Natural Pre Cut Beginner Wig Install Full Look Kinky Curly Glueless No Baby Hair Beautyforeverhair

NATURAL Pre Cut Beginner Wig Install FULL LOOK Kinky Curly Glueless NO BABY HAIR BeautyForeverHair . Press play wig install & review by Kie RaShon.


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Kinky Curly Curl Glaze

Wash Wig


How to Cut Ear Tabs on Wig


Elastic Bands

Nairobi Wrap Mousse

Brittny Brush (Felicia Brush Dupe)

Revlon Diffuser

Water Mist Bottle

Dry Shampoo

Wig Caps

Curl Glaze

GEX Beauty WIG GRIP (Brown)

Claw Clips


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Lighting: Neewer BiColor LED lights & Diffuser (2)

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Audio - Lapel Mic (linked in affiliate links)

OLD Lighting - 2 soft boxes & ring light (off)


Married Mom, 38, Air Force Veteran , First Grade Teacher , PCOS - with hair thinning in crown, IVF Success, oh...And I Talk Fast, I guess lol


B4Ever - Big Head Associate but comfy

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1. on front hairline

2. on sides to hairline and right above ears

3. down in back to nape of neck.

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This one is the vibe okay. This is what I'm gon na be grabbing for tomorrow. Um Lord, have mercy, run, hey y'all! Welcome back to my channel. It'S your girl, kyver Shawn. Today'S video is brought to you by Beauty forever hair. They sent me another unit to try out for you guys now before we get into this glueless easy breezy install that you must see for yourself make sure if you're new to the channel you go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification Bell. So you don't miss anything else. Coming up also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go. Thank you foreign. So, like I said, this unit comes to us from beauty forever, hair all the specs. For my unit right here on the screen, so if you want to check it out, you can. This is going to be another easy one, because I got some things to do today and I want to show you guys my whole look. You know kind of pulled together, so I need to um first tip my lace on this wig. This is another pre-cut joint, but this is a kinky curly one. So I'm kind of excited about this one, because I know how I feel about my texture, I'm using my mocha 360 powder around my lace, because the lace is ashy on me. It'S not too ashy. It has like a tannish tint to it, even though it's not a lot of lace, I still need to blend it down around my forehead, so I don't have. No, you know no peekaboo action when I'm stepping outside, because if you didn't know, lace is not skin. Who knew it is a fabric, so you will see it regardless, but the type of lace will depend on how much you see it. Okay stay with me: it does come with the elastic band and the silicone nape grip in the back, which I love. When I initially tried her on, she was a little snug. It does feel a little snug with the elastic band on. But let me sit for a moment if you're here, it's 23 inches or below you should be good to go if you're bigger than that, then I mean you don't got to put her back, but careful. I want to try to get this hair as big as possible. It'S only a 150 density, I'm pretty sure I'm gon na do a lot of fluffing. Let me go ahead and cut this. Hairline back get this situated. As far as the hairline is concerned, it comes with a little plucking, so the cute little starter pack is there, I'm not going to pluck my hairline, I'm gon na do a little swishy Swish and I'm going about my business. I'M gon na use my Nairobi mousse around my hairline. Two pumps work it back. So I want my hairline to sit back up off my head. Twirl. Those down using a mousse does not make it stick to your head, but it does help mold the hairline. So I don't have to go back in every time. I wear this wig to re-mold the hairline. It'S already molded, thanks to the mousse. Oh, this is wet. Where my clock I got water dripping off on me, wrap it down like that, all right, so that took about a minute. So I like that, for my kinky curly wigs, I have been using my dark and lovely curl glaze and I love this product, but it can get a little heavy and I don't really want that. Look for this look. I want a more fluffy look, so I'm gon na use my Nairobi mousse on these curls today. If you want to see what it looks like when I use my curl glaze, I will put video down below, so you guys can check out that video on a kinky, curly texture. Now I did go ahead and wash the unit with my wig shampoo, and it took me a good little minute to get that smell out because it was, it was pretty funky. So I know I did ah dang it that's why I'd be running through my mousse half of it be on my day, going close all right anyway. What was I saying? Oh yeah, it was uh, the wig was funky so um, so I did have to wash the wig a couple times in order to get the uh to get the smell out and it still wasn't really coming out the way I wanted it to so. I did add a little bit dry shampoo to that and it helped mask that smell all right put the mousse all over well. This has come together pretty quickly if this brush is still sold out. I do have a dupe in my Amazon store, so you can check that out for yourself and yes, I do consider Beauty forever hair to be a fast fashion brand. They don't do any extras, they give you the hair and the lace, they don't do heavy plucking. They don't do bleaching of the knots they pretty much give you the template of a wig and then you do the rest. It'S no shade To None the brands when I say that I say that all the time, but I want to make sure y'all are clear. All right, I'm getting some shedding when I do the um the finger coils, which is expected because it is a texture wig and it is Curly so most times you will get um shedding and tingling on your curly. Wigs make sure this back is clumped all right. Scrunch that side up hold on this one's a little. You don't want to curl up. I see, let's just cut it off there, you go, I'm getting some snags right there, that's only because the hair was drying down. It does have layers in this wig. So I feel like it's going to fluff out pretty cute. What time is it I'm cutting it real, close child real close? Do the finger coils on this side, the curls in the back are kind of they don't want to act right. They kind of they look kind of crooked, like I'm, not gon na, say that. Let me make sure this part right here is covered down, because I could definitely see those tracks when I initially put the wig on. Let me go ahead and do my makeup diffuse. The hair and then we'll come back and fluff it. So I can get up out of here the hair's still a little damp, but we're going to dry that down in just a second, so I'm gon na use my pick, I'm gon na pick at the root kind of fluff the hair up a little bit before. I dry her down a little bit more now. The texture for this wig, like I said, is Kinky Curly, but it's not super thick. So if you want a more natural density that still gives a full look, this one is definitely for you. Let me go under fluff that down keep on fluffing the hair under take my blow dryer on high and cool to dry down the rest of the hair. Thank you, okay! Fluff it up. Let me take off the elastic band. Perfect use my Foundation to blend that lace in I'm gon na use a little bit of my Contour. The little slippage may need to move that up a little bit that lace right. There is Blended in with my hairline. This is my hairline. As you can see, this is the wig. The lace stops right here now. If you've been following me, you know that my beauty forever wig - that I did a couple months ago, is one of my favorite wigs on my channel, like I wore that joint out. So much so that I can't wear it anymore until I wash it again, but that wig comes with a 13 by four lace, so it's laced all the way around the hairline. But with this one I don't got to worry about no lace around my ear. So I like that, I don't think I need to do any powder in my parting space. The hair around here is a little bit too straight for me, but I'ma try to frizz it up a little bit, so it doesn't look so perfect around my part. Hold up, let me just take the hair and like pull it down like that, I'm just pretty much doing anything at this point. Foreign ever came through and got your girl together. I had found my new everyday wig. I know I go through my curly joints like this, because with these curly joints I can wear it with or without makeup and feel just fine, and these are not kinky edges. This is just a hairline for the wig. So if you don't like kinky edges, but you like that natural wispy looking hairline, this is for you. They use my makeup to blend my lacing. If your lace is a little bit too ashy go ahead and use your Contour any dark color to color correct your lace. When I step outside, I will probably see my lace but the way it's Blended. Under these lights, it's not going to be too much and the wig is still glueless, y'all still glueless around my hairline. This looks, oh, that could be a pin-up wait a minute because my edges match the lace. Hello. If you watch this video, you saw exactly what I did to my wig. Please please do not take the wig out the pack put it on your head, then tell me my wig. Don'T look like yours. My Curls are trash or offensive site because I'm going to have questions that need answers quickly. You would need to Define diffuse and fluff your wig, sometimes over, and over get your wigs together. Based on how you want them to look on you, I can't help how I look at my wig. Just for me, it's okay, it's not just the hair. It'S the whole look! So if you like, this wig make sure you hop on it now now that y'all gon na ask me which one which one is better, which one do you like, which one do you listen same place? It just may look a little different depending on the lace and the curl texture that you try. This curl texture right here is one of my favorite curl textures to try because it has texture in it. So I will always grab this one first and then the other one. Second, if I want a different look, then I will wear those wigs, but today this one is the vibe okay. This is what I'm going to be grabbing for tomorrow. Listen Ken Ken I'm on the way lunch may turn into something different. Okay, I am grown, but that's all I got for you guys today start out one more time to be forever hair. Sending me this unit. I really appreciate it. I will put the direct link. My specs any coupon codes I have for this unit down below. So if you guys want to check it out, you can don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash that notification Bell, so you don't miss anything else coming up. I love you guys so much and I will see you next time. Bye,

