No Glue! Pre Cut + Pre Plucked Beginner Wig Install Glueless No Baby Hair Jerry Curly Klaiyi Hair

NO GLUE! Pre Cut + Pre Plucked Beginner Wig Install Glueless No Baby Hair Jerry Curly Klaiyi Hair . Press play wig install & review by Kie RaShon.


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Wash Wig


How to Cut Ear Tabs on Wig


Elastic Bands

Nairobi Wrap Mousse

Revlon Diffuser

Water Mist Bottle

Dry Shampoo

Wig Caps

Curl Glaze

GEX Beauty WIG GRIP (Brown)

Claw Clips


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Brows: Revlon Colorstay Dark Brown

Highlight/Conceal: Loreal Infalliable Concealer 415 Honey

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier Honey Transluscent

Eyes, Nose, Contour: Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder Milk Chocolate

Face: Morphe Setting Mist

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Klaiyi Hair- Big Head Associate but comfy

Kie's 3 POINT WIG FITTING SYSTEM: (comfortably) 23 in head size

1. on front hairline

2. on sides to hairline and right above ears

3. down in back to nape of neck.

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The curls, the hair, the Hoops the shirt, the necklaces meet, Hold Up, Wait A Minute Clyde you wanna step up in it. Well, hey y'all! Welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, Kyra Sean! Today'S video is brought to you by color, your hair. They send me another Unity review for you guys thumbs up. Okay, I bought you another one, so y'all can stop waiting now before we get into this pre-cut pre-plugged, affordable, closure unit, that's beginner, friendly that I'm also rocking a glueless. Yes, yes, make sure if you're new to the channel, you go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification Bell, so you don't miss anything else. Coming up also give this video a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, let's go foreign hair, all the specs of my unit right here on the screen. So if you want to check it out, you can now. This is the second time that I'm trying a pre-cut pre-plucked wig, so we're going to see what kalaii hitting for, because y'all know. Karate is more of a fast fashion, type of brand. Okay, no shade they normally just hop on a trend. Real quick. Give you a little spice a little something to you know, get your little Razzle and um not much else. The Dazzle does not follow okay, so we're gon na see if this is going to have a little Razzle Dazzle or just a little Razzle. Today, y'all saw how it looked on me out the pack and I must say, I'm not um, I'm not disappointed. Yet even the pre-pluckness is you know it's all right. I may need to cut a little bit of lace off of mine just because things that I learned in my previous pre-cut pre-pluck wig. I don't think I need as much lace on the front of mine. They cut it about a half an inch in front of the hairline. Now the lace is thin enough. You can blend that down and be just fine, but Clyde normally has like that transparent basic lace. You normally got to use your products to blend down, so we're going to see right now. I'M gon na go ahead and blend it down with my milk 360.. Once I find it, this is makeup. If you don't want to use makeup, you can use an actual lace, tint spray, but I don't use that because it's too messy for me, I'm gon na put a lot on that joint because, like I said it was very ashy on me when I put her On like so, let's put it up in that part in space like that, if you are new to wigs or just don't want to do a whole bunch of work, these are the wigs for you. Mine did come with the elastic band already in my wig, and it also comes with the neck grip in the back this little silicone joint right here so in case the elastic band is too much for your head or you don't like wearing it all the time You can definitely still wear this wig glueless and not have any slippage around your neck, because you have that silicone nape grip back there. Before I put this joint on my head, I'm gon na give a little whole bath. Okay, because this joint is monkey okay, but that is not new to karate their wigs, always stink. So I'm gon na go ahead and spray her down really quick, because I don't feel like washing her I've been doing so good y'all, washing my wigs my little products. I just don't feel like it today, because it takes me a little bit longer to dry it down when I do wash the wigs. So I just want to go ahead and just get the wig going. Okay, so a dry shampoo first then spray it down with some water, Pat that all in and again this is a quickie. Okay, it's a whole bath, so make sure you go ahead and wash your wig, regardless of what I'm saying in this video wash your wig immediately now before you say anything about your curls looking different than mine, it's going to look different if you wash your wig Because the curls are a lot juicier, because you're detangling the wig prior to you styling it I'm pretty much doing it with y'all now. So I probably will have shedded with my wig, but you'll probably get your shedding when you go in for the initial wash hold on this cap does run, I would say, based on how it's fitting on my sides, it's definitely more big hit, associate how you doing I'Ma rock this wig - I ain't too worried about that because my sides are going to be down anyway. It'S still fitting down big head friendly. As far as the Comfort like I said, I may need to cut some of my lace off, I'm not going to cut it right now. I'M gon na use that to my advantage, when I go in and swirl this joint look, look what I got. Okay, I got the knife, Ruby mousse, I ordered a new one and it came back with a regular nozzle. Thank you. This little nozzle right here was giving me the business okay. It was getting on my nerves, but they came back with the regular joint. The square tip. Yeah y'all be watching my videos. Let'S go ahead, get that initial pump out like that. Oh it's so much better! It'S so much better! I do want to swirl these around and yes, some of the makeup that I use on this hairline will come off because this mousse does have water in it. Okay, I'm only working with a little bit, so I'm already done go ahead and get the do. They usually headbands, don't think they do. Y'All were listening to me too. Where is my brush? I'M gon na. Do it in two sections spray a little bit more water just to make sure it'll work through the product a lot easier, I'll, probably get more tingling with my wig right now, because I did not detangle it during the co-wash process, because I did not co-wash the Wig, I'm just warning you in advance: that's what that's what I'm doing work it from the ends so far, so good okay got some snags right there, but I think, if I put a little bit more product on that, it'll help it also because I did not Wash the hair prior to this step, I will need to use a lot more product than if I wash