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Foreign, hey guys, what is up welcome back to the channel, so today your girl has another wig review. Y'All know the Vibes this time this week is from Signature Hair. I hope I'm saying that name right. I I'm not sure if I worked at this company before, but I have heard of them. I just hope that I'm pronouncing it right. So if I'm not, I apologize um. So you guys, like this wig, I'm feeling myself Alexa Play Beyonce, feeling myself, here's some music by Beyonce. Oh yes, you guys. I am obsessed like I'm obsessed this. All this install has no baby hair in our living, like so first what five minutes hit that notification? Bell it's gon na be part of the gang you can watch all my uploads. Like I said today, I have this gorgeous honey blonde highlighted wig from synergel hair sin. Is your hair and I'm gon na just hop right into it, because this is going to be a little review, so you guys can get some information about the units, so I am rocking the 427 highlight ombre wig and it is body wave. Okay, that is the texture it came in, and it's holding curls pretty good, so um Love but um just a little information. I got the wig. Let'S go over. Shipping first always got the wig in about. I would say two days. It was really fast uh. It was via UPS, I'm not sure if it was like dho or not. I can't remember, but I got it super quick, so that was great um. So this unit, it is in the color 427 uh. The Cap Construction is three Combs adjustable straps. I already have it on my head for a little, so I didn't you know care to take it off. I just kind of reinstalled it on my head because I wore it for a day um. I am wearing 26 inches. So let me put y'all onto a little hack, okay, especially the short girls. This this is 26 inches, so it falls more. So, like 28, I am five foot three. I say this in all my videos, so you don't have to get 30. You know 28 inches you're you if you're short, you should be good with this. I'M sorry for the tall girls. I love me a tall girl, but you guys are probably gon na, have to get the right. You know length, but that is a pro with this wig because you look like you got a long, wiggle and well, it looks longer than it is because it is long um. But yes, you guys, I did some little lazy, bombshell, curls! That'S what I'm gon na call them, because it took me like 10 minutes um, it's my favorite type of curls to do um. This is the tool that I use. I think this is a what I'm trying to think. What is the usually it has the measurements. Oh, it's the one and a half inch. So if you want similar here's your one and a half inch curler, so yeah um, of course we got our packaging. I love the silky bags that wigs come with like when you think about it. It'S so good for storage, like it's good for all that, like you, can travel put your wig in there, so it won't get damaged. So they gave me this nice wig band and then two packs and y'all. They gave me a really good pair of lashes, but I love that y'all know. I love the Lash okay, oh! So this is a pair of lashes. They are not the cheap ones that most companies in so love um. So yeah I'm going to go over just the specs and my pros and cons for this wig. So you guys, I don't really have any comments thus far. The hair, for the most part, is a nice silky, but Yaki texture, not even Yaki, but like a nice flowy light texture. It'S not super way down. Even after putting you know the grease um at the top to lay it down, it is still giving okay. So I love that I love that the lace kind of melted I could have did better. I think, but it melted for the most part, so lace is very thin. It fits my head perfect, I'm in between, like a small and medium head cap size. So I can't really say: I'm like I got a big head, but like there's people with bigger heads, you know what I mean so yeah um. But yes, this is all of the hair, nice and flowy. I love it. They did a phenomenal job with the coloring. So yeah, I have no issues on my end with this unit. I think it is gorgeous and I've had a color similar to this on this channel. If you guys have been watching me, but if you haven't um yeah, this is not my first time trying this color but for some reason, because it's in a middle part. But I like it a lot this time so but yeah there's the party. And then you know super easy, install and of course you can flatter in this hair as well. You can cramp it. You can do whatever you want um, but this is just the rock that I took so with that being said, I do not want to prolong this video, so any questions you guys have please comment below. Let me know if you are interested in this hair. Please check it out Below in the description box and I will see y'all in the next video. Thank you. Oh foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign, thank you, foreign foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign,

Maya Ayana: love this color on you!

Rubaida Allen: Love the color!

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