New Outre Closure Wigs !? New Synthetic Wig Releases 2023

In this video, I'm going to discuss the new synthetic wig releases that are available to the public. From natural Remy hair to heat-resistant fibers, these new wigs are definitely worth looking into.

Not only are these wigs beautiful and stylish, but they also offer superior head coverage and breathability. If you're interested in trying a new synthetic wig release, then this video is a great place to start. We'll discuss the features of each wig and whether or not it's the right wig for you. So don't wait any longer, and check out the new synthetic wig releases available today!

So what do you think of these new synthetic wig releases? Let us know

In this video, we're going to talk about the new wig drops of 2023! Let's talk about new synthetic wig releases from brands like Bobbi Boss, Outre, Sensationnel, and more.

We'll discuss the different types of new synthetic wig releases and what you should expect from each one. We'll also answer any questions you may have about these new wig releases, so be sure to join us in this video!

Are you curious about the latest wig drops from Outre + Sensationnel? In this video, we'll talk about the new synthetic wig releases from these two brands.

Whether you're looking for a new lace front wig or a new synthetic wig, this video is for you! We'll discuss the latest releases from Outre + Sensationnel, including the Outre Lumina and the Dashly Lace Unit 27. We'll also discuss the Dashly Lace Unit 9 and the Dashly Lace Unit 28, and give you a sneak peak of what they look like. So join us as we talk about the new synthetic wig releases from Outre + Sensationnel!

What's up COURTCREW! Welcome back to my channel! If this is your first time seeing my face, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and join the Court Crew family! Today, I am doing another new wig releases video featuring new synthetic wigs from Outre. Which units are you copping? Let me know below! If you're looking for the latest in synthetic wigs, then you need to check out Outre! In this video, I'm going over all the new releases from Outre and discussing what each one is available in, as well as some of the features that make them special. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel to stay up-to-date on the latest in synthetic wigs!