the hair, because the hair is pretty much dry. You work it through like that. This Jerry, curl texture is pretty nice. I will need to Clump the curls, though, do I need to cut my ends? I don't think I do who is vacuuming right now I am getting some shedding, while I'm doing the clumping process make sure I Clump the root. Let me do this side really quick. This is going by pretty fast, because again, most of the work is already done for you. Oh, I didn't put no water on the side. Let me just go over it pretty sure this is your 150 density. If I'm incorrect, though the correct information for this wig will always be in the description box, I know sometimes it may be incorrect in the video just because of a miscommunication between me and the brands. I just want you always to check the description box for the correct information in case. I am wrong in the video Clump these together from the start of this video. It'S only been 15 minutes and 11 seconds, and the only reason it's been that long is because I've been running my mouth so there you go come through Roots. The Roots on this wig are straight. I don't know how big I'll be able to get this hair, but we're going to see. Thank you all right. So the hair is pretty much dried down because it dried with the mousse. It will look a little crunchy and be a little crunchy to the touch and again that is because I did not use a water base, meaning washing my hair prior to putting the mousse on the hair. So, in order to break up the crunchiness, I need to use my pick and my blow dryer on high heat to break up that product. You can also use these steps if you don't have a diffuser. If you let your hair air dry, it will more than likely air dry like this. Even if you wash the wig and then put the mousse on it, it will still air dry crunchy because of the products and it not having no heat to kind of break. The products up first we're going to take the pick, I'm going to pick it from the root I'm going to kind of fluff the hair up a little bit more. It'S working like a charm Gon na Get down under the wig a little bit fluff it up with my fingers, see the difference already this side compared to this side use your pick. The diffuser helps to keep your curls intact and makes it bigger and the pick kind of rounds it out and gives it a bit more lift if you don't have a pick. But you have a wide tube comb, use that to kind of fluff your curls as much as possible, you can even use Last Resort. A rat toe comb just go very easy and tease the hair up like this, to get it to fluff up and get a little bit Fuller, but not too much with that, because those teeth are a lot closer together. So it will strip your curls and make them frizzier than you want them to be shake it up. A little bit now, I'm going to take my diffuser off of the blow dryer turn the blow dryer on warm and high to break up a little bit more of that product. Let'S fluff it a little bit more, I'm not really seeing a bunch of layers in this wig, so I'm kind of fluffing it to give it the shape that I want now, I'm going to use it on high and cool to finish out the fluffing process. Let'S take off the elastic band, all my earrings, oh I'm just going to brush those to the side not going to do too much with that side, because that side is pretty much perfect. I'M gon na kind of leave that how it is because it's looking pretty good in my opinion, so I don't want to do too much with that. I don't mind the hair getting frizzy. It looks a little bit more lived in for me all right. Make sure my hair is as big as I can get it. You can definitely see my um, my wig cap in there, so I can use my topic kind of fix that a little bit kind of fill that in maybe, if I had my black eyeshadow powder, I could use that. But I can't find that - and I don't got time all right - y'all really. I really turned it around for your girl. I have no issues with this wig whatsoever. Now you can see right here on this outside part. Y'All see this hair from that little outside part. That'S that 150 density, so the fullness of your wig, should look just like this. When you go in to style your wig, let's go ahead and make sure they don't have no issues: okay and y'all. This is a four okay, four inches to the back by 6.75. Inches to the side, what is that six and three quarters public man quiet, I'm not going to tell you which one to get between this one and the other one okay, this curl is a Jerry curly texture, whereas the other one that I tried is a Mongolian Kinky Curly that curl texture is a lot softer and fluffier than this texture, but you can still get a similar look with this one for the same price and I mean the same price when you use the discount code. Okay, it's 30 so jump on it. Okay quickly quickly, I do wish there was some more layers in this wig, but the other one didn't have layers either. So I ain't gon na hold you karate. The hair. Still moves really nicely lace out. The pack y'all saw was a little ashy, but it did take my Alex really well and they did give me a workable hairline that wasn't too shabby. So I can already tell when I step outside I'm gon na see that lace. So we want a little bit more meltage and seamlessness make sure you go ahead and spray your legs down or use a darker powder or Contour color to blend your lace in. I think, if you get it as a beginner, you can definitely work this one. For yourself, you don't got to cut no lace, you don't got ta, pluck no hairline, you just got ta wash and Define your curls and you'll be just fine. Okay. Now I want you to hear me and hear me good. These pre-cut joints are going to be the wigs of the summer, maybe even the year, they're so much easier than dealing with a whole bunch of lace. Not everybody wants lace Caked Up around their face. I know I don't if I want to close it up a little bit. Give me a little look like that. I can definitely do that. All right, Claudia, you came with the dads on you, you did it the curls, the hair, the Hoops the shirt, the necklaces meat. I'Ve been held up in the house a little bit so uh. It'S time for me to step on out. Let me go get the mail real, quick, shout out one more time to call out your hair for sending me this unit. I really appreciate it we'll put the direct link, my specs and the coupon code for this unit down below. So if you guys want to check it out, you can don't forget to like comment subscribe and share this video also smash that notification Bell, so you don't miss anything else coming up. I love you guys so much, and I will see you next time. Bye,

Kie RaShon: Hey WigBaes! *code MY30 to save!* Let's set the ground rules 1. I will not be fighting y'all in the comments over this wig. 2. Watch video in full. 3. If the wig gets popular, shipping may take longer. 4. Contact Klaiyi for any issues. Let's chat below!

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