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Hey everyone, long time no see... sorry for the wait!!!! In today's video I'm giving y'all a whole bunch of RANDOM SH*t...lol. We traveled, had photoshoots, worked on our grown women body, met new people, went on a date, opened packages and so much more. I had lots of fun filming this because it was really just pick up the camera & go energy! Anywho there's LOTS of important information down below so make sure y'all check it out, Hope you guys enjoy, and I'll see y'all in MIAMI!

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00:00- Intro

00:34- FITDAWL

3:14- Playa Bowls

4:42- Hair Appointment

5:32- q&a

18:58- texas

19:55- eyebrows

21:26- softgirlminks

23:52- chick run

26:58- work

29:09- kroger

34:51- date

36:57- march 1

39:35- Starbucks run

40:35- braid down

41:44- class

41:54- gym

45:01- Hair Shoot

49:28- Unboxing

54:19- WLAS Meeting

54:59- outro

Foreign [ __ ] catfish shut the [ __ ]. You know some cute shoes, foreign fake, it's home foreign. Thank you. We got a cool little workout in this morning that so amazing y'all. I look a mess. I know we're trying to get some food. Okay. I love a good workout, oh yeah, I feel so strong 30 degrees garages, hey love, y'all, already know. What'S going on, if you're new to my channel, welcome if you're not welcome back, it's your girlfriend make sure y'all like comment and subscribe. Take me to that girl. I'M that girl, if you didn't know and uh yeah like come on, look around yeah credit card swipes. I don't even know it's your wife, but I do know one thing, though Saturday through Sunday Monday. So let me show y'all what we're doing today before we start. Okay, so this is the look. The inspo look, she's, so cute Valentine's Day is in four days, so we're gon na do hearts because it makes the most sense. You know what it is: 30 degrees that y'all want to know. Some of them are like good questions. Some of them are kind of not good questions, and some of them are like questions about YouTube and like editing and stuff. I'M gon na try to answer all of them, because why not we're going to keep it brief? Because this is just to spice up the heroinette in reality, so I got, but all these responses from you guys in which she gon na, be answering some of the questions too. Some of them aren't really questions she can answer, but for the ones that are she's gon na put her little input on them, hi guys. My name is Mommy, I'm raised by Ryan and go follow her on Instagram and she's about to start her Channel back up. So stay tuned for that follow her and keep up with her because she's that girl with that being said, let's get right into the video. So let's go on Instagram and ask me what my dream job is: what's my sexuality, first fight or worse and secret, no one knows so I think the juiciest one out of that one would be the secret everyone knows, but why would I tell y'all right now? So my dream job would be to be rich. I want to be rich, I'm in school for Psychiatry right now, so I'm going to be the best doctor. You know one day, but I just want to make money. I want to live my life, that's the type of job I want to have like. I want to make money off living my life. If somebody else can do it, I can do it and I'm doing it right now, because you're watching this video aren't you are you making it an Entertainer period yeah and I just want to be a businesswoman. That'S it yes, entrepreneur! Yes, that's great! Okay found my sexuality. I don't really put a label on myself, but since you asked, I guess, I'm a bisexual woman, so um that's great she's great over here straight in the ball. This is more youtube-based related. My sister asked me: how do you find music to use in videos you go on YouTube and you type in non-copyright whatever right. I definitely keep in mind what type of video I'm editing like if it's a vlog style like we real lit, I'm not gon na put no chill music in the background like you need to find lit music. So, if that's the case, I would type in, like 323 hip hop no copyright, mixtape or playlist or anything along those line, because once you saute a whole bunch of stuff will come up and here's a big tip. If you don't want to get copyrighted any video, you click that has an ad on it. You'Re not gon na get copyrighted, because their video would not be able to have ads if it was a copywriting track or soundtrack or whatever the case may be. Sometimes the video that you don't have ads on, even if they say it's non-copyright it'd be copyright. But with that being said, even if it don't have an ad, it doesn't always mean that it's going to get copyrighted. So you just have to look around and really search. Not gon na lie be shazaming people's songs and it will tell you that too. So then, sometimes they'll tell