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Whoa, we have a lot to talk about. I have to pass like what are you talking about? What'S up car crew and welcome back to the channel? It'S your girl, Courtney, Janine and I'm back with another video in today's video. We are going to discuss the new synthetic wig releases. Super excited you guys. I haven't done one of these in like two weeks and y'all. We have a lot to talk about so before we get into it. If this is your first time seeing me here on the YT, hey girl, hey, my name - is Courtney Janine? I do hair content on this channel. So I give you all, let's see on the new synthetic wig releases, I drop the wig reviews on the latest synthetic wig. I do a bit of celebrity Recreations and uh Beauty Supply Store, hauls, a number of different content relating to wigs and all things hairs. If you like that, then definitely subscribe and join the core crew family down below. I also have a Lifestyle Channel called keeping up with Courtney, where I do more lifestyle. Videos like Vlogs beauty, related stuff fashion, hauls, those sort of things. So if you like to see that then definitely subscribe subscribe to that channel, I have it up in the description box. I know down in the description Box open the cards as well. We have a lot to talk about all right. Let'S start with my girl outre. So since we last talked, I have put up two of their new releases already girl, you know I'll be getting exclusive. Okay, I have already reviewed two of their new units. The first one is a ace multi hairline unit. This is chloris. She is a 20 22 inch soft texture, curly unit. I picked her up in brown, sugar, swirl, y'all she's, so cute her for the summer and super duper pretty especially if you, like those side, part units. The second one is also another side part it's called keola. It'S from the outro Sleek lay part collection, 22, inches curly lace front as well. I reviewed it in the color Java. Frost super duper pretty perfect for summer vacay hair. If you're interested in that definitely definitely definitely check out the review. I have both of them linked down below and let's get into some newer units. Other new units, you guys and the first three that I want to talk about is from their. I hope, tray 5x5 closure wig collection. Now, when I first saw this, I was a little bit surprised because it is human hair, so I was expecting like the prices to be insane and they weren't. I was super surprised and I definitely want to pick one up. This is the hhb body, curl 24. Inches hhb Yaki straight 26 inches and hhb Peruvian water wave 24 inches. They are all 5x5 lace, closure, wigs, they're, 100 human hair blend similar to their 360 lace, frontals and um. They just have a different variety in terms of the texture, so we have body curl, Yaki straight Peruvian water weight. I personally am not sure which extra I want to get. I think I want Yaki straight, but I was just so surprised by this collection, especially the affordability. When I was looking on some wig sites, they were going for around fifty dollars, which I think is such a good steal, especially since they are human hair blend. Wigs um, they have 5x5 closures, which is what I really love, because they're so easy to install just five inches. You don't have to glue down the whole frontal, so I'm super excited about this. Definitely going to pick one up I just haven't landed on which which texture. So if you have a texture in mind, I am actually really going in between the Yaki straight 26 or the Peruvian water wave 24. Just because I really want to see the difference in quality, since this is supposed to be a human hair wig and usually I like human hair, curly hair a little bit better. So I want to see I want to test it out body curl, I'm not really interested in. So if you have a preference between Yaki, straight and Peruvian water wave, let me know down below, because I'm still deciding next up is another unit that I am definitely going to be reviewing. This is from the wig pop collection. This is in the style, VV. Well, she's so cute she's, giving me Sensational g Gigi and I loved her like this is just me: it's 12 inches Yaki curly texture and it has bang y'all, it's so cute. I can't wait to pick it up. This is probably whenever this drops um. I will be picking it up and then I'll probably get the 5x5 closure wigs as well as the same time because I like to buy my wigs and bulk y'all know me. It'S like I'm still the same girl, okay. I I like to buy my wigs and bowl. Next up. We have a new outre lace, front Deluxe, you guys know that's one of my new favorite collections just because it's such an upgrade from the lace front collection like. If you want to get something. That'S super affordable. I would suggest the lace front: Deluxe collection, it's so affordable, yet you're not skimping on quality at all. This is Sakura. She is a 24 inch curly unit. Y'All super duper, pretty I'm loving the curly units for the summer time. This is one that I could see myself really loving in terms of picking her up, I'm not super sure about, but I think she's really pretty and perfect. For the summer time, like I love when synthetic wigs are super targeted and thoughtful when it comes to their drops, so releasing curly hair in the summer in spring or prioritizing Bobs during the hotter months like it just makes sense, and I like that next is Abriana. This is from the lace front collection. This is a 22 Yaki wavy style. I love this because it's super duper. Pretty I'm loving the layers in this. The bang looks gorgeous. It comes in one of my favorite colors that I haven't seen in a long time. Drst2 chocolate, caramel y'all. I might get this just because of that color like when I tell you I haven't seen a unit and that color since Fabian, no I'm lying. Maybe it was Lucian either way it's been a minute, and that is my color. So I definitely I'm on the fence about it, but I think she uh she looks so cute. The color is really getting me, but I need to like I need to like the style a lot more than the color. You know, because that's not enough to persuade me. Okay, next up, we have a sensational and y'all. They have a new, a new Cloud9 wet lace unit. This is called Davina. It is a 26 layer defined loose deep wave y'all. This one is so pretty to me, like I love the texture. I love the texture on this unit. It looks so natural, looking again a curling unit perfect for the spring and summer. I really like this in terms of reviewing it I feel like. I have really prioritized the station of this year in terms of the units that I have been reviewing, so I'm gon na I'm gon na skip this one, but I think she looks so so pretty and she almost got me. I won't like almost got me next up. We have butter Unit 39. This is a 29 inch layered curly unit now 29 inches. I have to pass like what are you talking about that is gon na look like 35 on me, because I'm only 5'1, so I'm gon na have to pass on this one too, but I love it. It looks like crimped hair to me and I am absolutely obsessed with those sort of style, so I think that is so pretty, but I'm gon na pass just because of the length. I know that it's gon na kind of, like I don't know, and it doesn't look like it - has a lot of layers so we're always on that pass. Okay. Next up, we have two new instant weave collection, unit 13 and 14.. 13 is a natural Yaki texture with slightly bumped in this looks. Super super duper. Pretty 25 inches is a little long for me, so I probably will pass, but I think she's super duper pretty and 14 is a tight s, shape curls mixed with ringlet curls. I think this looks so pretty. This is one that I actually would buy so again, when I pick up BB and one of the 5x5 closure wigs. This is gon na be in the car too. I promise you, it will be in the cart. I don't know, did I talk about this in the last one? I think I did, but since my last let's talk, I also reviewed a free chess unit. Y'All three chest: bombshell added a cart right now like that unit is the one like when I tell you when it's time for the best Wiz of 2023. Yes, she will be named. I cannot wait. I already picked her up in two more colors, the red color. As well as the black color, so I might do like a second video on it or you might just see it as a plop and go wig in my Vlog, but your girl is gon na, be you she'd be walking that unit she'd be rocking it. So so cute, I just wanted to make sure that I did talk about that unit because girl, when I tell you she was fire fire: okay, the curtain bangs, the coloring, just everything and more okay, everything and more okay y'all. I'M trying to see if there's anything else, I want to talk about in terms of new units, another new free trash unit. This is called jayana. This is from the freetress equal lace, synthetic hair, HD lace, front, wig y'all. I have not tried this, but she's super duper. Pretty I am I'm looking at freetress equal, I won't lie. The curtain. Bangs was really really cute. I felt like the density was perfect. The layers were perfect and this unit is really really pretty as well um. It looks kind of similar, so I might pass just because I did buy so many of free chest Bombshells. But if you are in the market, especially the colors like the colors are so pretty um, and I think this is really really pretty, but that wraps up today's. Let'S talk new synthetic wig releases. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to give it a big thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe down below below and let me know which units you're going to be picking up because well I do these videos for us, like it's a discussion, so make sure you're Chatting in the comments, so I can reply and let you guys know we could chit chat it up and let me know which unit you want to see next in terms of the units that I have to review um. I think I might do butter unit 37 because I did say once you got me to 1K on chorus. I would drop 37.. I haven't done that yet so I'm gon na get to that. I'M gon na get to that because uh yeah there's so many good units nowadays. So let me know what you miss. You are thinking of buying and I'll see you guys in my next one bye, guys: hey

