Neon Rainbow Ombre Hair! | Iroiro Uv Colors | Glow In The Dark Hair | December 2022

I'm rainbow again! This time I did a rainbow ombre/fade instead of the sectioned colors. It definitely took a lot more time but it's so cute! Back with another fun hair dye video! I used all Iroiro neon uv colors including 2 new ones for me: orange and red! Their purple was out of stock so I had to mix my own but it turned out pretty anyway! And it glows so bright under a blacklight! I love it! Let me know how you like this rainbow or if you like my last one more!


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Foreign, this so uh, I'm gon na. Do that real, quick before I start dyeing my hair. All right here are all of the colors I'm using today we're doing a whole rainbow, I'm even using pink. I wasn't even gon na do that at first, but uh yeah. Some of these are actually brand new. I haven't tried these colors, yet I don't think um yeah, I mean they're still wrapped up and then you can see they change their packaging. This is the old, older one. I guess because it was even different before this one and now they all all look like this, like just tubes honestly, I kind of like this circle more but oh well, um so yeah. I got more yellow because I was running out but um. These are all iro, iro, neon, colors and then I'm kind of running out of the blue. So I was gon na mix a little bit of this random old one. I have um and I don't have a purple. They were out of purple, so I'm gon na be mixing it myself and hopefully it comes out good, but yeah. Here'S, the uh, the spread. Do you like the rainbow? Okay, all right, so hello. Welcome back. I am doing another hair dyeing video today and, as you can see by the title, we are doing a rainbow once again. I actually did it um. I don't know if it was one or two years ago it was a while ago because I did a whole going through individual colors the past year, um and yeah now we're back to mixing a whole bunch of colors and doing different combinations. So I wanted to do a different kind of rainbow this time it's gon na be a neon one. Of course I had to do one that glows under black clay, because you know I love UV stuff and yeah. I I'm trying new eyebrow eyebrow colors today. So that's gon na be cool. I'M excited to see how that goes yeah. So it's gon na be a fade this time. Last time I did it like uh strips, I guess, of the hair um. It'S gon na be a little bit harder this time, because I need to be like careful about where I put the colors also because I don't have too much of a canvas to work with here. So I'm gon na need to really make sure that I have it planned out. Well, I guess, and so right now my plan is to start from Red at the roots and then fade down to uh Pink. I guess, and so I already bleached my roots, you can see it's all fresh and ready to go uh the front here. If you remember, if you watched my last video, I did Black using the adore brand and um it washed out pretty quickly, and then I did do a little quick bleach bath over to really get it out more. You can see there's a little bit of like a greenish tint left and for some reason, like a pinkish tint like right here, um, so that's strange, but so the plan isn't to do it all the same. Basically. So since I also have this black on the side here, I did do the roots, because I still need to do them as they grow out, but um. As you can see, this black is still pretty heavy on there um it's faded just like a little bit, but so that's actually the difference between the adore black, and this was lunar Tides. So if you were curious, lunar Tides stays on way way longer so depends if you want that or if you want to fade out faster, a door might be better for that, but um I decided. I was gon na leave this because it's gon na be way too much effort to try to even get it out and like I I don't mind it. I, like it so um up here, I'm gon na section it and do the fade that I just mentioned over here on, like the crown on my head and then where this black is, I have it entirely decided. Yet I might just do this strip purple and just leave it at that, or I might do like um. I don't know: reverse rainbow fade or some like I don't know, but I'm gon na do this part first and um and then figure out what I'm doing with this. So that is the plan. Today, I'm gon na go get my hair dyeing shirt on and I'll be back. Okay, I am back the hair. Dyeing shirt is on my gloves. Are here. I think I'm ready to start I'm just gon na section, my hair, real, quick and uh yeah get to it all right. So I clip this up. The rest of my hair is pulled back. We'Re gon na start with this and um probably have to section it a little bit more because this is still a lot to start with, but yeah. Let'S make this rainbow happen. Ing foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, together, foreign wow, okay. So I just finished that main section that definitely took uh some time but yeah. I took these down and look at these little curls it made from being in a little so early and so funny um but yeah. So I actually still have some of the colors left over, so I'm thinking I might just use what I have left