so much money. You need to go to to get good fabrics, go to lagos, island or you go to ocean d, or if you are hearing, if your opportunity to go to a ba about markets, buy really nice fabrics. The good thing about this business is that there are people in the market that are so the best for you. You know like there are tailors in the market that will show the best for you. A cheap price is five hundred ninety dollars. So it's total cost of like making a bushes in the market can be like 3000. You can sell it for 10 000 era, you're, making cool money, jewelry business, jewelry business is a business that will always be here. People will always be enjoying you can buy jewelry as low as 300. 500. Now 700. 800. Like really really nice drawers, let me enjoy. I mean ear rings, bungles necklace, bracelets, anklets broach you know you can get all of these things for 1000 or less, and then you can still. Nobody can put you on your selling price, for you just put it still and bit money if you're looking for a place to get like really cheap and affordable jewelries, if you're in lagos lagos island market that you do not aside, if you're there for when you Go to the market like they'll start calling jewelry they'll be showing you you want, they will take you inside the markets where the wholesalers are and then you're going to select and the more you buy the more discount they can, because they are willing to offer you Make sure that you put some branding some marketing and have amazing customer service, and then you will sell. You will come back and thank me, in fact, i want to see your comments on this video saying eki. Thank you so much for these business ideas that you're sharing right now, because i know that you're going to make money from it it's x supply this one is one business that is hidden people, don't even know that there's money attached, there's so much money. You can make so much money in this business egg supply, hey everything i mean from making from bread to cake to to chinchin. All of this to even you eating your fried egg in your house, like the consumption of egg, there's a market for it. What you? What i'll just advise is that you make sure that you are you're getting your eggs from like from those poultry that will offer you good prices so that you can like see money from the business. Basically, if you can get your eggs at good prices, you're able to sell well and then you can get good money for it. The next business is boxage. Production people will always buy boxes and guess what the cost of producing one process is even less than eight thousand error. So i have your thumbnail go to lagos island market in the market. There you see people that would that would sue it for you or, if you can't just go to a bar market right obamacare is like the best place. All these boxers are asking. Why do you think they're producing it from it's about made now they're pretty from albany bringing it here all you need to do put some branding marketing um in this business, and then you get to make good money next business is shot production. This one is a sweet business, just go to nicos island tinubu go to tom jones. It'S a really nice fabric. You get tellers that as well, so it's for you because you can get fabric and then sew for, like 2 000 to 5. Like i mean fabric and sewing put your label on it, your shirts, all these bankers and cook got a market to them. You can sell to these people package package, it will start selling cake and confectionary business. This is one business that will always be in existence. Why people will always buy cake people always buy pastries? Cakes are always used for events to celebrate bad days, weddings um, you know all of these things and people are always at the britain. So if you already have this cue, if you know how to make cake already, this is one business that you can actually start with. If it's thousand area or less get it to combo mixer, get your flour, get your eggs, get all the ingredients that you need to start baking then start baking and selling. You can even sell. You can even bake like small um cupcakes, and then you start selling in schools. You can make chinchin uh meats part. I know i start selling in schools or you start applying supermarket and cool. You know like these are business. It'S a marketing strategy and business ideas. I'M giving to you for free just like that, just like that, because i'm so nice yeah, so the next business is popcorn production and sale. What do you need? You need your fried pan. You need your corn, you need sugar, go to mile 12 market or you go to ombu market. You will see people that are selling bags of corn for really really really cheap prices, start selling package and start selling. If you have opportunity to have like a space on the main road, just put your stand there one thing about popcorn business, then popcorn itself will invite people like this. The aroma of the popcorn will do the marketing for you. Next business is slippers and bags clippers and bags. This is one business that you can start right now go to the salon market or go to a bar market. Buy this slipper. Some of them have go for as low as eight hundred now one two one five. If you buy something from one five, you can comfortably study for two five or three thousand, and you know, depending on how much you want to see how much and markup you want to put on it. There are bags of one five of two thousand of three thousand there go to