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What'S up team DMS, today's video is sponsored by Tina, sheath hair. They sent me a couple things inside of the box. This is their little promotional card with their social media information things like that, and then it came with a few gifts which I thought was pretty cool. This one was just a hand mirror with their QR code and website information and everything on the back, and you just open it up, and it's just two mirrors. They also gave me now. This was kind of weird cuz. I never use this, but it's a wig cap hmm. So this is a believe. It'S a deep wave wig there's a 13 by 4 6 bar frontal 24-inch supposed to be a hundred and eighty percent density mmm. I don't know about that. You can see the lace is not tinted or the bleach. The knots are not bleach, it was supposed to be pre plucked. So I'm going to pretty much see how it looks like that. I don't really do frontals yeah, so we kind of like doing this together. This is probably the first fertile I'm sorry week that I put on myself that hasn't been previously applied, so it isn't something that I do so usually, if I stick it back down, the week has already been applied and cut and customized, and all that so yeah. This is like my little at all beginner tutorial, but I'm actually teaching myself at the same time. But if you can see how the on the ear part it doesn't go all the way back and majority of the hair is like in the center of the frontal part of the wig. I guess that's what you want to call it, so I'm losing a little bit of Schwarzkopf Lightner and I'm making it very thick like a paste and then I'm going to go ahead and apply that to the weak. As I said before, this is not a service that I provide and I'm actually learning myself and normally I go for these reviews. If it's not a handmade wig closure, wig, then usually I go and have them done, but I decided to play around today. So I don't need y'all in the comments giving me. You know how y'all do sometimes so yeah I'm just going to go ahead and keep watching okay. So I've already applied my cap, you can see so I'm just gon na take a little bit of makeup to kind of get that cap being is a little bit, as I said before, this is my first time actually like doing this from scratch. So please bear with me, but this ain't about me. This is just a hair review and I'm applying my wig okay, we gon na call it a tutorial. So now I'm going to place the wig on now. I thought about this after the fact I'm like I should have had to had it like halfway on and then just kind of laid it forward, but yeah you live and you learn. I guess next time I do this I'll try a different technique right now. I'M just trying out different things that works for me. The glue that I use was by Ghost bond. I did have someone used Walker tape on me, but I noticed that it was very hard to clean off the lace. So I would like something that's easier to take off and the lace as well as my own edges, yeah. I don't talk about my little Biddy bees in the back. I know they aint trying to come out and play, but don't talk about, but don't beat me up too bad. So now I'm just going to take some rap steps and lime. I lay like messing up today, leave my little hair down and yeah going to drive for a little bit so now I'm just gon na go ahead and take the rap strips off. Now the hair line did not look that bad thinking cuz. I know it could have been plugs a little bit more, but I'm actually just seeing how this is gon na work, as is now. This is too like my least favorite part, and that's doing these little baby hairs or whatever you want to call them. I actually hate that, like I'm, not good at it, some people just can really have their baby hair laid. Now this phone was not named it phone. This was a phone that was sent to me the test out and I absolutely hate it. It made the hair of rock hard and, as you can see, it was like running down my face, so may meant phone for the wind, because this stuff is trash. The jaw can see I'm trying to lay this down with the straightening phone, but I got need too hard to get it in between, because that song he was just like so, and I put my sideburns to a short cut. This is about the hair. Now the hair was kind of a little bit. It'S definitely not beginner-friendly immediate, quite a bit more customizing, especially I only bleached like this parameter when I probably shouldn't wind up in the middle of it, and the fact that I had to plug the part to make that more the time, because it was just so Sick, so it's definitely not beginner-friendly and I am a beginner so yeah. I was really trying to do all that. Work like that right there, and but I will leave link the company, so this hair and description box below it is tea machine yeah. If you feel me, you feel man, so this is have a nice Club, I don't know it does [ __ ], just all I really do so. This is it if you guys, like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up like comment subscribe ring that bell to get future notifications. I love you guys so so so very much and I'll see the butter Meg

Dana Wilson: Could NOT tell that was your first time doing a lace wig. You did an amazing job as with all your hairstyles. I love it!

