Taste The Rainbow How To Dye 613 Handmade Bob Unit

Hey #KAYBABES and welcome back to my channel.

This is a handmade 613 unit from the KenniKayCollection. If you are interested in purchasing this wig, or would like one customized, contact me via my email.


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Hey k, babes and welcome back to my channel today I'll be showing you guys how I achieved this rainbow wig. So, if you're interested in seeing how I got this, keep watching. This is a handmade 613 unit using 2:12 and bundles and a 12 inch 13 by 6 frontal. These bundles were provided by me if interested in purchasing this wig or any bundles feel free to contact me. My email, if you liked this video comment down below like share and just let me know what other colors you'd like to see me: try

Jada Marie1: I love this unit because you didn’t rush and took your time to make sure it came out BEAUTIFUL YASSSS KEEP IT UP

Jeniel Henningham: Girl! this is beautiful

ShaiTown: I loved the outcome!!! Can you do one with different shades of brown and red?

Alexus Bernae Customs: I loved the VIDEO !! I would love to see an ombré hair dying video.

IslandEmprezz: Yass sis love the colors

Nika B: Yes ma’am try it on for us sis pleaseeeee

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