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Foreign foreign, thank you foreign foreign good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, hey everybody Porsche said good morning, say hi, say hi. Okay good morning, Porsha said good morning guys: um Portia is co-hosting with me today, I'm holding her like a seven month old in my lap, because sis didn't want to shut up so um. This is the only way anyway. Good morning everybody hey bougie gang. How are you I'm sorry? I missed your morning drive, but I feel like y'all. There should be plenty in the catalog that you can just click on and listen to. There'S got to be something you hadn't listened to. So, whenever I'm not live first thing in the morning, just find an episode. You have saved in your watch later or um start a playlist, a watch later playlist for my videos and that way, when you miss one you've got your playlist already set ready to go of what you missed right. So that's always a good idea. Um. Let me pull up my monitor, I hope everyone's having an awesome day um. It is absolutely beautiful here in Charlotte, I'm so sad right now. I'Ve got 14 likes, there's 109 people that is like 10, and you know that just won't do right. Pineapples right to my gang Stars: hey pineapples, hi, Nina hi, live left, love, hey Erica good morning, good morning, good morning, sis good morning, uh Erica, I think, maybe two times right. Um JS good morning, hi Verina, hey boo, boo! What'S going on Sis, hey Nina, hey sis, how are you Anisha good morning, sis good morning, good morning, Double H good morning? How are you hey lol, good morning, Sis hi Vicky good morning? How are you sis, what's going on Anisha um LOL, two times, Natalie wassenbeck Green? What'S up sis Mrs Bond, how are you, how are you um, Sherry good morning, good morning, Libra gang good morning, SV? Okay, I think I said hi to everyone good morning good morning. Good morning, I appreciate you guys handling some business um. I didn't even realize Keisha had put out a new hair video Hooch out it's 495. For me, okay, um Aisha. How are you sis what's going on Boo, Boo um? Oh, I didn't mean to do that. Hold on, I pinned your hello guys. Everyone say hello to Aisha. Oh wait, just one! Second, let me fix something: is it uh, crochet crochet Monique with a very fancy name, says good morning and welcome sis um? Let'S see okay um crochet Monique, so she steady losing. So I I mean it's been a steady decline for over a year. Now it's been, you know it feels like it's been about a thousand every two to three months, a thousand dip and it's crazy because you get new subscribers every day, especially a channel that size. I would imagine yes ma'am. You pronounced it right. Those are my middle names very pretty crochet crochet Monique, yes, okay, all right guys, let's get into it. Um, let's see what's going on, I didn't even realize this had changed out that hair um, but let's, let's check it out. Let'S see what's going on here just to get, I think she's gon na give us like a week tutorial on how to do baby hairs, let's just dip in We're Not Gon na park over there along because we don't really care right um. Let'S, just let's see, let's see, what's doing and uh and check it out and uh if it gets boring, we'll just watch the pictures. The way installation will be coming from one more hair company and I'm really excited we're back. Okay, the one thing I have to say off the top is that wig is looking quite bulky for one week of wear. She just put that wig in like a week ago and it's giving either you didn't lay with it flat wrap it. I don't know what the procedure is. I don't wear wigs like that um, but it looks very bulky and um not super super cute. I mean I'm just gon na, say um but yeah she just got what in the hell is that they sent her two wigs. Okay, let's pay attention because y'all we just talking um so apparently they must have sent her two wigs, let's see what's going on here, we'll see what's teeth, so this is everything that was in my little girlfriend bag. Y'All, probably like is that too big. Yes, two wigs and I have my wig cap and let me show y'all the wig that I'm not going to be installing and I'll take that out um, but it's also a transparent lace. So I would not be wearing this in any shape or form. Look at the quality of this wig. She says: she's, not gon na wear it in any shape or form people don't realize how Negative they can come off. Sometimes people like girl, do you. Maybe she needs someone to write her a script um. It'S just a rejection for me from the company that was nice enough to send you free product not only for Content but probably for a price like damn. Damn sis, okay, so she's, not gon na wear it in any shape or form. I mean, wouldn't it be quite obvious, to do a giveaway with that wig, the one that you're actually not going to spray with product install on your head and um all the things it is so cute, really really nice Bob and as we're coming into the spring. Um almost summer season, this will be perfect because it's definitely going to be Bob season soon. So maybe I'll keep this color. It wear it a different time. Let y'all know um, but I can't wait for y'all to see how I styled this but y'all. Now we got ta get into the wig of the hour, the wig I'm about to install we're back to the color and y'all. We have up the length again, so the wig that I currently have installed is 26 inches. I never ever ever have I want. It looks filthy dirty, I mean it's hanging down by the crack of your ass 26 inches of Germany. That was a lot her. So first thing. First, this is Dave's favorite, hair color on me. Every time I wear color it like it gets better and better. I think I'm just versatile and I look good with all colors, because I have not worn them. That was a lot and I know it's about to be so drastic because I'm wearing this uh 1B wig right now and it's about to be such a drastic 360. Changing back into color, but I love color. I prefer color um and, like I said this is 28 inches y'all, so she's gon na look real cute. I don't know if I want to do a side. Part me personally um if you're gon na do. This is just I'm talking about anybody here. If you like, a very sexy look, I I mean the word on. The tip of my tongue is bimbo. If you like to be sexy, um like makeup hair, you got to do one or the other. Okay, if you like, very if you notice women who dress like in gowns or very sexy gown, what do