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Fancivivi NEW ARRIVAL36 inches hand tied full lace knotless box braids wig

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Hi guys, I am back with another video in today's video is a wig review and today's wig is from fancy BB. So the wig came in this cute little bag inside the bag. They give you this lay it. I call it a lead headband, because this thing will lay the heck out your lace and then they gave you two wig caps, and then they give you some lashes and some accessories for your wig. So today's wig, we are going to be putting on this knotless braid wig you guys. This thing is 36 inches of braids. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. First of all, let's get into the lace on how freaking good it looks like can't. Even you can't even and then the braids look very good like this is a very natural scalp like very natural um. The Cap Construction tap construction. We have lace all around, so it's 360 lace, and then we have two Combs on the side. Then we have this extra. You know band in the back with the little grippy stuff on it, and then we have a comb in the back with also the adjustable straps okay. So I just want to try it on see what it is. It'S a long long way see how it fit. Oh, it fits really well oh wow, and it's not heavy like how some braided wigs are. This, isn't heavy or at all, it feels very lightweight, and it feels like nothing is on my head. Literally you you're literally saving time and hundreds of dollars with this wig. I kid you not um. You can literally have on, like you, can literally wear your natural hair one day and put this on the next and then you have braids, you know, but this is what the scalp looks like looks really good. I am just gon na cut. The lace now push these back, so I'm just gon na cut this. I'M gon na cut the the front Lace. First, do the back the 360 lace. So I just want to cut this first chop chop chop chop chop. Okay, so I just cut the lace, and this is what we're working with I'm just gon na go in and cut just a tad bit more. So now I'm now, I'm just gon na go ahead and put this Foundation all over this leg, so it can match. You know me a little bit more, I'm just gon na flip it inside out and then just put the lace or put the foundation all over the lace all right. So I also went ahead and put some foundation on my cap also and then it's all over the wig. So this is what it looks like now matches my scalp a lot better, as you can see. Okay, so now it's time to lay the lace honestly, I feel like you can just wear this glueless, it's tight enough. You know what I mean and it feels really good. I might actually, I might actually not even lay it or I might just put a little bit of got to be spray on it and be fine, so I'm just gon na use. Some of this got to be sprayed because, honestly, I don't even think we need to like do the whole Chalet, so I'm just going to spray some of this all over the lace, just like that. Okay, all right, so we got that all over the lace. Now I'm gon na use their lay IT band and I'm just going to put that right on top and we will and I'll take it off in about 10 minutes. It should be all dry, okay guys. So it's been about 10 minutes. We can take this off. Oh okay, okay yeah! We didn't even need the the gel at all. Okay, take this thing out the pony! Oh look! I just got a fresh head of box. Braids done! That'S honestly kind of crazy. You guys - and it took me less than 10 minutes no joke. Like this is crazy, um, I'm just gon na leave the baby hairs like this. I like the baby hairs kind of like this. You know it's already kind of swooped for me, so I'm just leaving like this, but yeah I'm gon na get up and show you guys the length. This is what the lace looks like up close. I said it is 36 inches. So it's hitting my thighs to me. I am 5'5 last time I checked, and then it hits my booty. Oh yeah raids are done very, very, very, very, very nicely you guys if you can see very nicely, I'm already in love with this wig. This is a great wig like for the beach on vacation cruises. You already know. Instead of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on, you know, box braids, you can get this way and wear it as many times as you want. You can take it off at night. No headaches from the braids no sitting in your chair for hours and hours, waiting for them to get done. You can just pop on this wig and call it a day beautiful. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Everything about this wig will be in the description box down below, go check. It out, go buy it honestly, like 10 out of 10 wig 10 out of 10. hope you guys enjoyed this video like comment subscribe thanks for watching peace.

Michelle PJ: Lookin' good Yanna, you did a great job with that wig!

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Me.: ❤❤❤

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