you what song it is, but sometimes it will tell you the actual song and then that's no help because it's gon na get copyright. That'S a couple tips on how to find music for your videos, no copyrights, then this girl, this girl on my Instagram, talk about who's. Your favorite best friend like. Why are you worried about who my favorite best friend is okay? So I'm going to answer this question with a lot of love and I don't want nobody feeling no type of way, but I'm gon na have to say my favorite best friend is Reagan. I'M sorry Justin! I love you, but I'm gon na say it's Reagan. Yeah. First comes first, she was first so how's life treating how's life. Treating you could go first um, I would say it's just like a another. Great experience is going yeah. It'S going! That'S that's a good answer. Okay, so my life is treating me like [ __ ]. My life is actually not too bad. I can't complain I'm very blessed, but with that being said, a couple things here and there be plan on living in ACL forever. If not, where do you want to move in the future? If you know me, I don't stay nowhere like nothing around me, stays the same. For the most part, my room, don't stay the same. My car don't stay the same. My clothes don't stay the same like I. I get tired of everything like I don't know. I don't plan on staying in ATL whatsoever once I graduate I'm dipping off to wherever like takes me, I don't know where yet um ever since I was like you know, High School, I always say I don't want to live in Cali, but I really want to Do that when I'm up for real like up up because California is expensive - and I don't want to rush my life and take place like to this dream place - I've always wanted to go. If I'm not actually ready for that, and I'm not ready for that. Right now so, and of course, when I graduate that's, not gon na be right now, but it's coming up like I'm a sophomore in college, already it's spring semester and it's April is the end of it and it's February. So if you count, that's not too far, why I didn't run traffic in college and this really caught my eye because, like why didn't I wear check in college, but I have the most perfect answer for you. So you know your girl was low track star in high school. Whatever I didn't run track in college. The honest answer is because the offers and scholarships I got to run track to college. I did not want to go to those schools. I didn't want to go to school a school for four years to run track. If I wasn't gon na love everything else about the school because then I felt like I wasn't going to be happy because, although I was an athlete or whatever like not enjoying my college experience at the same time was not worth it to me like I want You know what I'm saying like: I have a lot of potential and living out of nowhere. I'M running track like I want finna go to the Olympics. I want that good. So it's like do. I really want to do this for four more years tonight. You know, keep you know what I'm saying like keep going with it, because it's like it's pointless like it's fun. I love this sport. It made me happy. It was a stress believer it kept me fit. My ass was fat, but it just. I wanted to be happy and I felt like over time me living in the middle of nowhere was gon na start dreading on me more than the fact that I was doing something I loved, so I had to pick, but what's your ex, I don't know, I'm Gon na say I'm like I don't like Mean Girls like that. You know, and I agree. Okay. Somebody asked me where I got the black and white painting above my bed, so I got that from Ross. It was 30 y'all that painting thirty dollars Ross hit them up. If you could restart and Live Another Life, what would it be? That is a great question. I would definitely take advantage of being born into a rich family and, like I would have started a business. A minute ago, all that, just just because like why not you got the money. How do I get my skin, Flawless or clear or whatever and honestly y'all? I I have a prescription face wash and I use um this lotion. I literally on my channel. It'S called palms, or so I'm going to pee I'll, put a picture of it. I'Ll use that to get my makeup off and I use that lotion too, and I use my prescription like night cream and morning tea, but I don't use like store brand stuff. So yeah yeah, like you, got ta, go to a dermatologist to get what I get honestly, it has to be prescribed to you, but also I still be breaking out y'all. Just I don't know it's a scam, okay, someone said: what's the key to popping off with this vlogging [ __ ]. I love that question because you really trying to get to the bag. So the only problem is, I don't really have the answer. Okay, I'm gon na be so honest. There are a select handful of people that think you know. I really know what I'm doing but video I don't know