Are Unicorn Pastel Rainbow Wigs Making A Comeback?

Hey lazygirl approved fam! I don't think unicorn wigs ever went out of style but it seems the color combo is coming back to some of the main brands of wigs. There are several brands that did these color combos a couple years back, and I'm loving it's "comeback". Lazygirl reviews are great for beginners as I let you know if the style is "throw on and go" meaning no glue, no major work to do to wear. Wigs are a great way for people with hair loss, alopecia, and just wanting a new look! Let me know what you think in the comments. I reviewed three colors of this wig, I will put the links in the description as well as a link to the next video at the end of the video.

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Link to OT BLONDE PEEKABOO review:

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DESCRIPTION: Beshe Ultimate Insider HD Deep Invisible Lace Front Wig LLDP-Fanta


Finish length: 30"

Deep part loose body super long


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00:23 Out of the package

06:45 360 view

08:14 Final thoughts

Hey Lazy, Girl of proof fam. I am back with another color of beshi fanta. This one is Aurora, which is like a pastelish rainbow-ish sort of we'll see what the actual colors it's not actually pesto. Okay, so, let's just see what their version of Aurora is yeah. Let'S get out of the package all right: okay, here's the card - and I already cut the lace off here she is and if you're new to my channel, this is basically it's lazy. Girl, approv approved. So it's this isn't a wig install. This is what does it? Look like right out of the package, and is it Lazy Girl approved in that? If can you just throw it on your head and go without doing a bunch of stuff to it? It has two combs in the front one in the back and it has elastic adjusters. So let me get it on my head to be lazy girl approved. Basically, it has to ha, require minimal effort so putting powder in the parts fine putting product and it's fine. Maybe a tiny bit of hot comb and that's about it. If you got to do a bunch of crazy stuff, it's not lazy girl approved that doesn't mean it's not a great wig. It just means it's not lazy girl approved. So, there's that this is a gorgeous um if you've been wearing wigs for a while you'll know that there are a couple companies that have already done this color. It'S probably been about two years um since they've done this. I cannot remember for the life of me who um she's gorgeous she also like the last color. If you watched that could use some product you don't have to but she's a bit dry because she is colorful. Most colorful synthetic wigs are dry, so I'm going to put some coconut oil, so I just use coconut oil that I get from them. The beauty store, there's nothing. You know magical about the brand or anything just whatever coconut oil appeals to you or the price and whatever um shedding a little bit. Nothing crazy. I will test the bit. Oh, I just got coconut oil in my glasses that sucks, because that's gon na be a pain in the butt to wash off fantastic, fantastic, okay, I'm going to so. This is what it's looking like with just coconut oil, I'm going to wipe my hands off and then brush through it um. If you are not already subscribed to my channel and you love colorful wigs, Please Subscribe now. If you like, this video go ahead, and I don't know why people say smash, that's the weirdest thing. Click tap press whatever you want to call it. The like button, um. I am on my journey to a thousand subscribers, as I've said before. I pay for all these wigs myself, I'm not sponsored so it'd be nice to get some some change back to uh recoup my dollars. You know what I'm saying and then I can do more and if you don't already know, I am yeah. Let'S just brush one side, so you can see the difference um. I know some of you are like don't brush it, but just sometimes I just have to brush it because I feel like it looks fake. If I don't but then now I've kind of brushed out the coconut oil effect, so you got ta run your fingers back through it to get that heat back in, and this is the look that everybody likes, a different, you know has different tastes or what have You, okay, it's definitely shedding now um. I personally like that, like it better when, when I've put coconut oil or something in it, I've brushed through it, and then I finger comb back through it, so it makes it it takes out that, like I call it, the crunchy look, um, you know like processed. I guess I don't know um it takes that that out of it to me and then to me now it looks like more. It looks less Wiggy and more, like I don't know, polished polished. If you will so I mean you can kind of see the difference. It'S not like a huge difference, but it's enough um, okay, big, head friendly, it's the same as the other one. It'S like a small to medium cap. It'S not the smallest, but it's not giant like there's, not a bunch of extra for me to play with in here um and my head is small to average um. So there's that uh it is Silky. The hairline is not amazing, not the worst, but it's not amazing um The Parting space. We will put some powder in it and see if that helps. Uh. The Parting space was fine on the last uh last one, but it did have a Dark Root. So um these wigs that have the light color at the root. It'S just super hard to get it to look any kind of anything