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Length: 20 inch

Density: 150%

Color: Natural

Edges: 4A/4B

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√ Adjustable Straps & Elastic Band


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Foreign, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is beige. If you're new here welcome, don't forget to hit that subscribe button down below and turn on the post notification Bell down below to be notified of my future uploads. So today's video is going to be a tutorial on this gorgeous wig. This wig was sent to me from OMG her hair and I will have all of their information, the promo codes and the direct links Down Below in the description box. The Wake that I was sent is in the style. Glw02 the length is 20 inches. The density is 150 percent, the hair texture is loose curly and this wig features a 4A Kinky Curly hairline. I love the fact that the knots are already bleached for us and the hairline is already pretty much ready to go straight out of the package. That makes me really happy. The Cap Construction includes four Combs and an adjustable strap. So the first thing that I'm going to do is tint the lace I'll be using two different colors of lace tint. The first color is the color of my foundation and I'll be spraying that, along the the hairline or Edge portion of the lace frontal and the second color is the color of my scalp and I'll be spraying that, on the inner portion of the lace, frontal I'll, Be doing two different layers of each color of lace, tint and then blow drying in between each layer, foreign. So now that the lace is a perfect color match for my complexion, I'm going to move on to styling this gorgeous hair in small sections. I'M going to fully detangle the section using my detangling comb, then I'll be fully saturating that section with water after that I'll be grabbing some curling mousse, applying that to the hair and then grabbing my Denman brush and brushing the hair from the bottoms on upwards. To get these curls and waves to fully pop I'm going to use my fingers to basically curl the ends of the hair, so that I could be a beautiful spiral curl at the bottoms and then I'm just going to use my hands to basically diffuse it and Get those curls to fully form I'm going to follow those steps for the entire head and then I'll be back. When I get to the front foreign foreign foreign, I love these curls. I think this install is going to come out so cute. I love the fact that I used mousse because I use mousse it's going to help this hair dry quicker than using a heavier gel. So now that the hair is fully set, I'm just going to wait for it to air dry for an hour or so. In the meantime, I'm just going to grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut along the hairline. I'M grabbing a pair of scissors and I'm just going to cut around the ear tabs just to remove that and then I'm just going to cut a slit in the middle of the lace frontal. Now I'm grabbing a pair of pinking shears and I'm going to carefully cut right in front of the hairline and follow the natural curvatures that this hairline naturally has foreign, because I am installing a wig with kinky edges. I want to make sure that I am using the least amount of adhesive as possible so that these kinky edges could look. You know more natural and not look too clumpy and weird. So I'm going to do my sponge and adhesive method and that's basically grabbing even New York's Wonder lace bond in a makeup sponge, I'm going to spray that Wonder, lace Bond onto the makeup sponge and then I'm going to carefully squeeze that product to the edge of The lace and that's going to help it to stick down and set and melt into my skin, I'm using this makeup sponge because I am in control of exactly where the product is going and how much product will be dispersed onto the lace. I don't want to put too much product on the hairline, because I don't want the hairs to stick onto each other, but in the event that it does and sometimes it does, I will be able to fix that so 20 minutes later I am removing my head Scarf, I'm just going to grab this curl scrunch from Garnier Fructis. I'M going to use my fingers to apply that to the edge of the wig, where the shorter baby hairs are and then I'll be using my baby hair brush comb Duo and then just brushing through the baby hairs to get them to. You know form and start being curly and just to define the curls a little bit more just to see exactly what I want to do with this hair foreign. So if you choose not to wear as much baby hairs, as you see me doing, you are absolutely able to brush some of it backwards, use some gel and get it to blend in with the rest of the hair. The good thing about these wigs is that you don't necessarily have to wear all of the baby hairs that you see us wearing in these videos. You can absolutely just choose the amount of baby hairs you want, or you could wear it. The way that you see us wearing it with the full hairline showing of baby hairs after I did play around with the baby hairs a little bit more. I figured that I want the hair to be much bigger than what it was, because these curls are so beautiful, and I was so obsessed with the curl pattern. So I just got my pick and I just picked the roots out just to give this hair more body and volume, and I am obsessed with the final result of it. I will leave all of the information Down Below in the description box. Make sure you guys check out OMG her hair? I have never received a wig that I did not like from them. I have loved every single wig that I have been sent from them and this one is no different. I love the fact that the curly baby hairs does match perfectly with the texture of this wig unit, and I love the fact that these spiral curls at the bottom just add like such a acute and natural feeling to it. I am overall obsessed 10 times obsessed with this wig. I love the fact that everything and all the hard work was already done for me and I just styled it straight out of the package put it on my head and I was ready to go. It was one of the easiest installs leave your questions and comments Down Below in the comment section. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about this wig. Let'S chat everything this wig Down Below in the comments, and I can't wait to see you all in my next video if you're new here welcome, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on the post notification Bell down below, and I can't wait to see You all in my next one bye guys thank you space, Jose yeah, that's what it is!

