Zury Sis Beyond Synthetic Hair Frontal Lace Wig - Byd Lace H Monte --Wigtypes.Com

Zury Sis Beyond Synthetic Hair Frontal Lace Wig - BYD LACE H MONTE --WIGTYPES.COM



*Lace frontal

*HD/ Transparent lace

*Heat safe up to 400

*Light yaki texture

*Big heat friendly

*Can be washed




SOM RT 27/30






Welcome back to our channel, my name is Daniel, and today I have a very interesting unit to review. For you guys, this is none other than Lisa Monty is actually a friends of these legs or Monty by the recesses weren't there beyond your imagination, collection, wings, and I have her in the color FFT pride a lilac, and now, if you would like to see me Style this unit, if you would like to hear all the details about this unit, because this is an HD vs, transparency least frontal. So if you want to see that, if you want all the details, just keep watching okay, so you don't have to come to you straight out of the box with this one, because this one is different. It'S just different. It'S not your regular lace, front wig! It'S not not your regular wig, it's not your regular frontal. Now this is actually by the Reese's. Like I said earlier, she's called Monte and this is an HD least transparency lace, wig, we're gon na get into what you guys are gon na see everything that you need to see. Hopefully I'll get into all the details and everything you would like to know before. Even purchasing this, but anyway I have this in the color FFT pride lilac, so it's lilac all the way through and then you have the pride colors at the front to frame your face. Alright, so let me show you the star card, real quick. It says here vanished Lee's what no more what list this is vanished please. So this is what the star card looks like. It looks so pretty on her, I'm not really into these colors. These colors are not my thing. I think this these colors should have came out in the summer like a wrong pride month. I think a lot of people would have been really excited to get this even to wear it. You know to the parades and all these good stuff, but we haven't know hopefully maybe for next year. You guys will be able to use it, but of course it comes in as well, so you can definitely get it in a one-on-one. Be number two you can get it in like FFT and our fs1 be 30, and you can also get it in a somber ERT burgundy and somber ERT. 27. 30. So it comes in like your regular colors, but it also has these special colors that you can go with okay. So enough of me rambling, let me get into what you want to see, which is this HD lace, so the lace isn't cut off. Of course, like I said it straight out the box, it comes with the baby hairs, and this is what the list looks like know. If I'm correct with these transparency leaves, this is supposed to be way better and you're supposed to blend in a lot better than your regular least. Let me see you pick on one of these stuffed cards. Second, one of these stuffed cards have a picture of okay. It has a picture right here, okay, so this is the other leaf. That'S what they're saying - and this is their super blendable lace HD days, super blendable right, and this is the of Elise. Now I'm not seeing it yet. But for me it looks a bit white and chalky when you see if I could just make a part, maybe I'll just do a center part since easier, and this is a frontal, a swag you guys, so you can basically part it wherever you want to. You see this doesn't look, different, doesn't look better than your regular leaves, and I can't really tell well I mean I could tell, but it's I wish I have this in a black and that way I think I will be able to tell that's how you know. Like how Elise actually looks because I think, with these colors the least always has this type of effect to me personally, okay, so you see this. This is what the lace looks like and I feel like this is not centered, but I'm going to go ahead and cut the lease off are the frames and maybe maybe I'll lay the baby hears. I'M not sure. So let me first put all the leaf and then then I'm finished I like this. Okay, so guys I'm kind of confused like I'm, not sure what I should do should I should I add powder to the parking space since it's a transparent lease. Like am I supposed to add powder to it, or is it supposed to be just like that? Look at natural cuz, normally when I get colored here like this, and that's why I wish I added in a black that way I would be able to tell better, but no me what I have colors like this and only add powder to the part, because it Tends to look kind of orange kind of yellowish, I added some pota. Well, of course you know once I leave the baby. Here'S the only card dirty with the makeup and everything so excuse that, but right here at the front, if this would focus on properly at the front. I added some powder like right here underneath and I think that actually blends in more does it just look dirty. Does it blend in better than how it was, or does it just look dirty like I can't tell I wish I had this enough, but I just wish I had this another okay um, but this is what the lace looks like so far. Maybe I'll add some powder just so we both can see how it turns out how it looks me. Let me see one second give us some snags in the back here. I haven't brushed it since you guys, and you saw that I didn't have not brushed it since, so let me go ahead and brush it out. Oh, it feels soft. It feels really soft. Like I'm getting wait. Oh, I thought this was shedding is at least I thought it was shedding. I was about to say this. This big chunk I hear, and I just came out well I thought it was a big jump to here. Okay, so I shedding a lot, I'm getting a lot of foam shedding. You guys can see. This is shedding a lot okay guys. So this is what it looks like after I added pota to the part, and I to me it looks more natural when I add powder to the part, I'm not sure if, like your suppose that I put it to the part with these transparent leaves, maybe it's Just the same as your regular leaves, but I'm not sure it just looks, it looks better when I add powder to it just like it would look better once I add powder to any least wig at the front. Let me see with the transparent leaves if you were to glue this down. I guess because, given the color of the wig, it would look good if you just leave it like that and not add powder to it after you glue it down. But my thing is just that if I had it in a black, I will be able to tell that about these transparently. So it's kind of hard to determine you guys. Let me know what you think down below. I think the color is kind of pretty. You know the color is actually really pretty love the color. No, I would not wear this out, never wear this out, because that's just me and my preference, but to be honest, I really love this color that we come back. I really love this. I think it's super cute and I think we should have gotten this. These colors, like before I like Ana. Somehow, why didn't we get these colors in there? Somehow I know, but anyway, this is it I think, she's cute. Let me know your thoughts down below when it comes to the to the ladies and everything, and by the way, how could I ever forget the cap construction? That was really good love the cap construction by the way, so you get two cones up front. You get like your little aerial part in space, it's pretty short, so I would say it's like a 13 by for a parking space and you have one collector back. The cap is stretchable like it's a stretchable mesh net material, and you also have you have the adjustable chunks that you also have the elastic band at the back, with the kind of like brush drop method. So you can pull it and tighten it, and then you know loosen it if you want to which is a brilliant idea. I always love other companies, but these type of elastic bands at the back. So that way you can always adjust it, because not everybody had size is the same all right, but thank you guys so much for watching. Like I said, let me know down below what you think about this here, what you think about not only they here, but I think the key points here on this unit is the color and the HD transparency leaves. So let me know your thoughts on that in the comment section down below. Let me know if you think I should have actually gotten the rack that way we could tell. Maybe I think I have another one to review. Probably I'll try to see if I can get that one in the back and yeah, but anyway guys. Thank you so so much for watching, like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is at midterms and I'll, see you guys soon.