our bar market. You will see them there. You go to lego salon market, you see this bag printing business, i'm sure you're, watching this video you're saying how are you, how is it possible to start printing business with 50 000? Yes, you can actually start printing business with 50, 000 or less. What do you need to do? Get the printing job go to shomolu or motion if you're in lagos? This is where this is the printing headquarters and it goes go to shumulu or you go to mushing. Once you get this printing job, for example, you get a contract to print on bags. Souvenir bags buy the bags go to machine. There are printers. There are machines, there are people that have all of this machine print. Carry your your product, deliver to the customer. Does the customer know if you have printing machine your your shop? No, as far as you deliver on what you say, you're going to deliver the customer is completely fine, so you can start by start your printing business like this and then, as you grow as you make money, then you cannot buy your own printing machine. So the idea about this business and these business ideas i'm sharing with you today - is that you start small and then save up money. You skill you grow and then you grow there's no limits to how much you can actually grow your business, but don't limit yourself by saying: oh, i don't have three hundred thousand. I don't have one millionaire to start a business start with what you have. As you start, you make mistake, you learn, you learn, you learn and that's how you begin to grow your business. So many so many successful business owners today that you see that they have great brands. They started small female underwear and lingerie you're familiar you see. What can you do? They are wearing pants butter, you're wearing bra brazilian, they are wearing tights. You know like this is just to show you that there's demand for for this. For these items, all you need is take down. Your money go to lagos, island market go and select better ones package, it sell it. Everything is packaging. These days, though, and then being able to like market your product to the right people, we wouldn't need your product right. Take out of that money, let's say, for example, you take ten thousand out of your food and buy this product buy nylons print on them package. It take your pictures with your phone upload it online and then now so businesses start so people start to buy. Oh, i want this. I want that. I want this, you know like you, can you can do this and then you can even mis mix this um underwear and lingerie business with 1990 business like nine to away so you can add 92 to to it. You know like buy night to wear because people that buy pants and also actually just add so nice way by nightwing, and then you start saying: sweet business bidding and stunning, so this business has really grown in the past years, because people are now attracted. People now want to shine people like being blingy right, so people want to be beating their ankara even normal crap, normal dresses. People are bidding people and and feeding you know. People are really paying attention to detail of their clothes these days. So beading and stoning is one business that you can start comfortably from your home um. I have a fashion business and i have bidders that i work with. I know how much they collect lace and cara. I know how much you call it's beautiful for me. So yeah it's a very sweet business. You can start and you can actually start small there's this like really small beading machine and maybe the stunning equipment you can get on gmail. I think it costs about six thousand here or there about actually less than ten thousand. You can start with that one, and then you get your stones and then you start to beat you tell people. Oh i be do i still know, use your mouth market, your product, put your product bid on something snap post on your social media, page on whatsapp people start to contact you and then that's how your business will just start growing and if you don't know how To bid go on youtube check for how to stone how to beat like you can actually learn some of these skills for free learn it then you start cashing out the next business idea is tutorial classes. I mean people are paying so much right now for people to for people to teach their children or teach them how to do this. How to do that? You know, like sometimes you'll, be surprised that the things that you know that people don't know if you know how to teach if you know mars, very well enroll, let people employ you to teach your children how to how to solve mathematics, funding and customization. So yeah you can actually customize um different things, ranging from t-shirts, um jessie's i mean football. Fanatics will always buy jesse's, you know, so you can get jesse's and then customize your name at the back of it. And then you start to make money from you can sell these customized branded items and then you make money, you can even customize mugs. You know, like people even wear cool t-shirts. Now at these you can see the t-shirts i'm wearing right now, um written body, the profitable business beauty. This was customized. I mean i just someone that sells. I said i want to put this on it. This is this person's business. You know right and then i was able to get so you can you. Can people can customize anything on shed? What do you need to start this business for t-shirt business like this go to shinobu yeah? If