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Hey guys! In this video I will be unboxing this 34 inch, 13x6 lace frontal Water Wave wig from Amazon. I hope you all enjoy this video and remember to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!


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Hey guys, I'm Brittany, rivers and welcome to my channel so today, I'm coming at you all with a brand new wig on boxing. So so many of you all have told me, Brittany, you need to try an Amazon wig and I was in like a pinch for time. I wanted this wig before I go to Disney World next week, so I was like I need this wig quickly, so I did buy this wig myself with my own money, like I normally do on my AliExpress hauls and stuff. So this should be a 34 inch. Deep wave 13x6 lace - frontal wig before we get into this video, I'm going to ask that you all remember to like comment subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, follow me on Instagram, Brittany and let's get into this video. So I know I've been telling you all lately like uh. I don't really like curly hair that much, but for some reason I just wanted some curly hair for Disney World next week, and I decided this like on Sunday. So that's why I really decided, like I'm just gon na order me a little wig from Amazon and hope it comes quickly. So, of course, this only took two days to come and Amazon has just like a great return policy and all that, like you, could even die and try to bleach the wig and you can still end up returning it. So that's pretty clutch, but okay. This wig is from Maxine on Amazon, 34 inch, 180 density, deep wave lace, front, wig virgin human hair, whatever I really hope this is like that kind of oh hold up now. I can kind of see the way. Let me get close and show you all what I'm looking at here, so they got it in like first vacuum sealed package like y'all, I'm I'm new to this. So I'm sorry. If you have watched a bunch of Amazon reviews, I'm new to this but, like I can see like through this package like this got ta, be some good lace like because I cannot find the lace, but let's actually get it out of this plastic and see what We'Re working with like I guess I really have to cut it: okay, hey timey! Look tiny here, he's saying hi Mommy, so it does come with a wig cap, um yeah. This lace does look really really good and like this is the kind of curl pattern I like like. This is what I've really been missing like I don't like super tight curls. I can tell that this does not have like really tight curls, but I like this loose wave pattern. This is like very loose, even though like it's hard because they call everything water wave. Everything is listed as water wave. Everything is listed as um loose wave, but the whole time it'll be like a super deep wave, but like I'm liking this so far, let's see what we working with um it is. This wig is really big, so I can tell just by looking at this. This wig looks huge, so I have a big head, so that's a plus for me like that's what I'm looking for. That is great. The last thing I want is my wig sliding back and I definitely don't want it like sliding back while I'm at Disney, because I'm gon na be sweating. So I can tell this: lace is super thin, like I don't believe it's HD, because HD is usually like kind of ragged at the ends, but, like you, can kind of see like how it folds like it's just very loose like you could tell this lace is Super duper thin, but let me actually open this a little more, so this is a beautiful, a beautiful. This is the curl pattern I like. I guess I need to stop saying it's a curl pattern, because this is more so wavy. This is what I was hoping to get so let me see, let me make sure so they did list this as deep wave. Oh okay, yeah! So that's the confusing thing about all these companies, so this is listed as deep wave. But when you scroll down it says water wave, so this is Waterway. This is what I like. This is the good hair curl pattern that I will actually probably stick with. So, let's see so it is a 13 by six. This looks like a lot of parting space like I feel like, so it is shorter on, like the two ends over here. Two ends over here, but like the width of the middle, is a lot longer than the width of some of the other middles. I believe this wig is sort of like that, but um. Oh I'm gon na link this wig in the description box. This is from Castle hair on AliExpress and I'm gon na link this one in the description box, of course, but I was thinking of going 40, but I was being a little cheap y'all like I really wish. I went 40.. They had some really cool 40 wigs on there. I do like I do kind of want to burn this or something. Oh, I don't wan na. I do want to burn this and see if this is actually human hair, because sometimes I don't know I'm just really iffy on Amazon, sometimes but um. This curl pattern is really really beautiful. This is the curl pattern I want. So let me stand up for you all, I'm five, seven, I'm gon na show you all where this hair falls on me. This is very, very perfect um. I probably yeah. This is