Thesetwists Are Twisting Ya'Ll! New Twisted Wig Ft. Wowafrican

Clean Bleached Frontal

Real HD Lace & Clean Hairline

100% Human Hair-Soft & Smooth

Tight Twisted Curly 13X6 Wig[HW18]

Length: 20in

Density: 150%

3C/4A Curly Edges

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Foreign, but do you know Teresa? She is my going out wig and depending upon what kind of errands I have to run, she will not be Blended so today, so today, Teresa, the Aaron wig is going to accompany me and we're going to be showcasing this new wig that I got from wild African, so when wild African asked me if I wanted to try this Twisted wig, I didn't even think. Like the word Twisted wig in my head, I was thinking twists. Okay twist I'm gon na tell I actually had the time to sit down and open up the wig box that I realized. What had I gotten myself into? I love all the little gifts that they send. First of all, the lashes understated flawlessly transitioned from day to night, not too much these lashes have a high credit score. The clips they're giving quality high tension they're, not gon na break on you red tail cone veggies. So when I finally got the wig, that's when I realized: oh, that's what they mean by Twisted girl child. When I open this up, I was like I seen a wig like this before and this kind of reminds me of the braided wigs, but it's not so. I'M really excited to try this, so I just want to go ahead and show you the inside of the cap, real quick before I pop this on so here's the inside of the cap, two typical cones, an eight comb and a stretchy band: okay, okay, let's just Put it on bye Teresa, there's some lace back here. I'M gon na go ahead and cut that trying so hard not to disturb the curl pattern. So here's the wig and I'm gon na pop her on now, because we all just want to see what it looks like when we put it on right. Oh my gosh, all right, let's see okay, so we got a very natural hairline. That'S going on right about right here: um! The lace is 13 by six, so you got a lot of parting space and it fits like a dream. I wear a size, medium um and there's plenty of room in here, so I'm gon na go ahead and where the cones go, the cones are in a kind of an odd place if you're wearing a wig cap. If you're, not you shouldn't, have a problem. Okay, so the wig is on and it came pre-bleached pre-plucked. So I don't have to worry about that. All I have to worry about really is securing this on my head and styling it. So the best way I can describe this is kind of like a straw set. So what I'm thinking I'm gon na do is I'm gon na make sure that I hydrate the hair a bit and then I'm going to pick apart these curls little by little? I don't want to do too much because I definitely don't want to make this mess Frozen, probably customize this hairline a little bit because while the hairline has already been pre-plucked, it is a bit full in some places. Let'S break that up a little bit. That looks a little bit more natural already and also keep in mind that, with this natural Edge, hairline um, when you add water to it, it does release its curl a bit. So if that's something that you don't want to happen, I would be careful about adding water to this. Let'S go ahead and secure okay, so you see I had to snatch this scarf on real quick, because this wig was acting like I wanted to go back. No ma'am you're going nowhere, so I went ahead and put this on and I will let this stay on until I feel like it's ready to come off. 15 minutes might not be long enough, so it's staying until I am satisfied. This wig better be secured on my head with no complications, so I undo this thing, oh Lord, that impressed out the baby hers. Let me bring them back to life. Wake me up inside call my name and stay me from the door. All right, y'all look at here. I love this stuff. I'M going to go ahead and cut the lace in sections because we're classy like that lucky. So I added some oil and I added a little bit of water oil, not in I added some gel and a little bit of water to the baby hairs I don't want to. I didn't want to use heat on them because I didn't want to mess them up, but I am going to lay them down a little bit um just to keep them out of the way I'm gon na hydrate this a little bit now. This hair is 20 inches long. So let me pull out one curl, so you can see the shrinkage. I love showing lens here's how I'm going to shape it, I'm going to use a little bit of heat and that's why I sprayed it with um with some water. So when I do stretch it, I don't make it frizzy my tips for stretching hydrate the hair. Don'T mess up the curls so when you're going to stretch a section, I'm gon na hold the curl like this. I am not going to touch this bottom because I don't want these to get frizzy. I'M only going to slightly pull this part away, because I want a little bit more length. I want it to show and I'm gon na blast it with hot and then cool, and then I'm gon na use a concentrator nozzle up here. Just to make sure I only focus on one on this okay, so I've stretched out the hair, we're going to take this off fluff these out. Let me do one on the bottom, just in case I mess it up. I don't think I want to yeah, I'm not I'm not going to separate any of these. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to fluff it up because sometimes, when you stretch your hair out, you lose that volume. So we're going to put that volume right back in shake it like. Let'S keep on shaking it up, so we don't feel so loud you'll make it feel like a dream. So what I was doing really um a little bit of playing with it and a lot of bit of breaking up the uniformity of these curls, because all these curls are so similar and that's just not how my natural texture is so after playing around with this Wig, I feel more like this is my own. I feel like this wig says Michelle now I feel like it's giving who knows what Mary cup, The Prince of Egypt, honey, Moses Mama, very elegant, sophisticated. Thank you guys so much for watching my video. All the information about this particular unit will be in the description box below I'll talk to you guys later, as always, stay safe have a great rest of your day.

Gyna Paul: She is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the way you stretched it out! I will be trying this method for my extra curly units! You slayed it well!!

Alicia Kelly: Beautiful unit. Would be great for the summer

Elgie Pettus: You have a beautiful voice ❤ and the wig is cute

Sandy B: Bid my blood to run (I can't wake up) Before I come undone (save me) Save me from the nothing I've become......briinngg me to liiiiiffffeeee!!

REIGN: Girl No! Research and figure out the wig before doing a video. Look at how you left the baby hairs! Looking like rats were eating away at the hairline.

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