maria: I LOVEEE closures because I have a lower hairline and I don’t like dealing with a lot of lace! Make it so much easier! I hope they come out with more curly styles because I would get it! I haven’t bought synthetic wigs in years because I’ve been waiting for companies to do closures!

Louise M: Hi Court!! Thanks for another fun roundup!! I gotta say, there’s not a whole heck of a lot here that’s got me reaching for my wallet - not that I’m complaining!! Another thing is the whole “100% human hair blend” thing. Huh?? Am I the only one scratching they head (or tryin to scratch it thru my wig!) over that one? 100% human hair blend just sounds like a tricky way of saying “there ain’t but 3, 4 strands of human hair in here, but you best believe you gonna pay for ‘em!” I know, I know, they are very reasonably priced- but that’s probably bc they mostly synthetical!!‍♀️ IMO they should just call it human hair blend and leave off the 100% cuz it’s just confusing!! Right?!


Ms. Diva007: I am glad it looks good on you; “bombshell“. It looked horrible on me and I got a natural color. I actually gave it to my daughter and it looks really nice on her. I am a person who loves freetress wigs because they last a long time and it’s great quality. But bombshell was not it for me! Love your channel!

trinkerbell: I used to only wear straight hair but now I love big puffy curly hair

Sirena: I'm getting yaki straight and the curly one ! I plan on adding some y2k Christina Aguilera blonde highlights to the straight one.

August Virgo: Yesssss they must be watching your videos because I remember a comment saying we need closures

TheReal1_p3: There was a short curly natural looking unit from your community tab that we asked for that you never dropped

Corryn💕: Omg vivi is so cute!!!

Prettieface Productions: Mines on the way now ❤

Alisha Parker: Tht freetress is beautiful

vivene jones: Hi Court was the name of the last unit that you mentioned and where can I order it from ?

smartbusiness solutions: What's the longest inches in units you'd wear Courtney?

Jo Termunde: Have yaki straight in my cart please review..

Thea Woody: Hey Cort, hi you. May I ask you what half wig or headband wig is it you have on in this video

Thea Woody: Vivi looks like you

Uforo Offiong: What hair are you wearing in the video ?

Iesha Iman: I have a small head so closures look like frontals on me so I’m def picking the yaki straight and Peruvian up

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