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Look ma we're not done motion baby is what do you mean? I bet part of looking a mihrab right now. It'S gon na be like making one smashing all the baby hair. What'S up what about me what's going on guys, it should go easy, breezy and we're back with another hair sponsor. Thank you. So much RPG they've sent me this 360 deep wave lace front wig. Also it is a 180 density. So it's pretty fool. You guys modeling. Today we have your favorite girl, Lexi now as y'all see from the title of the video, this was actually the video from hell. Okay, so right now it's January 30th. It'S my birthday and y'all know: Lexi is my birthday twin, so it's her birthday too, but she's going through a lot and she had a bad day. And now I'm trying to do her favorite inches, get her hair done real quick, but she hates it so before we get into the drama I want to. Let you guys know that she chose the wig, because it's super soft really thick and the hair was not tangled or shedding, and I don't want to discredit the company or the quality of the wig at all, but honey. Listen. I guess y'all gon na have to see for yourselves. Okay, I'm in love. Cute little kilo 16 inch looking curlicue mmm. Now I'm bringing the curling bomb something I was pissed yeah, Oh cute, my sister loved it I hated it. I only hated it. Oh, like hating, you got I'm doing where to makeup. Is I guess up here, cuz, that's gon na make my forehead too small got you look good just now, but that's not where I thought I was gon na put it that's. Why I'd be like? Oh her hairline receding. Cuz, you put the prompter down bar I'll, be like no [ __ ] my photo disappear, so you guys the lace glue that I'm using is a liquid lace glue from galaxy girl, hair calm. That is the only glue that I use. Don'T make sure I go ahead and check that out right now I am so dead. I just can't live well. I just came glad I'm gon na be and then just make it my hands, because it's already zoomed in on my things like my hands, don't even be this big. This is like. I got nothing but brain okay. I do like what this is or does it you know? Oh you want me just cut it. So what I think the problem is is Lexi hasn't been to me in about, like six months, she's been going to a new stylist recently, so I think the way I cut the shape of her hairline is way different from him and she's just not used to The way I'm doing it once I was kind of figure out girl lexi is the only person in the world that can make me feel like. I don't know how to do. [ __, ], okay. I still need to go to work and feel like I looked like something not curly soon conditioner. I don't even know why I'm talking right now, because she's not convinced, so I can't work my stylist magic on her. This is why I come. This thing looks crazy that that I remember my mom told me that she's trying to put me acting and they loves me, but they didn't love the fact that I'm I wouldn't do nothing, and they said this. I don't like it I'd be like I'm. I'M a son of there's Aquarius and I think my Venus is a tourist look ma we're not done most of it is. Will you mean I bet if I can look in the mirror right now, it's gon na be like making one smashing all the baby hair. What'S: okay, what about me so [ __ ] bright with the hail! You want me a bad [, __ ]! Do you hear me you're not going to let a couple inches ruin your birthday, I'm not gon na. Let it I'm not! I was a host a [ __ ], but I'm not so you have to feel my wrath, but it's just like. Let me tell you our son right here right now: okay, it takes a special type of stylist. You know what it takes a special type of person, but not to setup that by the videos you guys my liking - I don't I I didn't say like the quality of the hair is mad, I'm just fine. It'S too short number one number two my face is five squared I feel like salt, like I haven't, jumped like you know, like structure to my face sauce, the light when something makes my Haley Brown. I don't like, because I hated some round. Okay, now, okay, it's getting better and you will be bad [, __, ], curly, [, __ ] tonight, and that's what I'll be rocking. I don't know how I feel about it, those don't and if you have enough for one day I'll, be fine with that. But if you take it out tonight, I won't be fine with that. I just think it'd be the curly that I cannot get. It happened the last time we did the curling I suggested I sell fast and my sister was in lovely, I'm say: hello. Listen. She bother me a little too high. They go. They can't wait to talk. Watch, they're, gon na, say the same sign on sending the video want to comment, whatever you think and take they're going to a group. They are, you know what you actually bring, because everybody think I'm cute anything. So you guys despite Lexi, I'm gon na, say myself that I've worked with RPG hair before and to me they are a reputable company and, as you can see, the hair looks great. So if you guys want this exactly unit, I'm gon na put all the information below and if you're not subscribed to my channel already make sure you go ahead and do that and turn on your notifications see you later. You

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Shelbee Marie: Questions.... 1. Is it longer than her natural length? Yes 2. Is it a different grade than her natural hair? Yes 3. Was it free for her to try? Yes 4. Was she ungrateful? YES

Bee: This is an insecurity issue. She won't like anything different until she learns to love herself. The hair looks bomb.

