This Is Why You Need This Silver Human Hair Wig By Emma Hair Piece

"In this video, I review the Emma Hair Piece Silver Human Hair Wig. This wig is made from 100% human hair. It is also heat-friendly, so you can style it to your liking.

I was really impressed with the quality of this wig. It is very natural-looking and feels great to wear. I also love that it is affordable. If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable wig, I would definitely recommend the Emma Hair Piece Silver Human Hair Wig."

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Hair Length: 12 inches

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Type: Remy Human Hair

Cap Size: Medium

Cap: T- Part Middle Part

I hope you enjoyed this review, thank you Emma for sending for me to share!

My reviews are to encourage to step into your hair journey with wigs, providing how-to's and tips to help make the journey possible and give you the confidence you deserve!



Foreign wig, this is from Emma herpes and they have human hair. Wigs and at the end of this video, you just have to go and check out the prices. If you think you can't afford a human hair wig think again, because they have done it and I've been wanting something human hair sober look at this. It is a beautiful silver, a pearl, platinum, silver color. It is just so beautiful and, of course, the lighting never does it justice. I would say this is as close as you can get to a really nice silvery human hair. So let me show you this up close and personal. Let me show you the cap, so it has a closed cap, it has the lace front, complete lace, front and it has Combs, which is nice. If you want to be able to have more security, you can put those Combs right up underneath your wig grip, and it has one in the back as well. It'S beautiful! I want to show you get it really close so that you can see this hairline. It'S going to look so natural, it's going to be undetectable, you can see here. All of this lace front is hand tight. You cannot see a knot gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous okay, so I'm gon na I'm gon na go ahead and cut it now and then I'm going to put it on I'll, be right back. So I've cut the lace. Let'S see what we have here. So I'm just going to slide it under the whip grip like that. Ah, I always wondered what it felt like all those girls putting on human hair, and let me tell you what feels pretty great. It'S pretty great. This feels look at the silkiness look at the movement of that make sure I've got it back. Four fingers that my ear tabs are straight, they are pushing in this is gorgeous. I don't even have to tell you all that. I hope that you can see this, but the feel of this human hair. This is 12 inches of 100 percent, human Remy hair, and it is silver and it is awesome. It is just what I've been looking for in a human hair wig, because silver, human hair, wigs are really hard to find and Emma. I was asking Emma to do a silver haired, Bob or wig, and they have beautiful colors and they were wanting me to to reveal wig for them and when I saw this silver show up, I was like that's what I want to review. So Emma hairpiece came out with a silver and it is beautiful. I want to get up close so that you can see this hairline, because it's incredible look at that very, very beautiful and the fit on this. It fits really well to my head. It'S low density! You being able to put them behind your ear, so super easy great for being able to do a low Bob. The cap is closed. So when your hair blows you're not going to see any wefting, people are going to see, fill in your hair like this and running your fingers with it. Look at that what you can do with the human hair wig, that's pretty fabulous. Okay, I'm excited because I've never had a human hair wig. This is my first time experience to try one and Emma hairpiece did a great job on this one. It has that center part. If you wanted long curtain, bangs have curtain bangs cut into it. A human hair wig like this comes to you. They make the wig but they're not putting a style in for you, they're, not cutting it exactly into a style, because that sets the pace for one person one face shape, or they make these wigs, where they're. Just all one length that way you can style it. The way that you want to you can have it cut to be specifically the way that you want to, and I haven't put the scar tape in there. Yet so that's going to make the hairline being even more because I have white hair underneath here. It doesn't look like scalp. So when I put the scar tape into the part line, you're going to be able to see a realistic look and because the Combs that are used on the side, this isn't going anywhere. I'Ve always wanted to do. I wish I had room in here to do the flip test, but literally okay, I'm gon na try just to show you a bit of a flip and it doesn't move it doesn't move. It is not going to move on you. It'S not going to go anywhere. There'S no fear of that. I love a wig, especially with these lace front and human hairs. You don't have to use, you don't have to glue it down. So this is a glueless Human Hair lace, front incredible, wig defined, I hope, you'll go check them out and see this to. Thank thank you Emma hairpiece, for sending me this 12 inch human hair wig to be able to share with everyone today. I hope you'll go check out their website. The the pricing is unbelievable. If you thought you couldn't afford a human hair wig, you can afford one. This one is incredible: price hope, you'll, go to the website and have the link down below of where to get it and to check it out and see what you think get two get one for to wear straight. All the time get one to keep it curled, and so, depending on what your move for the day is, you can change it out if your silver, hair or no hair or you want silver hair to transition or you want silver hair, because you just wanted to Always have silver hair, but don't want to commit to it. This is, as you can see, a beautiful silver. It is absolutely gorgeous and you've got to check it out. Thank you so much for stopping by malesby ageless today and I'll see you in the next video doing my darlings bye.

Brown Tracy: i bought one bob blonde wig from them last month, the wig is amazing ! i wear the wig everyday , so far, it's still gorgeous! i am going to try another one, love this on you! so beautiful

Bnymboida: Oh wow what a difference this wig makes! You look amazing!

Beth Butterbaugh: Beautiful wig and a great price!

Inge Van Sand: Stunning! You look beautiful in it. Thanks for the review because the color is beautiful but on the website it looks beige so I never would have thought it was this nice. And WW free shipping . Did you pay a lot of customs for delivery in Europe? Also, does it come with metal in the ear tabs?

CJ 1419: Beautiful style and color ❤

Rashida Wellons: it's stunning !!!! i am looking for the bob silver human hair wig now, thanks for sharing !!!!!!! btw, you are beautiful .!!

Jan M.: Now I'm in a quandary. I just found you, and after watching your review of Simmer Elite (did a marathon review of most of your wonderful videos btw) I decided I wanted it but was just trying to decide between Iced Granita and SS Iced Latte Macchiato. I had consulted with a representative of NBW and gotten my discount code so I could go ahead and order. Then this review of yours from Emma human hair posted--and at a much less expensive price than the Elite. Now my quandary, which one? Can't afford both at once. I am 70 yo and current favorite wig color is Chrome, and what's left of my bio hair ironically contains no gray. Your thoughts/advice? I love your work and value your opinions, and I thank you in advance. Jan

linda coolidge: BEEuTiful! Love❤ that it has no dark roots! Attn: wig mandacturers: Gray hair has NO roots!

Gigi McGuane: Wow! Stunning. I want one!

Lydia Stephens: Love it on you!

Clara: Very nice I love human hair

LaurieJ: That is so natural and it’s totally me! Do you know if it will fit a 22-1/4 inch head circumference? The website doesn’t say a thing about it’s size. Thanks.

Sunshine Girl: I wish I could wear my hair this way but I need height on the top.

TMM: Can you tell me where you bought your wig grip? I have a great wig but I have to constantly wiggle it about. It's not like people don't know that I have hair loss due to chemotherapy, but I'd like to stop fussing with my wig. Thanks!

Grimes: Wow, really nice

JoJo: beautiful YOU!!

dad bod: The caps construction on this wig is very different on their website. Could they have sent you a custom piece just for this video? The price on their website seems more in keeping with that cap construction. Can you contact them for clarification? Thank you. It truly is gorgeous but I think it’s a totally different product. Seems a bit bait and switch!

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