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Foreign, what was happening and welcome welcome back to my channel, welcome if you are new and hey so my babies, if you are true y'all before we get into this video and make sure y'all go ahead and smash that subscribe button go ahead and thumbs. This video up and turn on your post notifications, so you can be notified whenever I post another video. I want to thank you to OMG her hair for sending me another amazing unit that I absolutely love. This one is a 360 frontal unit, so it was a bit difficult for me, but I think I pushed through y'all gon na see in the video y'all, if you're not already tuned in to Lee Tober. What are you doing? Go to life of Lili subscribe turn on your post notifications and join me over there on my road to 100K in my road to 300K over here. So that's why I need y'all help. That'S why I need y'all love and support, but I'm gon na go ahead and stop talking unless y'all get into the video and I'll see y'all at the end baby. You don't know what you do to me between me and you. I feel a chemistry anywhere. I can watch hello all day long. I'M sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry leave no one else. Thank you every time I close my eyes. I wake up feeling so horny. I can get you out of my mind. I don't know what it's gon na look like. I just want it to be glued down because I'm doing it by myself, but I really want to go for this um updo, since this is a 360 wig. So I got my high comp pluged up and I'm just about to do what it do. How to I don't even got no scrunchie in here girl how you gon na get a point set with no scrunchie wait a minute okay. So basically, I'm gon na just take these two parts right here, because I want some hair in my face. So I'm gon na take this and this and this coming with me and then we are going to go for updo. So I'm gon na put all of this and it's your ponytail and it's not going to be like one of them. Super slick neat ponytails, because this is kinky straight hair, so I want it to be kind of messy, but I wanted to be nice and smooth at the same time and I want it to be up high, so we're gon na take it back to the old School and do it, how do it like it's everyday? Okay, so I got my wax stick. My mama just saw a waxing this up and yes, that's lace, but we're gon na cut that off and look a mess. But I got faith. I got faith foreign okay, fresh, Sensations, see what I'm going to do is okay, so yeah. I know I can't see that good, so I'm gon na go in and clean off the alcohol in the pool, not the alcohol. The glue from around my edges, because with this look I don't want no baby hairs, but I feel like I am going to do some little sideburns so for that people should not take a lot and I should be able to just pull it out because everything Else looks good, but I think I need some good side or just to make this lace look the way I want to so I'm gon na add those. Let me part it off she's, so persuas history. The first style, is this little bun that I am loving. I feel like this is so classy and it's so cute, but I would definitely put it up with Barb hands because right now I just got along with this clip because I just wanted to see how it looked and damn my wife - and I have it up Here long, I am messing up the birdie okay, so the next style is this ponytail, of course, which is the reason I did this whole look and I'm just going to take this one curl just give me a second I'm gon na take this one curl and I'M gon na curl this ponytail and then that's gon na be our final look and we ain't gon na take no small pieces. They'Re gon na be like big pieces. I absolutely love the texture of this hair. Y'All know. I love me some kinky straight hair. I feel like it mimics our natural hair texture. Well, my my natural hair texture and put it like that, and I just love it. It makes me feel like I got, I let my hair grow out or my hair finally acted right and it decided that he wanted to grow past my ears. Yes, it decided that it wanted to grow past my ears and still be healthy. That'S what it's given! That'S exactly what it's given and you know it just lets me live in my imagination. Every time I have this. Hair texture and I've been wearing this hair texture for years. Every time I have this hair texture, I get to just roam, free and feel like I'm rocking my natural dresses yeah. I love it so much if my hair will grow healthy past my ear, some of y'all just blessed but don't worry, cause I'll, never be stressed. As long as I could put a wig on baby, oh, even though I'm fine without it, you know what I'm saying okay. So this is the Finish. Look, I absolutely love it. I got a lot of errands to run to Monroe, so I'm going to enjoy having this updo and the texture is definitely given. It'S fall. This is getting so cute. I just want to put on like one of my fall sundresses and just go, get some Starbucks and take a cute picture, but it is 10 o'clock at night, so I'm gon na have to do that tomorrow after my last appointment. But all the links to this video I mean I'll release this video, I'm tired girl. All the links to this hair is down in the description box, so make sure you guys. Let me know what you think. I'M gon na turn around and show you what the bag look. Like. Don'T judge me because I can't see back there, but that's why I'm happy that the ponytail is long, but this is this, and this is underneath so yeah. Now you see you now you're gone and I am in love so like comment and subscribe, and I will see you guys on the next one. Thank you.

Danuta Morgan: Love your energy, love the wig, love it

Karen Kertley: I just bought this wig but have not worn it. Thank you for the video

LADYB: Real Cute!!!❤❤❤

T F: Is this wig with the clean bleached hair line?

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