what I'm doing, I'm winging it and I'm learning at the same time. I think the big thing about like that depicts me from maybe other people that y'all might see, is that I'm, like I'm just hustling for it and y'all can tell so when you ask me things like. What'S the key, I would just personally say to hustle and be consistent. I just try to be myself, I'm a very authentic person and I will never put anything on the internet about myself. That'S not real or true. Okay, I'm not gon na put on those type of frame for no camera and for nobody. Well, I think a key to popping off would be to be yourself and genuine and also be fun like if you're boring, like people just won't, want to watch that yeah. Being yourself is the key to anything you can get everywhere in life if you're yourself and you work hard, because if you put on a front to be some person, no matter how hard you're working it's going to bite you in the butt. Next question is: what motivates you to keep going now, there's a lot of things that motivate me to keep going and there's a lot of things that also um for babies. Sometimes I get to the point where the things that do motivate me don't matter and that's a really bad point, my family and my family. I mean my little siblings, I'm the oldest of four little babies, um, that I love dearly um. I have an 18 year old brother. I have a nine-year-old brother. I have a six-year-old sister and a nine year old sister. I feel like they really motivate me, because I know that my siblings look up to me like crazy, but two money. I love money and I don't feel like there's nothing wrong with that, because if I'm motivated and get money, I'm gon na get it and then money brings great credit scores. The next question is gon na be how's your mental health, okay, okay, so, like Sundays, are gon na. Do some things all right. I think my mental health, if I'm being very, very very honest at this very current moment, my mental health is probably not that good, but next week I'm gon na be a better woman than I am today and happier. So that's what matters just keep pushing until you're at your best, okay last question and then y'all gon na see me when the hair is done. What'S your favorite artist at the moment? Yes, I know it's there about you. I just love a lyrical person like if you could wrap that stuff like J. Oh J, Cole, y'all. I love me some J Cole like he really needs spitting at you know, but like same as Drake, he be spitting at it's like or they go to. Georgia. State where tuition is handled by some random [, __ ] that live in Atlanta, that she only see when she feels I was like gay obligated. This is my favorite song by J Cole. It'S called I love yours and first words. It says no such thing as a life, that's better than yours, and I feel like that is a very yeah, like it's a very first of all a fabulous way to start off a song, and it's just true like. If you have that mindset you're, you will be happy, but if you've gone around, comparing yourself to everyone else's life and the things that you don't have, then, first of all, how are you gon na ever get it going around, comparing yourself not doing anything about it? If you want something, go, get it and second of all, you just gon na, be sad that you don't have it if you always looking at what other people have and thinking like. Oh, my life isn't like that like make it like that, then heartbeat and fast. Let the [ __ ] know that he alive fake [, __, ] man, snakes snakes in the grass. You know what I'm saying he said: fake [, __, ] man, snakes. They eat snakes, they need to be snakes, but then he said snakes that are grass. Let a [, __ ] know that he arrived like at least you could do, is let a [, __ ] know that he arrived. So I can prepare myself. Okay, don't be sleeping on your level because it's Beauty and the struggle [, __ ] and that's facts. It'S Beauty in the struggle, because if you ain't struggle period, hear my words or listen to my signal of distress, I grew up in a city and though sometimes we have less compared to some of the [ __ ] down the block. We were still blessed. Okay and life can't be no fairy tale, no once upon a time, but I'll be goddamn. If a [, __ ] don't be trying. So tell me mama, please why you be drinking all the time. There'S all that pain that he brought. You still linger and don't mind, okay on the roads of riches. Listen! This is what you find. The good news is you came a long way, but the bad news is, you went the wrong way. I think being broke was better. No such thing like it's just like wow y'all gon na see me when my hair is joining cute. Do they skip anything, and you actually watch me answer all of these questions comment this emoji in the comments. If you watched the entire q a hijab for survival, a lot of people running for the tired, a lot of