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Check out the review of this versatile 360 13x5 deep wave human hair Lace Frontal wig from from Amazon!

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360 Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked 360 Full Lace Frontal Wigs Human Hair HD Transparent Deep Curly Lace Front Human Hair Wigs for Black Women 180% Density Natural Hairline with Baby Hair Can Make High Ponytail 20 Inch

Price: $125.99

Direct Amazon Link:


- Rat tail comb

- Ebin Wonder Lace Adhesive Spray (black can)

- Blow dryer

- Wax stick

- Andis hot comb

- Tweezers

- Mini Scissors

- Wig cap

- Alligator clips

- Foundation powder

- Edge Booster edge control

- Edge brush

- Shears

- L’Oreal Magic Root Precision Brush

Curl Defining Products:

- Crème of Nature with Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner Spray

- Crème of Nature Argan Oil

- Crème of Nature with Argan Oil Foaming Mousse

All Products can be found on my Amazon Storefront:


0:00 – Intro Video

0:10 – Welcome

0:27 – Wig I’m Reviewing

1:08 – Unboxing of Wig

1:38 – Installing of Wig

3:32 – My Thoughts on Wig

7:00 – Price of Wig

8:27 – Closing

9:15 – 360 View of Alternate Styling

9:25 – 360 View of Wig

9:35 – Bye Shug Muffins!


