I Found This In My Hair! Lice?

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What'S going on guys today, I'm actually going to get a haircut. However, other camera with me, you guys don't know Chandler's getting it's really dark in here, but Chandler. My brother, my other brother, is getting married on Saturday, tomorrow's his wedding shower so family's over right. Now. That'S really cool, but I do need to get a fade and fix my hairline and all kinds of stuff. So cameras talking along with me and today, I'm gon na try to get a Gabe young, AZ, barber make sure go. Follow him. I'M gon na try to get him to basically shave the top of my head and it's like a trick to get rid of frizzy hair on top of waves. So with that being said, I'm gon na do a wave update today. So I can show you guys, because you guys did ask for it, but now skill I saw the video we had help. I watched it all right, you guys it has been. I don't even know how many days later well did you take it merica and, let's see Tuesday in two days it would be an entire week. I have been like back-to-back going in on like every single thing right now, cuz, because my brother's wedding, you guys, can see how much how ham we went really like white. Just this trash outside yeah this whole time uh, we just one of the family, and I did not want to film too much and the crazy thing is on the family chat. I was like yo we're gon na vlog when the family's here, but it's like, I haven't, seen my family and hung out with him truly and probably about two years. So I'm like dude, I'm gon na soak up this moment and enjoy it, and it was a whole lot of fun and I'm glad that I didn't film as much. Actually I filled it all. I filmed a little bit of Charlie's wedding, which is gon na, be on the Family, Channel and kind of just behind the scenes of everything I went down mostly for him to enjoy, and then also we filmed the entire thing, but that will be on the family Channel when it comes out now the thing that sucks is, I didn't get too much of my hair right after I did show you guys. Obviously, they're cut off kicking it, but I mean you can see it's kind of grown in but eh I mean you can still see how clean that fade is I'm gon na obviously decide to and the finger back, but one thing I'm gon na be doing today Is I'm gon na be doing a brush session and I was actually going to be doing something new today, but I'm not now one thing that you will notice is you can't see the enhancements anymore, so my hairline obviously just looks how much my hairline normally looks, But you guys seen in the video how clean and how sharp it was, especially when I showed you last time when I got my hair cut by an AZ. It just looks really good. I plan on going back and telling enhancements are the way to go, but right now I'm actually going to be doing, like I said a brush session and showing you guys just a wave update, because I told you guys that it would and the next video I Plan on doing something pretty pretty well pretty different, so stay tuned for that video boats go get a brush session. I use my medium brush and this is like. I would honestly call second in between medium and soft for some reason. Good here now guys do not forget. You can pick up these waves, your marks, calm and don't forget to use my discount code, save yourself some money, alright, but I'm gon na start out with the medium this one just like it's a little different, and so does this one. This one, like really gets the top layer of your hair, really good. Our shop moving in with the fourth is called. It'S called the blue. You know what I'm talking about, I'm not sure how it's picking up on camera, but I just know everything all right guys. I'M gon na do something that I'm not sure a lot of you guys would actually do or even want to see, but I'm going to actually get my life's comb and then comb through and see how much buildup is in my hair. Now I've only put product in my hair once usually when I put product in my hair. It'S like an adhesive like all kinds of dust or dry scalp or in other words dry scalp is called dandruff, which is basically your scalp drying up and then flaking, which is completely normal. Obviously, just want to keep up with washing your hair, but let's see how it looks because the last time I washed my hair was about what you today to go. So we'll see how quick this clicks I'll show you guys up close. Let me wash the stuff now before I do show you guys me coming through my waves. This isn't an awesome way to actually define them. One thing that I do like is when the waves kind of have like you can see. Like I don't know, if they're called like comb mark student, I like the way that looks cuz the net. Defines them then also this list of waves. So when you're brushing em, it makes the waves a little deeper and that's also a process. If you constantly will comb them and brush and kind of go back and forth, you are building the definition and that's the whole purpose of brushing and combing. That'S what I've learned I use a wise comb because it helps bring out all the build-up. I know, that's my scalp feel very breathable and very fresh, so I'm just making my camera really bright, so you guys can see everything I'll give you guys a quick 360. So you can see this side is like really thriving. That fade looks pretty clean, even though it's been almost a week old, still it and cleaning. That quick looks like pretty fresh work on the back and some of the sides. For some reason it seemed a little bit more coarse, which they are now, I'm not sure if they're more curly, but they are no, of course, that's for sure. Alright, here we go. I don't think it's gon na be that bad today you can see a little bit coming out. You can see how everything is getting a little bit more defined, but if any of you guys know anything about lawn care, there's a thing called dethatching which pulls out all the dead grass and you know dead roots and everything. This is basically detaching its point out. Any hair that isn't supposed to be in there it's pulling out all the dead scalp