they do sometimes like when you see Naomi Campbell? Sometimes they have like, let's say recently: she was in the Versace, show she had a neckline like all the way down to her waist and her the hair was back. You know it was in her signature, Naomi look right. Very sexy dress, even though it's very sexy hair we're used to that Naomi Campbell hair. So that might not have been a great um example, but the hair was not the show stopper, it was the body, it was the neckline right. If you are doing very, very very sexy hair, you have to be ready to dress a little more understated, because the hair is what's giving right if the outfit's, what's giving when you see like these award, shows you see a woman in a beautiful dress and the Hair is up in some sort of updo. It'S back in a shinwa right like so a fancy ponytail right, it's um, so the the dress is what's giving and the hair takes kind of a little bit of a very structured back seat. If you have bimbo hair, you got to be able to dress classy or classic or professional to not look totally like you're reporting to the main stage at one o'clock in the morning. That'S all I'm saying: okay, I don't know I'm gon na look back at the model hers, but let's take a look inside and see what's going on, so we do and if that's what you're doing is reporting to the main stage, then good you're, dressed appropriately for You'Re you're reading the room so you're, where you need to be and dressed appropriately for that, but if you're not then it's that can be a problem right um, I'm just saying you have the Clips in the back like so which I love to put, because I Have a very petite head and then they also have the Combs on all the sides. So this is um a great option for those who want to wear this glueless. So I'm going to cut it and everything and see how it looks more glueless. But I do like to glue my wigs down just because I like to go to sleep in my hair and then wake up, but if you're the type of girl who loves to take our wig off every night switch it up every day. So this is the update I've already sprayed it y'all seen this process so many freaking times, but what I want to say is be very mindful of how far back you spray to your hairline, because if you spray too close sorry, I'm just making sure my shoulders. If you spray too close and it drips like whenever I spray, I do lift my head back um, so it doesn't drip down because then, as I blow dry, it'll literally stick to my head, like I prefer to make sure that possible like I prefer to make Sure that it's inspired what in the [ __ ] is that hold on a second I'm just noticing uh look at her face, she's like oh [, __ ]. Here he comes, I literally stick to my head. Okay, what is what do we notice? Is that Jeremy, or is that um Enrique? Is that Enrique pastel or is that Jeremy pastel I'm noticing like what is going on with the mustache the little baby? He looks like um his cousin, his cousin from up top? That'S the that's his cousin from um Washington Heights uh came down to visit Atlanta. Is that what's going on because, like this looks like a whole different person, what is going on here, girl, it's the mustache and the little baby goatee like am I missing? Something? Is that what his is that? What his manscape always look like he's always had? Did he have a go? I don't even remember, but it's who I'm like, who is that that's JD, Diego okay, judego? Okay, my God, this she's, looking like oh [, __ ]! I wasn't trying to reveal your crazy mustache: okay, wow, okay, okie dokie, if, like he came through the clown Keisha's like come on, I'm trying to do my video here. That'S why you have a room, Miss that's why you should have taken that room with the bathroom. You should have gave the girls those two rooms across the hall from each other, and you should have took the back the room at the end of the hall, because I know you were in the bushes listening. You should have took the room at the end of the hall with the bathroom like we told you to do, but you didn't want to listen. The girls need to be in the room across the hall from each other you're sitting up there. The girls got access to damn every single bathroom in the house. Why would you need another room with a bathroom in it? For this reason, you've got professional videos to do and Jay Diego is coming through clowning with his new mustache uh situation. Going on my God. The color is giving clown town. Okay, tell us how you you said two floors: wow. Are you talking about the people on the screen? What are you kidding me? Wait. Let me let me clear this comment. Jay, Diego is hilarious. Okay, let's get back to work guys, let's get back, let's get back guys. Jasmine still needs help on workout gear are those the offensive? Did you guys watch the reaction yesterday? Jasmine girl? I hope you put that in the wash on okay. Anyway, let's keep going. I prefer to make sure that it's as far back as possible, so it gives it just a little bit of a gap to actually install the wig and I'm not missing half of my forehead. And then I have an even like long like a wider gap for the um, because you guys know I've been wearing a week for a period of time. You do start get like the lighter um mark on your forehead, so just be mindful. This is one of my better Cooks, because I said I'm gon na be so freaking careful and make sure that it's completely dry okay hold on head now, I feel, like I got ta hurry up because baby when you first okay and make sure that it's completely Dry: okay, it's always crazy when you first put it on okay um, so she was talking about someone who has um suntan head um, you guys watch over there at Najee. Nausea is the one. I always ask you guys about. What'S the T between her and Jayla and how'd, they fall out um nausea girl. She can't take her wig off for nothing. She was trying to wear her hair out the other day in her video and uh. She blew dry, her hair. It looked really pretty, but sis has a tragic something going on where her complexion is messed up because she's been wearing wigs and I guess she doesn't let the sun hit her forehead enough to where it is totally uneven and sis needs to pull that wig back Gradually and start to let the sun shine through on her forehead because her she can't even take her wig off because she's trying to cover up about an inch of space on her forehead and girl. It'S awful and she's such a pretty girl. Do you guys watch her? Let me see what