Be A Baddie In This Blonde Straight Wig From "Isee Hair On Aliexpress"

Today I'm going to show you guys a wig from Isee Hair @iseehair_aliexpress. I love blonde hair so I really enjoyed wearing this wig. If you guys like this wig after watching this video, make sure you go get it and look like a baddie out there where guys will say "hey is that ____" yeah! so go get it babes!!

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So there's no lace to be seen and I sound peeling, no lace like it's gone: hey, I'm sugar, emmalin, i'm back with another video and today i'm gon na be doing a hair, video and i'm doing blonde again and it's from icy hair and it's just 13 Blonde, obviously it's a weed yeah, so I got the clips from everything so I'm not to show y'all humming through this hair and it's really straight. I just wet it though so I'm about to blow dryer to make it straight and stuff like that. So Y all stay tuned, Father and yeah, let's get funny, so I'm just just. Do it a touch up on my edges, so I got two friends. I have a toothbrush right here. So there's no lace to be seen and I saw Imperial no lace like it's gone, it's gone. You don't have to do much. I feel like. Oh yesterday's. I was doing this hair it. I was doing it completely. I was doing it completely wrong like because the edges I have, I had to meet too many baby hairs, so you want to make sure their baby a small as possible. Cuz you're, looking like it's like gon na, not look natural, you know the same, so I feel like blonde hair is easier to do than black hair like because I don't know it's just so much work to be done might be looking no lies, and i hope You like that is that we glue hairspray. I can't talk about my seat or we will fight in Assam period so close and so glad that I found you you're the missing the last piece of the puzzle, I'm fine so a time to rub and the promises we made. She shall have me and we're about to break. We have to cuz. We know how so I already started on straightening this side, because I wanted to see how it's gon na look and I have a few more pieces to do and I'm gon na show y'all. So I take a piece not coming out and then I spray and yeah this that you want to section it off because it would be like more easier to do. I know I was gon na take a little minute, but if you want your head so glad that I found you you're the missing last piece of the puzzle, I'm fine, so a times are rough and the promises we made. She shall harm me we're bout to break we have to. We know how Oh make sure y'all get this hand from I see here. I see it and I'm gon na put everything description down below it's so pretty. They should everything so bye.

Exilz: Aye love your videos and I bet at the end of 2019 you will be at 400k and up and I hope you and jay turn out as a really good couple


C4m the youngin: Your hair is to good to be wearing wigs tbh

coco quin fanpage : I love ur voice Emily

Vaehh hh: We have something in common we both say prdt alot!

Niesha Mack: Emily is so fucking adorable

Briana Madrigal: That shit go hard

CeeGo6razyy: Think of Emily in blonde curly hair jeez

NoFacetv: Her voice mad deep

Martha Clark: Hi emily you can model fot all the different hairstyle you do take picture of them all and show them they are gorgeous

C. Copeland: ❤️

Niyahpooh: Periodt pooh❤❤❤❤❤ I love u periodt

Kantavis Myles: She cute

Kenya Frith: Periodtt

Cristine Davis: Omg Emily I love I alot u are my idol

Thebadkidds FAM: You mad fine no kap

starfire vibes: Do a wig giveaway

trinity forever: When you and jay going on a date

Rachel Chamoo: U so pretty

Myalee Reneè: Hi omgggg I love u so much ❤️

Takeover Bull: you so cute yooo

kaelahh: ‘’That’s On period “

N 3 S H A: Girl u always on fleak

Eishaaa .baybee: you look like famous ocean

KLIY: What song is this

Samantha Hernia: She sound just like her mommma she is a baddie

Lanisha Pittman: U look just like famous ocean

Life with Queen: U should do another prank on jay

C. Copeland: Emily you should do the i don’t like you prank on Stephenie

Arleatha Evans: Whats The song called

StaySolid1804🇭🇹: U cute asf

Keylenxx: You look like famous ocean

Corianna Butler: You need to do pink

생활 MYAH: I literally just threw my phone at the wall when I saw you posted

Janyah .M: Prdttttt

Vaehh hh: U look like the girl ocean

Deja Lawrence: It’s gon period

Pshhh Shut up: Noti gang

Frank Giambrone: I use got to be glod

gaming_girl_roblox _queen: Is that a firon

lillian Wade: U look like ocean a little bit

Maycee Dior.: No effence u have a deep voice

Eric P: No vievs and 12 likes i feel offended and bullied idk why LIKE BROOO NO VIEWVS AND 12 LIKES HUHHH

Harun odobasic: I saw funnymikes vid when the date coming tho

Jayvon Hartt: First to watch

Mar Tez: First OnBro

Tanijah Word: First one

Yanni gang: I’m the first

rln tone: First

diamantic swifty: You got braces

Kerry Drew: Kerry

Tanijah Word: First

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