Munachi: Regardless of how close y’all are she forreal has a stank attitude. There’s no reason to have you feeling like you can’t do your job. I love all your install videos

China: No matter how bad of a day someone is having.. you shouldn’t treat anyone like this. Especially if your doing a service for them. How you put up with her attitude

Maxine2: Your transparency is so pure and loving. Your girl was just dissapointed with everything. It wasn't JUST the hair. You could see the tension in her eyes when she sat in the chair. Just sage everything and keep moving.

💅🏽Pressed By A Savage Press On Nails: Sis, if "she's the only person in the world that makes you feel like you cant do ish" then you need to leave her right where you found her. That's not a friend...RS

Constance Connie: Dam she is so negative. She was acting up before you even secured the wig. She them type of girls that will kill the vibe just because.

Kiara Whiteside: She’s your friend , she doesn’t go to you anymore , and you STILL used her as a model and got free hair ... I NEED NEW FRIENDS

Kaylin Snyder: Oh no no no girl. Id give anything to get my hair done by you , and the fact that someone does have that opportunity and acts like that is just wrong. She could have waited for you to get done and do her own little thing to it to make it hers, whatever but to act like that im glad your healing up good❤

uhm sure: she said the comment section gon agree wit her NObody is agreeing wit her. i felt extremely bad for breezie for putting up wit her ungrateful self

Erykah SG: I think that she felt comfortable complaining to you because you're her friend, otherwise she could have just talked crap behind your back. Even if lace is described as pre-plucked, sometimes you have to pluck it to look like a human hairline. Also the lace wasn't tinted with tint or makeup to blend with her skin. It was doomed from the beginning. She kept complaining because it wasn't getting better it kept looking... bad

BRITTANYCHER: I pray she is not your friend anymore. CUT HER OFF. she’s awful

Erica Love Love: I think the problem was the lace didn’t blend with her skin tone. Other than that? It looked really good. ‍♀️

Mulanni: You were being so positive....and professional. I would let her get out my chair or let it be the last time I do her hair. Negativity can really make stylist mess up etc. And her energy was too loud. You did a fye ass install

Easy Breezie: FYI: NO..this was NOT a prank. I wasn’t even going to post this but when I went through the footage..I had a healthy sense of humor. (Lexi took the wig off RIGHT after this video BTW)

Its ENadia: Honestly, she is really pretty and the hair is cute on her. Her attitude is just bad.

Kayla: That wig is super cute! Don’t worry about that “friend” opinion. It’s cute and the baby hair really put it together

Kaysia Bennett: She made my head hurt no lie. The hair was real pretty. She wanted a whole new girl.

The Makeup Muva: A “Friend” that has been going to another stylist for 6 months...This video reminded me of why I stopped doing hair She wanted a free LONG wig .

Faith ;D: Honestly you are one special person. The fact that you were able to tolerate her attitude and didn't kick her out is a symbol of your strength. Ungrateful as hell, she got it for free and it turned out amazing and she was STILL giving you a hard time. Sometimes people just don't know when to keep their mouths shut.

Audii Nalls: You did an amazing job & kept it extremely professional.. I watch your videos all the time & honestly if she’s not happy with how you do hair & prefers the other stylist then that’s who she should continue to go to.. watching her completely disown everything you did made me feel a kind of way.. I can understand if she’s having a bad day but that doesn’t give her the right to make you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing when you are amazing at you work..

Carter Alya: why did she pick that wig if she doesn’t like curly hair on herself......

Natalia Campbell: You’re a great stylist, don’t ever let her make you feel like you can’t do anything. She just has a horrible attitude...she needs adjusting.

xaniah: did she really try to blame her attitude on zodiac signs

KaeMill.x: Friends like that will shatter your dreams if you let them smh. She’s so pretty but that attitude and those insecurities are shining more than her highlight. Chileee

Jaidi Daily: her delivery could use some work, but if she don’t like she don’t like it. she knows what she likes. as for the stylist great job girl!!!