also once your here gets a little bit thicker and your wolf ink. This helps detangle over hair so that your pairs all go in the same direction when you're brushing or if it's a little bit flatter. Alright, we already got some coming up, and this I'm telling you guys this is natural people on that last one you're like dude. I don't have that in my hair, brushing here and see what happens, but also, if you wash your hair a lot, then you're not gon na have it, but I washed my hair about once or twice every week, all right. So now I'm just gon na get like really in-depth, see how much I can pull out today and, like I said guys, this is natural. There is hair in there and, like I said that pulls out dead hair pulls out all the dry scalp. So I'm just gon na do it in the mirror I'm so I can go like really in focus on one thing that I didn't mention is it's also pulling out any overused product? So if you put too much product in your hair, where it's not even taken to the hair anymore, just chilling on your scalp, I'm gon na pull out all that hairs are all that extra product as well. But I can't say that this is defining the waves. A little bit better, that's good, all right, good yeah! That feels good. My hair feels nice and deep one thing I want to show you guys, I'm not! I'M actually quite surprised. This is how much build-up I have in my hair. I'M telling you 100 % natural guys, but yeah. You could find this stuff, like literally just chilling in your on your scalp, and this is why it's good to always do it so that your scalp can breathe and your hair can grow a little bit healthier. But you can see the hair there, you can see the build-up and I'm telling you this is just oil. This is dry, scalp and people will say no, it's not, but sorry I had to break it to you. It is because I'm telling you I washed my hair two days ago and then I put product in my hair. That'S the only thing that happens and it's not like I'm up there doing a whole bunch of stuff lately, because I've been inside the past two days. Just hanging out with family, so this is just natural - build up. Everyone'S scalp builds up at a different rate. Mine tends to look a little bit quicker and my that everyone's produces oils a little bit differently. Some people have more of a dry scalp. Some people have a really ugly scalp which produces oily hair. For me, I feel like I have something that's kind of balanced in between. I don't really notice my hair being really oily or anything of that, but I do know adding products in make sure hair really oily for me and then plus covering it with the do-rag kind of pushes out even more oils, because my scalp is like trying to Over produce because it's covered, but I'm breaking it to you guys this is natural, alright, but you can see all the hair. You see some of them where it was attached to the scalp and it was just hanging on and it wasn't really supposed to be there. So this helps my hair to kind of breathe freely, and I would say it's good get yourself a lice comb and do this about. You know once a week once every two weeks and you'll thank yourself for doing it, because you're pulling out all that stuff that you don't want inside of your hair or you don't want. Hang it on your scalp, because it's not allowing your hair to breathe properly, and it's just what I would like to call it aerates your head, which aeration is basically yeah. I don't know if you know anything about lawn care. You know that. But this is good. Good news: don't worry, it isn't nasty. This is all-natural. This is scalp build-up, dry, scalp, product and hair. It'S all it is it's nothing! It'S not lice. A lot of people might say it would look like lice, but lice are actually little bugs, and these puppies are not moving they're, not going anywhere. No, if they were there not be a problem, but you guys take a look at how everything's looking. I know that my waves are a little bit deeper now, after doing that, it's coming together. That'S for sure it's taking off to the top of my head to get there they're, barely sure you get ripples lately. So you can see him the thing about ripples, especial atop, my head, like there's: no connections really whatsoever so give it a couple weeks and I'm gon na be wolfing for the next couple weeks. So so things turn out. So with that being said with me, wolfing all the way out, I'm literally wolfing, my hair, so growing it continually brushing at the same time until it gets the length that I want to start my dreadlocks and at that point I'm going to stop brushing and allow My hair to lock up with whatever method I choose, but it's gon na be pretty cool to see how long I live. I heard a wolf and I'm expecting always to get really deep during the wulfing stage. Now during time, I'm going to be still getting a line up and everything like that, because I don't want my lineup to be all the way down here or my hair to be all the way down here, just from not getting line ups. So that's the plan and then from here on out just wolfing and we'll see how everything goes. I remember Nick wavy actually did this. He wolfed all the way out and then just went to an afro and then he ended up kind of hair back down. But that's basically what I'm gon na be doing is wolfing all the way out into an afro and then dreadlocks. But you guys what you think about the build-up telling you it's natural, don't be afraid to try it because you will find some stuff in your hair and you'll be thankful that you did it. So that's not actually inside your hair. But you guys on that. That is the update video on my waves and me cleaning out my hair, and I think this is a great way to actually properly clean your scalp with using a lice comb. It just works, and it helps out, with alone, on your hair, to breathe and it coming down to your you know your natural hair without a whole bunch of oils and unneeded stuff in there. Bye guys, hopefully enjoyed it. If you did give it a thumbs up - and I will see you guys next time - hopefully you guys do have an amazing day. I fact have a great day. Peace to rehab bless

