Side Swoop Old G Low Ponytail On A Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Front China Hair Mall

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180% density Indian Remy Hair Pre-Plucked 360 Lace Wigs hand tied with Wefts Top Yaki Straight [360YS03]

Length: 20inches

Color: Natural Color

Size: Medium

Hair Density: 180%

Lace Color: Medium Brown


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Nothing to stop me ammo away, what's going on sugar egg who, as you guys, are well, you know I decided for this video. I wasn't going to put my one cap back on because on my scarf, because for what I'm just going to wear it for a few minutes, I'm going to take it right off, as you guys, probably have already noticed and seen quite a few videos. I have worn a shirt quite a few times and it's not on a daily basis. It'S just that. I do more than one video in one day, so I decided I'm just going to keep this one on Amazon go with the flow you don't say without and ride it out plaintiff. So this video is for a company that I've already worked for numerous of times and they have like some really nice, affordable lace, wig unit - and this is a China hair more oh, they did send me some makeup brushes, which I really didn't open because they're just Makeup brush also came with some flexi rods, which I had a whole mess load up, Oh kind of normal. There were certain packaging policy in brochure some lashes up in this okay. So this is the 360 360 lace with you guys know. You love the lace. Wigs of 360s or whatever, because you can put up in a high or low Monica me, I don't do either one, but I'm going to try today. Zullo - and this is the Indian remy hair - it's 20 inches in length - add some elastic in it. It does come with the combs in it and you just push strap in the main, but I want to hear it and please me just a tiny bit onto the right side and that's about it, so it is a three plucked hairline honestly, this is actually straight Out of the box, so the only thing that I did with this unit was, I part of it. I put a little bit of a part and a little bit of squeezing, and then I uses my lotta body styling moves along with my office animals and I kinda like lay there. This is Indian remy. It feels like a really white yaki. So the first thing that I'm going to go ahead and do is I'm going to take some of my concealer and I'm going to place that into the part I like to do this before I place it on, because it just makes life a whole lot easier. That way, I don't have to get any makeup onto the hair. I mean it is easy removal, but I just I like life, easy and simple simplistic as possible. Now it's all up to you is you want to use elastic and fan? I just do that because it just makes it fit really really tight in my head and I like stuff squeezing my head, squeezing my brains out now what I'm going to do, because I really do like everything to blend to. If I'm going to take this say make a brush and I'm going to take my little ding here, I'm just going to do that all on the way like all in the front, because it just makes everything much easier for me, I'm not going to do it Like really all in the front, only like some areas this week is supposed to be 20 inches, but it really feels like it's longer than that, but either way it's so smooth like this is like really like silky nice smooth it so there's our feel super super Silky it feels like it wants to be like a light, yet in texture either way. I think it's really very sweet and nice, especially for those who love it slowly and I want to lay it down. Lay it down girl, but you don't Sam. The hair is super nice and soft. Okay so see this is Monica. Oh G status. Okay, I'm listen! I like the little high ponytail for fun over that's tough, but a girl has shaped is not made for that. Meaning I feel like my head is too long for a high ponytail or hot bun and I'll do a medium ponytail like right here, but I'm going to tell you all this, I'm not about to fight with no way to do that. If the wig want to be here, that's where it's going to be, if the ponytail wan na we want to be right here as below, is going to be that sometimes I do like it to be medium. However, you just got to do a little bit more, and sometimes I just don't want to do all that. So I like it like this. This is the one thing that I really like about this week from China, hair mall, it's so sleek and smooth like for real. You can't even see like if it's yours or not like, because it's like laying so flat to my head and that's what I really like about this light. It does get pretty hot out here and I just don't be for all the hair on me, but I do like to look cute y'all know I always be like girl. I feel, okay, I can attract an attraction where I like to look cute. A girl do like to look cute, I'm just saying well so for me to be able to pull it back like this is very, very important. Some hair like if I were to make a closure, which, of course I cannot pull it back like this a, but for it to be like this right here, a girl is like gas companies. This is decent. I, like my ponytail, like this. It kind of camouflages from my face. Yes, I'm really really do the hair life is like it's just very simplistic, not too much, and it's just the perfect density. For me. It'S one hundred and eighty percent densities, the regular cap, medium natural color, indian remy, hair. It'S so smooth. This is by far amazing, but china ham will have some really great hair and i work for them on numerous occasions and i enjoy working with them, because I do like their hair a lot. It'S very important when it has some bomb-ass hair. So keep that in mind. Okay, you know me I like to branch out, but I do like to work with companies that have good hair, but at a good, affordable price, because I don't think that anybody should be paying high high prices for hair. It'S just hair. You know I'm saying it's just hair, so, yes make sure you check out China hair more, almost all the information for you guys below as well as that, as make sure you rate comment subscribe. Let me know if you think of my oh gee ponytail. I love you guys, save even delicious and are feeling some to come together.