people trying to take us, hey Vlog, so I made it home. I got in the shower now, I'm obviously out of the shower. I ate some dinner. I did come to the decision that I'm not gon na go to the photo shoot, so I just want to say goodnight to you guys with that being said, I'll see, y'all. Whenever I see y'all good night, it's your birthday baby. It'S your birthday, baby, hey y'all! I'M getting this purse for Miami. It'S broke right here. It'S ripped a little bit, but I'm gon na cut it and it's gon na be fine. It'S only ten dollars like that is a good deal. I'M gon na get this bag, but for the beach like y'all, see the vibe, that's cute, whatever Chicago music House me: hey y'all today is February 21st, we're back in Atlanta. So today, this random day in my life, we're going to get our lashes done and I'm excited because the girl hit me up and was like Hey. Basically, you wan na do my lashes and I was like yes, I get back to Atlanta soon, let's make something shake and we are making it shake. Okay time check it's 10 27 we're about to head to the car. I'M gon na go get my eyebrows done. Real quick and then we're going to head to the Lash appointment, which is about 28 minutes away so yeah. I just got from the eyebrow place and I literally feel so much better because I was feeling like a gorilla like y'all, my eyebrows, it was just. It was just really really really bad, so I'm happy to have my eyebrows done. I don't know if y'all can tell, but I feel like a new woman in the city of Atlanta. We are about to be on our way. This guy was staring at me. Look at him. He gave me that smirk, you know the story that white people look. You know how white people be like like that's how he was looking so yeah yeah I've been in the car yeah. You could definitely tell my bro, like she made them a little skinnier when I'm looking in the mirror. I don't know if I like that, but I know it made it very clean, but I like me some little thick eyebrows other than that hey say hey to the Vlog other than that. We are on the way to my life every on my empty myself or whatever I lay back down in the bed, so I can get the good lighting, but can we get into the last set like there's, not [, __ ]? You could say about the last set because it's setting, okay, the lashes, are lashing and the set is setting and if you have anything else to say about unsubscribe and never watch me again setting and if you have any subscribing. Never watch me again. This is that a way you could do whatever you want, it's still cute, I could turn around and they still cute don't even play with it. Y'All come on, she restocking me and everything like Go books wanted to see it outside, like it just gets that better everywhere I go, it gets cuter and cuter and cuter. I am more than satisfied with This Woman's Work. Oh, my God, I never got her YouTube channel. I got ta go back. I didn't get your YouTube. If you [ __ ] with me, I'm gon na need you to [ __ ] with my girl, because she just bodied my lashes for one. So you need to go book and second I'ma need y'all to go subscribe to her YouTube, because I said so that's why, like even besides the lashes, the appointment was just Immaculate like it was just great energy. Y'All know good energy when you feel it when you in it, and you feel like you know when it's there so long story short the appointment. Everything about it was just amazing and, like I really had a great time so wonderful way to spend the first half of my day is is currently 251, so we are actually out earlier than I thought I thought I was gon na get out at three. I got a good manner, there's a Chick-fil-A literally across the street, so we're about to go to chick, and then I have work later so I'm gon na go home, eat my chick change and then go to work. I'M so happy! I look so beautiful. Thank you. You think I should get chicken strips or what I usually get the spicy deluxe okay, because I love me spicy the looks honestly, but I'm not trying to be like. Oh okay, like your camera, not even on camera in general, like what would you get okay, if you got something all the time, would you do something different today or oh definitely, yeah different a day to like switch it up? I totally get tenders, okay, I'll get some tenders, then I'll have a four count and with fried do you all do well done here? No, we didn't know. Okay, that's fine, then, can I have a medium fruit punch and can you add lemon not lemonade, just lemon? Thank you yes, Chick-fil-A can I have like four yeah okay and I think that's it. Yeah that's gon na be 10.97 okay, and can I scan for points oh yeah, of course, okay, you're welcome. Okay! This is for Point all right and you're all set all right. Thank you have a good day. Sufia, that's beautiful. She kind of I think she was nervous. She stuttered a little bit, I'd be