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Welcome to my channel! I'm never afraid of color, just afraid of how it will look on me. But the colors available for Marina are so vibrant and fun, I just couldn't resist. Please watch the entire video for all the details including my recommendation.

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And there is no way on this God's green earth. I will ever ever ever be able to get this Blood foreign s and lovers. Welcome back to my channel, I am Nikki and you know I'm very happy that you were here. Of course, you are a wig lover. That'S why you clicked on this video, and you also must love wig reviews, so guess what I bring to you: lots of wig reviews, that's what I dedicate my channel primarily to so, if you like the oldies but goodies. Those new drops and all those ones that are kind of in between then you have stumbled upon the right place, so I'm just going to kindly say subscribe. Why wait just go ahead and do it click that button down below make sure, though, that you also click the little bell, because I don't have a schedule, and I never really know when I'm going to bring an upload to you, and I would certainly hate for You to miss out on any of them and, of course, if you have already subscribed thank you so very much. I greatly do appreciate it, so this wig that I'm wearing right now is, of course, who I'm going to be talking about, and I will be telling you everything that you need to know. There, sadly, are some wig reviews out there, who just say: oh yeah, she's, pretty yeah, I like her and that's the end of it. Now I tell you what you need to know, so you can decide if it's the right wig for you or not and in return, Please kind of give me your respectful feedback down in the comments. Let me know too, if there's a wig you'd like me to review since I do take requests, and in return for all that, I would love for you to check out my Poshmark closet. I have a lot of wigs for sale in there and I'm going to be adding a bunch more to it pretty soon so check it out. The link is in the description box. So shall we do it? Let'S do it. I also love to incorporate makeup with all of my videos. That'S why I show you what I'm wearing for my eyeshadow look. So today I am wearing the uh. What is it called exactly sorry, I have upside down the refresh pastel palette from plain and makeup by yolando. It'S also the jam Rock something or other. I can't pronounce it I'll, just call it the refresh pastel, but anyway here are the shades inside really beautiful pastels, with a couple pops of brighter colors. So I love this palette and speaking of color, I have a color bomb wig for you. Today it's been a while, since I reviewed one from this collection but color bomb uh collection from utre. She is in the style Marina. So here it is. She is an HD lace front and the color I have her in is 3dr4 slash, UL frosted pastel. Hence why I went with pastel colors, but that is the same color you see right there in the center. I mean these colors that she is available in are really popping. I mean yeah. You'Ve got some beautiful, color selections with her. It'S just under light, colors uh. She has natural baby hairs, a pre-plot lace part. She of course, like I said, comes in a ton of colors on the inside. They show even more of them, so you can get a good idea of what they really look like um, and what else can I say she has a five inch deep parting space and she is heat safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I picked her up from Elevate styles for 44.88, so I love it. I really love it. So we're just going to start off right away talking about this color, I mean why not that's what this wig is focused on is the color and I'm not afraid of color, but at the same time, I'm almost 50 years old. So I just got to be a little bit careful I mean I don't want to be like Madonna who's in her 60s and trying to act and look like she's in her 20s. I don't want to go to that extreme, but at the same time I'm not dead either. So I want to have a little bit of fun and this is fun. I love this. I really love this. I almost wanted to go with one of these two colors. Here I mean I might go back and get one just because they're so beautiful and just like, I said, really popping, but this one I just thought was a little bit more subtle, but you can really see those colors. I love The Pastels in here. This is so super pretty you've got kind of like a peachy color in there, some purple a little bit of green and blue. Ah that is so pretty, and then you also have this cream platinum blonde and then a bit of Darker root. Now I'll be honest, the darker root is a number four, but it looks it looks a little harsh. I wish it wasn't quite as Extreme as it is, but I can kind of get where they're kind of understand where they were going with it. I get it so it's it's still realistic and it still looks professional, but I mean this is definitely one of those colors that you spend a lot of time and money at the salon to achieve. So I think it looks amazing it's just so gorgeous and there is no way on this God's green earth. I will ever ever ever be able to get this blonde, so I'm enjoying it while I can with a wig. So I'm happy with it uh very beautiful luster as well. What I would expect uh, I love the style. I really do. I like the fact that she's a center part with this layer just kind of coming down over the face like a curtain uh and then she has these little waves happening. I mean it looks kind of like you, you know just tousled your hair up a little bit with some moose, that's what it's giving and I'm definitely loving it. So it looks very natural in that Essence like this is a common type of style. You would expect to see a lot of women wearing, so it's modern with the color, and this is a fun one that you can wear to parties Bachelorette nights. You know something along those lines and it depends on where you work. You might be able to get away with wearing it for work, because it's not one. That'S going to cause you a lot of problems with you know being too full or anything because look at this density and, of course, her length is just right at 14 inches. So that's why I say this is one of those uh Styles, that's good for work, but of course it just all depends on the color. If you can get away with it or not, but for fun times she's she's one, you can wear for a fun time. I really like it um and again: uh the volume is just right, so it looks very natural, like you would expect a style to look of like this to look like with the volume and everything she's got a little bit of body too, which I, like you Know look at this very lightweight, very just kind of whimsical. I like that too um and her how she feels she's, really soft, really really soft she's the standard, uh type of feel that you normally get with utre wig, so that good balance of coarseness and silkiness. So it makes her feel like healthy human hair, so I would say, she's realistic and I would say she's also also