Karissa Hair Rainbow Wig Review Amazon Wig Review

I got this wig on Amazon (back in April LOL) and did a lil review... at least it’s up now!

Thanks for watching my Karissa Hair Rainbow Wig Review ✨


- Synthetic

- 24 inches

- Wavy

- Medium cap size (22.5 inches)




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No, i'm just kidding it's not a spanish video, i'm i'm sorry no, but for y'all hi, i'm vinnie and welcome to my youtube channel. So, as you could see from the title and probably the thumbnail um, i'm going to be reviewing a wig today and i'm really excited about this wig, because it's the wig of many colors um, i'm really yeah just excited about it. I don't know i've never had rainbow hair. I'Ve been thinking about doing it um for a little bit now i've been watching a bunch of like rainbow hair dye tutorials on youtube and stuff. It looks like i'm a lot of fun to have it um. I don't have hair to die, but i just thought i would try it out and get a synthetic one um. So here she is in a bag so um i got this wig um on amazon um, it's from kursa hair on amazon and um yeah. It'S the rainbow 24 inch, lace, front synthetic wig and it just comes in this bag honestly, just like this. No nothing but like some wig caps, like the one i'm wearing but yeah, so just take her out of the bag. Just has this little like paper thing, i kind of hate the feeling of just throw that in the garbage. So this is her just straight out of the bag um. You know she is, first of all so pretty i love like all of these colors and a little pink here. I kind of wish there was more pink but whatever that's like a lot of green and um, i'm not like michelle massage about green, but you know i just it's not my favorite color but anyways back on topic. So it's like carissa here got it amazon. It was 41 41.42, something like that. I think um yeah. I will definitely have the accurate price and all of that in the description box, but yeah so 24 inches really long um how this lace um is transparent. It describes it as transparent lace. I mean it's pretty transparent that it's like a little like a light tint of color, but like it's really, nothing so transparent, and instead i had three clips which it does so it has two on the side which i know a lot of people hate them. I have a love hate relationship with them. I feel like um. If i'm not really going anywhere. I don't have a lot going on like right now everything going on um, i just need to throw in a wig real, quick to like secure i'll. Just like do that in some body pins but like if i'm doing like a full, install or something i am not like, leaving clips in my head like that, but um. Also these things like on top of, though um stop stop. Like honestly, i could have been a clip right here which i would appreciate it more than one up here which isn't gon na. Do anything for anyone like. I don't know why wig computers keep on doing that, but whatever it's fine um but yeah. So anyone like put it on, i don't think, there's anything else i can say i mean there is like a little bit of like i don't know like no. I thought it was lace, it's not least on the bottom. I almost lied to you. There are like little draw strings um, but yeah. I think that's all i can really say i'm just gon na put it on this is so much fun to put on in this the like mirror of my phone, putting it on just like see how it looks so yeah. She looks. Plastic never knew in a million years that a human can sprout plastic hair. I'M definitely gon na have to do some things to her before i like really wear her outside okay, but, like honestly, the colors, though very very vibrant. I love that super vibe looks great with this lipstick, it's so cute. Oh my god, i feel like i'm like a pride princess. I don't want this like the whole video. Just like me like feeling myself, i'm sorry, okay, so back to like about the wig um, the um hair feels really really soft um. I really really like that about it. No, like no weird smell, i mean the synthetic wig. Usually you hear like stuff about weird smells when it comes to human hair, particularly 613, like blonde ones, but sometimes synthetic wigs are very small too, from what i can like tell from looking at it. Sorry for getting so close, but like they have like a little section like right in here like right at the hairs, i got the lace. It makes it really easy to separate to make baby hairs. I don't do that on purpose, but it looks like a place like right there. For a reason. It'S like really easy to find little front pieces. I could make baby hairs if i wanted to so. I'M gon na go cut the lace and apply some dry shampoo and a little like mixture like water and fabric softener, that i make to keep my wig soft um. I use either unscented or like vanilla by slavital. I think that's how you pronounce it. I don't know um and that just keeps your synthetic wigs feeling soft and you won't smell like a laundry mat, so it's a win-win um, so yeah, i'm just gon na shut up and insert that time lapse right here. Okay, so i'm back! I just let the wig air dry, while i had a little bit of publix and i kind of brushed a little bit of a like a little bit of like a side or something because the part is a free part. So it doesn't like this like split any particular way, just kind of like whatever you want it to be. I sprayed a little bit more of the fabric, softener water and um dry, shampoo and just like brushed it out, and here's where i'm at now. I don't think i can say anything else about this wig i think um. It looks just like the pictures, the colors, the order that they show up on the wig. Everything is really accurate to the photo. I know where it smells. The only negatives i could say. That'S stupid, the clip! That'S like right here. I don't know why it's likely being used right now, but it's on the wig. It could have been back here. It could have been anywhere, but it's here um, i'm not using the ones in the sides. I probably should. I'M not going anywhere after this, so probably not whatever, but these are good. I wish you had one on the back. Um drawstrings are kind of tight, but honestly that could just be like a user error. I could probably just like loosen them, but um, yeah and i'll have the measurements of the wig in the description box as well as other information. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you learned something so if you were scared to whatever scared, it wouldn't look like the picture now you know that it does kind of shiny, but i mean it's a synthetic wig like what can you do thanks for watching? If you want to see more subscribe check out my other videos, um check out my collab channel um, there will all be links everywhere, um, but yeah until next time. It'S been evening, chaos bye, that's always kind of

Gizmo Quinn: Looks Beautiful, Especially With That Makeup Love You Vinnie!!

Raquel Freeman: I have this n love this wig. I just wish it wouldn't tangle so much

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