stuttering. So I don't blame you girl, but it made me think that she said her own name wrong, but it really is Sophia. It'S about s-u-f-i-a, that's beautiful, like that's so different, I'm just so obsessed with life right now and I usually freaking hate life, but I love it right now. I got my chick currently at a red light, I'm about to eat and drive and that's dangerous enough, as is we have 39 minutes until we get home. It took me 30 to get here, so I figured it would be a cool little minute to get back. So I'm gon na eat and I guess I'll see y'all when I get home. I am going to Vlog a little bit at work today, but that's not like guaranteed, because if it's super busy I won't be able to otherwise, I will as of right now, I'm gon na dig in because I'm so hungry and have not ate all day hope. Y'All enjoying so far, if you like what you see like comment subscribe, it's 4 43 we're on our way to work. They was just calling bugging me, so guess we will go huh. That was bugging me. Where are you at? I think? Oh, no bugging me say: hey it's not like cardi B, so yeah, that's the vibe Scott. You want to say hi. I know you on my ass look at her poochie gobbler. Look up! Vonna'S gon na take me to work because it's right down the street, but you got ta pay for parking and I'm not gon na keep paying twenty dollars for barking, that's so dead. I just made it to work. It'S not busy right now, I'm like picking up a little bit. There'S people at the bar yeah. We do mean it is. I don't even know what time it is, but I'll check in. If I can so we're about to close out it's like almost eight and there's not really nobody in here, I got my table yeah. That'S me. My video is on the um TV at work, so I just want to show you how that's what's going on. I have one table right now: his food should be out shortly. What else? What else? What else kitchen is closing so yeah a cute little shift for the girls on the way home soon I need to text someone to see if she can pick me up, but other than that I'll see. Y'All later I'm gon na warm up my chicken nuggets real quick, because I got a couple more minutes and on my home room we about to head out, though overall the restaurant did pretty good today. So that's a fan can't wait to go home now, Brianna made it home. Finally and y'all know I get right to the point I want to get in the shower. I'M trying to not get this dirty ass room. I got ta pee really really bad, so I'm gon na say goodnight to you guys, thanks for tuning in keep tuning in, because the video is not over and I think I'ma see y'all tomorrow, hey y'all, welcome back to the Vlog today is Wednesday. The 22nd right now we're just about to head to the grocery store. I thought I should bring you guys along with me, because why not? I don't really have an itinerary for the day. Besides the fact that I have a midterm at 3 30 - because that's usually when my classes today, but I don't have classes we're taking our midterm. So I have to be at the library or somewhere to take my midterm today, which I do kind of want to go to the library, because I feel like it would just put me in a better School academic mindset. But until then we're just gon na go to the grocery store, I'm trying to gain weight, because you know I've been going to the gym and stuff and I feel like I'm being consistent enough in the gym, but not seeing like results. So I'm gon na try to eat more because I know that's a big problem with me. I really don't eat and it's really not healthy. So I'm gon na try to change my habit and get some food so we're going to the grocery store. I think that's a bigger reason why I wanted to bring you guys along because it's like not a regular grocery store trip tonight. I actually might have a photo shoot. I was talking to this guy on the phone I'll keep y'all posted. If I have a photo shoot, if I do that's going to be super fun, if we do have a shoot tonight, yeah, if not it's cool, but right now we're going to the grocery store. So let's go hey man. I made a list, of course because and it didn't transfer to my phone because I made the list on my iPad, so that's really irritating because now I just feel unorganized and I don't know what I'm gon na do. I'M gon na just get some strawberries. Some blueberries ain't, nobody make it too much. Yeah, okay, I'm gon na get this one, because it's 4 49. put this in my car. But this for some reason, just looks like it's gon na make me dig. I think I'm gon na go with the peanut butter. Just because I know I'm gon na be making peanut butter smoothies. Now, if I were to make something else, it probably would not taste that good peanut protein - I don't know this - is the other one I was gon na get, but I think I'm gon na put this one back. Oh these down here are 15, though there's chocolate. I don't [ __ ] like