The Stylist Hd Lace Front Wig Style Kayla Human Hair Master Blend | Ft. Samsbeauty.Com

The Stylist hd lace front wig | style : Kayla

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Else, foreign, hey! You guys welcome and welcome back to my channel hello. As you can see, I am back with another Hair video and if you think that you may be interested in today's Hair, video then make sure that you keep on watching foreign get on them. Foreign, nobody else, so today's here is sponsored by my favorite Sam's Beauty. Y'All already know y'all. This hair is by The Stylist. I have reviewed quite a bit of units by this brand. Okay, this is a invisible HD lace, 13x6 pre-plucked 100 Human Hair Master Blend. So you have human hair Blended in with this unit y'all. First of all, this hair is gorgeous okay, the lace the hair is gorgeous, the lace is a neutral HD lace and the style name is Kayla. Okay, we're giving Kayla today we're giving Kayla and the color is a forest green. So I already told y'all. This is a realistic natural hairline. This wig has a six inch deep part with baby hairs and I already said it becomes pre-plucked and they're also available in two different lace: colors, you could go for the brown HD lace or you could go for the neutral, HD lace and I'm just going to Show y'all the special colors, so yes, y'all this unit is very gorgeous very gorgeous. I'M just gon na. Let y'all see it's so pretty. I love how it's laying loving, how it's laying also you can like. I said it's a deep 13 by 6 parting space area. I love that so you can wear this and the sad part is well foreign because I chose a middle part today, but you can like wear it in a side part if you want to so all the details on this unit. It will be down in the description box below so y'all. I can never see. I can never say description. I don't know why. I struggle saying it but yeah all the details will be down in the description box below so make your purchase today to slay with J. Oh okay, thank you guys so much for watching and tuning in. Please make sure to like comment and subscribe hit that Bell. For all post notifications, so every time that I post a video, you will be notified catch y'all on my next video foreign. Thank you.

Goddess Love: beautiful

bella j: the blue hair is a must

Cherry B: There she is

Tha Vixen: looking good girlfriend!

BiTech: i love that blue color❤️

Morg beauty:

themacc Tag Scott_🎥💙 T_boss channel: ❤️❤️❤️

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