Tiff Tha Gift: I have a client like this. I tell them about law attraction. You have to be positive and if you don’t like it after I’m done doing my magic then tell me. I can’t stand complaining from the beginning to end. Its your friend so I get she feels more Comfortable to tell you what she don’t like, but the more you down what your stylist is doing it lowers our confidence and your hair will not be our best work.

Verxace Mami: The hair is cute af but shorty ain’t even cute like tht and she needs to be worrying about her eyebrows being a mess and not the hair . Mad unappreciative and a negative Nancy ‍♀️I hope that vibe killer ain’t ya friend no more don’t do her no more favors

BringPeaceToAll: I loved this raw footage. I know you guys are good friends. However, I like that you showed that no matter how good you are everybody doesn't like your work. There is always room for growth. Whether it's patience or improving your craft. Everybody doesn't show this. This was brave of you. ❤

Tamia Smith: You can be upset about your hair not being right, but come correct. Ain’t no need for attitude. I woulda ripped the wig off her head ‍♀️ friend or not.

Mieishea: Even if she didn’t like it, it’s common decency to not act how she acting. Ima just call y’all bluff And say this gotta be a skit.

D y ‘ M o n C a s h: This was a PERFECT install. I don’t see anything wrong. And the fact that you handled it so well. What is your sign? We need more people like you in the world.

C S: Oh... so I was wondering where Lexie went. I hope she was just having a bad day and this isn’t how she usually is with you. I’ve had clients like this too, and I just hope she appreciates everything you do. You handled this so well and that deserves to be recognized.

Ms Palmer: Omg she's so tough on herself. I understand her feelings. It's disappointing to want a certain look , especially for your bday, and things dont go as expected. Girl you got this, just be positive.

alanna shanice: Mannn I hope she paid and tipped. Shoot I bet half your subscribers would kill for you to do their hair. You're amazing at what you do and from this video I can see your work ethic and customer service is too, keep doing what you do girl.❤️

NadiaOnDaBeat: If you're looking out for her she shouldn't complain period ‍♀️

vannah j: You’re better than me because my “friend” would’ve gotten some choice words acting like that. She should be embarrassed. Whether that’s how y’all play around or not, this is childish and makes her look so ungrateful.

Amber Sheffield: Awww it looked so nice but I understand if she doesn’t like it, then she doesn’t like it. From watching the previous videos and this video, you can tell that they have a close relationship and that Lexi meant no harm

Briana LaShawn: I was really waiting for her to bust out laughing at some point. You’re a good one, bc she could’ve gotten dismissed. Friend or not. She’s seen your work, she’s gone to you before. Nobody wants to hear all of that. You did a great job.

msdfw4l: She would’ve lost a friend after this video. Whether she was satisfied or not she could’ve held you down and played the role as your “friend”. You did an amazing job!

lily larowe: it came out so nice !! & you handled this whole situation with a professional manner ❤️


Dj: If she hated the last “short” curly wig she got why would she get another (which I don’t even think is that short)

Beautiful YAS: I appreciate this video.. this is just the real of what stylists go through. When it gets like this I just end up recommending a different stylist for the client to go to. Some clients just come super picky & ready to kill vibes. Smh

Aissatou Diallo: Being a very picky (choose-y) person when it comes to things like my hair, nails, face products etc. I know when to be quiet it actually came out cuter than I anticipated as well. But she threw off my mood just watching it ‍♀️

sugarandspice: I recently dropped a "friend" like that. That will drain the hell of you if you don't dispose of them.

Keeping Up With Kira: Exactly why I don’t let my clients look while I’m doing their hair

Essence Aquarius: You just gotta let the stylist do their thing or just don't go to them. You did a great job with the hair and handling the client's attitude.

heykatlin: There’s nothing cute or funny about this. She’s acting like a 6 year old. The fact you sit there and let her act like that is weird to me. Immature and no home training. Imagine her at a restaurant. Embarrassing.

