The Best Braided Wig Ever! Pre-Braided Full 360 Lace Wig Ft. Fancivivi

The wig I'm using : Fancivivi 36inches hand tied full lace box braids wig

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Got me too excited so welcome back to my channel period. It is your girl, hey y'all! Thank you so much for watching the video. Thank you so much for clicking on this video. As you know, we are doing another hair review period. Okay, not just any hair review, we are doing a braided wig. Okay, I'm gon na be honest because I was very nervous receiving this unit. I have never done a braided wig before and for someone like me, I feel like braids, don't really sit too well on my face. It makes me look young, but this braided wig here, I'm not even gon na lie like for someone who, for one doesn't have the patience to sit down and get braids and for two don't want to deal with the hassle of bringing about my real hair in These braids, because you know braids get old very, very fast, and then you have to wash them and then it just gets a mess. So this wig is such a nice wig. Not only is it constructed well, the lace on this unit is extremely thin. It was so easy to apply and I really appreciate how they made the scalp because um you know, with most Lace, Wigs we're putting makeup on it. We'Re trying to really tint delays to match our complexion, but for this particular wig, they nailed it with the lace. I have to put any makeup on it. I didn't have to put any extra foundation on it. I literally slapped it on and it gives just a natural Vibe of my scalp with these braids. If you understand what I'm saying, do you understand what I'm saying it just looks like my natural scalp, you know I was, I didn't want to put makeup on it and then my scalp look all brown and then it just looks raggedy. So if you do indulge in this unit, you don't need any makeup. If you are a woman of color, I don't recommend putting any makeup on the lace or anything. You want this scalp to look very natural like, and I think they did a wonderful job with that. I give a huge thank you to fancy VV for sponsoring today's video sending over this wig honey um. You guys. Obviously, if you want all the Deeds details and tutorials with this hair, then just continue to keep watching. You already know the drill everything will be linked down below and yeah yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you want to be summertime honey, and this is just a great alternative, especially if you don't like to sit now know for hours at a time and get braids done. The ends of these braids are perfect. Like you know, when you get braids and um, I don't know I like when people get like knotless, braids and stuff, I like the look to look like bundles. I want it to be very silky and Sleek at the bottom. Not all frazzled and razzled, but the the ends of these braids y'all. I don't know if y'all can see, but they are like silky straight, so it just the hair just Falls, and it's not heavy and everything about this hair is just absolutely gorgeous. As always. Thank you for watching. I love y'all, don't forget to like comment and subscribe and enjoy the video sexy for the weekends. Why don't I don't want sexy pull up, but she don't do. No friendships got your life. I can do it around. She has no reason for the evening Jesus. Thank you, foreign

Neriah Nickolee: Thank you FANCIVIVI for sponsoring todays video ❤ Don't forget to Check out the description box

Ava Hayden: Thank you for giving that much details to braided wig .she looks perfect !

Sarina Jackson: it's crazy I was looking into one of these for this summer you definitely inspired me to buy

Samantha Myren: YOU GO GIRL!

Onick ahmed: wow, Thank you for giving that much details to braided wig .she looks perfect !

Beautician Leslie Jenkins: It looks amazing on you. I will buy one for myself soon.

Clayton Max: This is amazing content I love the wig so lovely.

maria perez: Without a doubt, it is the best, the best braided wig I have ever seen, without a doubt, very beautiful and of great quality.

Saima Kiran: Thank you mam for letting us know about this ! I'd say it's best for me too ! I really needed that ! Thank you so much ❤️

Zhfnggd Gfkfhg: So good! I’m still in the middle of choosing braiding or the braided wig

DDub’s Life: Ooohhh. This wig is super cute. ❤❤❤

ARIAN HGH: Love the wig❤

Fitness que: Seems like a pro. Good to know about all this info through a beautiful person

Ahmad Waqar: Really nice video. You inspired me to buy. Keep it up.

Inuka Rhaheed II: Love your videos

Ersad: Your video was unbelievable

Nizzy Mac: It’s def giving Island gyal vibes

Hasina Begum: wow your talent is awasome. glad to see your video. its very interesting and helpful video thanks for shere this type video

Kristen H: ❤❤

nexuuz: this is dope, ill try this

Nennyjes: This is beautiful . How can I get one?

golam rabbani media: This is helpfully video. Thanks❤❤

MD WADUD RAHMAN: I love your video❤❤

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Black panther: I like your hair

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