Colorful Spring Jumpsuit Try On Haul -- Lily Dior

Foreign, hey YouTube, so welcome back to another try on haul. This is just going to be a quick and you know well not really quick, but you know just kind of casual random try on haul. So this is just like a blue jumpsuit. That'S kind of like High water-ish, it's like a striped jumpsuit, and this is like one of my favorite like actually like one of my favorite. You know items in my closet and you know if it's high waters, I got ta. Do my stanky leg stripe jumpsuit with like a tie front, you guys know, I love the tie front and I've been digging blue too. This is just like one of my go-to outfits. You'Ve probably seen it a thousand times on Instagram, and I just paired it with this sparkly uh like oversized jumbo clip in this like Pearl headband. I love I love pearls, it's my birthstone, I'm a Gemini and I think I'm gon na edit this video, while I'm on the treadmill. This is my little like workout. I don't really work out, but, like my little workout room got my ballet bar and my little elliptical that I think is about to explode because it's it's making a a sound. I don't like, but anyway yeah so um back to the tryout haul. It'S just a 360., it just features a tie front and a spaghetti strap. Thank you. So this is outfit number two, and this is actually really cute. As you can see, I paired it with that. Um, like sparkly, like Big Stone Crystal. What do you call it? Like Crystal Bejeweled Bejeweled headband that I bought from Claire's, I mean you know wearing rocking a lot, and I love this jumpsuit, but the only thing is the the tie. Neck thing like makes my neck hurt like if I wear it for a day, I don't know if it's gravity or what, but it literally makes my neck. I feel like I was hit by a truck, so I don't wear it like. I remember I wore it once and like for a couple hours in the next like for a week. My neck was like in incredible pain. I just love the color scheme. You know when I say I don't like to wear black like this is what I like like this is so like 70s, like just like what do they call a chocolate brown fox Brown like I it's just so, like 70s ish y'all know, I love a good Old 70s, Vibe or whatever, and I was not feeling that light on like that at all - it was just way too bright, but anyway yeah, I'm so tired. I don't know like I literally just got sleepy 15 minutes ago. I wasn't even tired, but I've been up since 8am and it's 2 A.M. Right now I was gon na take a nap, but I just I don't know I got on the phone and I couldn't but yeah, because I had a studio session. We didn't finish - and I was just listening to my song over and over and actually I got ta go back on Sunday and tomorrow I got ta, get the bunny's haircut and ballet, and I got ta do a video for all my family but yeah. I like it when you do that thing with your tongue, that's a snippet of my song or whatever you know it's, it's a Ghetto, Love song. I think I'm gon na call it that ghetto little song and that was off key okay. That was off guard. I'M on my patio, I don't want to be too loud and wake the neighbors up. I think they're, I don't know how they feel about meat, so I'm just it's gon na sound cute, so hold on. I had to go upstairs and get my charger because I need to edit my my video and I want my phone to charge while I'm recording, because I hate when my phone be low battery. While I'm editing - because I just hate that - because I know I'm gon na be on I'm gon na be working out and money, did you sleep the house this morning, Jalen going crazy, oh yeah and the bunnies chewed my thing, even though it has a cord protector On it, they still chewed my charger. I mean it still works, but I just have to keep it elevated, like keep all my cords, elevated and let me take a little sip of my drink or whatever. So this is the dirt. What are we on third outfit and who wrote that on my pants, I have no clue what that says. What? What is that? I don't know what that say. Can y'all read that, because I can't and let me do my bunny hop. I know Easter's over, but once again bunny year round foreign. I cannot believe somebody did graffiti on my pants like what does that even say? I cannot read that. Does that say that it's the only family, but I can't read what it says on the back and let me just do my little spanking stanky stanky, legally yeah onto the fourth outfit all right. Once again, I don't know if I broke this zipper or what, because I was trying to dig it up and I just could not find it like it was like tucked backwards. I don't know I'm like okay, it's getting late, I'm not gon na be fighting with this, and it features like this little like raw thing. It'S like a little camo turtleneck kind of vibe. It'S cute one! Is this cute or when it's zipped up, but I just feel like I'm doing like crazy things bless me, and this is outfit number five. This was a very simple burgundy red romper suit. No, this is a romper. It'S a romper because I think jumpsuits go all the way down to the floor and it's just very simple, very cute, like something you could wear just to like. I like to wear these to work out honestly like this is the best thing to work out in. Oh so we're having a bunny party today, and can you guess why? Thank you guys, thank you. Everybody bunny Shawnee says thank you. I had to kiss him and Bunny corny says. Thank you so much. I had to kiss him too. Mr Bunny Sean, oh yeah. These are just some bunny cookies. Like some bunny treats the bunnies love them. I mean they love him. I mean they look fruit, probably more, but they love. I mean, I think they love it. Equally, I don't know, I think it's the crunch. Oh, thank you guys for watching, see you next time. Bye, love! You guys, foreign

cSUZU ICHINOSE: Eu amo essa música, batida! 23:23 Son unas genias 15:55 Setacy: 'Hyper' 11:12 Sun: 'Hotter' 11:12 Hopi: 'Sweeter' 00:18 Joonie: 'Cooler' 18:00 Yoongi: 'Butter' 15:55 Amoy: 'Monks' Son unos delos mejores conciertos 日本のマッサージの途中であまりにもいやらしい部分も思う存分触ってもいいなんて本当にいいね

Rutherford Jackson: She started her channel and went 0 to 100 real quick. She definitely understood the assignment.