you guys are saying: um Najee, um, she's, Jayla, corian's friend, uh Keisha. Nobody, my daughter, has suntan head really: okay, I wonder if that's not good, Miss Corey and I guess guys get that too. The ones who were ball caps and stuff all the time I bet I don't know. If that's I wonder, if that's not good, you know um, I don't know you guys tell me. I would imagine that you probably should give your head a break a little bit and let the sun even out um but Najee, says she's very uh self-conscious about her forehead. You know who um, I guess. Peyton is like that too Peyton says she hates her forehead. She said her head's too big. That'S why, when she wears her real hair out, she always gives herself a bang, um, so yeah, but the wigs some people are wearing wigs, not just to wear wigs. I think some people, you know I mean like they may not be happy with their hairline for whatever reason and it gives them the aesthetic that they want and it's not so much like. I don't have beautiful hair or I don't have a hairstyle. I, like, I think sometimes it has to do with it's it's more than just you know. Everyone'S got their reasons right, uh, uh, the frontals and the glue really okay, because it's um when you're taking the glue off. It'S probably giving you an exfoliation because the glue is attached to your skin. So that's how? If you do it on your hairline? That'S how people are compromising their edges and if you do it on your forehead, when you do the release, you are getting an exfoliation of skin, so you're yeah, you're, probably getting dead skin layers off and it's showing a lighter shade because what's been exposed to the Sun versus I get it uh makes sense. Okay, guys, let's continue to go, get my dinner, because I just had a craving for some wings, real quick hold on hold on um. This is how it looks. This is where my cap is so. I would literally cut up into that Mark. Oh, they did an amazing shot with the hairline wow like they literally did an amazing job, but you see how long this is. It'S really been long, but oh and there's some kind of slick apart already right here. It'S like, could she just have on a bodysuit like or a decent a d, a decent, a decent shirt like it's, the Wardrobe for me or just you know what I mean like a warm-up jacket, something that looks loungewear and not like yeah. Last night's t-shirt that you might have puked in the toilet, you know I mean like it's just girl yeah, because I just came from a middle part. Nobody cares like just to be honest and then all I got to do was worry about baby hair. Another person with tragic music selections, Shamar Kaylee's hands, look like uh chicken feet with eagle claws, wow uh, Ronald McDonald. I don't like I, I just think, like foreign to be taken seriously in the workplace. You need to present yourself in a certain way and um whatever. Whatever man whatevs, you know, we don't really care uh uh. I don't. I wonder why these wigs come out of the pack already so fluffy like their returns or something. I wonder how Keisha would feel if they sent her a wig for a review, but it was. She found out, it was a return. Someone had already purchased it previously and they sent her a good old-fashioned return. Um, I don't I don't anytime, I ever purchased a wig, and this was a long time ago. It comes out nice and silky and put together that looks, I don't know okay, she cannot be getting paid much for these promos girl in the videos aren't getting much. You know I mean compared to the size of her Channel and compared to wig reviews that I've seen I mean, there's people there's people out here, still getting a hundred thousand views on wig videos or better um but 10 and 20 000 um. Whatever that's her girl. We don't care, I don't like this wig, I like more subtle, hair colors. Well, if you're working in a professional environment and you're trying to sell real estate um unless you've got the Wardrobe to make people. Take you seriously. This hair is a joke. Okay, because the type of clothes that this woman wears on top of the clothes that she'll be the type of clothes she wears on top of this hair selection. Good luck, Sis! That'S all! I got to say, good luck, we'll be watching we'll be watching! That'S all! I that's that's my that's my uh. That'S my POV. Okay um she'd be getting her karma back because she did some shady [ __ ] with go with got links. Okay with goat links; okay, um! You showed up to the house to sell me looking like that. I won't trust you I mean red hair is not going to be the problem, it's the total package. You know what I mean, you know how, like you, can do one thing or don't do another thing or you know like when you have to go. Look in the mirror, because you know something's not right and you're like okay, take one thing off if you ever are in a quandary, you you know that you like what you have on, but you know you're, not a hundred percent comfortable. Sometimes it is you've over accessorized. Sometimes you have on two very loud pieces and sometimes doing that you can cancel stuff out like alternating plaids um. But then sometimes you just have to take one thing off this type of a hairstyle. With this, the Bold hair color and the outrageously butt crack length hair. That is something where, if you're going to use that type of a you better, be in like a crispy ass pantsuit, you better be looking sharp and crispy makeup needs to be very subtle. You know like a nice, maybe even a dark eye, but a nude lip. You know things like that. You can't go over the top with everything, because the hair is already entering the room by itself. Okay, especially, you are small and petite. Let'S see what sis has to say, she's trying to show us how to do uh baby hairs. What happened to the got to be glue? Her room still must be trash because I would be in my I'll, be in my Glam room, not in in Jeremy's bathroom. Okay, guys, so this is the final temporary look. I did do two curls in the front, just because this is the final temporary look. What does that mean trying to see if I like the length of the bang, I may shorten it. Just oh, like I was saying I did do two girls literally yes, baby mommy's, almost done. Okay, mommy's come Mommy's coming. Okay. What you guys saw was the only plug I didn't do any plucking on this. Hairline like this was a great pre-plucked wig. You guys, like amazing, so, like I said I'll, probably flexi rod, I'm doing flexi rod say because