High Quality Wig Install For Beginners Auburn Hair Natural Curly Texture Omgherhair

HIGH QUALITY Wig Install for Beginners Auburn Hair Natural Curly Texture OMGHERHAIR . Press play wig install & review by Kie RaShon.


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Length: 18 inch

Density: 180%

Color: Auburn

Size: Medium

4A/4B Curly Edges

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Shampoo I Used


How to Cut Ear Tabs on Wig


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Nairobi Wrap Mousse


Revlon Diffuser


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GEX Beauty WIG GRIP (Brown)


Claw Clips



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Camera - Canon 77d

NEW Lens Sigma 18-35mm F 1.8

Lighting: Neewer BiColor LED lightshttps://amzn.to/3iyiEvu & Diffuser (2) https://amzn.to/3iy8Ce2

Ring Light: https://amzn.to/3aloD4a

Audio - Lapel Mic (linked in affiliate links)

OLD Lighting - 2 soft boxes https://amzn.to/30LYYyk & ring light (off)


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Kie's 3 POINT WIG FITTING SYSTEM: (comfortably) 23 in head size

1. on front hairline

2. on sides to hairline and right above ears

3. down in back to nape of neck.

BIG HEAD FRIENDLY: 3 out of 3 points

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I don't think I expected this, but I actually kind of love it well, hello. There welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, kyber Sean. Today'S video is brought to you by OMG, her hair. They send me another Unity review for you guys. It is also Sip and slay, and your girl got an empty Cup today, because I ran out of my wine. I was drinking. I was drinking way too much earlier, and I forgot that I had to film this, so Ken Ken on your way home bring me the wine now before we get into this glueless install okay, because she is yeah glueless that that's lace right there right there. We get into the looks today, okay, so before we get into all that, make sure if you're new to the channel you go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification Bell. So you don't miss anything else. Coming up also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go so like. I said this unit comes to us from OMG her hair, all the effects of my unit right here on the screen. So if you want to check it out, you can. I am going to go ahead and tip my lace just a little bit because I feel like it may be a little ashy on me, but I want to do too much, I'm already a little worried about these little um curly cues, because I feel like they're A little bit too short and peasy for this texture of wig, but we're gon na see it does come with an elastic band. But I don't think I'm gon na use that right now, I'm more than Michael just put on my wig grip just because I don't feel like taking out the pack, I'm just I'm just being lazy. I can already tell it's big on my head: y'all see what I'm talking about with the edges like they're, very they're, very broken off. I feel like they're a little bit too short, so OMG her hair. If you want to make this a little bit longer to flow into this, because there shouldn't be like a gap, this Gap right here is throwing me off. I did baby hairs or swoops that'll be perfect, but y'all know. I don't do that. Okay, so I want to push these back into the wig. I already got a thin hairline. Don'T give me breakage two child, I'm going to put on my wig grip for now and then, oh, my back is wet. Was it hair, wet sheesh should fit a little better and it does now. It says this hair is 18 inches. This is a pretty long 18 inch. Thank you omg her hair for giving us what you're supposed to give us. I probably should take my glasses off. So I can get a better fit, but I need to be able to see too so which which one do I want. So, looking pretty good all right all right, I did co-wash the wig with the wig shampoo that I just got and I only had a little bit of bleeding from the hair. So I'm gon na use my Nairobi around the hairline two pumps. I may end up putting gel on this hairline, so I don't want to tease it up. I know it can do so much better than this, so we're gon na we're gon na try to get her together. It'S gon na wrap it down and we're gon na get to the curls. I'M gon na keep it real simple. I'M not going to use my curl glaze, I'm going to use the rest of my Nairobi mousse. Hopefully I have enough we'll see I'm not getting a bunch of snags. So that's good. That'S the difference in that quality of hair. I spoke too soon. I got a knot right here, a random little knot. You can tell the difference between the hair quality, the texture and actually the color like this color looks a lot richer. Even after I washed it, then maybe a fast fashion. Wig is this enough. I don't think it is, but we're gon na try to stretch it. Put a sworn I had another bottle of this somewhere. There is a bottle. This may be good enough for one side I'll be using my products. Y'All I'll, be running through this moose child go under do some loose back here. I definitely need to finger coil. These ends clumpity Clump, Clump, clumpity, Clump Clump, I'm getting some shedding as I'm clumping the curls as long as I'm not getting Track full of hair, I'm okay with a little bit of shedding it's a curly wig. So I kind of expect it. You know what I'm saying: there's no layers in this wig, so I may have to try to fluff her see if we can stretch too smooth y'all and be careful, I can't afford to lose, not a drop. I think we're gon na make it go under. Oh that's dry, underneath that is dry. The hair isn't super saturated because I did blow dry it a little bit just to get rid of some of that excess water make sure my roots are clumped. Now I'm gon na Pin It Up diffuse it and then we'll come back and fluff it and see how she looking all right. So hair is pretty much dry. This is all the hair to the front. I think yes take the wrap off so not bad. Looking but I need to fix it because again, it's too much. It doesn't flow correctly because it's too short over the lace and then I'm gon na use my edge control. This part right here is definitely up to your personal styling. How you want the front of your hairline to look so I just basically push mine back and then push some down push it back bring some down. I don't think I'll need to tip my lace anymore. I feel like it's blending, pretty good, I think hold up. I'M using a little bit of my foundation on top of the lace, bring it to the front. This hair can definitely get a lot bigger. I mean my blow dryer on cool to fluff it up a little bit more all right using my pick fluff it up. Oh, we big in here. I don't think I expected this, but I actually kind of love it all right, all right y'all, so that is it for this look. How are we looking? I think we looking really good. I had a little headband for a little Razzle Dazzle just because I felt like it was a little too much going on right here. I wanted to break it up a little bit and it's cute. Okay, it is cute. I don't know if I like these hoops with this headband. My pearls will probably look really cute for this as well. Let me see okay, how we looking? How are we looking? I think we looking real good y'all. This came together perfectly now this little situation OMG her hair. For me, the hairline is the only thing that I would change for this week, make them longer or change up the texture of it. I don't know this texture, and this is not really. It looks good. Now but out the pack, it looks a little. I don't want to be 4C natural right here and then have an s curl over here like what's going on. Why are we struggling like this? We don't know I got a wig on. I don't want to struggle like that. Okay, I would suggest changing that up to make the edges match this, and this wig will get a 10 out of 10 for more, but outside of that the wig is gorgeous. I love the color y'all know. I love me. A good Auburn, reddish brown, whatever you want to call it. It was real popular towards the end of last year and I feel like it's going to start picking back up again, because this is gorgeous. It'S not Kinky Curly, but the way the hair is frozen up is giving the look of kinky curly. So if you like this color, but you don't want the maintenance of a kinky curly version, you can definitely check out this one, because this one gives you a lighter curl texture with the same look. But that is all I got for you guys today shout out one more time to OMG her hair for sending me this unit. I really appreciate it. I will put the direct link, my specs and any coupon codes I have for this unit down below. So if you guys want to check it out, you can don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash the notification Bell, so you don't miss anything else coming up. I love you guys so much, and I will see you next time. Bye,

