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Length: 18 inch

Density: 150%

Color: Natural

Size: Medium

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Take it away, take it away, feeling too good to me and all day, all in your space, hey everybody! Welcome back to my channel it's Michelle today. I am going to be attempting okay. So today I am bringing you this beautiful gorgeous unit from OMG, her hair and before I do that, can I just have a disclaimer. I don't know how to do baby hairs for real for real I'm gon na try today, and I don't know how it's gon na turn out, but I I have been watching a lot of tick tock videos on how girls lay their edges, so so she came In this beautiful satin bag, I have my assistant Chicago, and we will see what she looks like straight out of the package. I have an adjustable band that will fit inside the wig when I place her on for added snugness. There'S this lovely thank you card in these Fashion, Nails, a wig cap and a satin tie-down scarf for your edges, girl and this comb. Thank you so much for this. This comes. I you know what you can never have too many. I have 10 around here somewhere. I don't know where they are. Thank you. I call them subtraction Combs, because as soon as I get another one and I put it in a box, the other one disappears. So here is the unit, so I'm pulling her fresh out of package. That means what I did not bleach and I will not she's 18 inches long. Oh yes, and the reason why I love stuff like this is because I don't want to have to bleach the knots now. I don't know about you guys, but I'm just now getting slightly kind of better and confident in my bleaching capabilities um. But when you're new to wigs that mess is anxiety, anxiety on top of anxiety and then, when you over bleach. The knots everybody's gon na say something about it. Everybody has a different solution: creation to use mascara girl, why'd, you leave it on it's terrible. So, thank you for companies, realizing that some of us are just a little bit installation challenge that we need some help, and this is gorgeous already I can tell it is hold on. Let me put it on. Let'S see I can play it, look look at that. She'S already ready to go you just plop around your head. So as you can see, she's already styled she's got a nice middle part. I don't know if I'll keep that you know. I like a little Sanctified side, part I'll flip it inside out, for you guys. So you can see that you can do a complete look all the way around, so you can do like a high pony. If you got the scales for a child, go for it and I'm getting closer, so you can see the HD lace. Oh my goodness perfection. I got real ambitious with these eyebrows today, I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. It was like two caterpillars here is the hairline just clean, clean, smooth, beautiful? She fits perfectly I'm a medium. So whenever I order my wigs always make sure I get that size and there you can see a perfect placement for the ear to um cut around the ear right there. So you don't have to worry about cutting anything important. Sometimes, when you have to cut the ear flaps, you do cut pieces of the wig that are like pretty integral to the structure. So it's always good. When you realize you don't have to do that. Another thing that I'm really starting to appreciate when it comes to units is not only the ease of it already being plugged and already being bleached and already being styled is how easy is it to wear in an office work type setting professional setting? I'Ve also been on the hunt for various methods of glueless wig application, and basically, what that means is just you were not using straight up glue so, like a bold hold active artist, 1997 crusty, bottle of David Green. These are hardcore these. When you remove your wig, you have to use a solvent um. You also have to make sure that you take care of the lace of your wig but therefore longer term use, and since I'm paying more attention to my natural hair and definitely taking better care of my natural edges, I am leaning to towards more hairsprays, which can Be damaging, but you just got to make sure that you protect your hair, something something to protect your edges when you're using these really drying sprays is they definitely do give you that melted lace? Look where everything has just growing out of your scalp, and you don't have to worry about that ghost Halo that happens sometimes so I'm gon na go ahead and pin this hair out of my face out of the way I'm gon na go in with this lace. Putty by she is bomb, this stuff is wild. I really do like this lace putty, it's such an interesting texture and it really does have Superior grip. So I appreciate that - and I also must mention this - is super fine, HD lace. The knots on this unit are tiny, super tiny and the fact that it came pre-bleached. So you don't have to worry about messing up that perfect hairline chef's kiss. I didn't want to use my makeup on this lace, so I went ahead and went in with my lace, tint foam, but under no circumstances on God's green earth do you need this much foam to lay anything, not a baby hair, not an edge. I don't know why I use that much and it's kind of the reason why I changed my mind halfway during this video. So, like I said earlier, this is 18 inch issues, it's a hundred and fifty percent density, but you can see how they plucked the hairline. It looks extremely natural, I forgot to show you guys, but the front and the back. The sides were all plugged, it wasn't just the hairline of the front. It was all the way back to the nape of the hair too, and then I put on my lace. Melting band over that because I wanted it really secure and when I remove it, you can see how melted it is into my scalps. The hair texture is relax, Yaki and it looks so natural. It looks like a press just so in the end, that was the swoop, the whoops that I came up with girl. That was that was the extent of my capabilities. I can't do nothing more with that, so I decided that I was going to go ahead and use some wax to tame some flyaways and I was gon na go in with some Wong curls, so I won curled my whole head got what you need baby. Won'T you keep me company and then, when I was done, I realized you know what I like a softer. Look. I can't do edges. I just prefer I guess a more natural softer look, so I decided that I was gon na go ahead and redo. The whole thing I took the wig off, I washed everything off I washed and conditioned the wigs and I started over. But this time I use thermal ceramic rollers because I like volume in my crown and I I find that when I use curling irons, you can get that. But you can use ceramic rollers to get the height and when you take the rollers out it looks like a fresh blowout. So that's it. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Thank you so much OMG her hair for sending this beautiful, Yaki textured wig. All the information about this unit is going to be in the description box below including a coupon code. I love you guys, stay blessed, stay safe, I'll talk to you guys later baby

Natnice: You totally don't need any baby hair with this unit..tfs!

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