David Creager: Simply STUNNING !!! Looks amazing in anything , love the blue jumpsuit !!! Really looks mesmerizing coming and going !!!!

Lala Unan: Eu amo essa música batida! 20:23 Son unos de los ME.SV/NUDE-SEX-TEEN ❤10:10 Hopi: "Più dolce" 11:12 Sole: "Hooter" 00:19 Joonie: "Più fresco" 08:00 Yoongy: "Burro" 23:26 Son unos dei migliori concerti Sono sicuro di questo ricordo. Такой красивый клип, танец, аутфиты и мои любимые

Chase OMB: I definitely watch for all the shakes in the jiggles from thinking I should put my wife onto these outfits because they all look really nice.

Adriano Adriano: Vc é sensacional Lily.... Amo o seu visual ❤

Ralph D Phillips: You look Absolutely Delicious in all those outfits, I really loved the Blue one

dhos83: She put extra points in jiggle skill, and I appreciate that.


Martin S A: Por dios mí amor me enamoré❤❤❤... Todo te queda bien

Felix: Anything with vertical stripes on you is basicaly hypnotism... ❤

roy hunt: The first and the third outfits are my favorites, I was feeling that fatigue outfit too.

Ludovic Blanc: Tout lui va elle est splendide forme généreuse ❤❤❤

Diego alejandro Martinez: Del café estuvo genial la próxima comiendo algo todo le queda hermoso

Jeevan: Second one was awesome, the strip s and the color looks so good on you, your hair is awesome ,I loved it , you look so fabulous in it, your smile makes the videos so much interesting to watch

Jose Moreira: Lindo ver tanta beleza

WallyGee: I always love watching your videos all day until I'm all worn out then rest for a little and watch them over again until I'm worn out again thank you very much for the help

Carlos Martin: Lilly eres la rosa más Bonita del jardín ❤❤❤❤

SuperMaxibaby: you have just made my day, what a beautiful girl :D

Big Belly Daddy: You are a absolute goddess! As always love the content!

Fred Wells: Another great day can't get enough of you keep on with the great work

Lawrence Cooper: Wow you always looking so sweet in all your outfits.

king agbemaple: Here in Ghana the outfit number 1 is called ideal milk, cause of the stripes. It's good.

Mike Oftheantarctic: Do we all, in fact, know she's all about 70s vibez? First I'm hearing of it


Pharoah Monk: Congrats on 150K! All the outfits look nice on you! I especially like outfits 4 and 5! I ain't never seen a long haired bunny like BunnieShawn! What kind of bunny is he?

Bronze Tiger: Dear Lawwwdd, I WAS trying to get a late night workout. Gorgeous.

Alan Anderson: just love your energy

Hansley Ollivierre: Let's go our best today ❤️❤️ Lily Dior ❤️


Ibrahim Alves: Please do a try on haul with a secretary/teacher vibe ❤️ luv u

Iron Sheik: I know that's right Jumped right into action with my favorite color on, which is BLUE‼ You look great in all of them

WestSide Music876: The blue outfit looks amazing

Cecil Jones: Everything you wear is magnificent ❤❤❤

Minister Stay Fly: Damn you working those jump suits. ❤

Lucius Graham: So glad I subbed to your channel Beautiful! You're "bounce" is just so appealing!! Makes me smile everytime!!!

didoudingue: Lily ma chérie tu es une véritable oeuvre d'art...ce ne sont pas des flatteries jeter en l'air, tu es sublime...délicieusement SCULPTURALE.

Ramarlo Echols: Blue is my favorite color so outfit 3 is the one. Outfits 4 and 5 bring out your skin tone, along with your hair

Terry: It's just so unbelievably mesmerising! Wow! So beautiful stunning! Great asset to YouTube

Star_ platinum: you have great taste in clothes and furniture, the bedroom and living room are beautiful

shane Kaye: Spring is in the Air ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

GJ: My favorite part of the morning

j smooth: so beautiful if I ever get a chance to meet you first thing I'll do is let you know how wonderful the day is starting off with you!!

Jarian Logan: The Girl With The BODY of A GODDESS... And The Spirit, Soul, Personality, AURA, and HEART of An ANGEL.