really nice, but let's actually measure it and see if this hair is 34 inches. But I do like where it falls a lot of companies. Of course they don't start like they start like kind of in the middle of the wig of where they start to length. So as far as the limbs, so let me get close, so you all can see, show you the measuring tape. So, of course, they stretch it too, so unstretched I'm getting about 31 32 and then, when I stretch it, it hits about 33.. So that's just what I got 33 inches, which is pretty good um. I think I'll. I do want to do a little burn test. Like I hope I don't start like a fire or something in here, but I do want to try a little burn test. The hair is super soft. The knots look really thin. I am, of course, still gon na bleach them and all that, but the knots look good like this is a good looking wig. This is nice, 34 inches. Let me stand up again because I just I want to see like this looks good. This is nice. It'S a nice thickness, I feel like I could. I would like it a little thicker, because that's just the kind of bra I am, but this is still a really really nice thickness and a lot of times with like deep wave and curly wigs. You don't really need some 250 180 is just fine, so okay y'all know it was Amazon and I have Prime, so it came really quickly, but 34 inches was 287, so it's under 300 for a 34 inch wig, I will say: Amazon is like sometimes like a Little higher well, it is a little higher than AliExpress um. If you went for the 13 by 4 waterways, so I did get the 13 by 6. The 13 by 4 is only 247 looking at my phone right here, but um. That'S really why I didn't get the 40 inch because it was like 500 and I feel like y'all, not gon na pay that I don't really want to pay that so I'm like um, not yet not yet. I might one day because I know a lot of you all want to see me: try a 40 inch on Amazon, but we'll see we'll see how this video does, but this one is really really cute like this is the curl pattern. I, like, let's cut a little piece off because I'm not gon na, actually burn the whole wig, the real time he's being bad again. I'M not gon na actually burn this whole wig, but we just gon na cut a little bit from the back. So, look we got a little strand here. We'Re gon na cut this little bit. Let me see, I hope this does not end up being something crazy and I just start a fire, because I really never even did a burning test before. But let's see oh these scissors, not that good! So I do have a little piece of hair right here, so I'm gon na I'll be right back I'm going to get my lighter okay y'all! So here's the hair got it here. Okay, this is kind of scary yeah. I'M always I always get anxiety when I'm even burning the candle like. So I got my lighter okay, y'all, okay! Oh it's Ash! You guys! It'S Ash! Look! Look! It'S not plastic! You all see! This is ash. Oh okay! Okay, I'm excited now we got Ash and that was on the back. I feel like a lot of companies like if they were to try to mix in synthetic hair. They would do it in the back where the longest length is supposed to be so and like save money by having like the cheapest limbs being longer, especially like in a lot of reviews. I see people say: oh, the frontal hair was good, but the back like mapped up or Tangled or something so I'm happy about this, like that was straight from the back. Y'All saw me get that hair and it turned to Ash. I'M really excited, and I really never did a burn test on any of my hair before I should do that. More often, you guys but y'all. This is the curl pattern I like I feel like. This is what I want when I try to get deep wave hair. This is really what I try to make it look like, so I'm super excited for this like this is gon na give like. I love this like that's. Why I keep standing up like do this from the back? It'S just gon na look so beautiful. Like that's very cute, I'm obsessed you guys. I'M super excited to install this wig. It wasn't that expensive for, like 250, 270. 250 to 270 dollars. This is really good and this curl pattern is giving it is giving um I'm going to be installing this wig soon. You will probably see me with it on my Disney Vlog. I'M gon na install this wig, then pack, this wig, because whenever I go on vacation, I always pack an extra wig in case something crazy happens and then like with me, going on rides like I just don't want my wig to fly off or something so if It does fly off. I got an extra wig, but this this is the this is plan a you guys. This is really pretty it's flowy, it's beautiful like this is it this is giving. I feel, like my lighting, is so bright right now. Why am I just noticing that? But this is giving it's so so beautiful? Like I love this, you guys this is the curl pattern I like to have once again I'm going to link this here in the description box. I hope you all enjoyed this video remember to like comment subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, follow me on Instagram at Madame Brittany, and thank you all so much for watching have a great day. You guys bye.

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