chocolate. That'S literally, why I put the other one down that she got because it's chocolate. I don't want chocolate, okay, yeah! So I'm gon na go with this one. I got my bananas and I have peanut butter at home. We'Re literally gon na make one of these today so, and I did confirm that we are doing the shoot tonight and then Brie's gon na do my makeup at five, so yeah, I'm so excited, and she just texted me like she want to do editorial glamor whatever And we haven't been able to on me yet so that's exciting Mediterranean vegetable thing crunch Pizza, I VY sounds good and it's 6.99. This looks good. I like Belgrade class is in session y'all. Should I try this sesame chicken balls [ __ ] it well. They need to turn that [ __ ] off it's still going insane. What is that we get my life together because I really do need to get out of here. I have a test and it may turn to take. So I need to stop playing and hurry up. I'M gon na find where the Hot Pockets at and when I find the Hot Pockets I'm Gon na Catch. Y'All, okay found them, so the big pack is 15. I got that last time and it did last me a cool little minute, but fifteen dollars. I just feel like it's crazy and you know what else is crazy me Lily and Ari in the grocery store was literally talking about how they should make a combo pack and I'm looking at this thick and that's what it is. But it's really not, but this is the Garlic um a buttery crust, so I'm gon na get this one. It'S a little different! This steak, oh my God. The beef I'm gon na get a pound of beef. Excuse me, Kaiser came in. I thought it was gon na be raw shrimp with calamari. That'S what I thought, but it's fried calamari with shrimp like what I love calamari and I love shrimp right back. Ladies okay, all right and it's hot. I love me some hot food, so I got me this drink, I'm not really trying to Vlog too much because I don't like other times, but I just want to show y'all like the food we get and stuff like that. Mama went to the bathroom this drink right. Here is not what I asked for, but it is so good, strong sugar, oh yeah, that's the line. Um stay tuned and I'll see y'all soon, I'm dead. Oh wait, wait! Wait. We have to get the parking validated. We also be drunk dinner was for me, honestly, 10 out of 10. Vibes was good. The drinks was good. My date was good. I had a great time you had a great time on it. I had a great time. That'S amazing, just talk about Americano yeah. If you live in Atlanta, come to Americano, I mean yeah, I'm not a big fan of steak, but that [ __ ] was good. That [ __ ] was good. My angle pot right, I'm gon na have a read: come back: okay, y'all! So we in the bathroom we made our way to the back: hey Yay, see y'all. When I see you, this is my calendar for the day. So right now, I'm on my way to my last appointment. I have a paid photo shoot tomorrow, so I always like to be up to Park. It'S A Wig photo shoot, so I'm getting a wig put on. So I have a Health Professions fair. I want to attend. I'M meeting Lillian there, so that should be fun um, but that starts at 11 and so I'm getting my lashes filled right now or I'm on my way to get my lashes filled now and then I'm gon na when I'm done there, I'm gon na go straight To my professions, fair and that's why I'm all dressed up and then I might go to Starbucks before that for a to get me and Lillian Starbucks or for B to get Lily in Starbucks, because I just told her like. I asked her Starbucks order. Just in case I go, but do I want to spend 20 at Starbucks? Not really. My hair is not really in the right state to be braided down, but we're just gon na have to make something work and then, after the braid down, I have about one and a half hours before class class. I'M just chilling nothing else after that, so we're gon na open a few packages. I'Ve got everything should be Gucci. All these chickens see you guys at my lash appointments and I'm actually so excited because, as you all saw, she did the freaking thing and I honestly don't even really need to feel like. I could go several more days without getting a feel, but due to the fact that I have a shoe, I'm trying to you know - and she was like, if you need, then I want to come in and get a little feel for your shoe. That'S fine! I was like okay, yeah, okay yeah, I guess I'll see y'all when I get there T minus 24 minutes away below. So, as you can see, I got my lashes done. They look very good um. I just got to the health fair, it's 1109. So I'm only 10 minutes late Lillian's already in there she's waiting for me, um got my lashes done. They look good as [ __, ] and yeah. That'S what's going on okay, so this is what's going on. I don't think I'm gon na bring my camera in there because that's not giving professional so I'm gon na put in my purse and have already watched my purse while we're going