Denetria Kenyatta: I LOVE this the pride stripes really bring out the wig & makes it look gorgeous

msjuicycouture22: That HD lace is definitely the new wave for blending with the skin! I would like this in the amber. For some reason it looks rose gold not an "amber" color

Ms. Mommie: What a unique color combination this wig is. It's pretty but definitely a specific occasion color Imo.

Goddiva Thomas: It's not a color I am brave enough to wear unless it's an occasion to get funky/freaky But it actually looks very good on you! And yes she looks more natural with powder on the part!

rajirasmom: Definitely PRIDE HERE its different but I love the style you hooked u this unit

JolieInc: I have noticed the changes to the review videos, I like it, very cool. One request for next time, always show the inside of the unit... The way the cap is constructed and seeing the lace from the inside of the wig helps a lot in deciding whether or not to purchase. Anyways, #tfs

Nikki Laniece: This is cute!! I love the pop of color!

Kaye Seauxs: So y'all I got my dashly #8 croon the giveaway and babbbbbbbbbbeeeeeyyyyyyy the conpliments! Its gorgeous! Its my 1st wig in 3 years and I'm hooked now. I need more colors lol. Thank you so much Din Din!

Shatearer Shuler: Loving the transparent lace... I would get this in black....❤❤❤❤

masheka long: Omg this color blend is so bomb I would get so much attention and I luv it looks pretty on you I hope this would be a giveaway because I’m on it

BlessedGemini: Don't think I would do this color but it looks really cute on you and I love the style

Deva19xx Dee Jones: The color is very pretty. I really like the style of this unit. You like nice in this unit. Probably could see the lace comparison with a darker color unit. But okayyyy zury for upgrading to the hd lace

JoSoFab's Chocolate World: This is just a fun and playful wig with that color. I like The style is cute. TFS Sis xoxo #wiglife

J Croxton: I agree you can't really tell with that color, I would love to see you review it in a different color. But I'm loving the style and the elastic band is a plus!