Kie RaShon: Hey WigBaes! *code beautyyb to save!* They dropping these joints cllike hot cakes and I'm collecting them all! *Watch full video for ALL the answers to your questions. Yup, that one too Pam!* Let's chat below!

Carla W.: This is curly hair season, and you are killing it! She's gorgeous, sis, you did that!

lneal2800: Hey! Kie! You are killing these natural look the volume I love and the curls! Beautiful kie keeping it coming!❤

Cooking for Learning: Kie I can always count on you to make me smile, the hair is gorgeous you always make it look so easy and yes you have taught me a lot and I do get the looks. Thanks again, from Karen all the way in Australia.

patrice moore: Gorgeous !!! Loving the precut units.

Lealah Rae: Yes sis!! I am loving the precut wigs. I just grabbed the klaiyi one and now i want this texture. Keep dropping these gems for the budget baddies ✨️

Love Yourself: Happy Wednesday This is absolutely gorgeous I love this curly unit. Nice glueless unit. The lace blends good. Have a Blessed Day "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Tina BlackberryRose: Gorgeous Kie I ♥️♥️♥️ the texture, pre cut lace, and naturalness. Tyfs✨✨.

kaystarlo: I appreciate your fast fashion wig categorization. It helps me to know if I will get the bells and whistles or not

LINDA JACKSON: You were right on about the description part!!! I love your honesty & being real...that's why I'm here...

Cheryl Washington: Love it Kie❤❤❤ you rock them curly wig❤️‍

Tee Monique: This wig is beautiful!! Could you do a side part as well?

Leslie Bleichner: Girl… when you busted out the “Just for meee” Beautiful as always! ❤

Jena Johnson: Lol check them! Love the ending! But yes the curls always look good and work for you!

Andrea Blue: Love love love now if only they would send some body waves or loose curls or even bob cuts that are glueless I will have my summer together

Roberta g: Man, i was already having a time trying to decide between curlyme and Klaiyi and ended up going with klaiyi for sake of time (ordered yesterday and they already shipped). Now you show this Imma be broke

314hardtimes: One of my favorite units ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Kimberly Kyles: Hey Kie it’s good seeing you ani must say I ♥️ this unit and your eye wear Bloooooop . Thx for I’d ♥️& light. Peace and blessings and happiness and prosperity Amen

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Alisa Mitchell: Another Super Banger Glueless At That Wow

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