Sensationnel Cloud 9 Swiss Lace What Lace 13X6 Frontal Hd Lace Wig- Davina +Giveaway --/Wigtypes.Com

Sensationnel Cloud 9 Swiss Lace What Lace 13x6 Frontal HD Lace Wig- DAVINA +GIVEAWAY --/WIGTYPES.COM



Bon New York Ultra Thin Invisible HD Wig Cap

BONTWIST Edge Control Braid Gel - Extreme Hold

Ebin New York 10X Quick Dry Tinted Lace Spray 3.38oz


Esha Slick Slay 2 in 1 Braid & Edge Gel Ultra-Extreme Hold 5.7oz

Ebin New York 24 Hour Ebin Sleek Extreme Firm Hold Hair Wax Stick 0.53oz


Ebin New York Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Extreme Firm Hold 2.82oz

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum 5.1oz

Red by Kiss HH05 Chrome Edge Brush Pin Tail

Ruby Kisses Matte Finish Fini Mat Powder Foundation #RMPFXX


Magic Collection #12322 Dual End Hair Cutter With Comb Razor Comb

Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse 8.4oz

*HD lace front

*13x6 lace frontal

*Light yaki texture

*Medium cap size

*Heat safe up to 400F




T2/27, T2/30


0:00 Intro + Wig Install + 360

0:58 Wig Features

3:00 Giveaway Rules + Wrap Up







Um, let's go come on guys, so I'm back with another review. This one is by Sensational one of their. What lace units is one of their synthetic Gold Lace, units and I'll be seeing that from now on synthetic or human hair blend all right. So this one is called Davina. I have her in the color number one, and this is what the star card looks like really really pretty um curly unit. I love it. I think the texture is beautiful. Um. You have to be careful with the texture because it does tangle if you're, not too careful, but I still love the texture. I think it's a really nice soft light texture and the volume is not too much it's not doing too much. This is all the hair to the front and, as you can tell it's not too big, not too thin. I think it's perfect, it's very lightweight as well, and when it comes to the cap, this is a 13x6 frontal, so you get 13 inches from ear to air six inches from front to back of lace that you can part whatever you want to. You can give this a right side, left, side or center part. I decided to give it a center part and it is heat safe up to 400 degrees. But I did not use any heat on this here and I don't think I would have to, but I decided to part it like left or right. I don't think I would have needed heat like it. Just doesn't seem like. I need heat to switch The Parting space up, which is pretty good. It'S very rare that you get a wig where you don't you well, you don't need the heat to switch up the parking space. Usually, you really do need the heat, but you don't need it in this case but, like I said, it's an AC, transparent lace, wig it comes with baby hair salon, the entire hairline, so you can use it. If you want to you, get to comb the front. One at the back, the adjustable straps, it's a stretchable cap construction, big head, friendly um, if it's really comfortable and all that good stuff guys. Let me know how you feel about this style in the comment section down below. I did use a little bit of my anti-frizz oil just to tame it down a little bit, but apart from that, I think it's really cute um. The length is good, in my opinion, she's she's, good, okay yeah. She got a thumbs up for me. So let me know what you think about it in the comment section down below it comes in other colors. Of course it comes in some ballet Edge, colors that you can get to choose from um, but I will be making this one into a giveaway. So if you want to win yourself this unit um it's a 13x6 frontal, like I said, if you watch the review, then you know all the details but yeah. If you want to participate in the giveaway, follow the rules, it will be pinned in the comment section down below once you follow, the rules you'll be automatically entered, and the winner will be announced this upcoming Friday in the giveaway announcement video that will be up at 6 p.m. Sharp. So once you participate in any of the giveaways this week make sure to watch the giveaway announcement, video that will be up at 6 PM shop, but thank you guys so much for watching like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is at Wicked and I'll see you guys soon. Bye,

WigTypes Official: Giveaway Rules: (1) LIKE this video (2) Must be SUBSCRIBED to this channel (3) DO NOT reply to this comment (4) Comment below Love it or Hate it?? Once you’ve commented, you’ll be automatically entered into the giveaway. Winner will be announced this upcoming Friday. GOOD LUCK!!!

Jalessa Dorsey: This hair is screaming summertime. It’s a real beauty and the parting options are icing on the cake‼️

Avianc'e Gainey: I’m feeling all these wavy wigs you’ve been showcasing! Giving us all the variety

Jolie702: Love it! This is such a cute look for spring/summer. I also like it's a 13x6 frontal so I can switch up the part depending on my mood. And the density is really nice too. Definitely loving this look

Shaquan Williams: Love it ❤️ It’s a must have, definitely need to add this to my Summer collection!!!!

Inni Baybee: Absolutely love! Definitely one of the options I'm looking for to add to my summer collection ❤

M 3: I love it The waves are beautiful and the fact that it’s a frontal makes it even better ❤

ChastityJaye: Love this!! Curl pattern is cute and looks easy to manage

kennisha simmons: I'm so feelin these waves for the summer! Love how full it looks

Melanin Queen: Beautiful unit!! I love the wave pattern ❤

Mariah Madrid: I love it!! Definitely a bomb unit for the summer

Ashley Williams: Love it! Great length and nice curl/wave pattern ❤

Jelena Smith: Loving the curls .. would love to wear this for the summer season

Amanda Marie: Super cute bouncy curls!! Very natural looking! I love it!

JoSoFab's Chocolate World: I am loving this wig!! She is so beautiful and flattering. I love as well how you can part in 3 ways. TFS❤

Shani Smith: Absolutely gorgeous who wouldn't want this the parting curls and length are everything.

KingsDaughter: Love this wig, looks manegable. The curls are just like I like them. And the length is perfect.

Delphine M.: This style would be so good for spring and it!