Orlando Silva: Maravilhosamente linda

Willie Ewing: ❤ the jumpsuits brings out your skin tone. Beautiful

Daniel Bogado: Hola Lily!!,eres una mujer súper bella,...TE AMO!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Jeje: Eu amo essa música batida!. 20:23 Son unos de los VK.SV/SEX-MY-SISTER ❤10:10 Hopi: "Più dolce" 11:12 Sole: "Hooter" 00:19 Joonie: "Più fresco" 08:00 Yoongy: "Burro" 23:26 Son unos dei migliori concerti Sono sicuro di questo ricordo. Такой красивый клип, танец, аутфиты и мои любимые

Reginald Blue: All i see is happiness and more happiness in her lots of love and hugs and fun ❤

Chris: blue looks great on you

Glen Pope: Never ever been a better looking girl…great video. Keep doing it baby❤❤❤❤

Arturo Quezada: PERFECTION

Bob Grim: Happy successes in your persuit to fame and fortune

Евгений Хозяев: Я влюблен в твои формы:)

chukon: Muy hermosa ❤️ real princesa exitos con Dios sigue trabajando así mi sueño ser artista si Dios los permites bendiciones para todos y todas RD

Роман Зенин: Королева любви.

Quinten Jackson: That is a nice house. Beautifully decorated

Anthony Reuter: I love the little Stanky leg dance

Nemmondom Meg: I thank you! Ever since I found your channel, my blood pressure has been fineI noticed that all clothes look good on you

Randal Fernandez: You are a gift from god, sweetheart. Keep doing your thing.

Luis King: You look so beautiful in that outfit I just had to say that

Luis Enrique: Que mujer más hermosa !!!!!!!!!!

mensah talk 2: She looks all Natural

Black man in america: ❤❤❤❤ gorgeous as always❤❤❤❤

Iris Williams: Damnnnnnnn everything fits you so well

rbookert: Good morning my beautiful queen . You look amazing in all the outfits but my favorite is outfit #2. It hugs all your curves perfectly . Also I like the back lite mirror as well and the bunnies at the end. Keep the videos coming my queen

Wayne Miles: Daddy must be real proud of his little girl.

Cris Santivañes: I need a woman like her in my life 4 realz

Anthony Henry: Truely Blessed n Beautiful!! That’s how it should be: it’s like Artwork. Sheesh!

Joel Downing: Outfit 1 my God Your breathe taking Beautiful masterpiece

loveless the guru: You're welcome and thank you ❤❤❤❤❤

masuod Parvin: Wonderful

noel goodgie: Cute outfits

Emprendedores 9.0 México: Inspiration

Delbert Dozier: Love it

Beauty SWEET : You are special ❤️❤️❤️

Franklin Littlejohn: Love it

Bruce Walker: Nice outfits. Love the bunnies.

Timothy: Very entertaining videos ❤

Jorge Palacios: All outfit are perfect on you, and is exciting how you play with the third outfit Lucky bunnies

Elver Yung Steezz: Oh lawdddddd , what a beauty queen ❤️

jay playlist Jefferson: Body is banging ! She's truly blessed

James Elie: You look great in all da outfits

Dennis Elliott: Love it, very entertaining.

Ernesto Campolin: Muito maravilhosa muito

Lisaraye Mccoy: That night, morning,shit, dat entire moment would be magical!

Milford Allen jr.: U look absolutely Fantastic keep up the great work and much success to you❤❤❤❤❤

Marco Matino: Ogni volta sempre più BELLISSIMA mia divina ❤❤❤❤❤

Christopher Johnson: She gets it up that's for sure.❤

Mirrey Gomez: Eres perfecta amor !!! Mi muchacha favorita

Patrick Redmond: you look really good Lily Dior

bhlatimer: Hi Lily. For one of your future try on/hauls you consider a Super Hero/Cosplay themes like Wonder Woman, BatGirl, SuperGirl, Electra,Psylock,Power Girl and MsMarvel. You would look spectacular in all of those outfits. May even be fun for you. And would certainly be fun and entertaining for us. Would definitley get a rise from us male subscribers. Food for thought. Have a great day.

dragon ballz: She has fun written all over her

Luis The Gordo: She is Breathtaking! So easy to fall in love with

PowerHouse901 PowerHouse901: I'm a subscriber but I can't watch u everyday. My mind goes straight to happy land. ❤❤

Rudy Avila: Peek a boo ❤it don’t stop giggling

Ярослав Олифиренко: Elastic bunny- turned into an elastic multi-colored marmalade- candy! The figure is magnificent, and moderately elastic- dose the load and keep the splendor for a very long time! It's nice to look at a cheerful and athletic superbly built beauty!

Phillip The Third: I like outfit #2 the most.

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