you go to tindenburg lagos, i, like you, can get t-shirt for as low as 1-5. The printing they are, they put their print on it their day. You can print on this shirt for 500 naira, that's 2000 and then you can completely sell for six thousand. Seven thousand years and that's a business tattoo home studies, um bubba and hairstylist - probably 19, hitting everybody like this people, don't even like to go to baby talent. People don't like to go to sally again. I personally i i usually drag my feet when it comes to going to the salon, so i have someone that comes to my house to make my hair comfortable. I pay her money, she makes my hand then she goes yes, they're also home service bubbles as well. If you're, if you're a baba and you're thinking of starting this business, of course you need to have this skill um you need to have the skill i mean you need to know how to burp hay. You need to know how to make hair. So all you need is about starting the business, that's your clippers! You can get chip clippers for 10, 000 or less on junior um. You can also get if your hairstyle is your comb. You get your hand dryer. You know straight now. You can get all of these items actually for for 20, 000 or less, and then you start you start to make money digital marketing. Nowadays every business has an online presence right. So everybody right now is online, so there's so much demand for digital marketers. People want to market their product. People are looking for smarter ways to put their products in the eyes of their prospective audience, and that is where you, as a digital marketer comes in. For you to be able to successfully start this business, you need to know, i mean you need to have this skill. You have to have this skill to actually market people's product digitally. So you can go on udemy. Take up courses, you can go on youtube. Look for courses on how to successfully be a digital marketer and they start marketing for brands. All you need to start this business is maybe a laptop or your phone, but basically you, actually. You can start with your phone and most people right now. As far as your phone has whatsapp has, and you are able to do instagram you can - you can be a digital marketer, because that make a different brand. The next business is hair accessories and extensions, so hair accessories, like um hairband, hair clip you know and then hair extensions, especially like natural hair extensions. They really really in these days, like they're, in trend people like to have like natural hair extensions attached to their own hair. You can get all of these items for 5000 hours in lego salon market and then you start selling dry, cleaning business, so dry cleaning. You know people are busy these days, there's so many people that don't wash their clothes. What do you need to start this business? All you need is detergents. Of course you need your motivation. You can actually start by washing with your hands and then iron. You need iron, of course, once your business grow, you can buy, um save up money and then you buy like washing machine. You don't need anything. You just need zero. You need to have use your money to buy detergent bleach and then maybe those nylons that you use to pack dry, clean clothes and then hangers. And then you start, you start you start making money very last. Business idea guys reinvest your seed capital into an existing business. Let'S be very, very honest with ourselves: there's some people that cannot be business owners. They don't have the head for it. They don't have the energy. They just cannot run a business if you're among that category. What you can do is your 50 000 error, invest it into an existing business or even like get a partner any of these business ideas. I'Ve already mentioned take that your 50 000 invested into the business. What you can then do is be a selling partner or you watch as a business grow. You can support by trying to market, to drag people to the business and they will just be paying you your returns on investment jj. You can have an agreement with this business owner, say: oh every week, be paying me 5 000 you'll, be in your house, and you'll be getting 5000 from your business, the money that you already invested into that business. The truth is that there's so much you can do with little little. You don't have to start a business with one millionaire. You can, if you have one millionaire to start fine, but if you don't have you have 50 000? I have given you 30 business ideas that you can start today with 50 000 error or less. What you need is determination and then hard work. You determine that. Oh, i'm going to make sure that my business works start small and then you scale and then you grow. These are the 30 business ideas you can start in nigeria today with fifty thousand area or less. I hope that you've enjoyed watching this video. If you did, please do not forget to give this video a thumbs up, um leave comment down below. Let me know, are you going to be trying and trying any of these business ideas out and subscribe to my youtube channel um? I need all the encouragement, because this is the only way i can keep giving you guys these kind of informative content right. So thank you for watching my video. Thank you. Thank you. So much and i'll see you guys in my next video

Love Ebeigbe: This was very informative and lots of ideas to put together. Thanks for sharing Eki❤️

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