COLOR: Natural black

CAP SIZE: Small-Medium

LACE: HD Transparent Lace

TEXTURE: Deep Wave




TANGLING: Moderate


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Where are you, where are you? Where are you hey? What up good people? I am Miss ebony V, welcome back or to my channel if you're new here. Thank you so much for stopping through. I hope you'll enjoy this content and we'll actually consider hitting that subscribe Button, as well as that notification Bell, so you don't miss any other videos and if you're returning, hey sugar, muffin all right y'all. So today we have another human hair sleigh. And yes, it is another Amazon unit. Y'All know how I do I'm always bringing affordable Amazon units, especially human hair. On my channel. You know I got ta, I got ta. Keep you at speed. Sis like I can keep you in the game. Put me in the game coach, so the unit I'm reviewing today is a 360 degree: 13x5 HD, transparent lace, frontal wig. I have her in 20 inches and she claims to have 180 density. She also claims to come pre-plucked with baby hairs. So, let's go ahead and Dive Right on into the unboxing styling and installing um don't be so hard to preach. Just pick up your phone tell me where you'll be cause, I got ta know. Let me know when you're ready cause. I made reservations too many invitations and the last night was Heavy communication. Tell me where's your location used to talk 24 7 every other second, just to make sure we were up to date. Now it's closer to 11 and I ain't hearing nothing. I just need to know that you're, okay on you baby, don't hide away from me when I need you most, we got love guaranteed. Just pick up your phone. Tell me where you'll be cause, I got ta know any night any day. Let me take you away. All I need, is you saying: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, better nights better days when you're here with me, babe cause you're. All I crave. So I wonder, don't hide away from me when I need you most. We got love guaranteed and I have to know, don't be so hard to reach. Just pick up your phone tell me where you'll be cause. I got ta know where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Where are you it's the end of the weekend, but I still wan na turn up yeah, I still wan na turn up. All I want is to go again, but you ain't picking yours. So, let's get into my thoughts on so I just recently recently like um human hair wig from Amazon on my channel, and I feel like I'm comparing this heavily to that, because they're very similar so again that one was water wave and this one is deep wave. Now, to be honest, they're very similar, you know it's not a whole lot of difference between the two and my humble opinion um, but I will start off by saying this is super cute um, it's definitely workable. It'S manageable curls are pretty um. It'S easy to melt. Like all of that is wonderful, I just happen to, like the other one better and I hate to compare, but I feel like I have to compare and because they're both Amazon units and both very affordable units. So it's like, let me go and give you the tea um between the two right, so you can make your best judgment your best decision. So with this one um, it claims to come pre-plucked. But of course you know I'm gon na pluck it some more. I did that off camera. I also bleached the knots on this unit, I'm just now realizing and noticing that I did not put any powder in my parting space and it still looks pretty good. To be honest, so I ain't even gon na bother like this is what it is. I'Ve taken photos and everything - and I did not put a pinch of powder in this parting space and I'm just gon na leave it, as is because it don't look that bad um yeah it's just. It is what it is. Sometimes you forget, this uh memory of mine is just not too Swift. Now this one does claim to have that 13x5 free parting space, but in my humble opinion it really feels just like it's a four um. I was like feeling for the track to see how far I can go, and I mean it is about right here, but I don't know it just seems and feels like. You know your typical Thursday before now the density honey. They are talking about 180, no ma'am Pam, not even even now. It'S not thin. It ain't, no thin Street, but honey. This ain't no 180, the other one that I'm comparing her to. That was more of 180 and it did say it was 180, but I I felt 180 with that one, not so much with this one. Now, like I mentioned, I did pluck the hairline some more, but with doing that, I don't know if it's a result of me or just the hair itself, but it is shedding quite a bit y'all like yeah we on Street today, I don't it's just so for Another con um, this cat size, honey. Look, I always say I have a small to medium sized head measuring at 21.5 inches and, like I barely made it down on my head ear to ear all the way like I was like really pulling and holding it in place to get it to stay, and You know I worked it out, but my bigger head friends yeah may not work the same for you, I'm just being honest in may, not um yeah, it's gon na be a struggle if you have a larger size head. So another big difference for me with this wig versus the other one is the price yeah I see a price of this wig is around 125 dollars and it's not bad, not bad at all, but I think you may be paying for the 360 Degrees which I Didn'T even take advantage of, I actually never do to be honest if I get a 360 wig, I'm not putting it up because I don't want to have to worry about trying to glue the back down. That'S that's me, being a lazy, wig wear, I'm just not going through all that to each a Zone. If you want to try it out, go ahead, however, the other one that I just recently reviewed, that one was only like 86 87 and it was longer and Fuller, 22 inches versus this 20 inches that one was 180, even though this is 180. Now we got 150. Probably just being honest, so I feel like you get your money's worth with the other one versus this one. Unless you're one of them people that you're gon na go ahead and put take advantage of the 360 degree lace, then then it makes it worth it. But if you're, not if you're like me, you're just gon na wear it like this, like a regular wig middle part, side, part whatever you, whatever approach the boat yeah, the other one is well worth your coins. So, just for you, I'm gon na go ahead and Link both of them. Just in case you missed the last video I'm gon na leave that video as well all of that down in the description box, so feel free to check it out. If it's something you're interested in so that's pretty much all I have for you wonderful people today, I kind of gave you all my tea. I did a little comparison to a very similar Amazon wig. I just reviewed. Let me know what you guys are thinking about this one down in the comments below. If you saw the other video, let me know which one you're feeling more or better down in the comments below if you've made it this far in the video go ahead and leave me this little Peach Emoji right here. Yes, ma'am Georgia, Peach yes down in the comments, so that I know you made it to the in sugar muffin and you know I love and appreciate you for that. I thank you all so so much for rocking with me today. As always, please be sure to give this video a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button. If you have not, and I will be sure to catch you beautiful people in the next video tell me where you'll be cause, I got enough. Where are you? Where are you, where are you it's the end of the weekend, but I still wan na turn up.

Silky Saks: You are the queen of finding these deals on Amazon. Thank you for using your Silky Saks wig band to melt your units . This wig is nice and thanks for being honest about liking the other unit better. The part looked great without powder. Thanks for sharing

Love Yourself: Happy Tuesday This is really cute I'm feeling the other one better, though. This looks cute in the updo. Have a Blessed Day “Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

patrice moore: Heyyy Ebony !! This is very pretty ! I like the other one better also. They both look beautiful on you ! It’s unfortunate that this one is a shedder

Yahriah Ahava: That parting space looks like scalp!!! Its cute, shirted than the other one, but very cute. Thank you for sharing!!!

BJ Jackson: Liked the other wig better more for my money. This one looks good

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Beautiful Hair Pretty Look

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