What Wig?? No Work High Ponytail Style Natural Textured Glueless 360 Hd Wig

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Length: 20 inch

Density: 150%

Color: Natural

Size: Medium

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√ Super Fitted Glueless Wig Cap

√ Real Invisible HD Lace

√ Pre-Plucked Hairline Front & Back

√ High Ponytail & Buns Available

√ Hidden Adjustable Elastic Band


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Foreign foreign, hey guys, it's me Elise, and I hope that you guys are all doing well, I'm back with a new video, so I have a new wig from OMG, her hair and if you guys check the info section below as usual, I will have all the Information links and discount codes provided there, so here is the wig that I have. I have their new 360 lace, frontal wig, my wig is 20 inches long 150 density, and it is in that kinky straight texture. This wig also features their super fine, high definition, lace which blends in with all skin tones. It also features their clean bleach knot hairline as well as this wig is pre-plucked requiring no work whatsoever. This wig can be worn traditionally or up in a high ponytail. It also has their hidden adjustable elastic band, which can be adjusted to fit all head shapes and if you do choose to wear this wig in a high ponytail you'll notice that the back is seamless and looks super realistic. It'S absolutely gorgeous now. Once again, this wig is definitely beginner's friendly. It requires absolutely no work whatsoever. I will be flat ironing this hair, though just because it's a lot of hair, though it is only 150 density, it is quite massive, so I will be doing a silk press on this. Wig now I will link everything that I'm using throughout this video in the info section below so in case. You guys are interested in anything that I'm using it'll all be listed. There also do take advantage of my discount code to save 30 off of your purchases, so use discount code, Elise, 30, to save some cash and once again I will just be doing a quick silk press on this hair, and you guys can see how gorgeous it Is the luster is beautiful? Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Don'T know, you know you are not the one you're, not even my flesh. You think you must stop, but you barely made. You say you don't need me, but I'm calling you so I'm about to get the wig on, but I want to show you guys, my hair. I just have my hair in regular going straight back cornrows, and this is probably not the ideal braiding pattern for a 360 wig. Just because my hair is super thick and super long. It did eventually end up bunching up in the back of the wig, and so therefore I thought that by me, sort of wrapping my braids up to sort of mimic The Beehive braiding pattern that I would get a flatter surface. However, I did struggle with that. Quite a bit, so if you're, someone like myself who has long thick hair, you may want to either try to braid your hair in a beehive or maybe go to a professional braider. Who can do it for you once again? This is just something that I struggled with, so I went ahead and I removed the lace from the wig and because this is a 360 wig, I do highly recommend cutting the lace off on like a mannequin head or a canvas block just to prevent issues with You cutting your own natural hair. Now, I'm also applying a little bit of foundation, that's closest to my skin tone, all over the lace, just to reassure me that the lace is going to blend in seamlessly with my skin tone. So this is what the wig looks. Like on - and this is their new upgraded fitted cap, so if you choose not to adhere the wig down, you can definitely wear this wig as a glueless install, but just because I will be trying to wear this hair in a high ponytail, I will be adhering The wig down, I'm using my melt me down spray once again, everything that I'm using throughout this video will be listed in the info section below. So I'm going to continue to adhere this wig down and I'll. See you guys once I'm done when you play these games, you give a place baby. You should know you're, never safe. When you play these games baby, I just had to let you know baby. I just said that you know foreign, so this is what this wig is looking like, worn in his traditional style, just going straight down in a middle part. Now I wanted to do baby hairs, but I kind of wanted to just give you guys an overall traditional looks. I do realize that not a lot of you guys really like baby hairs like that. However, I kind of wish that I had a little bit of baby hairs, just because I struggled with the lace a little bit just because of my spray tends to turn a little white and Flaky, I'm still on the lookout for a adhesive or some kind of Melting spray that doesn't flake up or turn white like that, because um hairline is fine, but it's really not to my standard in a good way to sort of minimize. That look is by wearing a little bit of baby hairs that I found, but for the most part the hair is super soft super gorgeous and I am loving it. However, I am going to give you guys a different option on how to wear this wig, just because 360 wigs are supposed to be worn in various Styles like ponytails or a high bun or things of that nature. So I want to kind of give you guys a look of what this wig will look like being worn in a high bun. Now, once again, I do have quite a bit of hair underneath the wig, so it did kind of bunch up in the back. So I'm not going to focus too much on the back of the wig just because of my personal issues. However, if you do decide to beehive braid up your hair, you will not struggle as much as I did it's just. I have so much hair in the back. So that is the reason why it's looking a little bulky in the back, but for the most part this hair is gorgeous. You guys check out OMG her hair. All the information will be left down below. Let me know what you guys think and I'll talk to you guys later bye, guys

Marie Skillings: Hey, the wig is gorgeous but is the wig with or without edges?

Karen Kertley: What did you do in the back so that the lace does ride up.

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