obviously these curls don't go with the rest of it, but you all can see in his Natural State um, but I probably like I said I'll, probably flexi rod it. I may or may not add one more yeah right there, but I don't want to be doing I mean damn. You probably need like three packs of flexi rods. For that I mean it's giving Country Music Awards, okay and shouts out to the Country Music Awards. That'S a lot of damn hair. That'S a lot of hair! That'S like four packs! That'S about a four or five pack! Wig! Like that's a I don't know what the density is in that wig, but it's a lot and these these people are sending you wigs for people who are twice your size. Like literally okay, you know that's a five five one, fifty seventy five pound. You know what I'm saying like: that's not for you. You need a that's that wig's, not for you. You want too too much. I feel like this is a good moderate thing, so I'm about to set my there's nothing moderate about that wig! Nothing moderate is set, but I think, like literally, this was the best baby hair I ever did either. So we may need to do a little tutorial. This may be titled. Baby hair Begins the lie detective. That was a lot that was alive, but it actually did not because it's honestly thinner, so it does go better with my face um because I have a really small face but, like I said, I'm 411, so let me stand back where it stops and I didn't Cut a little bit at the bottom, but not that much and then yes y'all, so this actually is not a bad one. This is the this is the sad thing about being in a city, that's known for stripping um, I'm sure the same thing like in Tampa. You know Las Vegas, unfortunately, people, it's it's the aesthetic and there's nothing wrong. If you, if you're a dancer, yes, how you earn your money, earn your money, sis! I don't have a problem with that. Even if I did it shouldn't bother you, but I don't but Keisha seems to think, like everyone doesn't dress like this Keisha. This is the repercussions of having your head into social media. Too much, everybody doesn't dress like they just came from the Boom Boom Room. Okay, you have a professional job now trying to get people to make the biggest purchase of their life, probably a lot of first-time home buyers, and you don't have it like that to be so expressive with your personal style until you have established a name for yourself In your industry and have a legit book of business, no one's gon na take you seriously like that. You look silly okay, trying to go, sell a house with your type of wardrobe and this hair girl, bye and, like I said, don't forget this Bob super teaching today, not enough back red. I can never see myself a color but yeah, so this Bob is bobbing y'all, so make sure I will have both wigs linked if you guys want to check them out, their lace is Bomb because, like I said I didn't tend it. I just put a little bit of my um powder. Yes baby, I'm coming, I just put a little bit of my powder on it, but it's doing what it needs to do y'all. So this is a great great beginner fit friendly and intermediate level wig for those who really know how to slay um see like I said my coupon code and the link will be in the description box, so go ahead and check them out boom: okay, okay, okay, We'Re gon na we're gon na reset uh for a second um y'all that wig was trash um. She needs layers with the metal. Look, it's not a bad okay, so I said it was trash. It'S it. It'S not amazing. Okay, um! However, it could I'm sure there's someone out there who knows how to work some scissors and it would look amazing on somebody else. It just looked like too much hair for what it was what's going on, but hey, let's see, let's see what happened. I didn't even know that she had put this video out guys um. What'S today, y'all did not tell me so shame on y'all, nobody, nobody, maybe someone did. Let me let me stop, because I'm I'm behind in my inbox, um, okay, we're going to the video starts out this one with some yoga and it's a whole kid video. So we might just talk over it. Um sis is trying to get into some Pilates and um. Let'S let me switch things around uh. Should I go here with it? Let'S see: uh, okay, so sis put out a video. I guess yesterday and let's see what's going on with this hair. It was it's not, it might be that wig might be perfect on someone else. Okay, um, it's just too much hair. I think that she needs to focus on. Let'S say because you know: people want that 20 something inches, because people like to say look girl, I'm wearing 26 inches 22, whatever um ma'am you need, probably for you, 18 to 20. Inches is just enough. You know what I'm saying: I'm 5'4 and a 20 inch 20 inches is like the middle of my back. You know what I'm saying come on now: 411: stop trying to play out here: okay, so she's getting ready to do some tumbling classes and all kinds of stuff we're just gon na I mean it's really and she's filming content for Instagram according to her, so she's Doing girl she's out here, if you want to watch the little kitty portion of the video, be my guest. Maybe she has gotten some sort of. I don't know if she, this is a sponsored product, probably not um. Let'S see what she's saying about the product, these from so Chic Essentials, this is one of my keys who sent me this and thank you girl, because I use them. So I Wonder: has she caught up with the people sending her free stuff in her inbox? Let'S see so so something Essentials sent her some Pilates bands or some resistance bands, and I am looking in the description box and uh. I don't see anything FTC is not. This is not a sponsor. This is not sponsored ft. Oh FTC, okay, duh, uh, Federal Trade. Commission uh go to ladylike, okay, well, nothing, nothing there! So if you're sending stuff - I guess she's just giving a little shout out and that's it so she's gon na do some she's gon na do some floor work with the resistance bands. I I think this is all a uh content situation. Oh my God, she can't even keep her legs up. Do you see the resistance bands are girl? Do they have resistance bands for kids like a smaller set? They either need petite size. Look at that. I wonder if they make a line for people of small stature. You know I mean because that's a real you know I mean there are petite people who want to work out um, but yeah she's gon na have to either get real low with it. Um girl. You might need to use those resistance bands on your knees and then open your squat