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Hello & welcome back to SlayedByOna TV. In today’s video I will be showing you another step by step protective style. This is a tutorial on how to diy a half up half down lace frontal sew in from start to finish. In this beginner friendly video we used raw virgin hair bundles and laid the lace front weave down with bold hold glue. If you have been rocking a sew in and want to transition from a traditional sew in to a sew in using a lace frontal, then this video is just for you. Try this lace frontal installation on yourself or your clients and comment below if you used some of the techniques shown in the video.

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#slayedbyona #howto #lacefrontalsewin

It smells good. I just want to say that I'm so proud of my clients here when she first came to me. She had blonde hair and she also had dyed it like a pink color as well. I want to see if I can find some pictures and maybe I'll insert it here. As you can see, her hair is very like brittle at the ends very dry, so we literally had to cut all of that off, and this was our results afterwards. She had mentioned that when she would oil her hair, the ends of her hair, just sucked up all the moisture and that's what blonde hair does it literally sucks up all the moisture in your hair? So one thing I do want to preach is that we absolutely should take care of our natural hair first, it does not make any sense for us to have a protective style if we're not taking care of our hair. Underneath. Thank you for listening to my TED talk now back to the video bring the energy that I need to charge. My life. You brought the days to my nights me. No look! No other way, no do anything for my baby, oh wow, too much on my body. Again, I'm going back in with the got to be gel on top of the cap as well. I just don't like the got to be sprayed just because it sprays everywhere and with the spike gel I just have more control of where it goes moist. Why? You not like that word like it's a texture, you don't always say it's a texture thing yeah! Okay, that word, you are the time of my life, something you do to my heart. Stop what you are doing right now, you're watching this video go ahead and hit that subscribe button. I got big girls out here. My goal is to hit a thousand subscribers on this YouTube channel. So go ahead and do me a favor and hit that subscribe button back to the video look so small enough, there's about to be a 360. no for real! I feel like your phone here is gone. Thank you. You see it barely like! Oh, you guys lose, but this middle. This part is too long. Continue watching and you'll see exactly how I fixed this small forehead problem. I feel like once I actually start sewing down the sides of the frontal. Then it was easier for me to fix that middle part. So here we're just applying my client's Foundation. We used liquid foundation and I just you just definitely want to make sure you don't use a lot, just dab a little bit on your on your hand and then just blot it on there. I do prefer the cream foundation over the liquid foundation or the powder. This is just what we had on hand empty. I am using bold hold in this video and we're going to add a number of three layers of this glue comment below. If you have used any other lace front glue, whether it holds longer, I did hear that bold hold active is a good one. So comment down below. If um, you have any recommendations for a good lace, frontal glue stuck on you here, I'm just pressing down the frontal into the glue and then I'm gon na cut it into three different sections. That'S just how I Like to Lay My frontals. To be honest, I actually did not even like the boho glue, just because it wasn't as tacky as I thought it would be. Um. Okay, so here is the middle part, and this is definitely where we had to pull the lace back a little bit and you can see that it isn't sticking right there. So I have to pull it back, glue it down, and then I have to sew it down in the back. Just now, okay Scouts, under my little ponytails, oh honey, it's giving scalp. Can we trust us? I had to go okay yay. So this is the styling part. This is honestly my favorite part of any hairstyle. So I, my last video that I uploaded was a half up. Half down and I've been posting a lot of half up. Half Downs lately so go ahead and enjoy the rest of the video. While you watch me style her hair, okay watch me slay honey, and if you made it this far into the video go ahead and give this video a thumbs up, this lets me know that you're enjoying my content - and you want me to post more - I do Want to say that this video is from February 11th of 2022, so this has been a year from now and I am going to be updating you all on my techniques. So, as the videos keep rolling out, the content is going to get better and better. I just have to catch up on old content that I have just sitting in my phone, so I got ta get these videos out to you and the updated techniques will be coming just be patient. Yes, I do a good guys. I'M done waiting time foreign And subscribe on the way to reach a thousand subscribers peace, love and blessings foreign

Sharell Denise: Definitely Slayed this look and the curls and lace was definitely giving

Zakiyyah Tanzil: Ooooo & WEEE U DID THAT OKURRRR

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