Dija doll: I really feel you right now because the same thing happened to me before and as makeup artist that was my worst nightmare it made me question my skills like what am I doing wrong but you handled it professionally and to me the hair looks nice

Veronikasalvy18: The fact that someone has the opportunity to get their hair done from YOU, should be appreciated first of all. I would’ve LOVED to get my hair slayed by you ‍♀️

Bri Kay: I just found your channel and I love it! I enjoy watching you slay hair while listening to your story times. She was a piece of work!

Nita G: I cannot!! She was mean mugging the screen the whole entire time. You a true stylist for having so much patience with this one.

Amanda Parfait: She's blessed to have a friend like you. I hope she doesn't take it for granted. Great work Queen

Natalie: Friend or not. I’d be bothered if my “friend” would’ve done all that complaining. Too negative.

Tamia Murphy: I was recommended this video and the install looked amazing, you seem like a very sweet person just like the girl who styles my hair. Don’t worry about this client I can tell you have so much talent keep doing you girl

Onika Janae: Your attitude is amazing. Staying calm throughout a tough client is always key!! New sub definitely!

Elizabeth Fairley: Well when you have an extremely insecure person for a client they’re not going to going to like anything while they’re looking at themselves. You gotta go extra hard to make them look like something they like. We don’t really know why she’s so insecure and showing poor behavior. None of us knows what she really looks like underneath all of that makeup and false eyelashes. Anyways, you did an absolutely amazing job as usual every time and you remained calm and professional. Love your videos.

Tee Goddess Channel: She was being negative. You slayed that wig and handled her very professionally. Cause I would’ve snatched the wig off & told her to get out of my chair ‼️

DiThoughtsOfAngeL: This wig look was absolutely amazing, breezie babes keep doing your thing, and tbh your client came back more than once so am sure she was just having a bad day that day ... your work is amazing keep at it gurl ❤️

Ms.BabyTV: I’m surprised she didn’t complain about them eyebrows

Mp Griffin: You deserve the name easy breezie. Your chill vibe through this entire process was on 10.

Jessica Robinson: I have never worn a wig but that install got me wanting to! Great work!!!

Maurshae Davis: This came out really really pretty and I usually don’t like the curly lace front look. Plus it went really well with her face Great Job

Sasha Akibia': You did a wonderful job.. I go through it all the time so glad you posted this because they be feeling like their wig supposed to look like it looks on Instagram with a ring light shining on them all day!!

EastCoastCitySlicker: I’m in beauty school (Esthetician) right now, one of our assignments was to videotape/record audio of what our response would be to a client who “always” complains

MaiaDaPlug: if she wanted a better install she should’ve came with better eyebrows.

aisha Batista: In her defense I’ve met her before she’s a real nice girl I actually did her hair once. And as a fellow Aquarius I know how important our birthdays are to us. So I could only imagine what was going through her head especially when you don’t like something.

Disn3yNia: How ungrateful of her, it came out lovely I wish I had a friend who would come through for me like that on my birthday you did an amazing job you’re a good friend ❤️

Joi Robb: You got the PATIENCE! When someone like that comes in and tries it I completely go into protecting my energy mode!

keyavi walker: The fact that she’s honest says a lot , it’s not a lot of people that’s gone set in the chair and tell you that they don’t like they hair while you doing it ( she’s comfortable with telling you the truth instead of leaving the chair n talk mad sh*t about her hair ).....

Baby Cakes: She’s ungrateful I would be grateful for a stylist like you ! ❤️

Zahrv 1.0: Complaining about a free wig & how the lace not blende- that's her fault for coming in with a full beat

Karka Rahming: I guess every stylist have clients like this .. I be praying and slaying at the same time. LET ME FINISH IT FIRST!!!

smartmouth0229: I love the way the stylist is still being positive is though the client is being a brat. Either way Happy Birthday Ladies

Blessed Favor: Oh wow she is very insecure.... You did a great job and really had a great spirit.She is the reason I stopped doing other people’s hair .

Gabrielle Nicole: First you’re amazing , second anyone who sits in your chair should be grateful to receive your services third she needs to go she was so distasteful. Wasting your time and ENERGY! You were so positive the entire time. I need your balance In life because I would of LOST IT. Keep being beautiful and blessing these heads!!! Black queens will always prosper !! Be blessed

K3YThatsMe: Her bad attitude just ruins her completely

No Cap: Listen, I didn’t like the lace at all, it looked unnatural and mis-shaped BUT there is a way to say things, and your clients attitude is NASTY, and the fact that she is letting “a bad day” carry over into other facets of her life shows a lack of self control on her end and shows just how petty and how much she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I would have stopped midway through and told her to leave, how do you complain the whole way through something? Like bitch what, I can’t stand people like that.