LRat787: You should go a week without any products and show the same process so you’ll know exactly how much is actually product buildup vs natural scalp/hair shedding. From that knowledge you should be able to adjust your product usage to minimize overall buildup. Too much buildup can cause scalp problems which could lead to hair loss in the area.

Arturo Garcia: Great video man keep up the good work im not a professional or anything but when I ever use any styling products after the day is over with I always shampoo and condition to clean it all out and scrub the scalp thoroughly I can't recall ever having any dandruff build up doing this

Its Royal: You should do a whole week of sit ups 100 a day and see what the results!

gool good: You should do a whole week of sit ups 100 a day and see what the results!

Savrai: I’ve had dandruff as long as I can remember as a kid. Even back in grade school in like 7th grade my teacher left the room and my friend dared me to go shake out my head on the teachers desk all over his paperwork. I did and when the teacher came back he started inspecting the papers looking all confused. Her and I were trying so hard not to laugh. He brushed it off and went back to what he was doing. I shampoo my hair 2 to 3 times a week. I used to shampoo daily, but it would get so bad to were dandruff would flake off my head. Even today when I shampooed my hair I was combing and it was just flaking everywhere. Mine doesn’t clump up like that. After I comb I use a shea butter daily moisturizer. It helps with dry scalp.

Kyle Nombre: I thought you were growing dreadlocks again but on behalf of wavers it's good to have you

Bee Shifting: It’s dandruff it’s no harm and if it’s really bad you should get a proscription shampoo from your local pharmacy and that should help ^^

steezyberg: Imagine when you had the locs. Hella build up lol btw your hair looks mad good like this

TheLocalAbdi69: i swear gunthers hair grows on command the guy is the embodiment of it isssss what isssss

Rylee Duncan: Him saying this is natural, him being freaked out

max..: My god. I’m glad you got them out my man!

Renee Sneed: Wash your hair twice a week with Head and Shoulders... That's what I use and you will see a big difference

Renee Sneed: And you are right if you want clean hair... Without any residue sticking on it a lice comb will remove it ,,,I have tried it so many times and it works.

Sheila Moore: If your hair is growing fast, you do get heavy dandruff. You should try a hot oil treatment professional a couple of times until the dandruff is under control

Tonya Mitchell: You need to try Shampooing & Conditioning atleast 3 times per week if you are in the habit of using leave in products in your hair. There shouldnt have been so much build up in hair that is as short as that.

Jordan Cross: not gonna lie, when he combed his hair, that was oddly satisfying

Clare Jennings: I love that I decided to watch this before my nap

Eric Hart: One time a teacher thought I had lice but she looked a bit closer and realized I just have flaky scalp or like dandruff

DarkXD: Comb deserves respect dawg

👑MIKEY_SANO👑: Him: This is natural Me: For you yes it is

FRUSTRATED PLAYER: Fresh waves boii

King Lamelo: Soft brushes don’t help you get waves or better them they just lay your hair down better only medium and hard help you get waves

Heather Williamson: How do you know if it’s lice Or dry scalp

Joanne Peller: "Pulls out all the dead hair." Hello, hair is made up of dead keratin cells, so your hair is not alive, EVER! Anyone watching this video can see that you are obviously in love with your hair. However, making and uploading TWO separate video's on training your weave; both in which you use a lice comb to strip dead skin cells, and product buildup, from your hair/scalp only shows your viewers that you are: unimaginative, vain, only here for clicks and truly have no idea what you are talking about. In both video's you REPEATEDLY use conflicting terminology to try and convince your viewers that the residue seen on the lice comb is "NATURAL" in one statement, but then in the next statement you say it is "PRODUCT BUILDUP." Well yes, it can be both. However, you never state it that way, you say it is one and then the other. I think you should consider constructing an outline of your dialog before you shoot a video, so you don't repeat/contradict yourself and come of sounding foolish.