a lot wider. Okay, that you might need to use those bands like if you're trying to practice Megan knees. That'S that's how she can use those girl if you're, if your resistance bands are slipping on your thighs. That means that you have passed the thigh test. It'S like girl, it's okay! You don't need to do you don't need to do it if they're slipping off. If you're doing thigh exercises and they're slipping off, then you might not need to do it right, um, okay, so now they're in the car - and I guess she's taking is she taking Journey hold on nobody thought to get rid of that noise for people? That'S a noise that you decided not to block come on. Johnny, okay, come on baby, muddy puddles, but look Mommy got rain boots yeah! You don't and your shoes. No. She said she was gon na do Pilates, but it wasn't Pilates either um and she said she was going to do yoga with the girls, but I don't know if she did yoga with them or not. I think they did a couple of poses um, but I didn't show that so you'll have to go back and see that I'm not interested in the in the churn. I'M really not. Okay, y'all! We out here getting some mulch, so you got a Brazilian. Oh, let me stop doing that, so you got a Brazilian wave, but you are only. I love a good Garden Center. Oh my God, this time of year, with all of the colors in the garden center is so beautiful. I love it um now what foreign? Like other plants, but I love the assortment that Ikea had and then we're gon na after because we're yeah you don't and your shoes so she's. Let me stop so. It appears that she's looking for house plans but she's outside in the flowers like the perennials and annuals and all of those she's she's out in the outdoor plant area. So what she's looking for clearly is on the inside or in the back, where they have overflow plants, but since sis doesn't really know her way around the home, you know, like the the Home Improvement store, um girl. It was right on the inside girl. What, where are they wearing those little house in the prairie dresses? Again, that's a tall dress by the way, that's a fall dress. Okay, I mean only thing only way, something like that would be cute is with some skinny jeans for the little girls going to school. In September y'all, I cannot believe the girls grew up. Let me tell you yesterday. I should have taken pictures of everything when pharah comes home. Like look oh, my God, I went shopping for fair. Yesterday. I bought her three t-shirts. A little uh, sleeveless tennis vest a cargo, a very light: khaki uh cargo draw script, drawstring skirt, um, some green khaki cargo, shorts uh, some knitwear like a light, knit uh lavender and a elevated another lavender sweatshirt um. What else did I get her? She got like 10 pieces, like everything, can't be matchy matchy all the time. First of all, you got ta, let kids start to put their own clothes together, and some of these, like girl, like it to me. I love when I come home and show pharah when I got her and she's like I love it very rarely does she say she doesn't like something um, but when she immediately goes to try it on and tries to get some outfit combinations going. I know I did a good job um, but I don't when I shop for her, I don't shop for me. I put my head in the mind of what she colors she gravitates towards and what I know her little aesthetic is. She loves cargo and that's kind of popular now that stuff Keisha buys. I don't even see her dressing like that. She doesn't even dress them like her and she definitely doesn't dress them like them, because they, when they go with her into the store, you see what they go running for all kinds of colors and cute stuff. They don't even go running for the princess stuff that we've seen a couple of times where she's taking them shopping right, it's like where in the hell are you buying these ugly ass clothes, I'm just gon na, say it they're awful over here and don't even like They don't recognize nothing come on baby, you sleeping with wait baby. We want the story. Oh my gosh, so we are her. Hair is so red. It looks fuchsia pink. Do you see that it's not even rare, it looks fuchsia pink. Do you guys see this? So we're in Midtown and I would have traded those finally, there's no Trader Joe's, where we stay um, no Whole Foods where we stay um, so y'all, it's just so crazy because, like literally it just years ago, Mommy can we buy Easter stuff when the girls are In my yes babies, you remember shake my chair. Yeah. Remember when I said shake your tail. I made that up. I don't know, that's what she said so anyways the girls don't want to. Let me be great um, but I feel if I removed from this side of town here, like this particular area like last year before we bought our house, because we've tried to downsize and save some money before, because we remember we paid mortgage and rent while the Construction stuff was going on, it is y'all, it is so many people outside today, like I just want to get out in the car and just go, have a blast. It looks like a little cute, like I don't know. What'S that is that a birthday party a little um - I don't know - but it looks so nice, but we used to go me and baby some bike ride down here. We would rent a little scooter stuff down here or something so yeah. We'Re gon na be at a day party a little bit later on so Mom, like first, they party later babe, no y'all won't go to the day party anyways, I'm over here. Looking because I'm like, I remember, screenshotting all the comments y'all left about Trader Joe's and I literally can't even remember because that takes on me. Oh, you guys look it's like a bear or something because I literally take so many screenshots, because I am extra busy on the internet you're right, it's like two or three. I wonder how long this is lasting. Y'All! Look this up here in Midtown! There'S always, I know the bear came back. Oh wow, look at this Mommy. I don't want to go there because I'm gon na because baby, you don't got ta, go upside down now, it's time to see anything that goes upside down. I don't want to go on on those crazy rides. I want to go on that. Okay, I don't want to go on those crazy. You guys are probably too small to get on anyways there's a height um requirement and you guys are still just under the height requirement. So it's okay, but um we're gon na I'm gon na look into this and see what this is, because I don't even see. I don't even know what this is, but I can just