Lillian is over there. Looking cute look at her in her little outfit but yeah we're gon na go in and see what's talking about so I'll, see y'all after what is going on not on campus, so cute right. So there's some lady is that a lady, not the police officer laughing like what is going away, reacts Starbucks right here, you go lovebug one more step hold on, so we're on our way. We'Re nine minutes away right now. Eca is 142. That means right now. It'S 1, 33. after class. I want to go to the gym, but I also want to like finish my schoolwork, but I think like the only thing I need to finish for is the assignment I have in that class that I'm going to so I'll. Probably just do that in that class and if I could get it done I'll go to the gym straight after. I want my friends to wait for me because they're at the library right now, but regardless I'm gon na, go today, because I was supposed to go this morning and I didn't so got to get that work in. I got everything packed over here and my like. In between my purse and my book bag, yeah, that's the little updates. I will see you guys later: hey y'all, so we in the studio say: hey hey getting our hair braided down, as you can see, we've probably been doing this for, like 20 minutes, she's going really fast, we're halfway done and it's not hurting at all period. Yes, it is currently 2 10. I got class at 3 30, so we're good on time. I'M like 50 minutes away we're sitting here deleting all my footage, because my camera ran out of storage and I knew it was coming but like so, I had to like sit there and delete everything one by one. So it took me a little minute, but we're here now so yeah, I'm gon na see y'all when I'm headed out and on my way to class and yeah hey y'all. I look kind of goofy now because I ain't got no hair under my hat, but it's still cute we're gon na go to Zaxby's and then we're gon na go class and then yeah. This is like it's the lashes and my last one done. I would have been feeling - oh, I would have been feeling crazy, but my lash is done this one Lush on the end want to be acting up. We love our first step: three big Zack snacks meal. One click redeeming store when ready to scan free food, hey Vlogs so me and the girls made it to the gym, say: hey yeah. This is the outfit for today. So I got my hat one still, because I don't really feel comfortable walking around like a jail inmate and so we're gon na keep the hat on and work out in [ __ ] fashion today and who's gon na. Tell me something about it. So today we're working on our butts, of course, because we going to Miami. So we got a fat ass right here and we got a fat ass right here and we got fat ass right here: okay, y'all! So I'm about to decompress my slime machine. Oh [! __ ], I feel like Spiderman me and my hair. It looks so cute at the gym: hey y'all, so we just finished working out already doing her last set of ABS. To finish the night out, we had a great great workout today, we're gon na go home and I'm going to showers going to be the shower. Okay. This is 6 55. What time do we get here? Like 5 30.? I don't know what time at gym. 507.. Two hours I am here, we come back, hey guys, Abby's, getting her makeup done. I'M gon na get this wig put on come on and look at his hair look come on play with your mama um. Should I move on when you get your makeup done? The outside lighting just be hitting so different, like okay, we just made it to the beauty supply store. We'Re about to go in this weird man in a yellow shirt is staring at me. Okay, so I'm looking at these right here. The other girls have long nails too. So that's cute, what the [ __ ] I didn't know this was recording, but I got my bag in the beauty supply store. So I got the nails. Thank you, foreign on them. It'S really all I ever do yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Q IS F uck. We look good, ah baby and that's all right, y'all, hey y'all, so I'm back to being bald-headed ain't about a thing, though we're 44 minutes um past five, which we were supposed to be done by five. But it's okay because still have time to get to where I got ta be, but I did want to go to the the gym. But now I don't think I'm gon na be able to do that. I'M super hungry! I don't want to eat out. So I'm gon na go home and fix something up for myself, but yeah we're on our way home I'll, see y'all there and then next we're going to the wiggle like a sigma meeting, so we're on our way home and I'll see y'all. When I see you, okay, y'all, so welcome, welcome we're back home. It is currently 6 57. So I need to make this quick. This portion of the video is sponsored by Teddy Blake, which is a company that carries purses and pouches and really cute accessories. They asked if they could send me a purse to show to y'all, and I was like um duh, so we're going to open this