TheNYCWave: Take care of your waves pls you have amazing hair for waves

Flight in June: damn just wash your hair i wash mine 6 times a week its not hard litterally takes 10 minutes out your day

Peter Piper: You my friend definitely have lice, and rather unfortunately for you, and your style of thick wavy hair the problem will not go away with treatment, its a bit like herpes. What most professionals suggest in cases like yours is to select a dominant male pubic louse then shave off your pubic hair and relocate your dominant pubic louse to your head hair. It will eradicate the other dominant male head lice and effectively leave you with a controllable group. Once these stages have been accomplished, you can start to enjoy your lice, style your hair around them and their needs

Lady Irrigator: When I wore my hair short I used a kuce comb to clean my scalp.

Cmayy: Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and he is love

V1s1b11ty4TheW3ak: That’s Dandruff. Not Lice mate.

JESSE M: I don’t watch this mans videos for like a month he already has a different hair style

Bodrea: What’s the address for the barber shop or is it appointment only?

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angry Andrew: Soak your hair in limes and tea tree oil to get rid of bugs

Mightychondria: How the actual tarnation can someone have THESE many lice

Jiny: Imagine if the world has a device witch could suck up all of that from your hair into a containor idk what I am even saying

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Demarcus Hairline: That’s what happens when you put 360 layers of grease on your head for 360 waves

Jonda: Are y'all not worried that there is something underneath them waves like I'll never get waves

OJJ: This is why I use oils and not moisturisers in my hair moisturisers just lead to build up

nevaeh jones: he said i wash my hair once or twice a week wen i do four

Switch _: i knew a kid on wher ehe has so much dandruff that when i would chat to him if you looked into his eye browns they were would be covered in dandruff like how do people let it get that bad even if you just wet your hair then comb it that will work ill tell you that

ZenPai: We have the exact same glasses

Jayden Vasquez-Rios: I just want to say that happens BECASUE you wash with hot water wash your hair with cold water so noting wrong just wash your hair with cold water every day

Rendani Mphafudi: i am confused when did you get waves again. i am happy

isomadevert: "didn't you upload this" Well of course he did, some people that don't view his first video its a responsibility for a YouTuber to reupload. Maybe he just need money to do the things for you guys. Stop hating on him. Sad to see how some of his fans are turning away from him as the years go by

Young Zx: Springmasters lmao I do know what you mean keep it going Gunther !

Joshua Rivera: Washed his hair once or twice? a week

Nikki Morales: Make it a regimen of using Neutrogena t- sal or t- gel shampoo..!!

shazzza banazz: Anyone can get hair Lice it's a mith that they go to dirty hair it's only clean heads I worked in primary school lol the kids spread it like wild fire

FairyBread_Commenter!: POV: you are disgusted, and you looked this up on purpose, but you keep watching

Xtra: One thing I want to remove from the world (LICE CORONAVIRUS CANCER)

soho1080: Is that a hair brush or a bathroom scrubber??

Chips.: So this whole video were aimed to feature some products who've paid him to feature them.

Hayleigh Martin: Do baking soda and apple cider vinegar and it will get all the ingredients out of your hair

Joan E: Is it natural build up?

Eric Marti-Ruiz // That curly headed colombian: I feel like this video is different from the first one he made

vuks: hair growin quickkkk

Nuh Rehmat: That ain’t no lice that’s dandruff

basic_noob: can't really use a small comb like you i've got a small afro going on rn trying to grow out for dreads

The bully scientist: Bru don’t go back to dreads it’s gonna pull your hair line back when u wave your taking car of your hair

Gary Rowe: Definitely don't have it its definitely a dry scalp try head and shoulders I guarantee you that will go away after 2 or 3 uses ur welcome

Hades: Thumbnail had me in the first half ngl

KingTobhi: This video is just weird. It feels like I’m watching from a parallel universe

Mr.turtle Gaming: Man y'all need to hop up off him and let him do what he wants.

Nikki Morales: Everytime you wash make it your first wash....!!

Zhongyi Yao: " why you got lice in your hair" Quackity

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Tray_F.I: Cant seem to get my thick dreads to retwist plz make a vid to explain

Miminko: こんなに凄いフケ見た事ない

BFF gaming Girls: Who else checked there hair after watching this

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Shamear: is soo satisfying

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𝓙𝓲𝓶𝓼𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬♡: Great I started itching

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TRUTH REVEALED: I got some from a wig, that's why I stopped wearing them‍♀️

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Allan Dave Lacson: I got gum in my hair

Lona Bonsall: I had it when I was little and it's not natural and it's from lice I had lice and I had that when I was little

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