Beige Ojai: **The customized wig worn in this video is for sale, email if interested: [email protected]

Jeska: I’ve had it for 4 months. Still looking good. Hairline is phenomenal. I just hate wash day the hair sheds a lot.

Eat.Sleep.DDR.Repeat: I just received this unit today and I LOVE ITTTTT! Best money I've spent on a human hair unit in a while. I ordered the 16in but upon measuring the length it actually was closer to 20 and when pulled straight it measures around 25!!! I was like woooooowwwww they really are the goats and give you a LOT for the money! Best part, and one of the main things I look for with a company is whether or not they carry units that are big head friendly, as I do have a true 23in cap circumference measurement. I love that they have size options for all of their units, and I just LOVE their kinky edge HD lace line! I went ahead and got the type 4 edges and I LOVE ITTTTTTTT you gotta do a little finessing on the first wear but it is SO worth it once you have it set! The curls are beautiful and nice and juicy and I am in LOVE with the hairline! I used the elastic band + the RadGrip from Radswan to lay my unit flat. I only used Boldhold Liquid Gold at the ear tabs area because it was the only part that needed to be adhered down and that's what I had on-hand. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Didn't need to bleach, pluck or do any of that, just tinted the lace, set the curls, added some back baby hairs at the nape/sides that was it! It's so perfect and no one can clock the fact it's a wig! I hope they do eventually make this unit in a 360 variety, or even a full lace, it would truly be a gamechanger! But this is the happiest I've ever been with a lace FRONT. Because normally I strictly do 360s but I made an exception for this one and gave it a try and I'm SO glad I did! Worth every penny spent and got it in more than enough time for my birthday coming up!

Nina La Bella: Yesss, come thru This hair is so natural looking. My daughters hair looks just like this wig, even the edges are on point

Reba Bend: This wig is everything, thank you

Mitchele Obama: Love the hair you make it look so easy for a new beginning in there early 60 Thank you

M Brown: Yesssss, I’m gonna order this! I’ve been eyeing this unit

mary drumgoole: Girl! I absolutely love that unit!

Raena B: 1) How often do you find you have to refresh the curls? 2) What are the lace tints you used?

Jazzy Too cute: This is gorgeous I ordered mines will be here today can’t wait ❤

Lea Espinoza: How tall are you? I’m seeing that the length is 20 inches and I’m definitely purchasing this wig. Also, I love how the baby hair actually matches the texture of the hair unlike so many of the other curly wigs with curly edges

TheVinylLife: I really love your videos. Will you be selling your tint sprays in the future? Would definitely be interested in purchasing.

Joy Mcdougal: You are the GOAT of the curly hair queens!!!!

2Confuzin 4U: Beautiful job you make wig wearing look easy. Wig is way to expensive though .

T. Love: I believe that’s 22 inches she’s rocking, $334 on the wig’s website if you’re interested in purchasing. I hope this helps you if you’re wondering about the cost. It’s cute and very natural if you got the coins.

Ronnie Sims-Farrie: Just Beautiful

Jasmine W: Gorgeous , I wish it had highlights

Raaven36: Excellent tutorial.

AG: Thought this was her Natural hair

Epiphany M: Do you offer pay in 4 (paypal) or afterpay?

Hoki: I wish they'd do these curly wigs in other colors.

♈️Niqueen☯️: How long for shippin ?? Amazon speed or 4-7 days?

Ashanti Akua🌟✝️: That’s too much imma just purchase me a glueless wig lol

Micha Palmer: do you think its safe to dye

Shenika Mosby: What size are you wearing? Medium or small?

Namithalie Mendes: Nice

Dameyan Davidson: Looking really black and beautiful lol full Joy y day

Esther Sowell: Beautiful too much work and product high maintenance

Paricia Jones: ✅️✅️✅️✅️✅️✅️♥️♥️♥️♥️

ALEXIS MURRAY: Edges too kinky doesn't match the wig texture.

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