box and see what's inside, so let's get right into it. This is the bag the packaging came in. Oh, it is y'all. Look at her. This is just so cute to me. I don't know I love a purse like I love me a purse and it's so convenient because it has so many different Pockets. So I'm gon na show you all some of the details. Two compartments yellow compartment right here it has this really nice cloth on the inside. I don't know what you call this, but it's real soft, a second one over here, so plenty plenty of room and then, when you take out all this, this is the inside of the purse with the inside, and this is the chain I was talking about right Here it has the little latches that you can latch on like that. So yes, this, this unboxing for today, which I am so so obsessed with. So if you guys like this bag or want to check them out, the link to the website will be down in the description box, so go check them out, get you or your girlfriend a nice little purse. Just because you know what I'm saying and y'all can use my code too, and that will also be down below in the description box. Now this one I'm excited for so a little backstory. Somebody hit me up on my exam and was like hey check out my artwork and y'all know me: I'm always trying to support a black owned business and any business in general, but this one's black um. So I checked it out and I seen that he drew a picture of somebody before I'm trying to finish my room and I'm gon na be putting like two big pictures right here and two big pictures over there. I already got the frames for them. I just have to get three other pictures and yes, two plus two equals four and I said three other pictures and that's because he drew me a picture and guess who it is. This girl, Yana baby come on so excited to open it. I can see what the final product looks like because baby, I'm art, okay um, so he wrote a little note. We'Re gon na read it first. If you know it says, thank you for reaching out and taking into consideration of putting out my art. I really appreciate it perlocity, Dre Kobe and yes you're, so welcome. Like I said before I love supporting. I love. I love, I love and you have great potential, so I want to you know: do my little good one mind you y'all? This is printed out, but it was hand Drew like hey, Andrew okay, all right um, oh my God that is gon na, be so cute right here like this is literally my face. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for making this. For me, I am in love. Y'All, can you believe wow? If you guys are interested in hopping on the wave and getting your face, Drew and putting it in your room or your office or anything like you could get your logo Drew up print it out. There'S so many things you can do with art, you just have to be creative hit him up, because he can definitely sketch you a little Samsung that is going to be in the description box as well, his ad his Instagram, or to find him and yeah wow. So here go the frame I got these from. I think target change your face, and this is what it looks like. Oh, my gosh: does it look like me y'all, oh she's, so pretty tell me: that's not cute like what and there's gon na be another one right there and then two on the other side, it's just gon na all, pull together. That is so cute. Okay. So it is 7 19. The meeting starts at 7 30 and it is about a 10 minute walk. So I need to go like right now. I didn't get to eat, but I'm gon na bring these chips and put more chips in there from another bag of chips. I have in the house and then we're gon na be on the way and I'll see y'all when we get there all that y'all know what the [ __ ] going on man, my team not taking No errors, all right, y'all as y'all seen a little clip Of us hyping up or whatever we were planning to do that little talk, [ __, ] video, because the other people that are doing the competition was saying like we gon na get laughed and all this in the third. So our coach was like hey y'all talk. Your [ __ ] for real. So that's what we was doing and yeah. So I'm back home. It is about nine o'clock, I think so we're practicing for two hours. We did some strolls and stuff, which was really fun um. I liked it the girls I'm working with were are really good. We set out like when we're gon na practice in our itinerary and a little team Gathering whatever so we're going skating this Sunday, which I'm looking forward to that's gon na, be really fun um. Overall, it's a good experience and I can't wait to win, but with that being said, after days and days and days of filming, I want to say thank you so much for watching make sure y'all like comment and subscribe turn into your girl, I'm that girl, if You didn't know I'll see y'all in the next video and again, thank you so much for watching foreign

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