look up Piedmont Park and see whatever this activity is. I know Wine Fest is, I don't know where wild is that either look at this cool little bike? I wonder they rented. That word, that's something! That'S theirs, y'all see that with them, no we're not stealing anything baby, that's the mommy and me bike. Maybe Mommy wants her bike, so my job curl, my hairless, my hair straightened. Yesterday, oh he's like crazy over here on these bikes foolishness. Oh that always scares me. Oh you're, scaring me she don't see them down there. Oh my God, they're scaring me no one gets hurt. Mommy wants to ride a bike who wants to ride a bike. Mommy wants to ride a bike, okay, but we will have to ride the mommy and me back. Y'All aren't big enough to do the girl. Let me tell you something: just these last five minutes I feel like my blood pressure is elevated and I just was thinking for a second I just so thankful. My mom was super chill um. Maybe that's why I'm super chill um, like my God, my god did you guys anyone ever see that movie. If you haven't seen it, it's a movie um it's about Debbie, Reynolds and Carrie Fisher they're. Actually, both in it, it's called Postcards From The Edge it was Carrie Fisher's Memoir about having a Hollywood actress a very sought after popular um actress for a mother at a certain time in her life and how basically her mom was cuckoo and crazy. Okay, but you know to a certain degree, but it it was the behind the scenes of a Hollywood actress, not a mommy dearest story, but nonetheless, still a very kind of look from the child's eyes about mom, being [ __ ] cuckoo for Cocoa, Puffs, okay, um And then another movie about a very strange mother-daughter Dynamic is the movie mermaids with Cher and Winona Ryder. Another fantastic mother and me movie is uh running with Scissors. Okay, if you never saw Running With Scissors um excellent, okay, um, it's all it's all. The names of these movies are coming back to me at this moment, because this Dynamic is girl. It'S interesting! Okay! Why are they not telling me? Okay, we're three minutes away. We'Re gon na we're gon na I'm gon na look into this and see tomorrow won't be a good day. Mommy is busy, I think the little girl said something about. We can't steal it or whatever she said she wanted her bike, and I guess you know a four-year-old is has their own understanding, but I think what she was saying. I think what little girl meant was like Mommy. We have to get our own right and then Keisha immediately jumps into rather than saying no we're gon na get our own bikes. Of course, of course, that's their bikes we'll get our bikes right rather than a lesson. It'S stealing. Why would you think mommy's still like there's always some sort of stealing reference like I'm quite sure Journey? Would not you know I mean like whatever Journey he's thinking I don't know, but I the spirit of what I heard from a kid um would have been like. That'S their bike like she's, identifying in her mind that that's their bike, but Keisha in her childlike immaturity immediately runs with well. Why would you think mommy would do that? Well, she's, probably not um she's, just saying that that's their bike, that's their bike, so you can't want their bike. You need to have your bike. That'S what she was saying right girl! I mean you would think so. Uh Casey Johnson um, considering how it was such an immediate trigger, Bama girl, what's good listening in the bushes good morning, sis, how are you, my dear um, good morning to everyone who's come in? I did not say hi to you direct. This is it good morning. Ladies good morning, good morning, good morning, um - and if you are here, you have not hit the like button yet go ahead and hit the like button for me. I so appreciate it. Okay, um! I really only like the lemonade from Trader Joe's yeah. I don't you know, I don't have anything against Trader Joe's um. I just have never done like a full shopping there um and we have one in our Midtown um. Where else is there Trader Joe's? I'M sure there's another Trader Joe's somewhere, but I don't even seek it out. Just to be honest, I do like all all the sometimes I do little over Aldi and for the most part, because you know I'm Food Lion. That'S like a regular, regular, Neighborhood Grocery Store here and then um, Walmart and Sam's. Those are like my go-to's Walmart Sam's Food Lion and we have Publix in Harris. Teeter Harris Teeter is like sometimes again Lidl I'll go when I really want to go on a fruits and vegetable run, because I really like their fruits and vegetables plus. I think they have amazing prices um and I love their French bread. Okay, if you hadn't tried it check it out, it's dangerous. If you're, like a French, if you're like a baguette head um it it's good, I do some stuff with clients and handle some other stuff. So we'll see. But I don't know because most times it's just like yeah anyways Aldi is good for snacks. Um. All of the little snacks that they have, and then we have a good Aldi over here that has a selection of wine um Aldi at the holidays, girl, I'm almost gon na, say you can't beat it all the at the holidays. You get all of those like Swedish type cookies with chocolates on them. They have all the dry fruits, they have all the dry nuts, they have wine. That'S the main thing for Aldi for me is like the snacks um and they used to have a great frozen pizza, but during the pandemic they stopped making it. So I don't know if it's back yet. I need to go check um, but yeah Lidl, fruits and vegetables um, spices. Okay, if you have not checked out the spice islet little check it out, it's very good um! It'S not going to be like an array of everything you think you want, but as far as some good Basics and like stuff, like turmeric ginger stuff, that costs like 10 12 everywhere else, they've got great prices and it's organic one. Coming y'all and checking in and say, happy Saturday, we went to a meeting this morning for their tryouts and got all the paperwork and everything um. So now I gave well jewelry wanted to wear her brown dress again. She wore it at one of the competitions, but when she thought they had more there and they said I want to wear my eyebrowsers too, because I had her a cute little um skirt outfit but she's like I wanna wear my brown dress. So that's what we're doing, but anyway y'all I will see y'all when we get to Trader Joe's We're not gon na get too much we're not going