to um do what little bit of um yellow, I guess or white. I have here um. So I have. I still have some like purple or pink purple, blue and green left, but I don't really have uh, yellow orange and red left. So I might just put those away and just use the four that I have left and just try to use up the color. I'M not sure I'm gon na take a quick break and then uh get back to this, so um yeah. These look so funny foreign foreign foreign. All right, I'm finally done doing my whole. Well, not my whole head, but all of the blonde Parts on my head. All right so it's time to just leave it alone for a little while, which is great, because I need to take a break and um clean all this up, so uh yeah. I usually leave it on for like an hour or more. It depends on what I'm doing or how I'm feeling this isn't damaging, so I can leave it on for, however long really so yeah. This uh feels like it's gon na, be pretty cool, I'm excited for it. I'M really happy to have like bright colorful hair again, because I've missed that um I've just been letting it fade for a while and uh yeah. Sorry, I keep staring at myself. I just can't get over the amazing rainbow situation going on here so um anyway. I'M gon na go take a break and I'll be back when I have washed this out to show you the final look, foreign, here's how the rainbow turned out, as you can see, it's pretty dang, bright and colorful when I kind of like play around with it And flip it, it kind of reminds me of like an oil slick, a little bit kind of gives me those vibes. It'S pretty cool lots of colors um. I think, maybe next time, if I do a rainbow again, I might do a either a different fade or different combination or something because um this is cute, but the the red and the orange um are like a very bright and kind of like in your face. I feel like compared to the other colors, but it's still cute, and here is how the sides turned out here. It'S kind of uh muted, because it's you know next to this faded out black or uh. I mean it's still in the process of fading, but um yeah. This isn't as bright as it is up here, but it's cute foreign yeah. Let me know how you like this color, what you think about it and uh. If you've seen my last rainbow hair video, let me know which uh version - I guess you like more, which rainbow you like more as you can see, I kind of did my eyebrows rainbow two to match, so that's fun, um yeah. I think next time I re-dye my hair, I might do kind of a rainbow um, but basically with less colors. I think I'm gon na take some of these really bright. Colors out or I don't know, that's not the right word um, basically just a different color combo, I'm probably not gon na - do seven colors. I feel like from the blue, starting from like the blue to the purple and then the pink, the colors kind of fade. More into each other, I feel like, whereas here it's like a more clear separation, I don't know there's nothing wrong with that, but there's just a bazillion ways that I could have done this so um yeah, maybe I'll do other Fades with um, starting with a different Color on top yeah we'll see, but I'm definitely back to doing different fun, color combinations, I'm not going to be doing just one solid color. I think for a while again, because I do miss this. I do miss experimenting and all that, and now that I have seen what I look like in all the individual colors separately. I kind of have a better idea of what I like on myself, so yeah and there's definitely still some combos that I haven't tried that I want to so yay get excited for that. So the next thing I'm gon na do is see how this looks under a black light. I'M really excited to see how it came out and also how the purple is, because I did have to mix that one. I didn't have that. So I'm curious. If it all actually glows or uh or if it doesn't we'll see so yeah, let me grab a black light: real quick foreign okay. So, as you can see, it is very bright under UV light. So that's super cool super exciting the purple glows too. So that's awesome. That means I can mix a color if I don't have it so yeah, that's really exciting uh. Once again, this is the iro iro brand neon hair colors, so um yeah they all glow pretty bright. So that's so cool! I really want to do more, like black light themed shoots. So this is awesome, because I can do that now and my hair will match and look really cool with it and I'm really excited to come up with like different characters and outfits and uh. I don't know scenes or whatever photo shoots with this uh neon hair color and the various neon UV themes. If you like this video, please leave me a like and if you aren't subscribed yet I do other hair dying videos and uh, as I just mentioned. I am planning on doing more fun combos I haven't done before. So, if you like that kind of stuff, you should stick around and yeah. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you on my next video bye.

Astral Artist: Thanks for watching! Here's my last rainbow hair!

Kevin Patrick: LOVE IT !!

Em Bee: I love this xx

Buddy Shenk: RAINBOW HAIR!!! ❤️

Nohbodi Sublim3: DOPE!

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