Zury Sis Fab: Som Rt Rainbow Wig Review| $30 Cheap High Quality Wig

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Well hope I find this trip with them. I go feeling indestructible, but deductible is never seen. Add up rotate open, so cop flashing lights, when I switch it repeat, the lanes of these lanes always seem to feel dizzy, hey guys. This is a at least if you're new to my channel. All you need to know is that I'm gon na longer with a week and today, I'm gon na - be doing another hair review on misery, sis on moon-park lace, front synthetic weed, isn't the color of some arty rainbow. I got from divert risk calm. She came in about four days and I got it for $ 35 yeah. I know I look like reading but y'all. I love it's right, but the quality of this wig is ridiculous. For $ 35. I'M about to buy two more of these okay, her baby hairs were already laid when I got her out the packaging. I don't put the video beside it, so you can see when she came straight out. The box like right here, where is lay it came just like that I didn't have to do nothing to it. The party, oh, my goodness, I'm gon na be versatile with mom with the swoop I'm gon na end up taking this down later on in the video. So you guys can see how it looks, but like even ponytail right here, they did that for you, so you don't even have to style it at all. If you want to keep it looking this way, I love this, I'm interested again a rainbow color. We because I see what all hair colors look like on me at once what general hair colors look like on me at once, and this is definitely it okay. I love how effortless these colors go together on this week. Like sorry, sighs, thank you, texture is amazing. I literally feel like I have Brazilian bundles in my hair for 35 dollars. Style she's in is beautiful as well. I'M really yeah. What more could I ask for from this come on now? She also come many different varieties of colors. If you want, if you're just not into the whole rainbow style, so this is just not it like. I said, I'm probably end up getting her in a 1b, because I just really love the style and the quality of this week. The moon part to where I can wear it to a side, a left, side or right side and then also put her in this ponytail. If I want to to switch it up yeah, this might be my new every day, and today we so I just took her out her ponytail and Zuri. You are not playing fair, I'm for real at this point. This is my favorite week. I don't hat on $ 35 for this. For this now I would get one with a neutral color, but child know this video not sponsored or anything. That'S how much I love this week go get this week right now. I have no complaints at all for this. No cons, no, nothing like that. Y'All did this. Thank you guys so much for tuning in once again make sure you're doing what you need to do. So I can give these wigs away. The giveaway is still going on you guys, my chili, that coming down below press subscribe and give me a thumbs up. I cannot wait to see you guys next week stand in your own lane to become the driver of your progress. That'S what my father taught me I'll teach the world to. Never doubt me, as the darkness begins to settle a weaker man, will power by a black man would say

La'Joia Creary: Yassss girl the colors are so gorgeous & this wig is sooooo much better than the unicorn wig you have reviewed beforeSee you next week !!!✨

Callmebisi: Wow! Who could have thought this was $30 Nice review as always! I could totally rock this! Beautiful!

N Love With Tresses: Yes ma’am it looks bomb!! I’m waiting on my wig!! I can’t wait!! I subscribed u are hilarious! Very informative! Ty for your review beauty!!

Mandisa Rabela: This ones colours are poppinnn..I really love this one...would say the quality are beter than the unicorn wig and u lookin gorgeous girl

Christina Munnings: I have this wig i just took it out the bag for the second.I need to try and fineese this!!

Xoxo Jazzett: Its really really cute! 35? OH YES!

Deva19xx Dee Jones: She is cuteeee tho and I don't usually like the rainbow and the mermaid colors but girllll

Magikalblackness: Heyyyy gurl heyyyy I am your new subbie here let's support each other great video tfs

Kammy: Lol u funny

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