full grocery shopping. I'M just getting some things that I have been wanting to try from Trader Joe's in general and maybe the fruits and a lot of vegetables, because we're gon na start doing the juicing and just I'm gon na walk down the aisles familiarize myself. Because I don't remember everything, that's in Trader Joe's, but we're gon na see, so I also have family size things at this store. That'S the only thing I don't like so far: um careful baby um, but this they are like they have like a little food stand with this and some pretzels - and this was so good, like we're gon na just have so many healthier snack options. A lot of this is vegan like this vegan salmon spread. This is a or like dairy, free versions of things like I love chips and dips, so this would be great. Let me talk about this for a second, there was someone in the in the chat, and I don't know if you guys saw this or not. It was very weird and she probably was trolling so whatever who cares anyway. Last week, when Keisha said she banned candy, I don't know if you guys saw it or not. Um sis was like well what's wrong. With her Banning candy, I was like. I don't give two shits if she bans candy. When I I made a comment. Keisha said something about, she didn't want candy to be a privilege or their reward, and I said, but you have turned it into their privilege and reward. That'S why you're Banning it right? You wanted to not be an entitlement where they feel like they are. You know that they that they can have it whenever they want, which is you know, I guess what I was saying was you want it to be in a uh privilege, um of a reward, not an entitlement right. That'S what I was just correcting, how she was saying it, because she was saying well, she was putting it in this sense of an entitlement saying that they feel like it's a privilege or it's going to be like they're guaranteed reward. If that's how they feel about it, that's that's the overall tone, then you're talking about an entitlement, sis a privilege, is something that you show some respect to, because a privilege is something that you know that you have maybe done something to earn or it is it's Not a everyday, it's not just. I don't want to say normal, but it's a privilege is something that is extended to you because of like, for whatever reason we all know what a privilege is. So when she said that she didn't want the it to be a privilege. I think you wanted to be a privilege, you want it to be something that they feel like they have to earn, because right now they feel entitled to it. I was just it was more of a grammar reference. I don't care if her kids have sugar morning noon and night. I don't care if she restricts them on sugar. You know what I'm saying um. I just think that somebody who was trying very hard to find something to argue about in the comments came and tried to make me wrong. Sis, I don't give a [ __ ] and I'm just gon na be honest at the end of the day, I would really appreciate people who want to spar and debate go. Do it somewhere else and nobody's trying to debate [ __ ] over here. You know what I'm saying like we're watching and we're laughing and we're kicking and people are giving their opinion and people have a right to give their opinion. If you don't feel like you agree with someone's opinion, don't comment on the thread. If you feel like you, don't want to agree with something and you want to say: well, I'm sorry, I disagree, disagree and move on, but if I I'm gon na really start moving forward. If I see somebody with the shits in the comments coming for somebody on the way they feel about, something is only going to go, but so far you know what I'm saying, because I feel like it gets a little out of hand and when it gets out Of hand, you will notice, your comment has disappeared and I don't do that often, but let people live. You know what I'm saying if somebody feels a certain type of way. Let them feel that way and you go make a different comment. You don't people don't always have to answer on someone's comment and understand. Also take a deep breath before you leave a comment because you don't have to you know what I'm saying if you feel like you're going to have people coming for you. Don'T if you can't handle it right to be able to snack on they don't have the standard um you found wet baby and you can respectfully disagree. I'M not saying don't answer people's comments just understand. Let people some some people are dumb right. Let'S just have, and just also and not even just dumb, just understand this - some people don't have that some people will not have benefited from your experiences. Yet right um, you could have somebody out here um, who is 10 20 years, your senior or Junior right and just under they may not be where you're at so. If you do want to offer someone um the knowledge, be re, you know I mean, keep it cue, you know what I mean everyone, some people, just don't they lack an experience, they lack an exposure and that's the way I look at it. I I'm at the point right now. I don't have to answer every single comment and I'm not going to debate every argument. I just feel like this. Just keep it damn cute and don't go to someone's comment where they are expressing themselves and make them feel wrong, because that's not cool. You know what I'm saying. If they're just dropping a comment, maybe they want me to see it uh they're not asking for you to come and get at their neck. You know what I'm saying and vice versa. So just take this. However, you want to take it, but girl sis was trying to tell me that I was uh pro-sugar and I'm like [ __ ]. I don't care. If I am okay, it doesn't matter like girl, I'm just I don't care how that woman feeds her kids sprinkles. They never have never will girl girl. Are you kidding me a lot of stuff? How did this stuff even get at the bottom? Oh my gosh, Italian coffee. Are you kidding me like where stop it? Ladies? Stop? It don't put anything else on mommy's buggy. I gave you guys the opportunity on the other aisle. Okay. So, like I said, that's the only thing I dislike it's just serving sizes, so you let them pick out stuff on the other aisle and they get to this aisle and they don't get it like. You shouldn't have had them shopping at all, they're, four and two. What you gon na do not being family, because, like all these things, like literally so sauces, I'm not there yet um come on up journey journey. Put