like I feel like when you put powder in the part. Sometimes it makes it look worse. So there's that um yeah. What I end up doing sometimes is rooting it, which I will probably end up doing with this one so um. I say that a lot and then I don't, but I'm finally getting my energy back. The energy in the universe is getting better. It'S still, if you're into spiritual stuff, it's still rocky, it's still rough, but I don't know I'm able to like at least do something. Okay, so there's that um. So if you are feeling weird you're, not alone and you're, not crazy, so I mean we're all a little crazy right. Um, let's get a 360 in the new phone stay on the Fly just in time for the right way to go all right. That was the 360.. I watched it back. Everything looked okay um, it is, I mean it is kind of it feels thin back there. So it may be a little questionable, especially if you have it all the way front. So it's I don't know why. This feels lighter than the other ones. It is lighter, that's weird um. I know this is probably one of the most expensive for them to make because of all the different colors in one's. You know strand um, but it is kind of weird that it's it feels thinner than the other ones. Um. Okay, let's um. Let'S do final thoughts, so final thoughts are, is it Lazy Girl approved? Yes, you can cut the lace and go. Should you put powder in the part and put product in it, you it'll enhance it. It'S not necessary, but I think every wig can be enhanced by at least brushing through it and putting some sort of you know, taming thing in the hair and then powdering the part with this color I mean I don't think it makes that much of a difference, But you know um, it is not big head friendly, it's not the smallest, but it's not meant for big heads. So it's just like on the small side of a medium cap, the shedding it's actually shedding quite a bit as you would expect. The ends are kind of tangly and when I brush through it is you know, a bunch of hair came out so there's that tangly at the ends. It'S not really a tangly up here. It'S when you get down here so and the other ones weren't this tangly. So again, I think it's because of all the processing that had to be done to make these different colors it's just more dry and tangly. There are two combs in the front one in the back. Is it worth the money? Yes, because it's a special color and it's 40 bucks, you could do way worse for 40 bucks. I mean, if you got this on Amazon, it would cost way way way more so or I would look like Party City at this price. So, yes, is it the best quality hair? No, I don't expect it to be, though um it is Silky um. You know there is a little bit of texture, but it's mostly silky um. It says that it's heat safe. What did I say to 400 curling iron? Safe up to 400 yeah um parting space is not amazing. It'S pretty narrow, it's not the worst, but it's pretty narrow, hairline same thing, not the worst, but it's not like pre-plucked, so um. The Parting space is in the center um. This is what it would look like on the side, the left side. This is what it would look like on the right side, which I don't like. Let me leave it. I don't know what what it is with. We, like the part that the side that we like it's so weird um the density is I'm gon na say it's light to medium. It'S not like stupid light, but it's not. I mean, like I said, the video seemed okay when I watched it back, but if I slow it down, you might be able to see something and just keep it in mind when you're out and about you know um, and then it is dry. It does need some sort of you know: coconut oil wig spray. What have you um so there's that all in all, though it is Lazy Girl approved it's a super, easy wig um got the lace put a little product in it, comb through it with your fingers. Even you can put powder in the part, but it's just a fun wig. I don't think anyone's gon na think this is your hair but um. I don't expect that with this kind of wig, so there's that um. Let me know what you guys think I have one more color to do and if you didn't hear it in the other videos or the beginning of this video, I'm doing the colors separately. Just because it's harder for me to edit, when it's four colors, all in one video, it's just it's like monstrous and it's a pain in the butt and YouTube seems to be punishing me for having longer videos for some reason. So I'm gon na see how this works um. So what I'll do, though, is at the end of each of these videos I'll link to the next color? What have you so you will see the next color up here in a second or you already have. I don't know we'll see an editing where I put it um, so just uh. Let me know again what you guys think, and I will uh see you in a few minutes and as always, thanks for hanging out spending time with me, you guys are awesome thanks. I appreciate you hold on: let's see, if my hands will do it bye, guys

Julia-Venetian Cat Fine Art: Yay, I can see Aurora now! She's gorgeous!!❤ Glad your energy is better. Mine is too. It's been rough energetically. Watching your wonderful reviews of colorful wigs are just the thing to cheer me up. ❤ love from New Mexico USA!

Glamma's Beauty Reviews: These colors are really pretty

PINKUNICORN: Love these colors

Gamma_K1971: Obsessed!!!

vincika palmer: I appreciate you and your time too luv

Finding Joy: I appreciate you too!


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