Fresh Relaxer Look! Natural Textured Hair Yaki 360 Hd Lace Wig Install & Style

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Length: 18 inch

Density: 150%

Color: Natural

Size: Medium

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It'S your girl, Claremore - and I am here today with a hair tutorial, because y'all know I love doing them now. Today. I am here with a beautiful wig. This is a Yaki straight unit. This unit is for my friends over at OMG hair. Look at the leisure. It is extremely transparent, like lace wear. This is a full 360 wig, but I'm not gon na I'm gon na be cutting this part off. I also noticed that the back of the lace is different from the front and DeLay. So the front of the lace is like the crystal lace: it's the um, transparent lace. While the back is just like regular lace, it's not bad, but it's not as amazing as the front. So this wig comes with two clips on the side and one big clip in the back, which I love, and it also has a drawstring washed, the hair. Yesterday it smells great. I mean this is how the hair looks. It'S absolutely beautiful when you do get the wig, you might not even have to wash it because they kind of have the the um your edges styled already, but I like to wash my wigs. So what I'm going to do now is Place some makeup on the inside of this lace and place some makeup foundation on my wig cap and see what it's looking like right now. So this is just adding some Foundation to my wig cap and the inside of this wig and look yeah. Listen, don't sleep on that Foundation! Baby! Okay! It is a very much needed look at that, oh except for right there! Don'T! Let me get ready right here, but you ain't gon na see that okay, so now what I'm gon na do. This is how I've been putting on my wigs now yeah, I'm gon na show you for me all right. So we are crimping our hair, which I have come to be quite good at we're going to take our hairspray because you have to have hairspray on hand and you're gon na spray. Then you're going to put your crimper um spray and bring it down really hairspray. Don'T embarrass me because she's been doing good look now I want to leave a little white mark all right Beauties. This is the final vlog I am so in love with creams. As you can tell, the lace is lacing absolutely gorgeous. I also wanted to show you all quickly the packaging, so, as I mentioned before, this hair is from OMG OMG, her hair and the unit came in this silk bag, a drawstring bag. They also provided a wig band. Another wig band, some clip-on nails that I will never be wearing and a wig cap. They also provided a comb that I use today, a comb as well as a edge brush which a edge brush, which I also use today. So if you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making it make sure you give your girl a big fat thumbs up share this video. So all your home girls can know how to slay a wig, okay and then subscribe turn on those post notifications. Please leave me a comment. Let me know your thoughts and, as always, all the information for this unit will be in description bar, so make sure you check that out. If I have a discount code, it'll be there as well, and I will see you all next time - bye bomb just pulled up to the house.

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