Kiki K Dahrling: You look so innocent but I know you did it! Love the result. I ain't doing that much work on a wig I'm gonna snatch off in a few hours. Well done!

Tarina Ginn: Love it! You did a great job for your first time

Maxine Rose: You did the darn thing and it looks amazing on you your biggest problem is not giving yourself enough credit for what you can do and like I've said before you're a beast with the hair and thanks for sharing ❤ ❤ ❤

Juicy J: Girl, you look GOOD!!! With your weight loss, and your face all made are beautiful. Of course, you're beautiful without it as well! For this being your first time, you did it like you've been doing them! I love you, girl! Stay blessed, my love!

Meggans POETICAL Breeze: Um I think you can now say your a slayer of the lace as well... I think you did a excellent job and I love how your baby hair had a realistic affect and that you didn’t put a ton of product in the hair... ❤️ it...

Lena Bailey: You are absolutely stunning with no make up at did a great job for it to be your 1st time. Imma fan❤❤❤❤

Leticia C: It really looks natural around the hair line

Queen🦋Supreme: I don't wear wigs but I recently bought a couple. Thanks for the tutorial. Good job ma'am

A. Joseph: You did great for your first time!!

JoSoFab's Chocolate World: You did a great job for a beginner. I think it looked so good. TFS DMS xoxo #wiglife

Sharhonda Grier: Your so beautiful without makeup sis and the hair looks good on you!!

Chrishelle Johnson: My thoughts were exactly as you stated....but of course you still pulled it all together and you Rocked it... #beginnersbest


LifeCoachMs.Taylor: I really like the hair I think you did a wonderful job just being a first beginner

Laurel: You are so beautiful! With and without makeup! ❤️

Tiana Welba: Good job! It turned out really cute

Dee Eley: You did a great job for a beginner.

C Young: You did a great job!

Megan B.: Looks great. I love that texture on you.

Dimplies Kerr: Good evening sis yu did slay the wig love the quality hair ❤it looks nice

Carmen Gilliam: Still better than what I can do lol. Great job!

Cj’s Mommy: You did an awesome job ! I would pay you for that service for sure !!

Jamie Pete: U ALWAYS Do A Great Job!!!! Beautiful

Josephine Terrell: Now this is right up my alley. Good job!

LaShonda Jackson: You did excellent first a first time frontal

Lahoma Ross: It’s Beautiful I never worn a frontal or applied it I will save this

Shannon Hayes: Practice makes perfect very professional.

slayedby kayele: beautiful style sis!

She Prays: You did great!

Elise Laughlin: Gorgeous!!

shevypearl: I just wanted to say you are gorgeous just subscribed and I dont subscribe to much. Love your humbleness and honesty ❤

Hattie Joulivee: Yes girl. U did that!

Tanderson's Kitchen: You did a good job for a first time application

Dynasty: Love all of your work! Wish I was closer to you.

K-luv Jones: You're another baby face cutey that I love on here. Great job. That cereal shit had me trippen tho✌

Lazaro Serna: You look beautiful....gorgeous with no makeup


Chonta Mcgill: Great job sis


Keysha Campbell: I like it never had a wig before

Star Showers: You too hard on yourself you did a amazing job I like

Christy Woods: Hi how are you doing you got this you will do great keep them coming

Christy Woods: You did good with putting it on

Tasheia Didit: U did good!!!

Brooke Gunsby: Cute boo love it

Mz Chocolitt: I like it!

Stylesbydrayas: But you did GOOD!!

Jeannie Presley: Came out nice

Queenfireflame: That came out nice on you

Seven Zen Hair: Looks good

anna lewis: you look pretty

danita futrell: Good job For that being your first time

Venessa Hairr: You have beautiful skin

Que,Que5 Williams: Ok den!!!!!!!!!came out cute

Cyn Doll: Yassss boo you cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Hairbyhe Graham: Try esha Motha it’s like that!!!!!!!

Karen Brown: Keeeeeeeeeeeee

Markela Chestnut: Do you know it's a lady on Facebook stealing your videos? Her name is Makeup by Mesha or something like that

Saammyz.Glaam: Why is it called Tinashe

GlamByPortia: You did a great job!

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