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Brown Cherry Kinky Straight Wig[GW03]

Length: 20 inches


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Material like you're, like me, hey guys, welcome back to my channel for those who are new. My name is Natasha. Welcome, join the fam because we sort of looks over here like look at the material like stop playing but anyway. So today I did my hair per usual. You know it's a daily routine in this house. Yes, it is um, but I have this wig that is so gorgeous. It'S like a Yaki kinky straight texture. I love this like chocolatey Cherry Brown, it's so pretty and I feel like it just brings out my complexion and again I love the texture of the hair with this like loose curl that I have going on. But if you guys want to see how I got this look, make sure you guys are liking this video subscribing to my channel and keep watching all right guys. So this is the wig that we're going to be working with today, and you know when I said I was like been there done that, but no she's different. She is a little different, but before we get into all that, make sure you guys are checking out the description box because I'll be linking the wig down below, as well as all the specs and coupon codes and all that shout out to wild African for sponsoring. Today'S video, this wig, is a banger all right, so this wig is actually described as like a brown cherry kinky straight unit. It'S not an Auburn. Look at this on my complexion versus the other wigs that I've done like this. This is not that, like gingery orangey kind of unit, this is truly like a Cherry Cola is what I would call this unit like a cherry Brown, and I promise you when I put this on my head, I feel like it just brightened my face. It brought out my complexion, it was so gorgeous. I feel like these tones typically kind of like I like the coppers and stuff, but sometimes it will kind of like match your skin tone in your undertone, especially if you're more on the like warmer orangier side. You know what I'm saying so yeah this one though sta ning all right and then the texture you guys know. I left me a kinky unit because it gives natural. So I was all here for it. So you guys know, I don't do ball caps and I don't do glue. We just do Vibes over here. So with this install it actually lasted three days, my installs last until I take them off, but it's the same thing. If you have a glute install, you still have to like spray it down before you go to bed or spray it before you go out. It'S the same thing. It'S just less tension on your hair, less work, less stickiness, less messiness, so anyways once my adhesive is on, and I have my elastic band on. I'M gon na start styling it. So I do like the kinky texture and I like how fluffy it is how natural it looks, but I do think that those little crimps need to be like straightened out so that you don't have that texture in your hair. When you have the curls like it. Just doesn't make any sense, so I typically will like blow it out or use a flat iron, and this is what I did so you guys can see the difference. You see how straightening it, but look at the root, how it's still kinky. So it's like it. Straightens it out enough, but not too much so I literally run the flat iron through my hair. One time I'm not trying to get a bone straight. I'M sure. If I wanted that nice silk press look, I can achieve that. That is not what I was going for. I was just trying to get those that kink out. You see what I'm saying just a little bit just a little bit, so I did that throughout the whole head and you guys will definitely see a difference. I think this hair straight would be stunning, but I wasn't going for that. I did straight recently, so you know it's time for the curls. It was time for the curls with the girls all right, so I'm just kind of perfecting it. I'M making sure it's straight at the roots, so it looks nice and blown out whatever you want to call it. I don't know I just I don't ever know what I'm trying to call these things. I just have a vision in my head, like I'm a very visual person, so I see it in my head and I have to execute it. So that's what I'm doing so now, I'm gon na cut the lace. You guys know how that goes, and then we're going to continue styling. So to me, a part of styling hair is trimming layering cutting shaping the hair, simply just adding personality to your unit, because it just makes it more you it's custom to your face to whatever style you're going for so I always do some kind of shaping to My units, unless it's like just straight then I'll, just leave it but um yeah. You guys always see me cutting and layering, and I know it's really scary. I used to be scared to cut my weave too loud. I don't want to cut it because it's not going to be reusable cut the hair. It'S going to look better. Your styles are going to look better, just go for it. Okay, take baby steps, don't just cut chunks, but if you're wanting to do layers start lower start low and just work your way up and just take your time, and I promise you it's going to be life-changing. Okay, so anyways now I'm just curling my hair, I'm using my T3 curler. I really like this because as it curls, it's so hot and whatever plates this is. I have to double check, I'm not sure, but whatever places smooth the hair out too so um yeah, the curls just come out so perfect, like every time foreign foreign. I take a wide tooth comb and I just comb through my hair and kind of like shape it see if I need to add more layers, see if I need to add more curls, and that is it you guys. This completes the look. This color is stunning brown. Girls, don't be afraid of color get it it's going to look great on you. This texture is amazing. It mimics our natural Tresses and I live. So this completes the look. Let me know what you guys think down below make sure you guys check out why African and I will see you guys in my next video bye

Mz_MarMar: Love this!!! Looks great on you

Iteasia Morsby: Hair looks gorgeous on you!

KellyJelly9976: "Cause we serve looks" I LOVE IT cause you DO!

joshualynn stovall: Im convinced there is no style u cant pull off

Elbo Knee: Love! Love! Love! You’re right about the color. What was the adhesive you used?

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