Edie Todd: So cute, but much too young for me. Love the face framing colors!

Jazzy: Can they please start making these styles with number 2, 1 and 1b? I'm sure they would sell too!

Katie123: I like the lavender and the concept of the ff colors on a different unit like this BUT with this color they could have used pastels as the ff highlights- just my opinion ‍♀️but I get the pride idea.

sanita scott: Very nice and unique colors!!!

Kelleigh Anne: This color is really pretty, reminds me of unicorns!

J_Monay: This reminds me of lucky Charms! I it!

Katie123: I honestly can’t tell either of it looks better or not. Maybe next time when you have this lace in a different unit you can take the makeup on your forehead off and reapply with/after laying the lace/baby hairs down to really show if it’s blends better or not. MAYBE ‍♀️

Kleasha Jones: This wig is bomb asf and I’ve gotta have it

Vanessa Joseph: You look so pretty, I love it

Troy: This is sooo pretty

Sierra Tanner: Very pretty. Wish there was more of the color in it.

NJDevil07: I like the strap and the style. Yes definitely would be able to tell better if it was black.

Yvonne J: Wow, your reviews must be GOLD -- already out of stock! lol TFS!

K.Nicole Nails: This is everything!!

Ericka J: Love wave pattern.

Joelyn M: Wooow. Yesss I’m loving this one !

Paige B: I Wish it was rainbow all over. I’ve been wanting a rainbow wig.

Jewel Norman: Wish I could get this color but I like it and how bold it is!

Phonche TV: EEEEP ITS sO BEAUTIFUL i need this to live out my unicorn fantasies lol

iam_Eva33 Gibson: Cute I love this wig a lot

as go: This is so cute

vincika palmer: Love it

Aretha Robinson: Too cute!!!!!

beautyontwitch: OMG I NEED THIS

Read Love Listen: I like this unit. I’d get it I. This color and a natural color too.

Sharon Temple: Beautiful

Liz Q: It's cute .....the color would also be good carnival time

- 𝘿.𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨 -: The color makes it spicy

tiacherell: This is ittttttttt

Charlene Charles: Omg it is soooo pretty

shonla2000: I think it would be prettier if the units main color was darker not lilac maybe black or dark brown.

carissa W.: It's not a favorite but it's fun, definitely different.

LandishaBeauty: OMG this color!!!

Lakisha Porch: ❤️❤️

T P: Pretty

Magikalblackness: Sooooo it's just gonna be sold out in minutes this wig is me all day

Ria Bossa: I like the wig but I'd need a more natural color

katlady5000: Pretty wig

Gloria.U: Omg so cute my little ponies vibe

Karolyn Stinnett: She's pretty!!!!

Erica Tyler: More for a costume, but not the color for me. Maybe in a natural color for me. I don't want to resemble a unicorn or "Rainbow Brite" lol... not saying Yes, it looks better when you added powder to the part, it didn't necessarily look dirty before, but it definitely was off. Thanks again, but definitely not for me.

Felipe Magalhaes: Is she out yet? Can’t find her anywhere!

Gille87: Yaaaas love!

BX10469: Could you review Zury Sis Hardy and Kors?

SunDaisyCake: Sold out everywhere!

Yvette Shanelle: Some fun hair, special occasions only.

Bonnie: Is it truly a lilac purple color on the video it looks like a pale gray?

Fee-Bee Romero: Fun color

Woah itz Mali: Love

Karin Eades: YEZZZ

aliCHa: Yaasssssss!!!!

Tammy Lyles: Come on Rainbow I like it for spring

PrettyMonstarZu M: If you wanna send it to me I would be happy to take it off your hands looks beautiful on you tho

masheka long: And this color is already out of stock ‍♀️

SheBroke BeautyOnABudget:

- 𝘿.𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨 -: Lmao Vanished lace

Rebel Goddess Co: Can you please give this wig away? It’s sold out already.

Summer Breeze: Not feeling the color...

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