Kie RaShon: Happy SipnSlay WigBaes! *code Kie30* BTW, OMGHERHAIR heard my pleas and are updating the kinky edges hairline! We love a brand that listens You can still choose normal edges though. Let's chat below!

Lena S: OMG! I love this already! Issa vibe sis! ❤ Continuing to watch cause we need to get all the deeds.

Tamara Grant: OMG always comes through with the length. I ordered a 20 inch kinky straight hair and that joint goes all the way down the middle of my back, and I’m 5ft 9 inches so I’m tall. I love their hair and the quality. Looking gorgeous as usual. Love the color

Rich Wagner: Love it !! The volume and shape are great. The color looks fantastic on you. Excellent job - of course, as usual - makin’ it perfect ! Love your brightness; now celebrate wit’ some more vino…

Dira Boddie: That color is gorgeous! Always love a red wig. Even without the styling mousse, the hair was still cute just being bushy

lneal2800: Happy Friday Kie! I love this color for one on you yes boo! And this look is definitely you I love it! and its even thicker! Gorgeous! I'm here for it!looks fabulous sis on you!!

O Whitney: I got so excited when I saw your video in my notifications this came out so cute and I LOVE this color on you!

Punky ReggaeParty: Beautiful unit. This color is gorgeous on you!

Lana Lathan: Love the styling very cute as always

Cynthia Cummings: Hiiiiiii Kie! Oooooh, The curls are beautiful and voluminous! Still not crazy about kinky edges if they don't match with the hair texture, because to me it makes you work too hard to try and blend them in. But you worked it out. Looks great!

Faye Durham: You worked this wig. As you always do. I always look forward to the wigs and the laughs. You are too funny. Love this look!!

patrice moore: This color looks amazing on you !!! This is gorgeous sis !

Gray Your Way: I want my real hair to look like this! LOL, so pretty and curly. TFS

Sonya Shelton: Pretty color! Great look

Chantel Nicole: Not you looking like an absolute queen omg I love this on you!! Also you doing your brow and diffusing at the same time is a talent lol

BrownBeatss: Hey Sis. Love the wig, love the color, looks great on you. Happy Friday ❤

Love Yourself: Happy Friday This is some beautiful big hair. I love the color and normally like dark roots, but I love this auburn color. It looks great with the headband. Have a Blessed Weekend #SipNSlay Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

Erica Daniyelle: Love this look ❤

edwina crenshaw: Beautiful color ,love it❤

Aprilicious1: Ohh I just bought this wig like 2 weeks ago.. Waiting on shipping...I am so glad somebody reviewed it!! Love! It is beautiful

TheReal1_p3: Yesss I love this color. I never really tried color until this color got the scene and now it's my fav.

Lotti Dotti63: Color is amazing ❤beautiful natural looking unit! ❤❤❤

Caramel Kisses: It is pretty and hard to believe its 18". I agree that them edges are left wanting but you definitely made it disappear with the headband!! ❤❤❤

Alisa Mitchell: Gorgeous Slay Sis Love It

Ms. Michelle Agalte: This color always looks good on you no what type of unit it is. Love the finishing touch of the headband.

Kelly Smith: I was just looking at this wig. I’m like I hope she reviews this and guess what lol.. so yup I’m getting this ❤

Angelyquexoxo: Slaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Yes sis, that color on you, the shape of the hair, it’s giving lifeeeee ❤❤❤❤❤


Daniel Simpson: Love the color on you. Curls are popping.

Hello, Autism I Love You: I love your energy, sense of humor, little giggle, voice, and reviews ❤❤❤ At this point, my credit card is on

Triniece Peters: How do you stop curly wigs from drying, swelling up, and getting floofy? I’ve tried Garnier frizz control and others. Any suggestions?

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QueenVModel84: Beautiful. Queen ❤❤

LouLou Brown: Love the color

Esther Sowell: Kia you work them i wonder why they make them so huge it look so unreal unbelievable

StarriSkye: You did that but I agree the short edges

PreciousOne777: The wig and color looks great! ...but you are right. The edges make the hair look like is balding in the front…. Way too short.

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France Rhodes: I can't do all of that. Help those of us that just can't.

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