Multicultural, so, regardless of your race or ethnicity, should look natural on you. Let me spin around, though, and we can see what she looks like from the back and of course I bumped the backdrop as usual. Well, my daughter goes away to college. I am hoping I can overtake her room and make it into my beauty room a little bit and just keep her bed there for when she comes back, that's my goal. So then, I don't keep bumping into this stupid backdrop, but anyway, let's keep talking about this wig. Shall we all right. So I think she looks really cute in the back um, normally with wigs that I'm reviewing, I pull all the hair to the front, but it's kind of hard to do with style. Like this. You know it's meant to be some in the back. That'S another thing. I Like About Wigs that are this length because as much as I love having all the hair to the front, I also hate that V that you get in the back and then it causes more tangling at the nape. So you might get a little tangling at the nape, but otherwise she's not really a tangler um. You get more resistance than anything just because of the style that she is, but I can pretty much run my fingers through. So you know, there's like a little bit of a snag: it's more snags than Tangles, I would say um, but at the same time I think you do get a little bit more than some other styles out there, so just be prepared for that. She does kind of snake up a little bit more excessive, but based on the fact that she is only 14 inches long and everything and just the way, this style just kind of bounces right back. I would still say that she is low maintenance. You don't really have to fuss with her. She just kind of just does her own thing and stays put and just kind of you know hangs out in the background and she's, not bothering you so I like that about her uh. I haven't noticed anything excessive with shedding. I was a little curious on that one if she would just because she's really super light and to get these super light colors it does take more processing and then it can shed a little bit more and then plus also with the colors. I was kind of concerned about that, but I'm pleasantly surprised that she's not really shutting anything excessively, so no worries there. I already mentioned I like that: she's a center part. I think that's perfect for this style um, but at the same time, if she were shifted, I think she would look really pretty, but I don't think she's meant to be shifted. I didn't try it but hang on a second yeah. She has ear tabs. They are bendable, though so you might be able to, but I'm not saying with any guarantee that you can, but I like her down the center anyway. I think it looks better because if you were to shifter, I think this would go in your face just way too much um, so she is hitting my lashes just ever so slightly, but not enough to be bothered. Some and The Parting space is five inches deep. I think it's really decent uh depth and width. I didn't have to pluck anything. This looks like a very natural part for this wig. I'M loving this part, I'm loving how flat she is laying and I'm loving the baby hairs. I really do like them. You can't really see them all too much, they're kind of more, like Blended up with the hair and then more along the sides. Here you can see them where you normally wouldn't need to see them. I would prefer to have them more up here, but once again, they're Blended in and with this flat as she's laying and everything this looks very natural. I don't think people would automatically think you're wearing a wig. I know a lot of times. People think that you're wearing a wig when you have the brighter colors, that's when it's a costume wig, then it really does stand out, but this looks very natural, even these other colors do so. As I said before, it just looks like you spent a lot of time and money at the salon to achieve it. So I think naturalness is, of course, the way to always go and that's the way she is headed so um love that really do uh she's. Not pre-plucked so, as you can see, she's gon na be a little thicker around the edges, but that is to be expected and, as I said, she has some baby hairs going around the edges here, a little bit of lift up, but not bad. So this is one, I definitely don't think you even need to consider gluing down, but this shape and fit around here is really good. Look at that. That looks pretty good. I wouldn't say pretty good. That looks really good, very natural. What you would expect same thing pretty much over on this side, get a little bit more lift up on this side, though, which is kind of weird but hey, it happens, but you can see what I mean by the the roots are just a little too dark Too harsh, that's the only thing I don't like, but you know this. The style covers it up, so I'm not too worried about it here as much. You know I would be more worried about it there if you could see it more, but you really can't so I guess I'm just flapping my gums for no reason here but uh like I said she fits really good around the edges. The ear Tabs are above each ear and, as already said, they are bendable so they're much more comfortable that way. Uh she does have some pretty good stretch ability and I do feel a little bit more wiggle room in the cap. So I would say that I think she's larger head friendly too I'm in love with this wig everybody. I really am um. I was a little bit hesitant about her at first when I saw that the colors you know I was a little nervous like I said, but I love her. I think she's so much fun, she's making me feel younger okay. I I like that so she's. Definitely a winner winner, chicken dinner and getting the thumbs up for sure. I highly recommend this unit guys. I think you will have a lot of fun with her too. So that is my review and recommendation for Miss Marina. But, as I already said, I do want to hear from you, so please don't forget to give me your comments down below, especially if you already have her I'd like to know that, especially what color you have her in and also. I would really like to know. If you decide to go pick her up after watching this review, but that is all, as I said, I tell you what you need to know and I pretty much just stick to that. But thank you guys for watching. I always do appreciate it, and I look forward to seeing you in my next video, so I guess until then bye

Wambambie: THIS COLOR ON YOU IS EVEEYTHING. You look amazing as a bright blonde! ❤️

Magikalblackness: Just got her in the mail same color So excited to review in the future

#Tonya’s Wig World: GORGEOUS!!!! You can pull it off for sure❤️

Clara: Love love these colours especially at the bottom of the wig I do think the root should have been a bit lighter

Ashlyns Wig Reviews: Cute style and color on you

Magikalblackness: Wowza that palette rocks its the exact match

Tann Smith: Ooooo! Pretty! Wonder how it would look with curtain bangs!

Queenie petite: ❤️❤️

Magikalblackness: That aquamarine is lyfe

Queenie petite: Cyndi Lauper vibes lol

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