Ashleyboosie: Love this style! ❤ This is my go type of unit style wise. It's similar to the curls in Bobbi Boss Willow which is my all time favorite. I'd love to try this one out to see how they compare. I had been looking for a review on this unit for weeks now. Thank you sharing!

Toxic Chocolate 🍫: Definitely love it!!! The texture is bomb. The curls are nice and it just looks hella good.

A Native NewYorker🗽: Now this is a beautiful unit. The curls are beautiful and the volume is just right

IamMonica: I love the part space! So many style options!

lneal2800: Super cute love the volume on this one as well!❤

Elle Williams: Love, love, love the soft curls on this one!

Latara Christian: I love this unit. I love the larger parting space!

K G: Love it❤ The waves are beautiful. Perfect for vacation!

Msnetnet Jones: Love this! I was just looking for a review on this unit and it did not disappoint!

Tianna DeLaurentiis: It’s gorgeous and the lace is so bomb!❤

Ria Bossa: I love it!!!!! This screams vacay hair. I love the what lace series thus far ❤

Yada B: LOVE IT!! The curl pattern is beautiful

torah2riah: I LOVE IT! Definitely want to grab this in a balayage color as well.

Flawless_Meee_: Loving this unit, absolutely beautiful

Melinda Hall: She is a beautiful unit I hope it didn't tangle too much. Love the curls and how full it is. Thanks for sharing. Keep shining

MoonGoddess773: I like this one ❤ the wave pattern, the length, the part it's giving

Nisha Renee': Girl! This wig was made for me gorgeous ❤

Mia Ishiyama: I love how the color looks and how the cap is structured

Laylay_99: I was just looking at this wig!!! I absolutely love how it looks❤

Re’Mona Lavon: Love when you don’t have to lay the lace

Jan Berry: Loving the waves on this unit. Love it

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Love it the curls are gorgeous and the texture is perfect, how can I not love it ❤️‍

Ericka J: I love this unit...come through summertime fun ❤

Jasarie J: I love the wave pattern on this unit

Tamirra Smith: Anything that has waves, that's for ME! PLUS, SENSATIONNEL always comes through.

Candice Barton: I love it! ❤❤❤❤❤ Especially being able to change the parting space.

L M Sims: I love it! Definitely a nice unit!

Heather Dubrow's Leftover Sushi: yes! I'm usually afriad of matting with curly wigs but this is beautiful

Jakayla Welch: I love this unit, it’s so pretty!

Sparkling Water Enthusiast: This is too cute. Sensationnel doesn't miss.

Christina G: The texture and curls are gorgeous!

Karen Worrell: I love that you can switch up the parting space. It's pretty... great sundress hair!

Shy0410: Davina is so gorgeous!!! The waves/curls is so Beautiful!!!❤❤❤

Taylor Trawick: This is such a pretty unit. I love it!!!!

Erica22: The wig is very Cute and effortless I'm here for it!

D Trahan: Love it!!!! Looks so natural!!!

Trudy: I'm loving the curls on this wig.

Ms TahGi83: Love it! Very natural looking!

Qgyrl: Looks really pretty and it's like the wig was made for you

Love Yourself: Happy Monday This is really pretty, and I love the waves and density. Nice and full. ❤ Have a Blessed Week

Jasmyne Jeter: I LOVE this beautiful unit! ❤

Cierra Shannon: Soooo pretty. I love these waves ❤

Vontysha Pittman: Soo pretty, I have been looking for one like this

Janine Florence: I need this unit!!! It's so summer ready!

Ms. Williams: Love her! She's full, long and dramatic!

MzCocoaDelite: So fire love this one, love the curls

Diane Williams: I must say everything about this unit is beautiful

Kay: Love it!!! The wave is so !

M. Willie: I love, love, love it! Beautiful curls!!

Alisha Parker: Love this one so much the curls n density are just

Ms joiner 💕: I love her very natural looking hairline !

LaShante: Love it! Beautiful curls

adrine carter: Love it!! Love the curls

rajirasmom: I'm definitely loving it curls are Gorgeous .

lynsie.bear: LOVE IT! very natural ❤

Pretty Byrd: I love everything about this one


Chande: I love this style. You can get alot a different styles with this. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

latoria shantrell: I love everything about this hair ❤

Montoya Daniels: I just recently started experimenting with middle parts..definitely liking this one.

arprelle: Really like the texture of this one ❤

Leilani: Beautiful! I love it

Ifeanyi Ofokansi: Love this wave look!!

Kinksgalore: Davina is serving diva hair.

Stefanie Smith: Love It. It is really cute maybe a little product to "settle" the curls but yes. Saw the thumbnail and had to come watch.

Keyetta Monts: This look so natural. I love this❤

Monie Holston: Love it . I’ve never had a lace front but I’ve always wanted to try just didn’t want it too look wiggie

MirahByNature: This wig is beautiful . I have to have it!!

Kimberly Pender: Gorgeous❤. I like the style and that it's a 13x6 frontal.

Tiffany Diane: Love it! This is super cute

MzMorningStarz: Love the look. I like that I can switch up the parting space.

Kaye Seauxs: She’s vacation ready I love it!

Samone: I love it it's perfect so gorgeous

Nicegreen Love: Love it very elegant

Alima Wilson: Love it, its the waves for me!

Maddie: This wig is really pretty

Ivette Maduro: such cute; the waves r gorgeous and thick but looks so lightweight ✨

Shu Shu: I got this wig last week and it’s bomb

Xtremly Blessed: I’m liking this…it’s really pretty

BeNicole: Yesss ma'am love this one for sure ❤

Shenice Crooks: No but why this look so natural! I love it

VeronicaMarie🍑: This is Sooo my style, the waves are perfect❤️❤️

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