Shanice Alize: Yeah you’re bomb. Your work is bomb and everything about this “ friend” screams a nasty person. There’s MANY ways to voice you don’t like something WITHOUT discouraging or discrediting a friend. I hope you see that despite history with WHOM EVER!!

raesheona pleasant: This is exactly why I tell my mom I won’t go to hair school and get licensed or start doing other people’s hair. For you to discredit me in face like I don’t know what I’m doing is beyond rude. She was just mad at the world. Talking about we gon agree with her no baby Breezie did flawless work the only one upset is you. It looks great Breezie

CARTERMADE 86: My heart goes out to you for even risking your health here to even do her hair during time like this and for her to be unsatisfied pissed me off beautiful job

Colette Nsatu: The hair quality looked good. I'm not sure how I would have felt having to deal with someone problematic from the word go and you had not even done your job yet. Having to deal with this must be one of gift, as I would have asked her to go to the stylist she preferred. NB: You did a good job with the wig install and I hope you got an apology for the bad behaviour you had to deal with.

Shay Smith: It’s the lace color, the fact she cut too much of the lace off, and she cut straight ass line on the sides of her face vs jagged like most females hairline naturally is.

SixTwoFive: This is how everyone wants to react when they hate their hair, but they fake a lil smile and just never come back

tamandalove: You did amazing mamas and you handled that situation great and didn’t let her negativity get to you!!! ❤️ keep going I’ll be your model for crying out loud❤️

Lakayy Hermosa: Those clients be the ones ‍♀️ if you can deal with them then nothing can stop you

yazmen foster: lol having a client like this would make me wanna stop being a stylist all together especially when I know I did a good job I’m like overly sensitive so I better not get a client with this attitude

Princess Haziel: You can tell she ain’t grow up struggling because you know how many times I wanted my hair laid and slayed and it came out looking a hot mess because that’s all we could afford and people aren’t real beautician like they used to be. Like this is way better than what I normally get when I want my wig laid so I just started doing my own. But you handled this well and professional because that attitude ain’t it

LifeWithYaYa: This is not a “friend”... she had a full on attitude before u could even glue the wig down!!! And from u saying that she was going to a new stylist that annoys me even more bc that just shows that she just came to u so she could get a FREE LONG wig and instead got something she wasn’t expecting and caught a attitude with her and disrespected the mess out of u... if I was u I wouldn’t have finished her hair and I would’ve told her to go straight back to that other stylist birthday or not‍♀️

Teanna leeshae: It wasn’t even ugly she was a lil to negative ‍♀️

DajLavon: You did an amazing job, you don’t need “friends” like her in your chair, it’s shows the support and respect she has for you because it was uncomfortable for me to watch as a stylist also.

Briana Blount: I honestly I believe this is why hair stylists don’t let you see your hair until it’s done because all that complaining is a no go! Like that would really make someone uncomfortable & discouraged. Because her facial expressions wasn’t it at all!!!

Gwenet McIntosh: I really hope that was her last visit. Until she realize I shouldn't have been so mean. You did what you do. Let that girl go back to that stylist she trusted. I like your girl that you always do. She let you shine. It's your channel their models and clients. Keep up the good work sis.

Toni B: You were so sweet, so professional, and so optimistic AND it turned out gorgeous, super talented. I’m subscribing

Bianca Altice: Lol she said we was going to agree with her .. NO MA’AM !! And honey you did an amazing job on her hair it looks great and natural to me

Niq Niq: if she don’t like it she should’ve just went to him instead

Katelynn Keith: I loved how u stayed positive thru her whole negativity. Nobody deserves to have a “friend” like that. Nothing was wrong with that wig or what you’ve done to it. That’s just her, and her battles with her self esteem. You’ve done an amazing job don’t let someone else destroy your pride. I admire and have respect for you bc had that been me she would’ve got her madass up out my chair & out my house. I CANNOT stand negative people

PoohmaTV: It was actually really cute. The baby hairs were on point. You did your thing!

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