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  • Posted on 16 February, 2021
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Joseph’s Wigs proudly stock the ­­finest collection of human hair wigs from the Gisela Mayer ladies’ wigs collection featuring silky smooth wigs for stunningly natural looking hair. If you’re in need of a wig that’s extremely high quality, made with breathable materials and has strong elements of chic and class then the Gisela Mayer wig collection is for you. From shorter classic bob styles to longer layered looks available in a range of desirable shades and cuts, this expertly designed collection features a number of uniquely sculpted wigs perfect for every occasion.

Gisela Mayer Hair Collection

Gisela Mayer Wigs were founded in the 1960s and are renowned for their trendy wig styles and shades, and for continually innovating, designing and trialling new products. Different from any other brand, Gisela Mayer intertwine originality with versatility, chic and couture resulting in a series of highly popular wig collections made using state of the art technologies and expertise.

Popular Gisela Mayer Human Hair Wigs

EveryGisela Mayer wig is unique and exclusive to the brand. With any Gisela Mayerwig you can ensure the highest of specification, excellent quality, style andcomfort. However, to you make your selection a little easier, we’ve highlightedbest-selling Gisela Mayer wigs at Joseph’s Wigs. Discover the different styles andunique looks these stunning human hair wigs have to offer.

Prime Page Lace Human Hair Wig

Made using the finest quality Remy Hair available, this gorgeous shoulder length wig totally epitomises natural hair growth offering an appealing shine and the illusion of human hair. The comfortable monofilament top cap construction allows for a versatile parting along with a soft lace front for an invisible hair line. The Prime Page Lace Human Hair Wig is extremely lightweight perfect for those with sensitive scalps, a stunning, classy choice all round from Gisela Mayer.

Long Page Human Hair Wig

The Long Page Human Hair by Gisela Mayer screams couture and comfort adopting the natural life like appearance of your scalp and skin tone. Its shine and quality give the illusion of natural human hair; each human hair strand has been carefully and individually hand-tied to the monofilament top creating a true-to-life, beautiful look. With Gisela Mayer’s range you can only ensure the best quality wig materials; this wig is made with high quality breathable fabrics selected for their softness and comfort.

Debbie Human Hair Wig

The Debbie Human Hair Wig by Gisela Mayer looks and feels just like your own hair. Made of the highest quality materials, this gorgeous natural looking wig shines with grace and glamour. This is a longer wig however extremely lightweight and sits softly on the skin. It’s made with a monofilament top constriction which gives the illusion of natural hair with a realistic looking hair growth in the scalp area due to the full lace front creating an undetectable finish.

Why Choose Joseph’s Wigs for Your Gisela Mayer Wig

Our selection of Gisela Mayer wigs fulfils the needs of each and every one of our wig wearing customers as the range offers versatility, flexible styling ability, quality and class. The Joseph’s Wigs range incorporates all kinds of wigs from long layered styles to pixie cuts to just off the shoulder wigs in a range of competitive colours and shades. Whether you’re in need of a wig whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer or suffering from alopecia or you simply want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the Gisela Mayer collection is all you need.

Shop the Gisela Mayer Human Hair Collection at Joseph’s Wigs

Browse our collection of stunning human hair wigs from Gisella Mayer and find the perfect wig for you. If you’re looking to browse wigs from other leading wig designers including Ellen Wille, Raquel Welch and Rene of Paris, discover our broad range of human hair wigs.

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