your feet down angel face! You have a dress on mind, your manners. Do you hear what I'm saying to you mind those manners that mommy's taught you, so I don't want to be in here too much longer donuts for Daddy, no y'all daddy got a sweet tooth. What is this? Is dairy, free or something yeah Daddy loves sweets? The doctor, daddy already been to the dentist, remember when we all went a couple weeks ago. Okay hold on this is herbs and spices. Can I can I read these ingredients, I'm also stopping and reading every ingredient. Wait. Wait baby you're moving fast like a cheetah. What is this buttery? Okay, this one may be better, but Daddy just bought all that popcorn at the house yesterday come on you sleepy you look sleepy, don't worry, come on we're gon na get some more pretzels. So then they have these pita chips. I think I'm gon na try these. So I got these I used to like, like y'all know what these reminds you of like these are like pork rinds, but this is porkless and I don't eat pork like wait. Ladies huh, is it good really I'm excited about? All of these look. Ladies, come on cause. I got to get all these options. That will be the last time them. Kids with you got a whole mommy at home. You got your mommy at home, don't you have a nanny girl? You know what I used to say: imma, warm up them legs! Okay, you want your legs warmed up. Okay, okay! If they don't, I mean look, they don't need to go to the store if they don't know how to behave, and I'm talking any kid. There was uh. Look okay, I'm gon na say this uh at a certain point, Pharaoh really just started going into gas stations. A couple of years ago, um, I always pay at the pump okay and she I never used to take her out the car to go into gas station. Okay um. As far as going to the store, when I learned that pharah would act a certain type of way when she was very little going to the store girl, if it didn't have that option with the little chair that she could be strapped in. While I'm getting my groceries, it was a no-go, it's very rare, that I would buy um and take her into the store unless I'm taking her into the store for something specific there's a lot of times. Even now, I will have already gotten my groceries and I'm either going to be picking them up on my way in on my way out, and then I go into Walmart for specifically what I'm going to get for her. That'S it like there's ways to handle this thing, but she she doesn't know what to do. I want to try pita chips. We got pork well, porkless, pork, rinds and then baked Pita. We probably need two of them up. Ladies ladies, ladies, get back over here angel faces you're, not being angel, face like if you want to just if you want to have nutritious snacks for your kids girl. Why aren't you just in the fruit aisle you're buying a bunch of processed food to replace a bunch of processed food? And it's You Look Silly? Okay, why don't you go get some cuties some pineapples, some apples um learn how to make homemade caramel and make it homemade buy a bag of blue corn popcorn or buy some damn bulk popcorn that you can pop at your house and put your Himalayan sea salt Or whatever you want on it, damn parmesan cheese, whatever make it yourself. Okay, get your oatmeal, your brown sugar um, your cashews pecans, whatever. If they're not allergic, make your own damn granola, you can make your own granola! You can make your own energy bites. You can make your own granola bars. You can make your own Peanut Butter Brittle like there's things that you could make and it not be corny like there's this woman. I forget what her name is, but it's the same as Farah it's f-a-r-a-h and she has kind of a middle eastern last name. She does like home lifestyle, videos and they're, absolutely beautiful, and she makes like really fun looking desserts and cookies um. She does have a snack drawer, but for the most part she cooks a lot for her family and a lot of these moms, who are three rivers. Homestead she's um got a gluten. Intolerance she's got Crohn's disease, so they make a lot of stuff gluten-free dairy free. All of those things and there's a lot of moms who are making delicious looking desserts and snacks and things for their our kids and don't buy them store-bought snacks. They don't make a big damn ridiculous deal about it. It'S just we're dairy free, we're gluten free, and this is what I'm making it's. Not I've banned sugar. You know what I'm saying like it sounds nice to say: I banned sugar, but people are providing their kids, the snacks that are appropriate for their household without making a big damn deal and sounding stupid about it. That'S my point, her kids, when your kids are laughing at you and you're, using something that's supposed to be a disciplinary tactic, saying angel face and they're repeating it back to you and mocking you, sis! Stop it like girl. You have lost, you've lost it with the kids. The kids are zoned out. I think, like I feel like we're gon na just need so many of everything because of the serving size like everything's supposed to be in moderation, but Keisha. You don't understand that the serving size is the calorie serving size for an adult, so you've got so you're going to look at the serving size, and you think that's how much you're supposed to give the kids if it says 20 chips, if it says 20 pita Chips and jewelry really can only eat five you're gon na lay out 20 pita chips because that's the serving size. You know what I'm saying if you're on a diet - and you know your doctor - told you 18 carbs, but the snack you selected is 36 carbs for a full serving. Does everybody in here? Have the common sense to know? Well, you know what maybe I'll just have. I really want that, but it's double the carbs that I'm allowed. Would you not automatically think you know what let me bust it down in half I can have half. I can have ten chips. I can have ten crackers right. You guys know that right, duh yeah. What happened to girl? I try to eat an apple every single day, Pink. Ladies, If you like a tart apple, go for Pink. Ladies, they are so damn good. It'S almost like. It reminds me a little bit of a little bit of Pineapple. It does it's not pineapple, so don't get me wrong, but it's got the tartness and the freshness. Oh my God. I love Pink. Ladies. So good come back here often. Ladies ladies okay, bye y'all y'all, so I probably will go to Whole Foods.

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