Mariah G: I love the look! It's classic and easy for any day of the week. Just throw on some hoops for double OG status!

Confessions of a Good Girl: I loooovvvveeee the low ponytail with the swoop! It was my signature look back in high school lol

pinkbunnie57: love it. Girl you make it seem so easy every time. SLAY IT. ✨

Only1Sosa: You Always make a wig look good. But can I just say that mix had me bubbling All the Up!! Lit

Mimi: Hey pretty lady. Love the wig. You are really slimming down and looking so good!! I pray all is well with you and your family.

Anita Ford: Beautiful!!!!! I'm saving to get my daughter a nice wig like this. She's all natural and when she's away at college I braid her hair and she wears wigs. These wigs to me are still quite pricey.

elaine Nelson: Too CUTE! Loving it!

Rita Williams: luv that wig and the ponytail look is always classic.

Cassie: Yes April. I'm with you on the low ponytail love it

P Allison: Love a simple ponytail.

Sheila Daves: Love it and it looks great on you either way. Tyfs

Nicole: I love her! Great review love!

Porsha Garrett: Ppl be so quick to dislike your videos!! They must be crazy, all your videos are so dope, so helpful, and very honest!

Megan Daniels: im definitely feeling light yaki hair. You turned me on to one from " omgqueen" bob. love that hair. Wanting a longer one now. Got ten inch in that one. To cute..

deebrownbey: Looks very nice and I dig your old school ponytail lol

Sugarnotch77: That ponytail is reminding me of my high school days

Tamtam S: I am so Glad to see you back to ur self I knew that Depression Stage would PASS

Observe Comment: your skin and eyebrows makes the hair believable. So this ponytail works well for you.

Tanya Montgomery: Beautiful wig

VERONICA DIZZLE🔮: April will you do a wig collection video?! I would love to see all your units!! I bet it's one bad ass collection! Kisses from Albuquerque NM

Daya Nicole: this is pretty!!

Miss Vasquez: love it

de mitc: love it

Cocoa Chanel: I absolutely love your channel

CandypinkHeart: I really like this wig... You look great !!! I also want to know if you can color and dye this wig?

ToriZee: This is a cutie!!

fendi peach1🤎🍑: I like it!

Sabrina Aguilera: beautiful

Cesia Perez: You're beautiful ❤️

Jahniilisa Edge Galaxy Butterfly: lady you look amazing!!! as i rock it too your music !!!!

jshree1 kamara: heyhey can you do a lace front braid wig , an a coil one

Tamara Henderson: I'm all the way up

K Love: Cute✌

Shining Star: u give me life i want to b just like u when i youtube up lol

Jahniilisa Edge Galaxy Butterfly: ps your mumsy is soooo adorable !!! Im a panda!! :)

MariaHarris: That's a good look on your

Just Us Jenkins: I feel like I gotta long head too

china Honey Davis: give your baby girl a big kiss for me although I love all your videos I really do and have so much respect for you every time I say hi you don't say hi but anyway I'm going to continue to say hi one day you'll find in your heart to say hey to me I hope you enjoy your weekend and keep up the good work I love your videos a very inspirational

Jahniilisa Edge Galaxy Butterfly: anyway gurrl...let me quit Stalking LOL!!!

Jahniilisa Edge Galaxy Butterfly: I wanna meet you sooooo bad best friend I live in Queen Creek Az !! :)

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