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BONTWIST Edge Control Braid Gel - Extreme Hold

Ebin New York 10X Quick Dry Tinted Lace Spray 3.38oz


Esha Slick Slay 2 in 1 Braid & Edge Gel Ultra-Extreme Hold 5.7oz

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Ruby Kisses Matte Finish Fini Mat Powder Foundation #RMPFXX


Magic Collection #12322 Dual End Hair Cutter With Comb Razor Comb

Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse 8.4oz

*360 HD lace front

*100% full hand-tied

*Pre-braided wig

*Large cap size


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0:54 Wig Features

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Um, let's go come on guys, it's so crazy. How many emotions I went through before I got to this point like okay. First of all, I got this wig. I saw that it was a braided lace, wig um. I got two of them actually, so I have another one coming up, this one is a Senegal twist 36 inches. I have her in the color number one, the one that I have coming up, I think, is box braid, 36 inches, so they're, both 36 inches. But this is twist and then I have the box braid. So, like I said when I first saw it. I was like oh, my God and not another braided lace, wig like I'm sick and tired of them, but honestly um. But when I took it out the box - and I saw what I was getting - I was like okay now this is different. This is something that we've asked for um. I remember saying one time that I wish they would just have like a full lace, wig or a 13x6 lace. Wig and you know, charge more - will I'll rather pay more money to get a good quality lace wig than you know a mediocre one that doesn't look really natural. You know you want something that you can pull up like this. You know stuff like that, like you can wear it down, but I did pull it up just so you guys can see like you can wear it up like this. You see, release all the way through like I wanted this, and this is something that I asked for so I was really excited to see that they gave us a full 100 hand tied Elise wig, so this doesn't have any cornrows at the back. This is literally hand tied all the way through I'll show you guys, like all the way through so from the front, to the back it's hand, tied um. The back is a little bit bigger, of course, than the front, because if they were to do everything the same um size, I believe that it would be a little bit too thick so um, but at the same time it's like fully hand-tied. So I don't mind that, like even if you see through it like when I pull it on the side or whatever I don't mind it, because it looks a lot. You know it looks natural um, it's also a 360 Elise wig. So it's a 360 lace wig! You get lace around the entire cap. Okay, at the back at the front, everything is an HD, transparent lace, wig around the entire thing. You have three Combs up front, so you have yeah three comes up front, one at the back, the adjustable straps. You also have an elastic band and the elastic band has this type of grid on it. That kind of makes it like a non-slip grip band in a sense, that's what it feels like um, but yeah. So you have all that going for it and when I look underneath, I notice that the lace on the front, like the HD lace, wasn't the same lace that they have underneath the entire cap. It'S a different type of lace. So it seems like it's HD release up top and underneath you know, like the full scale type of thing, so there's an extra piece of lace underneath it. I guess that's just to help with the cap, the whole cap vibe, to give it like a actual cap. Vine, instead of it just being lace um, so underneath has like a different material in a sense, so I didn't mind that I was just kind of you know iffy, because I was like you know what what if the lace and spray doesn't seep through, then that Means I have to go through each and every grid just to add powder to the part and stuff like that, but it actually seeps through our added Mason spray of around like the front of it and it seeped through. So that's a good thing. Okay, you can actually add the lacing spray and it seeps through the entire thing, of course, the baby here. So you guys know you always get the baby hairs. You would even either have to cut it out, not use it. You know like, if you don't want it, but the baby hairs are there are twins, are down some more make. It look more natural, but, like I said, the baby hairs are there. Let me show you guys a length by the way. This is the length. This is all the hair up here. It gets me down like in the middle of my thigh is actually 36 inches middle of my thighs, but it's it's twisted really nicely love the twist love the size of it, and everything like that. I think it's beautiful. It'S also very lightweight: it's not heavy at all, very, very lightweight guys. So I love that. No all that is good right because of course, it's at a higher price point, because you get all that that I just mentioned. So it's a little bit more expensive than a regular 20. 30. 40. Even 50 wig, like it's a little bit more pricey than that. But one thing I can say I don't care for at all. It may be good for some people, but this is really big. Like the top is big for those of you with a smaller head size, I would not recommend this at all. The cap is very big, so you guys my aunt. You can see my ears like sticking out right here, because the cap does like I'm trying to like. I can't fit it like. I can't fit it like this in a sense like behind my ear, so it kind of comes over my ear a little bit, and it's just so weird. That'S why I have it styled like this, so I can cover the area. Another thing is that you guys know: I don't glue my wigs down right. I had no choice but to kind of sort of glue this down with my um holding spray by ORS, like I had to, because there was no way I could wear this and come on camera without it being glued down. It would just slide back. The cap is so big and it's adjusted to the tightest. Even the elastic band is not doing anything right now. It'S literally doing nothing, it's just there for sure, because yeah, it's like it's, it's very loose, very, very loose. So, like I said, smaller head size would not recommend medium head size. I still don't recommend, but you could make it work. You see like this like I was able to make it work. Um larger, head signs. It might work better for you um, especially if you have a lot of hair as well and stuff like that. You have a like a wider circumference and stuff yeah. It might work for you, but I'm just a little bit disappointed because I was so excited. I mean this is like the first one right, the first one that we've gotten with like a full hand-tied lace. So this is the first one, so I'm pretty sure when they come up with more it would be. The construction would be a little bit better. Maybe they will be able to make it smaller. You know, or something like tighter like it just needs to be a little bit tighter in my opinion, and I think that would make it a lot better like we need it tighter and um yeah. I think that's the main thing like the camp just needs to be smaller and Tighter. I think that's like the main thing that give me problems, but um. Apart from that, I think it's a great upgrade from the regular. You know, lace, wigs and I'm sorry. If I made this review way too long, I'm sorry, but I had to give you all the details about this. I still want to give this away. To be honest, if you do have a larger head size, you want to give this a try. I think I'm gon na make this into a giveaway just so you guys can get to see what I'm talking about. Well, whoever wins! This is going to get to see what I'm talking about like. I said it's a great upgrade from the other ones, but the thing is the other ones, I'm pretty sure. Well, I know for a fact: um they were tighter. I didn't have to glue it down for it to stay so, like I said, if you do have a larger head size, I wouldn't recommend you participating. If you have a smaller head size because, like I said it would not did you properly. But if you have a larger head size, you want to give it a try. Definitely participants in the giveaway down below I will pin, pin the rules in the comment section down below once you follow, the rules you'll be automatically entered. The winner will be announced. This upcoming Friday in the giveaway announcement video so stay tuned. For that keep in mind, I do have another one coming up, that one is a braided one. The box braid one this one is a Twist so stay tuned for that, and you know yeah we'll see how that one turns out fingers crossed that you know the cap is a little bit better, but I doubt it. I think it's the exact same, but anyway, thank you so much for watching a like subscribe, follow us on all our social media accounts. Everything is always text and I'll see you soon. Bye,

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